UN Climate Summit Rejects Its Own Science – Links Typhoon Haiyan to Global Warming – UN Summit Degenerates Into Unscientific Claims to Advance Political Agenda – Climate Depot Special Report

[UpdatesClimate Depot’s Morano At UN Press Conference in Warsaw Denounces Exploitation of Typhoon to ‘an unappreciative audience’: Morano ‘compared the belief that policy can change the weather to ‘medieval witchcraft’

Climate Depot’s Morano & Apollo 7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham featured at ‘a UN-sanctioned press conference’ at UN Climate Summit in Warsaw 

Professor calls for ‘a planned economic recession’ to combat global warming –  Also admits ‘cutting back on washing and showering’ to fight climate change –‘That is why I smell’]

WARSAW – The United Nations global warming summit in Warsaw has contorted its own science reports in an attempt to claim that Tyhpoon Haiyan/Yolanda was a result of man-made global warming. The UN’s 19th session of the Conference of the Parties, being held in Warsaw Poland, is exploiting the tragedy in the Philippines in order to advance the UN’s political agenda.

Climate Depot’s Special Report includes the latest scientific studies, analyses, including the UN IPCC’s own report, which counters the UN climate summit’s claims about Typhoons and extreme weather.


UN head Ban Ki-moon says Typhoon Haiyan due to climate change – ‘We have seen now what has happened in the Philippines. It is an urgent warning. An example of changed weather and how climate change is affecting all of us on Earth.’

Philippines lead negotiator at UN climate summit in Warsaw puts the blame for typhoon on global warming – ‘Yeb Sano announces he will not eat during the conference, until a meaningful agreement has been achieved’

Jeffrey Sachs,  Special Advisor to UN Sec.-General Ban Ki-moon,  tweeted on Nov. 10 that ‘Climate liars like Rupert Murdoch & Koch Brothers have more & more blood on their hands as climate disasters claim lives across the world.’

Typhoon Fuels Call for Global Warming Compensation Funds at UN Summit – Poor nations ‘blame countries that industrialized 200 years ago for damaging the atmosphere’ – Bloomberg News: ‘Some 130 countries, including islands concerned they’ll disappear with rising sea levels, are pushing for reparations as part of a “loss and damage” mechanism at United Nations climate talks in Warsaw this week. They blame countries that industrialized 200 years ago for damaging the atmosphere.’

Religious Claim: Repent Ye Sinners to Stop Bad Weather! Wash Post features theologian Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite urging us to ‘repent’ for our ‘sin’ of causing Typhoon Haiyan due to the ‘moral evil of climate change denial’

Analysis: The Super Storm Meme: ‘Not only was Haiyan not the most intense storm ever seen, it’s not even in the running’

Storm intensity is measured by central pressure, the atmospheric pressure at the core of a cyclone. The lower the core preasure, the more intense the storm. Haiyan, at its peak, was measured at 895 hPa (hectopascals). In the North Atlantic, Hurricane Wilma, in 2005, was measured at 882. You have to go back to 1979’s Typhoon Tip, to find the most intense storm ever recorded in the Western North Pacific—it pulled 870 hPa and tops the list of all time most intense storms. In fact, when compared to that region’s list of most intense storms, Haiyan ties with a clutch of other storms—most recently Yuri in 1991—for an ignominious 21st place. Not only was Haiyan not the most intense storm ever seen, it’s not even in the running.…

Media/Climate Activists ‘Hype False Claims’ About Typhoon Haiyan As Scientists Reject Climate Link – Claim of ‘strongest storm ever’ refuted – Climate Depot Special Report

Climate Depot’s Exclusive Round Up of Typhoon Haiyan

Scientists reject Typhoon Haiyan link to man-made global warming: Storm expert Brian McNoldy of U. of Miami: ‘We don’t get to pick and choose which storms are enhanced by a warmer climate and which ones aren’t’ — Brian McNoldy, a senior research associate at the University of Miami: ‘While Haiyan was absolutely amazing, it’s not alone. It’s in an elite company of a handful of other tropical cyclones scattered across the decades and across the world.’ — Haiyan ‘was just as subject to this year’s climate as the numerous others that weren’t so impressive. Extremely intense tropical cyclones are rare, but have always been a part of nature — we don’t need to find an excuse for them.’

Gabe Vecchi, a research oceanographer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said that if global warming altered Haiyan, it did not do so to a significant extent. ‘I expect that the contribution of global warming to Haiyan’s extreme intensity is likely to have been small, relative to other factors like weather fluctuations and climate variability.’

Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. rips media for Haiyan hype: ‘Super powerful storm doesn’t need the extra hype. Reality is bad enough…Philippine Met Service predicted max 18 ft surge from Typhoon Haiyan. So Anderson Cooper’s [show] of CNN ‘off by 22-32 ft’ — Pielke Jr. : ‘Indeed, pretty scary and devastating. So why the need to hype with false claims of 40-50 ft? (on CNN’s Anderson Cooper)

Philippine Met Service: ‘Some of the reports of wind speeds were exaggerated’

Flashback study shows most frequent typhoons happend in Little Ice Age: ’2004 paleoclimate reconstruction of hurricane landfalls in South-eastern China: ‘Remarkably, the two periods of most frequent typhoon strikes in Guangdong (AD 1660–1680, 1850–1880) coincide with two of the coldest & driest periods in northern & central China during the Little Ice Age’

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: ‘If you really studied typhoons,then Haiyan is perhaps as big as they come, but you dont shoot your mouth off about it being strongest ever’

Media incorrect to claim (driven by warmist Jeff Masters) of Being The Most Powerful Hurricane Ever — Haiyan Was Only A Category 4 — ‘Weather officials said Haiyan had sustained winds of 235 kph (147 mph) with gusts of 275 kph (170 mph) when it made landfall. By those measurements, Haiyan would be comparable to a strong Category