UK Sun newspaper: Pope Francis committing ‘Holy Wrong’ – ‘He has no business banging on about climate change’ – ‘Stick to religion, Your Holiness’

The UK Sun newspaper has taken a strong stand on Pope Francis’ foray into climate science. The Paper editorializes that he is committing a “holy wrong.”

The Sun declares the Pontiff has “no business banging on about climate change.” “That has nothing to do with faith. It’s about science and provable facts. That science is disputed, some of it discredited. the Pope’s believe in it is irrelevant,” the editorial added .

“Stick to religion, Your Holiness,” the paper concluded.

Full Text of UK Sun’s editorial on Pope Francis:

September 25, 2015

The Sun Says:

‘Holy wrong’

The Pope makes valuable contributions on religious matter. But he has no business banging on about climate change.

That has nothing to do with faith. It’s about science and provable facts. That science is disputed, some of it discredited. the Pope’s believe in it is irrelevant.

Stick to religion, Your Holiness.


End Excerpt.

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Abortion and death penalty come before climate change for church, Vatican official says – Cardinal Turkson, who heads the pontifical council for justice and peace, said global challenges elevated by Francis – such as climate change and justice – would still take second place in importance to individual life-and-death issues such as abortion and the death penalty. “I would not put them on the same level. I would not associate them at all. Climate change is something that has happened to the world around us,” he told a small group of reporters in a telephone interview. “It’s something essentially that we can control, we can rein in, whose impacts and consequences we can master.”

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Special Report: ‘Unholy Alliance’ – Exposing The Radicals Advising Pope Francis on Climate

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    1. Bloomberg has missed several factors contributing to natural factors. They include outgassing of CO2 from the oceans, decomposition of organic matter from soils, The pacific decadal oscillation and The Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation. They included only those factors that supported their political agenda

      1. The oceans and melting permafrost are only releasing CO2 and CH4
        (respectively) because the Earth has warmed by 1C in the last 150 years. The irregularities in this overall warming trend are explained by combining all the known factors (natural and unnatural). This would not be the case if anything significant was missing.

        Furthermore, the overall warming trend over 150 years also proves that anthropogenic CO2 dominates all other factors. This is why the top 10 warmest years on record have all been post-1998 and why, as with all others, this hiatus will soon end with a resumption of warming. When any theory enables predictions to be validated by subsequent observations (a.k.a. ‘experimental evidence’) like this, it usually means the theory is as close to fact as science ever gets (c.f. IPCC WG1 SPM).

        Your final sentence, however, is reminiscent of 9/11 ‘Truthers’ (etc) who dismiss all evidence produced that conflicts with their beliefs as evidence of an ever-larger conspiracy. In complete contrast to the testable hypothesis that was anthropogenic climate disruption, such a position is an unasailable fortress of denial. As in: “If you deny a clear preponderance of evidence, you have crossed the line from legitimate skeptic to ideological denier.” (Stephen H Schneider)

        1. I see you quote the summery for policy makers, not the scientific report, which is a summery of the political agenda of the UN, not a summery of the science. The climate has been warming for more than 150 years, ever since the depths of the little ice age, long before any significant fossil fuel use. I am not an American and do not know what a 9/11 truther is. In climate science the computer models stand for the theory and are consistently running too hot. The models that predict the hiatus will soon come to an end are the same models that failed to predict it in the first place. If the data doesn’t support the theory, the theory is wrong, no matter how many support it, or how powerful and influential they are (Richard Feynman)

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    2. EXACTLY. Climate alarmism has been concocted by politicians into a religion unto itself, and if you find yourself not in agreement with them, you are labeled as a HERETIC who must be “re-educated”.

      1. If the Vatican has learnt its lesson from branding Galileo as a ‘heretic’, is it not time you did the same? For how many decades did you dismiss scientific warnings of the dangers of smoking as ‘clean air alarmism’?

    3. David Aaronovitch has suggested that conspiracy theories are bedtime stories for people who find reality too frightening to contemplate. Religions are positions of faith adopted for personal reasons generally in the absence of evidence. Some would even assert that the notion of God is the ultimate conspiracy theory.

      However, in contrast to all of this, the modern day scientific consensus that humans are the primary cause of post-Industrial warming is a theory deduced from basic physics, which allowed predictions to be made that have now been validated by subsequent observations (a.k.a. experimental evidence).

      When your antecedent beliefs require you to start selectively rejecting scientific
      evidence, it is time to question your objectivity. This is what the
      Church failed to do 482 years ago. Therefore, if the Vatican has learnt
      its lesson from branding Galileo as a heretic, is it not time you did the same?

      1. I have done my homework. Based on the data the only possible conclusion available when it comes to catastrophic AGW is it is one of greatly diminished probability if not out right wrong. Funny how you and your ilk conveniently ignore pre-industrial warming/cooling which has occurred through earth’s history, often in the direct opposite direction of CO2 growth/decline. You ignore all the tremendous benefits achieved by carbon based fuels, both environmentally and economically. You ignore the diminished ability of CO2 to absorb and reflect infra red light and the fact that there has been ZERO increase in the necessary positive feedbacks required for CAGW. You proudly espouse from the dais built on carbon based fuels and don’t recognize or conveniently ignore the blatant hypocrisy. I was in stitches as the Pope drove around in his little Fiat but flew around on his chartered Boeing 777.
        George Will summed it up well.

        There are 3 population segments who “believe” CAGW is imminent; the stupid, the ignorant and the Users/Abusers of the stupid and ignorant. Which one are you?

        You of course will respond. I will not after this. Unlike the trolls from faux environmental groups who suck off gov’t largess, I have a job and don’t have time.

        If you think the solution is lower population, please lead the way. Opportunity thieves are the biggest threat to my and my children’s future. The less of them, the better.

        1. Regurgitating widely-rebutted, counter-factual, contrarian talking points is no substitute for a well-reasoned argument, Mike.

          Overlooking this, however, you have responded by asserting that, in your opinion, the IPCC must be wrong to say, “If left unchecked, climate change will increase the likelihood of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems”

          This implies that you believe the IPCC to be mistaken, misled, or mendacious. Whichever it is, your view is founded upon a dangerous degree of self-reliance and the fallacious idea that all opinions are equally valid.

          1. Hey, you can quote from the Summary for Policy Makers written by 2 Climate Scientists and 13 Bureaucrats!! Too bad not the actual report. The latter is actually a sound scientific report although I believe the temp. increases are over estimates. Time will tell. The last 18 years support my statement. That’s the problem with predictions, they are, especially those about the future, are so difficult (In memory of Yogi).

            But thanks for letting me know you are either in the first or last category and your opinion, which is all that you have supplied, is invalid.

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  1. I keep asking myself how the Vatican could have associated itself with five extremists who clearly want to destroy capitalism and see the ideology of environmentalism imposed on the world? With so many experts available in the fields of climatology and economics, it is always a worry when advice is biased rather than balanced. And those five extremists have shown they are incapable of presenting balanced advice.

    1. Your first sentence is evidence of your antecedent belief in a New World Order conspiracy, in which you assert your beliefs as if they are facts. However, when your beliefs require you to start selectively rejecting scientific evidence, it is time to question your objectivity. This is what the Church failed to do 482 years ago. Therefore, if the Vatican has learnt its lesson from Galileo, is it not time you did the same?

      1. You know how I know you’re a shill? You repeat the same drivel over and over word for word. Only shills and trolls use the term conspiracy theorist and then go and put all conspiracies in the one basket…All fantasy? All nuts? “The first job of conspiracy is to convince the world that conspiracy does not exist.”
        You really do sicken me, either no critical thought or a willing pawn. Your example of Galileo is quite fitting, he was one of the few against ‘scientific’ consensus with regards to the Sun rotating around the Earth, yet you say all deniers, all sceptics should aline with ‘evidence backed climate science’…
        “No, there’s no such thing as vested interests or corruption at the highest levels in government.” “There’s no such thing as genocidal maniacs, paedophile rings or global banking controllers.
        “The Transpacific Partnership Agreement isn’t going to offshore jobs or take away your rights or freedoms, you’re a nut, you’re a conspiracy theorist!”
        “No the North American Free Trade Agreement did not offshore 9 million American jobs.”
        “The United States Government can pay back its debt.”
        “NSA surveillance apparatus PRISM is not an invasion of privacy, if you’ve got nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.”
        “Anybody is a potential terrorist.”
        “Jade Helm 15 is a first of its kind military exercise teaching our troops how to master the human domain.”
        “F*** the EU.”
        “No George Soros did not fund Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson riots or the Ukraine Maiden.”
        “No the U.S is not an imperialist nation vying for regime change across the world.”
        “No the U.S has not been at war every year since World War 2.”
        “No there isn’t any evidence that the sun is the main driver of global warming!?”
        “Yes there is WMDs in Iraq, they’re a threat to our national security, you’re either with us or you’re with the enemy.”
        “I did not have sexual relations with that women.”
        “The U.S Federal Reserve is not a private bank, it’s run by the U.S government.”
        “Terrorism isn’t created by governments, radical extremism creates terrorists.”
        “Denying the Holocaust is now a thought crime.”
        “No, Zionism is not a racist ideology.”
        “No the U.S military command was not full of U.S Israeli citizens during 9/11.”
        “No, Israel is not an apartheid state.”
        “No, those steel structures can fall into their own footprint from a plane colliding with them, and building 7 can collapse into its own footprint from office fires on 2 floors.”
        “No there was no witnesses that said they heard consecutive explosions in the lobby.”
        “No, Jewish Larry Silverstein did not insure the world trade centre buildings for ‘terrorism’ months before 9/11, and ended up $4.5 billion richer.”
        “No Bibi Netanyahu did not say 9/11 was good for Israel.”
        “No the Mujahideen were not funded, trained and directed by the C.I.A to topple the Russians in Afghanistan.”
        “No the Taliban are not the Mujahideen.”
        “No, Osama Bin Laden was not a C.I.A asset.”
        “No, Al Qaeda is not a government sponsored terrorist group.”
        “No Isis is not being used to topple Bashar Al-Assad.”
        “No John F Kennedy did not sign an executive order to abolish the fed 11 days before his death.”
        “No JFK was not planning to pull the U.S military out of Vietnam before his death.”
        “No, JFK was not planning to abolish the CIA before his death.”
        “No JFK was not planning on printing greenbacks before his death.”
        “No Lyndon B. Johnson was not a man with a criminal history and did not hate Robert F Kennedy.”
        It’s all a dream, just go back to sleep sheeple.

        1. The only conspiracy theories I question are those for which there is no evidence – such as that required to reject the modern scientific consensus. However, I am glad to see that you recognise that globalised Capitalism has had – and is having – some undesireable consequences (e.g. ‘Trojan Horses’ like TTIP).

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