Watch: Gov. Chris Christie: ‘I am not a scientist. But I do know that climate change is happening’


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  1. It is true he is no scientist and it is true the climate changes. Of course the climate changes. No clear thinking person denies that it does despite what the wack job warmingsts keep ranting. So is he playing word games or just being dishonest. I like that Christie pushes back on the morons in the media but I have one primary disqualifying issue and it is AGW. His obfuscation on this issue disqualifies him.

    The question he needs to answer is this. Does Christie think he, as President, along with the politicians, bureaucrats and taxpayer funded scientists can control the climate. If he answers in the affirmative then he is not qualified to be President.

    From what I have heard so far, he is a wordsmithing politician but not a leader. I think he would make a great White House Press Secretary.

  2. Christie has more of an effect on rising sea levels every time he takes a dump. Consequently he has more of an effect on the environment and weather than CO2 ever has.
    The proglodites come in all shapes colors and parties.

  3. It does show us all how well these lawyers (most politicians) understand science…… They have no more knowledge than the typical hard core lefties that wander these sites and promote AGW….. What has happened to education ?

  4. Indeed, Christie is not a scientist, and it shows. If he was one, he’d know that the mere 0.7C global temperature rise since about 1850 is perfectly within the historic norm [1], and thus that there is no evidence whatsoever that “climate is changing.”

    Climate is not some fixed meteorological entity that should remain forever constant, any change of its parameters, however they may be arrived at and whatever they may mean, a sign of supposedly deleterious human activity. Climate is simply weather averaged over a century or more, and weather always fluctuates. None of the meteorological parameters today are out of their historic bounds, therefore climate as such has not really changed in any way that we may actually detect. Deeper analysis of a possible human impact on climate shows that it is basically negligible. None of our fossil fuel burning has any effect on climate [2].
    Perhaps Christie should learn some science after all before prattling nonsense in public.

    [1] doi:10.1260/0958-305X.26.3.417
    [2] doi:10.4236/acs.2014.45072

  5. Climate Change always happens, always did, always will.

    That’s not the point. Or the question. The question is will an increase of 100 PPM of CO2 in the atmosphere lead to dangerous warming of the planet.

    The answer to that is that there is no evidence such a thing is true or will happen.

  6. Just confirmation — had decided quite a while ago that Christie was never getting my vote. Of course climate change is happening. I’d be much more concerned if it never changed – in that case there really would be something fundamentally wrong!

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