Watch: Morano gives 14 min. speech at Texas climate forum: ‘Global warming is even impacting — the dead!’

Marc Morano, Climate Depot
At the Crossroads: Energy and Policy Climate Summit
Texas Public Policy Foundation
November 20, 2015


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    1. Yes it is. Anything that would destroy the climate would destroy mankind first and thus save the world.
      My hypothesis, A guy was sitting around one day and wondered how he could control the entire world without an Army and all the necessary hardware, blood and nastiness. He thought, humm.. how about if I accuse successful countries the world of killing the planet due to too much success, er ah, I mean co2 production, that might work? I can sell carbon credits to the rich and tax everyone one in the known universe. Better than Being Bill Gates. I honestly think BHO has his eye on being Sect Gen. of the UN and thus be able to continue his dictatorship of the free world from that seat. He’s been trying to transfer power from the US to the UN for a decade, Senate bill S2433.

    2. Aside from the spherical, globular world hoax under which we find ourselves today, yes, “climate change” is definitely near the top of the list. At least a large segment of people question “climate change!” Ask a pilot why he never has to dip the nose of the plane down during flight to accommodate the curvature of Earth, and you can expect a string of insults coming your way!

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  1. This climate scam may not be on the top of our list of problems but hidden in American’s feeling that the “government is the problem not the answer to the problem” is on our priority list. The incompetence of the academics who have had a free hand in brain washing us for over a half century for the purpose of wealth redistribution is a contribution to the virus of social apathy. Don’t get me wrong, just because they pumped out garbage science it was done in a preconceived plan to destroy Democracy.

      1. They don’t really wonder why people are drawn to Trump, they know why, it’s because he strips away the phony veneer from the political Kabuki dance that’s been done for ages. The politicians/pundits/and talking head media all get along and their main concern is too maintain control over the electorate. The real emotion is not bewilderment it’s raw fear of losing control. They deflect the truth of Trump’s appeal to disguise their own fears. Imagine what would happen if people actually ruled this Republic?

  2. People should be going to jail. Start with the scientist. Once one falls, they will start explaining that they were threatened etc. This is Fraud perpetrated on citizens of the world. Hang them high!

    1. Jail?!
      That’s exactly what some of the global warming/climate not-staying-the-same theorists want your punishment to be.

      As Spock would say, “Fascinating. “

  3. G;oral warming has never been at it’s core constituency anything but global wealth redistribution. It has spread by a cult type of progression that eventually fails to command the support of the general public. The problem presently is that we now have a president who has a complete disregard for the constitution. His mentors were communists and Marxists and his goal to fundamentally change America needs a devil to vanquish as America will not knowingly change to his Marxist ideology. The most destructive president in American history.

  4. It’s clear the man made global warming scam has nothing to do with science, it’s all about achieving “social justice” and for the lib left … the end justifies the means.

    During the 2012 election, Harry Reid claimed Romney hadn’t paid income taxes for 10 years. After the election Reid admitted he didn’t have know anything about Romney’s taxes but was pleased with himself because … ” well he (Romney) didn’t get elected did he ? “.

    Jonathon Gruber boasted Obamacare would never have passed without a “lack of transparency and the stupidity of the American public”. And Obama claims he’s running “the most transparent Administration in history”.

    I hope this Film stirs the People to defeat the Orwellian lies and fraud of the most corrupt and morally deficient Administration in history.

  5. Did you know that Obama’s EPA is actually looking for a way to minimize cow farts? I kid you not…it’s true. Hmmmm…I wonder how that is done. I’m thinking I could invent a flatulence filter that straps to the but of a cow. I could become very rich.

  6. CO2 is at 400 Ppm, yes?

    Do you know what that means?

    In 1880, they now tell us it was at 280ppm. That’s roughly a 40% increase since the beginning of the industrial age.

    Yes! That is also an increase of 120 ppm in 135 years. Sounds like a lot?

    120 ppm is also 12 parts per 100,000, yes?

    Or 1.2 parts per 10,000, yes?

    So put on your thinking cap and tell me how a little over 1 part in 10,000 parts increase can cause a significant temperature shift?

    As Ricky would have said, “Lucy, you got some susplainin to do!”

  7. The fossil industry, part of the very bones of the economy of Texas and the world, is in no danger of being harmed by action on climate change.

    The better the action, the more certainty and clarity the fossil industry will have, and the better business it can do going forward.

    Stripped away of all parts of the industry that even have emissions, a quarter of the products of fossil are recyclable, reusable, highly profitable and extremely important; plastics, paint, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, binders, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, industrial chemicals, construction materials and more in their tens or hundreds of thousands sustain and grow the world economy in every way imaginable, and they will not go away, though many of them will change and develop with time as the market goes through growth.

    Does this mean the fossil sector need shrink by 3/4’s for action on climate change to work?

    No; entirely the opposite.

    More than ever, the world needs its fossil resources capitalized and effective in solving the world’s problems and doing the world’s most important business.

    That’s true regardless of your politics or faith or attitudes or values, and only gets more true the more we understand of our economy and our world.

    With every cut to emission, whether by sequester or efficiency or alternative energy resource, new opportunities to grow that 25% share of fossil that isn’t burned open up for business.

    Texas has led with its wind industry initiatives while growing business in every sector, and the world would be wise to learn from this case study.

    Truly, acting to meet the obligations and goals of climate deals is not just decoupled from economic harms, but by all appearances seems to correlate with the strongest and best conservative economic principles and the strongest growth results.

    Oh, and that 25% of fossil that isn’t sold for burning?

    That’s by far the most profitable 25%.

    The more that slice of the fossil pie grows, the better returns those who invest in fossil get.

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