Skeptical scientists crash UN climate summit, praise Trump for ‘bringing science back again’


MARRAKECH, Morocco — A team of international scientists crashed the UN climate summit in Marrakech and welcomed the election of Donald Trump as a way to bring positive reforms to climate science.  The three scientists from Paraguay, Norway and Sweden, were granted a presentation by the UN to present the skeptical climate change view and they praised Trump for rejecting the UN “global warming” claims. The three scientists were also hopeful that Trump’s presidency will help end the politicized UN climate agenda.

Agro-Biologist Dr. Albrecht Glatzle of Paraguay was especially encouraged by the election of the climate skeptic Trump to the presidency.

“I have very much hope that his election will be the initialization of a turnaround in science relating to climate change,” Glatzle, the Director científico de INTTAS inParaguay, told Climate Depot at the UN summit.

Glatzle advice for Trump is simple: “Go straight ahead with your plans to this end the politicized climate agenda and bring the science back again to its place.”

“If someone like Trump is prepared to cut off the endless climate change funding promoting fear, I am very in favor it,” Glatzle said.

“I hope Trump withdraws the United States from the UN climate agreement. The UN climate treaty is based on an illusion,” he explained.

“You cannot adjust the climate just by turning the CO2 button. It’s an illusion to believe the UN can adjust the climate to a desired temperature,” he added.

Glatzle warned that money has corrupted climate science and the agenda.

“Even in my country of Paraguay, ministers see a lot of money from climate agenda. They are prepared to accept the UN climate claims because they will get money,” he explained.

“Actually the UN is promoting distorted science. There are plenty of scientists — I know quite a number around the world — that do support a contrary position to what the UN claims,” Glatzle added.

Prominent Swedish Geologist Dr. Nils Axel Morner is very encouraged by Trump’s presidential victory.

“Trump is a clever guy. And he has picked up on the fact that something is basically very wrong with the media and the UN’s global warming claims,” Morner, who headed the Department of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics at Stockholm University, told Climate Depot following his scientific presentation at the UN on November 17.

Morner is hopeful that Trump can free climate science of from only the UN “consensus” view.

“Studies that don’t agree, they will not publish them. Now with a President Trump, they should not be allowed to go on screening out skeptics and discriminating against scientists who don’t toe the line. We have a benefit from Trump’s victory: We scientists may see a liberation from this unscientific closing of journals.

Morner explained that the UN’s climate panel is basically a lobbying organization.

“The UN started wrong. The whole UN IPCC project was to find to prove CO2 is dangerous. But the UN started with the answer and you cannot do that in science. Instead, you must search for something and then you get something, hopefully,” he explained.

“But the UN began by telling us what the answer should be (CO2 needs to be controlled) and then all the political ideas were pushed to ‘solve the crisis’ and now it is a big industry– it is a huge industry,” Morner said.

Trump “is completely correct about global warming and he should continue to push back against climate activists,” Morner explained. “CO2 is not something bad, it is a fertilizer, it is not a pollutant and Trump has correctly picked up on this,” he added.

Morner and the other scientists urged Trump to withdraw from the UN climate treaty. “Of course. There must be a Clexit from that,” Morner said. (Clexit refers to an exit from the UN Paris agreement.)

“The UN is misleading and totally wrong on carbon dioxide. Enormous amounts of money are just being thrown into the sea,” he added.

Norwegian Astrophysicist Professor Jan-Erik Solheim, emeritus of the Institute of Physics at the University of Tromso, said a Trump presidency can help free up scientific journals into not censoring studies that go against the UN climate change narrative.

“We know many skeptical scientists, but many of them are silent and cannot speak out and cannot publish their work undermining” the UN’s climate claims Solheim told Climate Depot.

“Trump’s victory is very promising. We can get real science back in the field,” he added.

In addition, another scientist spoke out in favor of Trump while the UN climate summit was being held in Morocco.

UK astrophsycist & Meteorologist Piers Corbyn declared Trump’s views on climate change are ‘excellent’.

When speaking on LBC, Corbyn said of “global warming”: “It was Obama’s stupidest achievement,” referring to the UN Paris Climate Agreement.

Piers also defended Trump’s past tweet about China “inventing” climate change, according to the UK Express.

Corbyn: “I think what Trump means by that is that the Chinese make a lot of money out of it because they build all those wind farms that were putting up which we’re paying for.”

“The Chinese are making money hand over fist,” Corbyn added.


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  1. A breath of fresh air. Finally ‘honesty’ might get a seat at the climate table. Trump needs to play hardball with the UN and absolutely insist the “Scientific Method” be resurrected from the crypt it now rests in.

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    2. With the full complicit backing of our federal monster government, the UN is ramming ‘Agenda 21’ and ‘Common Core’ down the throats of the world, the UN’s World Bank is complicit in forcing poor farmers off their own land in Africa and South America for corporate and endowment ‘tree farm/carbon credit’ investments, is deeming sovereign resources off limits, trying to eliminate (citizen’s only) the right to bear arms, our country’s sovereignty and our individual freedoms and now trying to force a ‘world’ climate change tax and ‘world’ wealth tax on us AND under the guise of saving us from asteroids the UN is trying co-opt our US space program, it’s technology, resources and getting control of the internet.
      “The scam of the United Nations refugee program and its agents in America – 180 Christian charities that receive billions for “placing” refugees in the US — 160 of those charities are Roman Catholic.”
      “This scam is a multi-billion-dollar charity fraud that is not even regulated by the U. S. government.”
      “Stop U.S. funding for all organizations associated with the United Nations, especially anything that has to do with children and refugees.”
      SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary | Revealing the True State …
      … The Deep Back Story to the Worldwide Pedophilia Ring. Posted on November 18, 2016 by State of the Nation.

      As the NWO gets bigger, because they produce nothing, provide no revenues, they need to create more ways to tax you, it has nothing to do with ‘global warming’.

      YOO HOO! Imagine the savings if the USA stopped funding the UN and reduced our federal monster government back to it’s Constitutional mandate (before it self creates it’s own full blown tyrannical plan)
      Too many layers and layers of non-producing federal government and UN parasites in suits needing evermore revenues for their opulent salaries, lifestyles and ever growing pensions (and who are getting more and more authoritarian and predatory toward it’s citizens.
      How about staring here; all states reject ‘federal’ funding, demanding reconstitution of states rights, taking back federal confiscation of state’s property and kick the UN the hell out of our country:
      One dollar spent on a ‘FEDERAL’ level cost 10 times more than if that same job was done on a ‘STATE’ level, logic would point to keeping federal government no bigger than our constitutional mandate, notice the federal government taking states property and states rights away from states and handing control of US properties and law making over to the UN?
      Now add in the cost of the UN and the obscene waste and inefficiency of ‘world’ dollars:
      Wikipedia the UN and see how BEHEMOTHIC it now is with all it’s agencies, impotent peace keeping forces, organizations, commissions and each comes with their own building complexes, vehicles, uniforms, equipment, support complexes, staff, salaries, travel, security, food and energy expenses, conferences AND the now hundreds of thousands of UN retirees (mostly foreign) and their pensions, perks and benefits.
      YOO HOO, who do you think is paying for all of that?
      And most UN employees don’t even pay any tax (some ‘internal’ tax …whooppee).

      … So, how many UN ‘world’ (foreign) pensioners are we funding with our taxes?

      Imagine how much extra money we would have if we defunded the world’s behemothic tax parasites and redundant layers of government that are becoming more and more tax hungry and authoritarian towards it’s citizens.
      The UN and all of it’s huge organizations, commissions and agencies including the IMF and World Bank, generate no revenues, are not subject to the laws of any country it operates in, pays no tax, produce nothing, is dictating ‘world’ regulations, confiscating your wealth through federal taxation and backdoor taxation through complicit federal government agencies like the EPA.
      YOO HOO! Imagine the savings if our country stopped funding the UN.
      Lagarde’s (IMF) salary is over $300,000 + per year PLUS tens of thousands in ‘stipends’. and she PAYS NO TAX.
      “most UN employees pay no tax”.
      The IMF and World Bank are UN agencies of now countless agencies, commissions and organizations, one big Trojan Horse and tool of a few dynastic families, sucking the wealth, sovereignty, freedoms and life out of the world.
      The IMF is nothing more than a world asset stripping debt collector for the western alliance globalist elites.
      Global taxation, a ‘one world’ currency and open borders are all part of the globalists plan to eliminate sovereignty of nations.
      10 nations that control the world’s gold – MarketWatch
      Oct 20, 2012 … The International Monetary Fund is the third-largest official holder of gold, with more than 2,814 tonnes.

      Where’s all that IMF gold coming from? (Ask NATO?< Libya? Egypt? Tunisia? Ukraine? soon Syria?) And Germany can't get their's back?
      The IMF is ANOTHER UN agency, it is not a 'nation', it has been deemed 'supranational sovereignty' (deemed by the UN's 'International Court of Justice' -yep, another UN agency). so the UN creates an agency to deem itself and it's other agencies supranational sovereignty over the world and makes it's own laws, decides it needn't pay any tax nor provide any revenues -sweet deal if your a UN employee.
      "A monarchy is that which calls itself a monarchy" (only if the people allow it).
      UN? Proven corrupt, unelected, made up mostly of 3rd world dictatorships.
      NATO, the UN and all of it's agencies, commissions, organizations, etc (UN agencies include the IMF and World Bank), all have the same boss, they're all really just tentacles of the giant, globalist vampire banksters squid.
      Notice the elimination of individual accountability? 'NATO' decided this or that, the 'UN' deemed this or that, and we must all comply regardless of our rights, freedoms and laws of OUR OWN COUNTRY. Any official that your taxes fund needs to be thrown out if they support the UN. The working tax payer needs to be mobilized against funding the UN.
      We have to stop giving credibility and decision making powers to unelected foreign entities that we are forced taxed to fund while they supplant our own country’s laws and sovereignty and take control over our resources.

      Time for individual states to reject 'federal money', take 'federal land' ownership and control back to the individual states it BELONGS TOO, re-instate all states rights, reject the Federal Board of Education and reinstate 'state' control, pull out of NATO, defund and take away the UN’s ‘supranational sovereignty’, restitution of it's assets (starting with the IMF's (stolen?) gold hoard) claw back foreign pensions (US taxes for foreigners) and kick them the hell out of our country. The savings and living standards would be incredible.
      Know Your Enemy Part 63 – The United Nations Background – By The Fuel Project

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      Know Your Enemy Part 65 – The World Core Curriculum

      Know Your Enemy Part 66 – Alice A Bailey

      Know Your Enemy Part 67 – The War on Parents

      1. I understand the EPA has been quietly and steadily handing our country’s resources, sovereignty and US taxes over to the UN.

        Since 2012:
        State Department Pays $6600 per Kindle for 2500 Kindles 2012/ 06/ state-department-pays-6600-per-kindle.html
        Jun 12, 2012 … Weinberger promised he would get to the bottom of the outrageous prices. … The Kindles would be used to stock designated libraries and U.S.-friendly educational centers around the world, …
        Did you know the EPA, for years now, is giving MILLIONS of US tax dollars to the UN to clean up ‘e-waste’ AROUND THE WORLD?
        Who gave the EPA the authority to use US tax payers money for international projects?
        Where the are our ‘representatives’ that are supposed TO WATCH OUT FOR OUR INTERESTS?
        Google it:
        Summary of Strategy for E-Waste Engagement in Greater China and … .
        EPA collaboration on “Cleaning Up E-Waste” in the Asia-Pacific region is intended to improve environmentally sound management of used electronics and to …
        Taiwan – Environmental Protection Agency

        Federal government doesn’t want you to be self sufficient?
        EPA Bans Most Wood Burning Stoves, Fireplaces Next | EPA Abuse Proxy Highlight
        Feb 15, 2014 …

  2. Well. I agree that I hope Trump will sweep away the parasitic funding for a man made catastrophic climate agenda – but I am not convinced Trump has as much scientific knowledge as those scientists gave him credit for… Which discredits them a bit…

    1. I would think that Trump has almost no understanding of climate related material. That is ok though as long as he goes ahead with what he has stated so far in regards to moving the US away from the global warming scare.

      1. I’m not sure that’s true. We will have to see but I would suggest being optimistic. It will be interesting to see what impact his stance has on UK energy policy. Currently it’s insane, since Blair committed us to be the ‘greenest’ country on the planet. I’m remaining hopeful.

  3. Great article and the headline is also full of repost-worthy win. The left and its obsession with myths like Bigfoot, UFOs, the occult, and APG global warming are regressive for civilization in every way. Progs are trogs.

  4. Everyday that I wake up in my country means it is one day closer to making America great again and it sure feels good. After living in this great nation for a lot of years, this is the first time that I have been this ecstatic over having someone in my party win. I was overjoyed when the greatest man of the 20th century won but this is different. Don’t get me wrong….I know Trump is no Ronnie Reagan. But this country wasn’t falling over the cliff either after Jimmy Carter. We were heading towards the cliff but no where near to where Obama and the Clintons have put us. We have actually fallen over and now Trump has to do the near impossible… us from hitting the bottom. If he can do that….he WILL BE our next Ronald Reagan…..make no bones about it! Trump 2020

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