Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock UN Climate Summit – ‘Climate Hustle’ To Have Red Carpet Premiere in Paris


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Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock Climate Debate

President Obama & World Leaders to Be Greeted By New Film Debuting in Paris

Gala Paris red carpet premiere for new “Climate Hustle” skeptical documentary

Cinéma du Panthéon, December 7, 7:30 PM

(Sorbonne, Paris) CFACT will hold the world premiere of its long-awaited Climate Hustle skeptical documentary film at an invitation-only red carpet event in Paris during the UN’s COP 21 international summit on climate change.

Featuring interviews and comments from more than 30 renowned scientists and climate experts, Climate Hustle lays out compelling evidence that devastates the global warming scare.  Film host Marc Morano, founder and publisher of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, leads viewers on a fact-finding and often times hilarious journey through the propaganda-laced world of “climate change” claims.

The film is the first climate documentary to profile scientists who have reversed their views from supporting the so-called “consensus” position to a conversion to skepticism. The film also profiles politically left scientists who have now declared themselves skeptics of man-made global warming and United Nations scientists who have now turned against the UN for “distorting” climate science.

David Rothbard, CFACT president and executive producer of the film says, “Climate Hustle is the most important climate documentary since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.  Gore’s film kicked off a decade of scaremongering junk science.  CFACT’s film debunks the scare and clears the way for a return to sound science and rational debate.”

Nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas calls Climate Hustle “tremendous” and says “anyone who still believes in ‘climate change’ after watching this film needs the type of reprogramming given to cult members.”

Noted climatologist Dr. Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology, who is featured in the film, adds “Climate Hustle is a refreshing and entertaining antidote to the sillier and alarming claims about climate change and its impacts that people regularly hear from politicians and the media.”

“Climate Hustle” will premiere at the Cinéma du Panthéon, beside the Sorbonne, on Monday, December 7. A red-carpet ceremony and champagne reception will take place at 7:30 p.m. prior to the screening. The film is planned for theatrical and home video release in 2016.

Because of very limited space, credentialed media that wish to attend the event should RSVP in advance to Christina Norman of CFACT ([email protected] or phone (651) 724-4228).   Climate Hustle’s host, Marc Morano, along with key scientists from the film, will be available for a short time on the red carpet prior to the event at 7 p.m. and are also available for interviews and comments upon request.

Climate Hustle, a production of CFACT, was fully funded by the support of roughly 1,500 citizen supporters.   More information is available at

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  1. Hope it is effective in explaining WHY it is a “hustle”, climate issues notwithstanding– because it isn’t about “climate” at all– it is about the use/abuse of “climate” from schools to political circles, in propaganda form, to beat over the heads of both the unsuspecting and the skeptical, ultimately for pushing a global governance agenda. And in the process, corrupting honest scientific debate, leading directly to the destruction of the preimminence of scientific leadership in America, when deference to so-called United Nations climate concensus is given. Make no mistake, it corrupts the ENTIRETY of the scientific community, by a relatively small, vocal, and cult-like fanaticism.

        1. In India, I read that 175 people per sq kilometer defecate outside because they haven’t any toilets, never mind electricity. I doubt this will garner much support.

          1. Oh no… it gets lots of support from India, and Bangladesh…. they want the rich countries to send them money, to deal with the problems that climate change presents for them. THAT is what this entire conference is about… Putting the squeeze on the rest of us, to send something on the order of one hundred billion dollars a year to the third world, so they can deal with the problems that climate change presents for them.


            1. True. I saw that $100B annual figure too. Since our government has no money…except that which they beg, borrow or steal from us I guess we better loosen our our purse strings yet again ;(. To pay for this manufactured farce.

            2. More correctly, the “leaders” of said people want the money so they can spend it on their lavish lifestyles while their people continue to die.

              1. How much do our Congressional representatives get paid now? I believe it’s something around $172,000/yr. Correct me if I’m wrong.
                I’d also like to see a list of the dates and amounts of their self given pay raises.

                1. Not including the bribes (I mean campaign contributions) plus all the money they make in the stock market (insider trading is legal for them). They could always have someone ghost write a book for them too and have a lobby buy a few million copies.

            1. Dan,

              Yup. Obama gives my and your money to the UN for them to suck some up, and they pass it to the Indian Gov to suck some up, and some trickles down to connected non-Gov Indians. Few untouchables will touch any of our tax money.

          2. They should be taxed like the FARTING cows. This is far beyond STUPID science. Nothing but CONTROL and TAX !!! Nature rules, always has, always will.

        1. Oh sure, they will take more from other countries but it starts with America. This climate fraud shrinks to a footnote tomorrow without America’s (Obama’s) support.

            1. Every year at a new summit these third world countries will line up and demand more Billions because the funds sent in the previous year wasn’t enough. This scenario will follow the same route as the US Congressional Budget Fraud. In ten years our National Debt will be 100 Trillion and the world will still be begging for more. I guess the US Treasury is safe under this plan.

              1. Gruber was bragging about lies and omissions to push his bosses’ bogus health care program forward. If one is ignorant of the truth, the wrong things will be believed, but not due to stupidity or low intelligence. The same concept applies to “Climate Change” or whatever the Term of the Day happens to be. The U. of East Anglia e-mail scandal is just one of many symptoms of the campaign that would bring envy to the likes of Joseph Goebbels.

                  1. Today it’s globalists socialists determining that the world is coming to an end and the only way to save it is to bow down and worship the globalist socialist cult god.

                    Notably, the God of the Holy Bible asks for your soul.
                    The globalist socialist cult god demands cash.

                    1. “Notably, the God of the Holy Bible asks for your soul.
                      The globalist socialist cult god demands cash.”

                      Oh, and pretty much your soul, too.

                    1. Actually, the Bible has always said the earth was round. The general “science” community finally caught up with the Bible. “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.” (Isaiah 40:22)

                    2. Exactly, Matt. Of course, you have to READ the Bible to know what’s in it and progressives don’t believe in reading anything for themselves. .. they just have to wait until it’s law to find out what’s in it.

                    3. Sounds like flat to me. Round and flat. The Bible is not a geography lesson but rather a collection of works – divinely inspired – that describes man’s relation to his Creator.

                  2. So – the science was settled then as well….Galileo was convicted of Heresy by Pope Urban’s Inquisition because he observed – and published – that the Earth is not the center of the Solar System. Oh well….

                    1. As I figured, you didn’t read it. Just blasted it as being the Catholic version. Continue to spread the myths my friend. Whatever makes you feel good, just do it…

                    2. Go read his link .. It’s an article debunking many different science v.s. religion issues, written by Dinesh D’Souza, whom I find highly credible.

                    3. Dear gordiduk,
                      Thank you for your continued correspondence. I hope that this message finds you in best health and spirits.

                      As a Catholic, I will be the first to admit my weakness in faith.

                      I pray that you will be peaceful and accept God’s grace.

                      Extra Sparkly, or however. Amen

                    4. A Catholic without strong faith isn’t much of a Catholic my friend. However, the Church’s doors are open to all…

                    5. I read both articles. Yours says, basically, that the church was unhappy with Galileo, and arrested him for going against church teachings. That is called heresy. Did you read the article he linked to?

                    6. OMG – you REALLY think that a Catholic Church website will give impartial “facts” about a major controversy involving the Catholic Church?

                      The Church has done a lot of good, but it has also done a LOT of bad…….

                    1. Do you not see that it is you warmers who are the ones taking the side of narrow minded, non-science in this debate? The mere fact that the climate change alarmists do everything they can to manufacture ‘consensus’ and silence by any means necessary any opposition to their weak claims should be enough for anyone who has ever seriously cracked a science book to be very concerned about these AGW claims.
                      And if you still think this global warming alarmism is about the climate, you really haven’t been paying attention.

                  3. Not surprisingly, you are totally wrong. It was science that told you the earth was round
                    (actually determined by scientists in the ancient world thousands of years BCE) and it
                    was religion that told you the earth was flat and that Earth was the center of the universe.
                    How’s that working out for you now or it that still what you believe?

                    1. Actually neither one affects my daily life much. Unless I get in an airplane, I can commute to just about anywhere I want assuming that the earth is flat.
                      As far as the earth being at the center of the solar system or the sun that is a matter of selecting a reference frame. All inertial reference frames are equivalent ( not equal) – either choice is valid. The only reason we normally say the earth orbits the sun is because we know how to (relatively) easily solve the equations of motion for nice elliptical orbits. We could still have gone to the moon using an earth centered reference frame – the size of the required computer would have been much , much larger.

                    2. You’re actually wrong about that too. The bible paints the earth as a globe…as a circle, not as something flat. It was the predominant political/social/theocratic (ie, religious political) view at the time that pushed the flat earth/earth as the center of the universe/solar system and destroyed their detractors. The fact that men have and continue to misinterpret the Bible is no surprise. That doesn’t mean it’s also not scientifically accurate.

                    3. Read your own remark. The actual scientific data shows that there has been no “global warming” for over 18 years. Those would be “scientists”
                      who are competing for money and grants take the hard data and make up reasons to change it to show what they know they can get funding for.
                      I used to do computer modeling and and minor tweaks can produce whatever result you want. That is NOT science. And by the way, if you think nazism and conservatism is the same I suggest you do some research and you’ll discover that Mussolini got his ideas for the fascist party from
                      the American Progressive Party. Also compare the 1930’s stated objectives of the Nazi party to the Democratic party platform. Just replace
                      Jew with rich, and what a coincidence!!!

                  4. Yeah, and since our understanding of science itself and our ability to understand, measure, observe and interpret our world hasn’t improved at all in the last ‘few hundred years,’ the understandable and sane skepticism about man made global warming must just all be a lie. haha
                    By the way, most people did not actually think the world was flat.

                  1. Even if “global warming” was a thing, it wouldn’t be in the top five (5) issues facing humanity.

                    However, it is the #1 subjective topic to be manipulated by statist scam artists around the world.

                    1. And the #1 statist scam artists that told me this was all about money 15 to 20 years ago was Al Gore himself.

                    2. I read a few years ago that one of the professors that taught Gore was looking for grant money which was a bit hard to get. Someone told him to study the climate because there was a lot of funding available ( no one was interested) so that is what the professor did and Viola` !!

                    3. That would be Prof. Roger Revelle who Gore touted repeatedly until Revelle openly repudiated Gore, who then ostracized him.

                    4. It is all about money. Money for Gore. Cue up “Al Gores Hedge Fund” and tell me I am lying. Based in England to trade carbon credits.

                    5. Recent polling in America indicated that for 97% of the population, global warming isn’t of concern to them. The economy, the war on terror, other things are though.

                    6. And stupid CBS morning news had some bogus poll results that “showed” a majority of Americans think climate change is an important issue to do something about (I’m paraphrasing the question asked, but I think the point is made)

                    7. Polling is dependent on the questions asked. If you ask something like “If AGW/ACC has the ability to affect billions of people, do you think we should do something about it?”…the answer is going to be yes the vast majority of time. The question predisposes that AGW/ACC exists. If the question is “Of the 30 issues below, list them in the order of their importance as to what needs to be dealt with first.”, then the vast majority of people are going to put AGW/ACC at the bottom of the list. Check the poll questions. That’ll give you great insight into the poll itself and the agenda of the pollsters.

                    8. Just having AGW on a list of “things we can something about” furthers the premise that it is something we CAN do anything about. Don’t accept the premise that it belongs on any list that includes terrorism, immigration, etc., unless it is on a list of which issue of corruption do you care most about…

                    9. I’m mostly afraid they DO something, because we all know it’s hooey, so what if what they do turns out to be even worse than their chicken little dangers?
                      I want them to keep their hands OFF!
                      They’ve effed up everything else. How could they be right about this?
                      LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!

                    10. can’t control spending or their sexual urges but “they” can control the temperature ?

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                    12. Or, ask them if they would be ok if their energy bills doubled over the next ten years to reduce the potential, but uncertain impact of CO2, the gas you exhale with each breath, on the climate.

                    13. In many push polls, the purpose is not to find out what people think but to distort the poll results to make it appear that your assertion (AGW is something to worry about) is valid – even if it is not. It’s a propagandist’s tool.

                    14. Polls only reflect the effectiveness of the propaganda. They have nothing to do with truth. The uneducated are easily duped.

                    15. Interesting: “What is truth?” Pilate asked Jesus. 1) Truth is the sun is the dominate climate change agent. Earth’s temperature for the last 1,000 years is tracking the sun’s activity as measured by Carbon 14. [1, 2] This tracking is prior to any man-made influence, and shows the temperature on earth can cycle, just like the multiple ice ages. 2) The sun’s energy output is not constant and man cannot predict how much energy the sun will emit, thus all predictive models are flawed. [3, 4] We’ve only begun to study the sun’s output and if you don’t understand the dominate force, you can’t predict outcome. 3) Historical data has been manipulated to create the desired “warming” outcome. [5-8] Computer models can be manipulated to produce any output desired. [9] 4) Biology 101 says CO2 is needed by plants for survival and we human’s exhale it. However, politicians classify it as a pollutant and now they can tax it. [10] 5) CO2 is not the dominate greenhouse gas (9% to 23%), water vapor is. [11] Note the wide variation in effect. It is an indication of how much we don’t know.

                      1[email protected]/climate_files/SolarCycleFor1100Years_Carbon14.jpeg
                      3 , Figure 4

                    16. like socialism…let the socialist pay for it. Let the air heads pay for the stupidity of climate change. LEAVE ME ALONE ! Don’t tread on me…I won’t put a hole in you.

                    17. That’s funny, so 97% of the American people don’t give a hoot about what 97% of the scientists agree on. Ha ha ha. That part about 97% of the scientists “agreeing” has been proven time and time again to be an outright lie. I am with the American people.

                    18. No, it’s because they want control over everything in your life including how much you take home out of your paycheck, what you eat, what you watch on tv, what you listen to on the radio, where you go, etc. And, what they confiscate from your paycheck conveniently winds up in their bank accounts…and the bank accounts of their friends.

                    19. Control over your access & use of energy is ultimate social and individual control. If they obtain that, they have you by your gonads and you must go where and when they tug or twist.

                    20. To put it simply, liberals don’t believe in God, they is believe in climate change. Fanatics all.

                    21. True. The church of Big Fat Al keeps the donation plate moving thru the congregation while the sermon on the evils of “Big Oil” and the AGW boogie man plays over and over.

                    22. Left-Wing Fanatics: That may be true of those who comprise the proverbial “useful idiots” of the anthropogenic global warming movement, but the ones at the top — the ones directing it — know EXACTLY what they doing.

                      It’s more than just the thieves banquet of “carbon credits” exchanged by corporations and packaged into funds by banks,
                      all subsidized by the government at citizen expense.

                      The main reason the international corporate elite promotes global warming in general and anthropogenic global warming in particular is to enable the corporate elite to expand its power through supra-national organizations created to “combat” global warming — such as the “new global political authority” recently called for by Pope Francis.

                    23. Pope Francis is a joke and a fool. If you notice, he NEVER mentions Jesus or salvation. He’s a left-wing politician in goofy clothing with a goofy hat. This man “of the world” can simply be dismissed and ignored and God will not hold it against you

                    24. Of the world: I suggest there is no ideology motivating Pope Francis, left-wing or otherwise. He is just another spokesman for the international corporate elite.

                    25. No, you can’t dismiss or ignore the Pope. But his opinions on science you certainly can ignore.

                    1. I would say the warmists are the greater threat to a free society because they want to persecute those who refuse to accept their religion and refuse to worship at the altar of the state. This is a Nazi-like cult.

                    2. What is it with you know nothings (Republicans) that makes you call anyone on the left
                      a Nazi? Do you have any idea of what the Nazi party stood for? It was a radical right
                      wing political philosophy. Try reading a book sometime.

                    3. Really Judith? Nazi stands for National Socialism. Not right wing, but far left wing. You should read a book. Nationalsozialismus

                    4. Actually it is ‘The National Socialist German Workers Party” and you are correct, they were devout collectivists and ANYTHING but right-wing in the American sense. To the International Marxist they were “right-wing”.

                    5. Cogglegoggie:
                      Well, their genetic science was pretty bad. Science and dogma don’t mix. Their worst crime was Eugenics. It claims that the ‘race’ can be ‘purified’ by killing all the ‘unfit’. Not surprisingly, the ‘unfit’ just happened to be all the people Hitler didn’t like.

                      Planned Parenthood was based on the same myth. Margaret Sanger was very big on eugenics, and she got the ‘great idea’ about how to ‘get rid’ of the ‘unfit’ blacks in the USA. Black neighborhoods in the US are still stuffed with Planned Parenthood clinics.

                    6. “Really Judith? Nazi stands for National Socialism. Not right wing, but far left wing. You should read a book. Nationalsozialismus”

                      Nazis were fascist, which the leftists in academia also like to label “right wing,” so perhaps its just as significant to point out that Mussolini, who created fascism, was a writer for communist newspapers before he adopted elements of syndicalism, and then, ultimately, totalitarian approaches to government and fascism.

                      Fascism, in other words, grew out of the philosophies of the radical left, not the right. Even as practiced in socialist Germany and Italy, it was entirely a statist approach to government, meaning it was still very much aligned with the left.

                    7. You should try thinking, yourself, @Randee Head.

                      I never equated Nazism with socialism, the claim that your link attempts to refute. Instead, I gave you considerably more information than simply that, in presenting the facts that fascism (and Nazism) derives from and is consistent with the ideology of the left.

                      You should first learn your terms. Second, you should be embarrassed linking such a weak and silly argument as some kind of counterpoint to a post on almost a different subject, entirely.

                      Someone else in the comments section, here, posted the Nazi party platform. You can judge for yourself just how socialist it is. And contrary to the claim the snippet you provided makes, Nazis were anti-communist, but not anti-socialist.

                    8. G L
                      You are took kind to the ‘Nazi=right wing’ crowd.

                      The Mises Institute has reviewed the Nazis in detail, and made a convincing case that
                      all the principles of Marxism were present in Nazi thinking and actions. They wee totalitarian socialists.

                      The Nazis had a massive welfare state, with cradle-to grave welfare, forced income levelling, state control of the means of production, and complete control of private property. They didn’t directly take over big business. Instead, they put Nazi party members inside the businesses, who told the bosses what to produce, how much to produce, and who to sell it to. Bosses who didn’t cooperate were liquidated.

                      Sounds pretty communist to me…

                    9. Nazis: Progressive Big Government, disarming citizens, Balkanizing citizens against each other, vilifying opposition, government run healthcare, government indoctrination, government propaganda, cult of personality leader, repetitive chants and slogans, shall I go on? That was a Progressive Utopia.

                    10. TeaPartyPat949
                      Yes, absolutely right. The NAZIs were totalitarian socialists, as Goebbels, the propaganda minister made clear many times.

                    11. Actually Judith, that is a myth as well. Check definitions, not opinion pieces when you read your books, and don’t be afraid to read things that conflict with your current world view – mental challenges are healthy and it’s always good to check your assumptions. Socialism is left-wing – it’s about centralized government replacing the family by framing itself as moral arbiter and infallible, kind of cult-ish in demanding total blind obedience. Right-wing is generally more about self-determination and localization of authority, from family to town to state. If think that nazism is fascist and that isn’t socialist, consider that both replace democracy with elite-run cartels where small groups of people control legislation and gain all profit, demonize and violently remove opposition, replace religion with propaganda and remove family control of education with state institutions and encouragement of youth to report their parents for thought infractions. Despite rhetoric to the contrary, actual economic, political and cultural ramifications are pretty much the same (c.f. germany-hitler, italy-mussolini, spain-franco, russia-everyone). If right-wing is taken to its extreme, the endpoint is *anarchy*, not nazism. Neither are good results, of course.

                    12. Judith gets her world view from the OP ED pages of the LA and NY Times. Anything else will be a hard sell to her.

                    13. The Nazi’s were clearly left wing. You need to understand the left wants total government control over the people. That’s what the Nazi’s did. National Socialism is Left Wing.

                    14. Say what?!
                      Read some history before you post embarrassingly incorrect

                      While they may have had the word “socialist” in their party’s
                      title, the Nazis were the post-boys of extreme right-wing fascism and had a
                      raging hatred of the Left which is why they attacked the communist Soviet

                    15. Using your analogy, couldn’t the same argument be made for why the Nazis attacked any free country (a “raging hatred” of conservatism…or whatever?).

                      The Nazis had a raging hatred of anyone that stood in their way of world domination period. The quest for control of the world is the only reason the Nazis attacked Russia…along with all other countries near and far.

                      Oh, and being obviously a great reader of history (or I’m sure you wouldn’t have posted “embarrassingly incorrect comments”), I’m sure you have read that the Nazis created nature preserves, contemplated sustainable forestry, curbed air pollution, and designed the autobahn highway network supposedly as a way of bringing Germans closer to nature (certainly not to move their war machine at ‘blitzing’ speed). Environmentalists and conservationists in Germany welcomed the rise of the Nazi regime with open arms. And we’re sadly mistaken…
                      We don’t get fooled again alarmists!

                    16. So:
                      Ok, I agree with most of that. But the autobahns (4-lane divided freeways) went straight to the German borders and stopped. I don’t think that was to get the public back to nature.

                      The Nazis were totalitarian socialists who didn’t want to Kow-Tow to Moscow. Hitler wanted to be his own boss. So they reject the Communist Internationale.

                      And I’m not sure the Nazis were true avid environmentalists. The Soviets and the Red Chinese were never good environmentalists.

                    17. Wrong. The political spectrum is more of a circle. If you go around it far enough you will become the other side. i.e. Even though they hated each other Nazis and Stalinists were very close in actuality.

                    18. I have always thought of politics and economics exactly as you describe.
                      I give you credit for such a succinct and clear statement. Usually, the explanation gets too complicated to be useful.

                    19. emsteksrv:
                      I know, I was taught that same thing in school. The logical basis for that seems to be that the Nazis were right-wing and the communists were left wing, and so the two wrapped around at the back. Both were totalitarian.

                      My teachers never properly explained where the Framers of the US Constitution fit in. Of course the Framers didn’t fir in. They wanted liberty and equality, and a tiny government that could not threaten liberty.

                      But back then we were taught that the Nazis were right-wing, because that’s what the media said. Few people actually looked closely at where the fascists came from, and how they made so many alliances with the Communists.

                      Mussolini was a communist before he became a fascist.

                      This explains a lot of detail:

                    20. “We ask that government undertake the obligation above all of providing
                      citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living.
                      The activities of the individual must not be
                      allowed to clash with the interests of the community, but must take place
                      within the confines and be for the good of all. Therefore, we demand: … an
                      end to the power of financial interest. We demand profit sharing in big
                      business. We demand a broad extension of care for the aged. We demand … the
                      greatest possible consideration of small business in the purchases of the
                      national, state, and municipal governments. In order to make possible to every
                      capable and industrious [citizen] the attainment of higher education and thus
                      the achievement of a post of leadership, the government must provide an
                      all-around enlargement of our system of public education…. We demand the
                      education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents…. The
                      government must undertake the improvement of public health — by protecting
                      mother and child, by prohibiting child labor — by the greatest possible
                      support for all groups concerned with the physical education of youth. [W]e
                      combat the … materialistic spirit within and without us, and are convinced
                      that a permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the
                      foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good.”

                      –Planks of the National Socialist Party of Germany (N A Z I), adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920.

                    21. Gath:
                      Thanks for this. Very interesting. The document bristles with state control over the individual. Th individual is subsumed to the goals of the state. Just the opposite of the USA.

                      Karl Marx makes the same points about state control in the Communist Manifesto. The key idea of Communism/ socialism is that cooperation is better than competition. Capitalism is bad, because it’s competitive.

                      Income levelling is a key goal, because it forces people to cooperate, and removes any financial benefits from competition. And if people don’t cooperate, they are liquidated.

                      Both the Communists and Nazis enforced income levelling.

                    22. BigFire45:
                      I have a question. I’m serious, no kidding. What is your definition of right-wing? Of left-wing? Were the Framers of the Constitution Left or Right? We may agree upon more than you think, when we dig down a bit.

                      Here’s my definition of the American right-wing. They like liberty, and they distrust big government because it threatens liberty. The far-right are libertarians, who want tiny government, and maximum liberty. They hate commies and fascists because they use big governments to crush liberty.

                      So how do you and I differ?

                    23. Wrong. The Nazis were National Socialists, with the “State” being all supreme. Sound familiar, Democrat? Republicans are for limited government, personal responsibility, and freedom from the “State”. Got it?

                    24. The NAZI party was fascist not socialist.
                      It has nothing to do with socialist theory regardless of it’s name.
                      Hitler modeled the NAZI party on Mussolini’s fascist party.

                      Here is Mussolini’s definition of fascism.
                      1.”Everything in the state”. The Government is supreme and the country is all-encompasing, and all within it must conform to the ruling body, often a dictator.

                      2.”Nothing outside the state”. The country must grow and the implied goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and have every human submit to the government.

                      3.”Nothing against the state”. Any type of questioning the government is not to be tolerated. If you do not see things our way, you are wrong. If you do not agree with the government, you cannot be allowed to live and taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens.

                    25. It sounds like a group of elites who want to be in charge. Peasants wouldn’t likely be interested unless they are bought through free goodies. Hitler and Mussolini (and many politicians, Obama included) made promises to the populace to get their power and then centralized as much as they could. That’s not right wing nor Tea Party philosophy. Who is it that’s ignoring the constitution?
                      Hint: He will return with a document that tries to obligate all of us to his corrupted version of reality.

                    26. Only in the sense that they are/were dictatorships. Economically the systems are totally different.

                    27. Edward:
                      Here is a question. I’m serious. What is your definition of American conservatism?

                    28. At the present time American conservatism consists of a rabble of racist, gun toting, bible thumping, anti-science know-nothings in the pockets of military suppliers and oil interests. Not that they the believe in racism or religion or guns, it’s just an appeal to the what they see as their grass-roots.
                      I doubt they believe in anything.
                      The last conservative president with any real brains was Dwight Eisenhower. He would be appalled at the quality of the Republican Party. I doubt he could even get a nomination in the current GOP.

                    29. Edward MacGuire:
                      Well thank you for your reply.

                      I guess this picture might summarize your thinking! Having been a Trotskyite, a socialist, a conservative, and an existentialist with no political party, I’m interested in how people think about politics.

                      Most political thinking seems to center around two things, the vision and the grievance. The vision is like a mission statement, it summarizes the main goals of a political movement. The grievance focussed on the problems and threats posed by the other competing political movements.

                      I guess you kind of went for your grievances about “The Right”. That’s OK, most political comments of all types focus on the grievances.

                      Here’s my summary of the vision of center-right US conservatives. They like liberty, and they distrust big government because it threatens liberty. The far right are Libertarians, who want maximum liberty and tiny government. Therefore, US conservatives have no linkage to fascists or Nazis, because those groups have huge governments that crush liberty. The US right opposes communists, fascists, Islamists, and everyone else who threatens liberty.

                      If I’m right, US conservatives would never align with neo-Nazis.

                    30. Socialism and Marxism are economic systems more than political ones. There are many social-democratic systems; all the Nordic countries for example. The NAZI ideology was more crony-capitalism married with military dictatorship and ultra-nationalism. Nothing at all to do with socialism.

                    31. You are clearly missing the point – what is the difference between a totalitarian state and any other totalitarian state? By bringing in Nordic countries, you are changing the discussion. Government thuggery is the same, whether it is from a brutal dictator or a benign emperor …

                    32. You are correct in your first sentence, but the NAZI’s married those ideas with a nationalistic and dictatorial command and control structure. They did not get along with the Communists only because it was a different faction despite having similar ideology/goals. The difference you seek is the theory of Marxism/Socialism and the practice. The flaw in the theory is that it cannot be implemented except through a party/prole system.

                      See above.
                      –Planks of the National Socialist Party of Germany (N A Z I), adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920.

                    33. The word socialist in the United States has a connotation of evil that simply does not exist anywhere else and one reflection of this is to compare it to fascism/nazism. The Nazi’s were not interested in a classless society or common ownership of assets and means of production which is a key component of socialism as envisioned by Marx.The hyper-nationalism of nazism is also the antithesis of socialist thought. There are many flaws in Marx’s theories and many of Marx’s ideas seem rather silly today but in the mid-1800’s in Britain, a Welch coal miner or English factory worker would and did find them pretty appealing.

                    34. Gath:
                      Good points. The Mises institute agrees with you. They also explain why the Swedish system is an inaccurate distraction. Sweden is not a socialist country. It’s a capitalist country with lots of welfare built in. Sweden’s independent big business include IKEA (worldwide), Scania trucks and diesels, Volvo, Saab cars and Jet fighters, and Tri-pak (They invented boxed milk. drinkin’ juice boxes, and all manner of liquid containers).

                    35. Those are all socialist capitalist systems. You’re simply lying wholesale in your worship of the Europeans whom we disarmed and have stood over with massive firepower for sixty years. The reason they don’t fight any more is the MASSIVE MASSIVE firepower on BOTH sides of them.

                    36. So, what, exactly was the difference between Italy under Mussolini, Germany under Hitler, or Russia under Stalin? To the average man in the street, that is?
                      Mussolini’s description fits all three equally.
                      You are in a semantic quandary of your own making. You hide inside books. Books are written so you may think, not just parrot what was written in it like a small child.

                    37. A tyrant is a tyrant whether a communist, a capitalist or a king who rules by divine right.
                      I’m in no semantic quandary of my own making by pointing out that the nazi philosophy did not include the idea of a classless society or the shared ownership of assets and means of production which are the key components of socialism. In actual fact on the economic side nazism is more like hyper crony-capitalism than socialism.

                    38. Edward MacGuire
                      Yes. The Nazis definitely wanted a classless society, built on the model of the proletariat society of the Communist Manifesto. That’s why Nazi meant national socialist German workers party. They wanted a classes proletariat, all of one race. And of course Hitler wanted to run it. If Hitler called himself a communist, he would transfer power to Stalin, and he didn’t want that. Hitler was ‘nationalist’ in that sense.

                      The Nazis were very big on sharing assets. Private property was allowed only if it suited the state. If the state wanted your house. or business. or car, they took it.

                      The Nazis tightly controlled the means of production. They put a Nazi official inside almost all big businesses, who told the bosses what to produce, how much to produce, and who to sell it to. Bosses who objected were liquidated. The website for Continental Tire, a big German firm, includes a history of the company. It explains how the Nazis controlled everything Continental did.

                      All this is well documented.

                    39. If you check you will find that every government ‘ tightly controls the means of production’ while on a war footing. Don’t be so superficial as to say that the war didn’t start till 1939; Hitler used war preparations and infrastructure improvements (autobhan) from the start of his regime to stimulate the economy and put people to work. He didn’t nationalize industry he was involved in an incestuous relationship with it. Effectively, Hitler had no choice except war or the economy would have collapsed. The Nazi government did not control industry to any greater extent than the Allied governments controlled their industry. Not too many private automobiles or yachts produced by American manufacturers during the war.

                    40. Edward:
                      You might find it useful to read a bit about Bismarck. In the days of Karl Marx, it was widely thought that Germany was the country most likely to become communist. Most communist thinking originated there, most communist conferences were held in Germany, and many of the populace advocated communism.

                      Bismarck responded to this movement by moving left. He instituted many features of the welfare state, including many government-funded programs. Thus, when Hitler came to power, Germany already had cradle-to grave social programs, and Hitler extended them. In Mein Kampf, Hitler refers to his Marxist roots.

                    41. My hat is off to you if you can stand the turgid prose of Mein Kampf.

                      As I recall, and I’m not reading it again, Hitler thought the political organization and security services of the Bolsheviks were the way to go in eliminating resistance to a new order.

                      His statements on Marx and his theories were not flattering and he considered communism a plot and a means to ensure Jewish world domination.

                      Marx thought communism was an historical process and that only advanced industrial societies were ready to move on to the next stage i.e. communism. I’m sure he would have seen Lenin’s attempt to move the feudal Russian state directly to communism (skipping capitalism) as destined for failure.

                    42. Edward MacGuire
                      Your point about Lenin’s difficulties is very relevant. Marxist philosophers are still discussing it. For Marx, the proletariat were necessary for a successful revolution (e.g., Communist Manifesto). They are the key to his whole theory. For example. dialectical materialism is based on the proletariat-bourgeoisie rivalry for power. One reason Germany seemed ripe for communism was the large and homogeneous proletariat class.

                      Because of this, Lenin and his colleagues had a hard time figuring out what to do. Russia did not have a large proletariat class. Mobilizing the Russian peasantry as a homogeneous resistance group was very hard.

                      In later revolutions, the peasant classes of landed farmers formed the backbone of the resistance, as in Vietnam.

                    43. Republicans are for empire and a rabid police state, much like the Democrats. Government is a progressive disease. It only grows worse over time. It is a mental disease in the minds of voters, who actually believe that voting can make it better.

                    44. You do know what “Nazi” means? The name is a slang contraction of ” national socialism”….in German Socialism is spelled with a Z….
                      In truth, they were a left wing group who believed in the many of the same ideals of Karl Marx, while at the same time having a hatred of the so called “communists” in Russia… ie: Marxism, Marxist Socialism…. essentially selling the idea that a Communist utopia was attainable thru implementation of Marx’s ideals, etc. Ultimately, Communism was never achievable as it proposes having no centralised leadership….thus it only works in small groups of perhaps up to twenty people…..
                      Most people are taught to only know or believe that Hitler was a “fascist” dictator….they totally miss the points about Socialism and the left because they aren’t taught the whole truth….Hitler ultimately became a dictator after he seized absolute power….this is the fate of all forms of Socialism, they degrade into some form of dictatorship…

                    45. Wrong again moron. Hitler was a Socialist. He started the national socialist party . You need to read YOUR history. Hitler and his Nazi party had no tolerance for anyone who disagreed with them (just like you libtards today). Hitler tried silencing all the opposition with tyrannical methods and and by stirring up hate against them (just like you libtards do to conservatives and Christians today).

                    46. Love that so many know the truth – Judy and her ilk are, indeed, the Nazis. Her migrant buddies worked directly with the Nazis. Had their own SS Brigade. Yours is a party of evil oppression and lies Judy. Your bleeding heart will not protect you from the orcish onslaught. Wake up and be American first. Whatever you are reading is inaccurate J. Branch out, challenge your indoctrination.

                    47. Do you know what NAZI (NSDAP) stands for?

                      I guess you don’t, (it stands for “National Socialist German Workers Party”)

                      Here are some points straight from Hitlers NAZI Platform don’t they sound like a Democrat echo chamber:

                      It must be the first duty of every Citizen to carry out intellectual or physical work.
                      Individual activity must not be harmful to the public interest and must be pursued
                      within the framework of the community and for the general good.
                      We therefore demand:
                      11. The abolition of all income obtained without labor or effort.
                      Breaking the Servitude of Interest
                      12. In view of the tremendous sacrifices in property and blood demanded of the
                      Nation by every war, personal gain from the war must be termed a crime against
                      the Nation. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.
                      13. We demand the nationalization of all enterprises (already) converted into
                      corporations (trusts).
                      14. We demand profit-sharing in large enterprises.
                      15. We demand the large-scale development of old-age pension schemes.
                      16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle class; the immediate
                      communalization of the large department stores, which are to be leased at low
                      rates to small tradesmen. We demand the most careful consideration for the
                      owners of small businesses in orders placed by national, state, or community
                      17. We demand land reform in accordance with our national needs and a law for
                      expropriation without compensation of land for public purposes. Abolition of
                      ground rent and prevention of all speculation in land.
                      18. We demand ruthless battle against those who harm the common good by their
                      activities. Persons committing base crimes against the People, usurers, profiteers,
                      etc., are to be punished by death without regard of religion or race.
                      19. We demand the replacement of Roman Law, which serves a materialistic World
                      Order, by German Law.
                      20. In order to make higher education—and thereby entry into leading positions—
                      available to every able and industrious German, the State must provide a thorough
                      restructuring of our entire public educational system. The courses of study at all
                      educational institutions are to be adjusted to meet the requirements of practical
                      life. Understanding of the concept of the State must be achieved through the
                      schools (teaching of civics) at the earliest age at which it can be grasped. We
                      demand the education at the public expense of specially gifted children of poor
                      parents, without regard to the latter’s position or occupation.
                      21. The State must raise the level of national health by means of mother-and-child
                      care, the banning of juvenile labor, achievement of physical fitness through
                      legislation for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and maximum support for all
                      organizations providing physical training for young people.
                      22. We demand the abolition of hireling troops and the creation of a national army.

                    48. Nazis were national socialists that sought to concentrate power in a centralized collective. How does that compare with an American conservative who seeks the devolution of centralized power and instead restrain government and leave liberty with individuals?

                    49. JudithWithHer is a flatlander. She lives in a 2-diminsional world where politics is a long straight line. Come join us in the 3-D, Judith.

                    50. Nazi’s were collectivist socialists who acclaimed Lenin as the greatest man second only to Hitler. Many of the left-wing therefore including Bernard Shaw touted the Nazi agenda. You only spout left-wing lies covering up the left-wing’s dirty ties with socialism including the founder Karl Marx, who advocated genocide and from whom Hitler got his inspiration for the holocaust. You left-wing collectivists advocate evil and promote ignorance of left-wing collectivist history. Down with the warmest cult.

                    51. Judith, for years anyone with any view slightly right of center on any issue has been called a Nazi. Name calling is the lowest form of argument– on this, I hope we can find common ground.

                    52. Appreciated. On that note, please consider avoiding “denier” with the connotation that expressing uncertainty in regards to climate-related matters is akin to denying the Holocaust. That type of rhetoric may give you a momentary feeling of moral or intellectual superiority but does not advance your argument.

                    53. I’ve been just as guilty of disagreeing disagreeably with my liberal friends. I’m trying to be a nicer know nothing. Take it easy, Judith.

                    54. I’ll look for your posts in the future. It could benefit me to expand the scope of my discourse. Keep sane. It will help us both to blaze new trails.

                    55. The pendulum has swung from one end to the other. The danger now is young person wearing smiley faces on his t-shirt and Nike tennis shoes.

                    56. It’s obvious that you haven’t read any books on the infamous German socialist party. They were about as right wing as Obama.

                    57. Brush up on your history Judith.
                      You might want to try a little German too.
                      NAZI, in German, stands for “National SOCIALIST party.”
                      That’s “SOCIALIST.”
                      Comprendez “socialist?”

                    58. Oh, for God’s sake, Google Nazi and read the Wikipedia definition of Nazism. That
                      shouldn’t tax your brain too much. Nazism is a right wing political philosophy. And
                      by the way, your caps lock is stuck, like your mind.

                    59. Tell us how a national socialist is not your ordinary socialist. In both systems, the government holds the guns and therefore the power. Unless you disagree with the man that wrote the little red book.

                    60. JudthChezElle
                      Hi. I know what the media says about the Nazis being right-wing. That label was started by Stalin after Germany invaded Russia (June 1941). Until then Hitler and Stalin were buddies. NAZI stands for National Socialist Workers’ Party. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler admits that he modelled a lot of his ideas after Karl Marx.

                      The American Right wants liberty, and they distrust big government because it threatens liberty. The far-right are Libertarians who want tiny government and maximum liberty. They hate fascists and communists because they have huge governments and they crush liberty.

                      The News Managers have been lying to us ever since WWII.

                    61. Does anyone doubt that the climate has been changing for thousands of years? What is really funny about the whole scam is that when data didn’t support the man-made global warming fraud, which would be required for there to be man-made climate change, they just started referring to climate change

                    62. Climate change “deniers” is a pejorative used by the “true believers” to denigrate those who actually looked at the science behind so-called global warming/climate change and discovered its many flaws and lies. The “deniers” refused to bow to the propaganda, that’s all.

                    63. Uhh, NO it wouldn’t. Climate SCAM deniers are not trying to control anyone or infringe on anyone else’s freedoms and liberties.

                    64. Those that understand science are not easily duped and have lots of experience having to admit to not understanding or only partially understanding something of a scientific nature. Too humble to claim knowing the future, when knowing that it cannot be forecast. See E Lorenz, MIT Prof of mathematics and meteorology, father of modern chaos theory.

                      Besides, if the science of global warming were settled, there would be one climate model and that model would be both precise and accurate at forecasting climate.

                    65. Difference is there is no credible evidence to support the warmists. There is only the liberal echo chamber motivated by lefties who “hate” fossil fuels. The global warming debate gives them a fig leaf of legitimacy.

                  2. Ain’t that the truth. Green-zealots will NEVER doubt the “veracity” of their cult-like faith, even when confronted by the very data on which they posit their “settled” science.

                    1. Call them something disparaging like Alinsky promotes. I like the term “Greenies”. Like in Greenie Wheenies.

                  3. The term you’re looking for is “emotional investment.”
                    When people become emotionally invested in something, and come to believe it to be true, then dislodging them from that belief with the facts means not just showing them the real facts but also convincing them that their previous emotional investment was actually… well… wasted.
                    That’s a tough sell because now people have to admit that they were wrong when they chose to believe what they believed.
                    …And the more intensely they came to believe it, the more avidly they’ll hold onto that belief, even when their belief is proved to be misplaced.
                    The psychology isn’t hard to understand but it sure is messy and unpleasant.

                1. That’s right. Turn your brain over to your progressive leaders assisted with the likes of liars like Jonathan Gruber. Makes things so much easier for them. But then they already knew how easy it would be.

              2. As long as they can fool 51%, they can get and retain control,

                Fool the public on rising temperatures
                Fool the public on unemployment rates
                Fool the public on VA waiting times
                Fool the public on Obamacare sign up rates
                Fool the public on ISIS containment
                Etc, etc, the beat goes on.

                  1. and voter participation is so low. 2/3 won’t vote because they either don’t care or “it won’t make any difference”. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy!

              3. Actually we are all quite stupid or they would not be where they are. They were smart enough to get there and we were stupid enough to allow it. We need to stop thinking that we are smart and they are stupid. We can think that when they are in prison. Currently, we are in (political) prison and I am not seeing any escape. Are you?

            1. ”walk the walk ” if they really mean it. Haven’t they ever heard of a video streaming conference ”live” from there home instead of wasting all of that ”carbon footprint”.

              1. Have you not seen the latest? Apparently, running your computer creates so much of a carbon footprint that we should all go back to smoke signals. Except that we can’t burn any real wood or any other substance because that creates CO2. Oh, no! What are we to do? We need to stop cooking our food, heating our homes, using anything electric or electronic, creating anything that requires energy (shut down all manufacturing) build no houses…wait, does this mean we should all go back to living in caves? At least they got to burn anything they could find, ate whatever they could kill or scavenge any plants that were edible. Geesh! How far we’ve come.

              2. Wouldn’t have the same photo op impact designed to influence the public. Besides, they’ve already determined (as Jonathan Gruber stated so blatantly) that the public would be too stupid to notice the inconsistency.

          1. Private jets at that!
            P.S. Obama’s jet stays fueled and running on the tarmac 24/7 for the whole time he’s there! (Talk about a lying/delusional hypocrite).

              1. His tenure in trying to destroy America will some day be used as a case study in graduate schools across the country. He’ll be remembered with contempt and as an incompetent leader. The word would-be dictator will apply to him.

                1. Yes, I thought that for some time. I too think that he will be viewed by history as our most incompetent president up to this time. Jimmy and the Carter family have much to be thankful for. I’ve often wondered what surprises will be unearthed once historians start probing his past and the machine that exists now to protect his past is gone and defunct. I hope I’m around.

                2. Obama is NOT incompetent! He is a skilled politician with a clear agenda. Two of his mentors were rabid anti-American left wing fanatics. Rev Wright “God damn America” and Bill Ayres, a domestic terrorist. His goal was and remains the destruction of America as the worlds leading political, economic and military power and the establishment of a weak Marxist dictatorship.
                  He is flooding the country with massive amount of third world illegals that he knows will “fundamentally transform” America. The GOP Leadership is supporting this effort but for a different reason. Their moneymen have told them they must dramatically lower American prevailing wages.
                  Which is worse? Obama who sincerely hates America or the GOP Leadership who are going along for money.

                    1. Have to part ways with you here. I agree with the first part. But I’m not so sure about the second part. I used to think as you do (incompetent and/or cowardly), but seeing how the establishment Republicans are hell bent on electing another establishment candidate despite previous election results that should’ve given them a clue about what their constituents want, I’m starting to believe otherwise. I’m coming to the conclusion that DC is a huge money pit that feeds too many politicians, their family and friends and other special interests and no one, including those establishment Republicans, wants to see that gravy train end. I really think they’re terrified at the idea that some outsider will throw a wrench into the system and end the party for everyone.

                    2. This is not about establishment vs. non-establishment – it is about the idea that my party, our party has to become the party of getting things done. The Dems claim that we are obstructionist, but they were the party that kept every major piece of legislation over the past 50 years from moving forward – civil rights and environmental policy – both put forward and championed by either VP Richard Nixon or President Richard Nixon – now I am no fan of Nixon, but he created the EPA and was a part of a Republican group that was in favor of civil rights, at the expense of Democrats – let’s not be confused, it was the Democrat party that, as a group, opposed civil rights …

                3. You mean IF America survives Obama , but if not, some else will decide what should be studied and how history will record these events. I hope you are right!

          2. How silly, all of that carbon dioxide doesn’t hurt the earth at all since they all paid for their extravagance by using our taxes to pay for their “carbon credits”

            See, No harm no foul.

          3. I think if you check, Obama brought more than 160 people, a dozen planes, The Beast, Secret Service, political advisors, speech writers, and a partridge in a pear tree.

            If they’re thinking about environmental damage, start there.

        1. They(Satan’s minions) want to be worshiped. They thought the Evolution scam would bring down Christianity, then the sexual revolution, kicking God out of public schools, mandated vaccines, fluoride in your water, gun control, abortion, taxation(slavery), EPA, and now Global Warming. The minions are to stupid to read the good book and take a peak at the ending.

            1. The planet has done just fine before humans arrived, and it’ll be just fine long after the last generation of humans leave. But you can pretend you are important by believing that only you can “save the planet” which will have NO effect on it whatsoever. I bet you think when you die the world will end, don’t you? Your life, and my own, means NOTHING to the world; it will keep on spinning long after we’re gone. Such hubris and ignorance!

              1. Of course the planet will continue to exist until such time as our sun either collapses or
                becomes a supernova and destroys the small blue marble. The catch is that there will
                be no human race here to enjoy it. George Carlin had an absolutely hilarious routine
                positing just that. Look it up. It’s worth it. In no sense to I overestimate my importance
                in the grand scheme of things and certainly not yours.

        2. Control is only one aspect. Desovereignization, dewealthification, and regulation aside, zillions of brokerable speculation and government directable $ would be created out of thin gases, for the pre-positioned and late-coming scrambling whores.

        3. how long will the cowards be ruled by the foolish. What happened to the spirit of LIBERTY and freedom in Amerika ? What more do you need to secede ?

        1. This was the ‘plan’ from day-1 for the Obama administration. Expect a full-court press by his gang in Paris. This is his last opportunity to get his agenda through. It will be all about graft, bribes, extortion and threats. If he pulls it off, say good bye to America as you know it.

        2. obama did say “this is has been a long time coming” and “fundamentally change America” He grew up around people that hated and despised European people and what they stand for. He won’t be happy until all of us are living how people of Indonesia live or worse.

      1. It ain’t just the American middle class….the only solution to this is that if you don’t pay tax, you don’t get a vote. Will stop these bureaucrats and other rent seekers from shoving their snouts into My pocket!

        1. Our forefathers had to deal with “taxation without representation”…Today, the problem is flipped. We now have way too much “representation without taxation”.

      2. And building greater dependence by the poor on government handouts. After all, higher energy prices disproportionately affect the poor. Anyone think Bill Gates cares about his monthly electric bill doubling? Now ask the same question about a retiree on a fixed income, or a blue collar worker living month to month.

      3. ProudlyUnafilliated: Correction — the Anthropogenic Global Warming paradigm is about picking everyone’s pockets, except those of the international corporate elite. And by the international corporate elite, I’m not talking about the “1%”, more like the 0.00001%.

      1. If the Pope distributed all the Church’s resources, and the western countries private and public resources were thrown in. Just break the world. In six months there would be nothing for anyone. If there is not capital growth all over the world –nothing will ever improve.

      2. A commenter by the name of “M Aurelius” said elsewhere:
        “You will know AGW is real and something to fear, when the proponents clamor for an urgent free market solution to it. As long as the solution is “More Socialism” you’ll know it is politics and not science.”

      3. Exactly. Someone has to get from A to B everyday. If they need to spend 1.00 or 1.04 to get there…. they’re gonna get there. So how does taxing the .04 save the planet? If they REALLY believed it they would tax $40, not .04 — and then MAYBE it would effect behavior. But its only about grabbing the money people won’t miss as much not really changing behavior.

      4. Since righties have moved all the money from the poor and middle class, the only way to ‘redistribute wealth’ is to give it back. derp

    1. Science was corrupted before Global Warming and will be afterwards.

      Rabbi Avigdor Miller on the theory of evolution:

      Let us take an example: the common louse. It cements its eggs to a human hair. This cement is so strong that it can only be dissipated by very hot water. The cement is of a formula which allows it to remain liquid while inside the insect’s body, but which causes it to harden immediately upon contact with the air. This insect’s proboscis is provided with stylets (tiny knives) to cut the host’s skin. Into the wound it injects a chemical that prevents the host’s blood from clotting, and thus the insect is able to continue pumping out blood. On each foot the insect has a stout claw to grasp the host’s hair.

      Is there any feature of this phenomenon that lends itself to explanation by accident?

      Did the gland that provides the cement come into being by random gene-mutation?

      Did mere accident create the precise formula for cement that hardens on contact with the hair and not before?

      Did mere chance provide the exact chemical composition of the anti-coagulant, which allows the host’s blood to continue flowing?

      Did the stylets develop by haphazard? And did the claw on each foot just happen to be there?

      The trusting multitude on hearing such questions, retort: “That is Evolution!” Deluded by the media and the textbooks, they are confident that the all-seeing and all-knowing god of evolution looks ahead and provides whatever is needed. Even the academicians do not hesitate to employ such forms of speech. But ideologically the theorists claim that everything is the result of accidental gene-mutations, of which the vast majority was useless or harmful; and they lean on the explanation that the process of natural selection “weeded out” the useless mutations and left over only those that had survival value.

      Stripped of verbiage this means: by blind accident there developed a gland that is capable of organizing materials into a cement; the stylets of the mouth parts formed by accident, and each foot gained a claw by

      The ear is an accident, the tongue is an accident, the heart is an accident, the eye is an accident, reproduction is an accident, mother’s
      milk is an accident, a seed is an accident, ad infinitum: the blind academicians who today lead the blind masses, see nothing but accident.

      They see nothing because they wish to see nothing. Would
      they choose, they could see everything.

      The endless panorama of the phenomena has been bestowed to enable men to see the hand of the Great Designer. Those who choose not to see cannot claim exemption from this universal obligation.

      To those who reject the blind and rigid partisanship of the academicians, the phenomena of nature speak clearly and testify to their Creator. Each phenomenon is as accidental as a book (actually, a library of books); like a book, it testifies to its Author, and it was designed to testify to its Author. “All Your works praise You” (Tehillim 145: 10).

          1. Oh, were you offended by his comment? That’s the thing with most liberals, no sense of humor and easily offended by trivialities. And you wonder why nobody likes you……

          2. LOL I have seen this “it’s people like you” meme so often, on such a wide variety of topics and statements; it’s obvious Dem loyalists have been taught to use it when they don’t have a legit case to make… which is always…

            1. Why would I be bothered making a legit case with someone who is proposing to send Obama ‘back to Africa in chains’.? Let’s at least be honest about the kind of discussion we’re engaging in.

              1. If we can agree that simple handcuffs are, in effect, chains and that Obama is almost surely an illegal alien from Africa who needs to be deported what is wrong with Leonard’s comment?

              2. When a person has committed such egregious acts as the porch monkey in chief has, insulting to the lowest form of debasement is our alternative to out and out bloodshed. You vile liberals should get down on your knees every day and thank whatever potted plant you pray to that we continue to ONLY hurl insults because to move to the next level would see the vast majority of you swinging from lamp posts and trees.

                1. LOL. So scary. I’d be worried if I wasn’t certain you were a slack jawed yokel who wastes his days drooling in front of the TV with a bunch other intellectually stunted Walmart hambeasts.

          3. That sounds like a threat to me. Do as we say and hand over all of your money or we will unleash Godzhillary upon you. Tokyo first, then the rest of the civilized world.

      1. “Rabbi Avigdor Miller on the theory of evolution…”

        Most rabbis have enough faith to believe that God can create the cosmos any way God might wish, whether or not humans can understand how or why the process need not be teleological (i.e. by design).

        A rabbi or a scientist who believes in God might conclude that Darwin simply discovered that the means by which God created the universe was by natural selection and not by design.

        In my opinion, it is blasphemy to assert that God cannot employ evolution by natural selection as a means of creation.

        A person with religious faith might believe that God has the power to create the universe the way Darwin has described, by natural selection.

        Whether or not evolution by natural selection occurred is a scientific, not a religious question. And while we honor Darwin for his insights, we have come a long way from Darwin in our studies of the origins of the universe and its contents.

        We no longer mention Darwin much in our scientific discussions of evolution, anymore than biologists mention Vesalius in regard to anatomy. Neither you nor I nor Rabbi Miller would return to a heart specialist who relies on William Harvey (

        So it is with anyone who relies on Charles Darwin for evolutionary theory. Attempting to refute Darwin demonstrates that the person does not know that Darwin’s theory of evolution was radically revised around 85 years ago, by those who formulated the “modern synthesis”.

        And since the discovery of DNA, the science of bioinformatics has further weakened the link between Darwin and evolutionary theory.

        At least 100 branches of science support evolutionary theory, including the technology in your GPS device. The GPS satellites can measure how fast continents move across the face of the Earth.

        With this information we know that the Americas were once connected to Europe and Africa and India was once connected to Australia. We know too that climate has evolved as continents moved poleward or equatorward and that plants and animals evolved to adapt to tropical and polar climates.

        If you won’t let yourself be conned by climate catastrophists, why let yourself be conned by Creationists?

        But don’t rely on my opinion. Nir Shaviv and Jan Veizer have demonstrated how climate during the last 500 million years might have been driven by movement of the Sun across the spiral arms of our galaxy.

        The celestial geometry of Earth, Sun and galaxy, together with plate tectonics may one day become a magnificent theoretical synthesis that can explain Earth’s evolutionary development.

        But it will tell us nothing about the existence or non-existence of God.

        1. Belief in God actually takes much less faith than belief in Darwinism. The fossil evidence refutes much of Darwin’s theory, starting with the fact that disparity precedes diversity, followed by the Cambrian explosion, both examples Darwin himself admitted being problematic to his theory. Just like warming theorists, who ignore or “shift” data to fit their models, the faith to believe these “scientific” theories must be much stronger than belief in “intelligent design”

        2. “With this information we know that the Americas were once connected to Europe and Africa and India was once connected to Australia.” Oh really? So where is the GPS data that gives that proof? Oh, I see. It’s based on an ASSUMPTION. So now we KNOW the past based on an ASSUMPTION of present data projected back in time. Sounds like more than just creationists are being conned. Let me refer you to Job Ch. 38 when God puts Job in his place, ( a man found to be upright by God, mind you), and says to him, “Now prepare yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer Me. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me if you have understanding.” Then proceed to read the rest of the book and consider all these so called “facts” based on assumptions that evolutionists have of which there is no proof.
          How much of evolutionary development God used in creation simply cannot be known with any reliable certainty. It is presumptuous and foolish to put forth ideas regarding unwitnessed history as fact based on very limited knowledge. And yet our so called scientific community overflows with such garbage.

        3. Okay, with your knowledge of the new and improved theories of evolution explain to me how through natural selection an organ that produces an anticoagulant comes into existence?

        4. What a bunch of crap. Pseudo intellectual mumbo jumbo cobbled together by an over-educated idiot. Darwin’s theory of evolution cannot explain the sudden appearance of thousands of new species all at one time. It cannot explain the lack of any intermediary forms in the fossil record. That would be fossils showing a gradual change from one form to another thereby creating a new “species”. That is the real reason Darwin is not pushed by the scientific community. The fossil record does not support his theory. Plate tectonics has nothing to do with evolution. Climate doesn’t evolve and there is no fossil record to prove that “plants and animals evolved to adapt to tropical and polar climates”. The only thing you have stated that is beyond dispute are the three words, “in my opinion”. That is exactly what all that is, your opinion.

          1. Rabbi Avigdor Miller on Geology:

            Paragraph 99. One of the mainstays of evolution is the claim that everywhere the order of the rock strata demonstrates the development of living things from the simple to the complex. The public has been led to believe that the “bottom strata” contain fossils of the simplest (and “therefore” the earliest) forms, and as the geologic column ascends we find more highly developed and more-complicated forms. But the discrepancy between the dictates of the theory of evolution and the actual facts is too glaring for any honest mind to ignore.

            100. The actual order of the strata as we see them in
            super-position upon each other, very frequently contradicts the order required by the theory. There are so many instances where the supposedly older fossils
            are superimposed upon beds of supposedly recent fossils that it becomes clear that geology cannot be invoked as a support for the theory of evolution.

            101. What do the theorists counter to this open refutation? They reply: Wherever the order of the strata is in discordance with the chronology of the evolution-system, “it constitutes the clearest evidence that the strata have been displaced.”

            102. These instances frequently involve areas of hundreds of thousands of square miles. To overturn or otherwise displace such extensive surfaces would require mechanics beyond our ken, and no process can be imagined which would be capable of inverting many thousands of square miles of rock beds so that the “older” or previously-deposited strata would lie uniformly
            on top of beds that had been laid down later.

            103. Even if we could conjure up in our minds the
            possibility of such events, yet such upheavals should be expected to leave their impression. Yet the theorists postulate such gigantic displacements, even when there is not the slightest evidence of any disturbance of the rock beds. The “wrong” order of the fossils is in itself full and convincing “evidence” that the strata are not in their original position.

            104. Thus the theorists can never lose. When the fossils are found in successive beds in accordance with their theory, these beds are considered conformable and in their original position; but when the order of the fossils contradicts their theory, the beds are declared to have been displaced from their original position.

            105. “The most incredible mechanical explanation (i.e.,
            to explain away the “wrong” order of the strata) is more probable than that the evolution of organic nature (i.e. the theorists’ doctrine of the succession of the fossils) should have been inverted in one country as compared
            with another.” Any incredible explanation is preferable to denying the theory of evolution.

            1. So…does that mean God exists, because evolution doesn’t?? Don’t misunderstand me, I am not anti religion, I just can’t help see the gaping hole in your logic about the existence of God. In truth we just don’t know the answers so we fill that void with stuff like religion and science. Since there seems to be no evidence that God takes an active and helpful role in our everyday lives and science keeps getting updated with the discovery of new evidence why don’t we all deal with what we do know about (and have some hope of changing). A good start would be to implement Leonard’s suggestion and send Obama back to Africa in chains.

          2. I’ve seen the fossil record, but even after being “dead” twice (the last time for ten minutes) I have yet to meet God. In fact, God may very will exist, but you have zero proof. Basically life on earth got here somehow, but none of us really knows what brought it about. Why the heck are we arguing about it??

            1. From: Confession of a Creationist by Sara Yoheved Rigler

              Why did the intelligentsia of 19th and 20th century Europe and America jump on Darwin’s bandwagon with such zeal that they accorded this unproven theory the status of law, so that to question evolution became like doubting the law of gravity?

              Darwin’s theory was a convenient way to dispose of God.
              Unlike the gods of the East, Judaism conferred on the Western world a God who gives commandments, who tells you what to do, who impinges on personal freedom.
              Until Darwin, the Western world was stuck with God. After all, who else could have created the world? And if He did you the favor of creating you, the least you could do was obey His Ten Commandments.

              Darwin’s “Origin of Species” liberated more people than Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. If human beings were the result of chance mutations and survival of the fittest, nobody owed God anything. Human beings were free to do as they pleased.

              The Talmud makes a knowing remark about such hidden agendas. It says that the Children of Israel never pursued idol worship except in order to “permit themselves” promiscuity. After all, in the Torah God issued dozens of commandments restricting certain sexual relationships. The pagan deities’ idols Baal and Ashera, on the other hand, had no such scruples. In fact, some pagan gods rather liked orgies. Following them meant one could do as one pleased.

              Like virtually everyone in the 20th century West, I had grown up with a firm belief in the objectivity of science. Therefore, I was shocked and disillusioned when I read an account of how Albert Einstein, the greatest of all scientists (we stood up in silence in Hebrew school when we received the news of his death, an honor never accorded to any religious or Zionist figure) resisted all the evidence of an expanding universe.

              Einstein, in his brilliance, understood that the Big Bang implied some supernatural force that could break through the Law of Inertia and cause the primordial dot which contained all matter and energy to explode. After examining the data of top astronomers and mathematicians, which all pointed to an expanding universe, Einstein still refused to concede the point, and insisted to a colleague, “I have still not fallen into the hands of priests.” [“God and the Astronomers” by Robert Jastrow.]

              Even after Edwin Hubble, using the largest telescope in the world, discovered incontrovertible proof of the expanding universe, Einstein continued teaching the static model of the universe for five more years. Only after acceding to Hubble’s request and traveling to Pasadena to personally examine the evidence, did Einstein reluctantly concede, “New observations by Hubble … make it appear likely that the general structure of the universe is not static.”

              But to this day, schools and universities continue to teach evolution with a devotion which former societies
              reserved only for religion. Wishful thinking dies hard.

              1. I stopped reading after the first erroneous paragraph. Darwin was forced to apologize for his original theory and compelled to write another book disavowing it all. Ms Rigler needs to improve her research skills.

        5. The question is how did DNA, RNA, and the complex amino acids required for all life come into existences on earth about 3 billion years ago? The probability that this happened by unguided random chemical reactions is essentially zero!

          1. If I toss a coin the probability of get a head is 0.5. But after I toss a coin that turns up heads, the probability of a head is 1.0. The point is that when an event has already happened the probability is always 1.0.

            So the argument that the universe as we know it happened in a certain way based on probabilities is not convincing. The attempt to use science to either prove or disprove the nature or existence of God goes nowhere.

            Religion tells us that God created the universe and also why. Science is concerned with discovering how the universe and it contents work and for how long the universe has been working.

            Most American scientists believe in God and also accept evolution by natural selection. They are able to combine belief in the existence of God and evolution because their faith in God is strong.

            Worldwide only radical fundamentalists among Jews, Christians and Muslims reject evolution by natural selection. In so doing they reveal that their faith in God is to weak to accept evolution.

            Unfortunately, among Christians, the percentage of fundamentalists is greater in the US than elsewhere. This does not bode well for American science.

            1. I agree that the probability of what has happened in the past has happened is one. If you can discover the past objectively and you can’t change the past so the probability of your objective discovery being true is one. No rational person would argue with this triviality. Life does indeed exist today on earth.

              The fossil record also shows that bacteria with DNA, RNA, amino acids and proteins existed in the primitive earth about 3 billion years ago. Before this time, conditions on the planet were unlikely to support life as we know it. The bacteria appear at almost the same time as the climate changed on earth in such a way as to be conducive to life. Since the earth is only 4.5 billion years old, it is fair to ask how did the DNA, RNA, and special proteins come into existence. As we experience it, life is required to produce life.

              So don’t you think it is reasonable to ask how did DNA, RNA, etc. come to be? George Wald, a Nobel prize winning scientist, says life is the inevitable product of random chemistry – one only has to wait as time will produce the miracles. Other prominent scientists have estimated the the time required for this to occur by unguided random chemical reactions to exceed the 4.5 billion year age of the earth and even the 15 billion year age of the universe based on the Big-Bang.

              So far we have said nothing about God or religion. It would seem that the evolutionists invoke faith in the miracle of spontaneous generation.

              When I consider the comments of Frederick Colbourne, I conclude that they are the products of an intelligent being. If I were a devout evolutionist, I might suggest that they could also be the products of an infinite number of monkeys banging away randomly at an infinite number of word processors.

              Intelligent design seems far more likely to be a possible answer to life’s origin. So why are the evolutionists so afraid to allow ID to be taught or discussed without invoking ad hominem attacks.

              1. There is no way to prove either that intelligent design or natural selection drives evolution. But science is not in the business of proving theories. Science is in the business of exploring alternative theories to find which ones better explain reality.

                In exploring how theories explain reality, some theories may be refuted but none are ever proven. The best that a scientist can say is that an observation supports a particular theory.

                Often scientists can find a null hypothesis against which all theories can be tested. For a mercury barometer the null hypothesis might be that mercury would not rise in the tube if there were no gas pressure on the mercury in the reservoir. The scientist would place all apparatus in a vacuum chamber and evacuate all air from the chamber and observe that the mercury falls to the level in the reservoir. The scientist would then observe what happens when air is admitted to the chamber: the mercury rises as air is admitted to the chamber. The null hypothesis is demonstrated. It is now up to other scientists to falsify the theory that air pressure forces mercury to rise in the tube.

                Natural selection is the null hypothesis for evolution. Intelligent design is an assumption that believers bring to the study of the Earth and leads to a blank wall. It is therefore up to the scientist who favors intelligent design to falsify the null hypothesis, natural selection.

                (Genetics theory tells us that natural selection is non-random although random mutations generate the variety needed upon which natural selection can work. In turn random mutations may be generated by subatomic processes that are known to be random. S.J. Gould explained this very clearly in books and essays for non-scientists.)

                While intelligent design closes most discussions of evolution, natural selection as an hypothesis that opens many doors and windows to further inquiry.

                That is why I say adoption of intelligent design by so many Americans does not bode well for American science.

                Disclaimer: I am an entity realist. I believe entities exist (such as genes). But I do not believe that theories are real. Theories have to be formed and reformed and rejected according to whether they do not fit reality. As I see it, the main scientific problem with the theory of evolution by natural selection is that it cannot be refuted. But its opposing theory, intelligent design cannot be refuted either. As it stands, the best that natural selection has going for it as a theory is that it leads to further discoveries. My biggest criticism of intelligent design is that it leads nowhere.

                Some theories are used merely because they are useful, such as the diagrams developed by Richard Feynman to work with quantum theory. The diagrams explained nothing and Feynman famously said that nobody understands quantum theory.

                Possibly, the reason we are compelled to used natural selection to explain evolution is that it is the most useful theory we have.

                Intelligent design may be useful for religions but it is useless for science. With one exception, breeding new varieties of plants and animals is a form of evolution by intelligent design. Genetic engineering is new, but for thousands of years humans have been using selective breeding to change both plants and animals. Charles Darwin’s first book on evolution devoted a big chunk of its text to this subject. The humans doing the breeding were intelligent designers.

                We now do genetic engineering using our knowledge of DNA and the people who do it are very intelligent.

                Perhaps we have reached the point where we have two theories. just as for electromagnetic phenomena where we have the wave theory and the quantum theory.

                We have evolution by natural selection as the scientific theory and evolution by intelligent design as the religious theory espoused by a minority of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

                Some scientists whose faith in God is strong can hold both theories at the same time and not worry about the apparent conflict, just as they do for wave theory and quantum theory. I am not one of them, but I respect those who take this approach.

                1. You asked for an attack on natural selection. There are many. I give you a few: Ann Coulter (a lawyer not a scientist) from her book “Godless”:

                  “Through the process of natural selection, the ‘fittest’ survive, [but] who are the ‘fittest’? The ones who survive! Why, look – it happens every time! The ‘survival of the fittest’ would be a joke if it weren’t part of the belief system of a fanatical cult infesting the Scientific Community.” This is just circular logic.

                  I also give you Jerry Fodor who makes more extensive sophisticated arguments against Darwinian natural selection.

                  Both Coulter and Fodor were subjected to ad hominem – in a debate this will always result in a loss.

                  You state that intelligent design leads nowhere and natural selection opens many doors.

                  I am an engineer and when I see a design or create one that design has a purpose. Intelligent design implies a purpose to life and the universe – granted that purpose may not be known. but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and it that we should not look for it.

                  Unguided random natural selection has no purpose. History tells us that it leads to nihilism, Nietzsche, Marx, Hitler, Sanger, etc., which in turn leads to evil and death.

                  Intelligent design leads to Cicero, Locke, Jefferson, etc., which in turn leads to the Natural Law and Human Rights.

                  I naturally select intelligent design any day.

      2. All that does seem improbable, but why does that mean the whole mess was created by some kind and loving god? Your comment sounds very much like the climate hustle, “the earth is warming and we hate SUVs so the problem must be your SUV.” Good luck with that.

      3. Darwinian Evolution, like man-made global warming, and running a modern economy with solar and wind power are frauds, lies, and hoaxes that any true honest scientist or engineer can debunk by application of the laws of physics and mathematics.

    2. It is a HUSTLE because you are HAPPY to let these world “leaders” suck tax money out of YOUR pockets and into THEIR POCKETS. They are the ones who have an iron grip on the climate exchange. That is why your energy bills are FAR HIGHER than they should be. THEY SET THE MANDATES! We pay the taxes to set up their phoney sunshine and windmill companies. Same companies get the money, pretend they’re building their business for a few years, then give half the money back to the political hacks who gave them the startup money and declare bankruptcy. Ever hear of Solyndra? That’s just the start. There have been many more.

      1. Big oil is already realizing that this farce can be a boon to them also. It is an economy of scale. The percentage may wane, but the sheer volume increase of dollars will bring more dollars to all pockets on the billing end of the transaction.

        1. What’s your problem with oil companies. They have NO POWER over me. Governments DO. And you are happy to let them tax the pants off you and stuff your tax money into their greedy pockets by way of the phony sunshine and windmill companies they set up. You are pitiful.

    3. Always follow the money. The more the government grows, the more poor decisions it makes not just in sum, but in percentage.

      I’ve seen the impact of sending a GS-15 to the executive office for advisory roles. Instant budgets, instant positions of power. Scientists are people.

      Big government truly kills.

    4. Religious Zealouts and it is about power and controll…. nothing more and nothing less!

      People of the Global Warming Religion are absolutely no different than the “Flat Earthers”….. close off all debate and kill people who believe the Earth is round!!

    5. ” pushing a global governance agenda”

      Exactly. You know, once you realize the presence of the global governance agenda everything going on in the world today makes sense, including the use of mass immigration to break down the ethnic cohesion of White countries.

    6. ” the process of, corrupting honest scientific debate, leading directly to the destruction of the preeminence of scientific leadership in America, when deference to so-called United Nations climate consensus is given. Make no mistake, it corrupts the ENTIRETY of the scientific community, by a relatively small, vocal, and cult-like fanaticism.” So true it requires repeating . CZ.

    7. The ‘97% of all scientists agree that global warming is real and is caused by man’ meme they are using is also a hustle. It was cooked up by two global warming wackos and sent to the ASU as a ‘survey’. 30,000 were sent the survey. Only 10,000 received it. Of that 10,000, only 3,000 even responded. Of the 3,000, only 97 had written any ‘peer reviewed’ articles that contained the key words, ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’. All others were rejected.

      Of the remaining 97, 95 agreed with the wackos that global warming is real, and is caused by man. 2 disagreed. And there is the so-called ‘97% of all scientists’ that the liberals, the UN, and Obama have raised up as their golden calf of global warming. It’s actually barely 2% of ‘all the scientists’ that they surveyed. So 97% of 2% of ‘all scientists’ agreed with the wackos and that’s it.

    8. Environmental issues are, in this case, similar to Erdogan’s train, the one called democracy – the one that you disembark as soon as you reach your destination.

    9. The end game of the climate hustle is global socialism. Everything Obama has done is in the pursuit of greater government control, diminishing the traditional family, and creating social unrest. His climate cult is a means to an end all while the climate does what it has always done … change.

    10. The Global Warming-cum-Climate Change scam is proof that the elites and their puppets in government, including many republicans, view and treat their constituents as captive slaves forced to perform involuntary labor (taxation) “justified” by a damnable lie told by politicians and their Nazi collaborators in academe and at NASA.

      These people of the lie must be resisted at every turn and at all costs, as every step they take tightens the yoke of slavery around every once free citizen around the world.

    11. it’s a religion like the flat earth religion the only difference is they do not burn you at the stake for denying it. even the pope back then claimed it was heresy to believe in nothing but a flat earth like our pope of today who is a believer but with a jaded view he sees the redistribution of wealth not the churches but us little people to dirt bag countries run by war lords and dictators! did you know the catholic church owns 3 swiss banks? that’s 100’s of billions in dollars euro’s yuans and what ever currency they can get!

      1. Oh, give them the chance. They DO want to burn us at the stake for disagreeing with them…or, at the very least, jailing us. Some of them are already advocating we be jailed if we don’t toe the line.

    12. There was the story several years ago where a writer went to the Andes in Chili and saw a melting glacier. He then commented that a glacier not far away was inexplicably growing. “Inexplicably”. Yup, that says it all.

    13. It’s all about stopping REAL progress: business. Building companies, logging companies, modern comfort (heating/cooling, indoor plumming, etc.), forest clearing (maintenance), irrigation, etc.

      Greenies hate all that. So they want to stop it. And they found a way: scaring little children and chicken littles about damages that are going to happen at the soonest in about 150 years from now.

      Notice how it’s never next year. Or in 5 or 10 years. No, it’s always in some distant future, when none of us will be here to hold anyone accountable for the catastrophes they predicted and that did not happened.

    14. I would only add the word “socialist” before global governance. Otherwise, you are spot on! Twenty-first century science has been tainted by radical leftists with an agenda to take more control, freedoms, and civil rights from people everywhere.

      1. Tell that to supporters of socialism. They seem to think that there would only be a middle class. No more poor or rich. Just everybody living together happy, feed, loved and cared for. LOL!!!! What a bunch of gullible suckers.

    1. You might be right but your position statement is far too simplistic. Please expand your thesis. And please don’t overlook the point that the Middle Class makes everything possible. Without them you’ll never get a solution and the threat to the environment will still be there.

      1. I should have been more clear when making my initial statement. I should of said, “The elites and our leaders believe that the biggest threat to the planet is ordinary people like you and me.” They believe that people … regular ordinary people are the biggest threat to the planet.

  2. Even the UN IPCC TFE.8 declares temperature rise of a few degrees has no objective level set to cause any harm. And warming could feed the world with longer growing seasons, extended north and south growing regions, and more rainfall due to more evaporation to water the extended regions and seasons, not to mention more CO2 helps plants grow better. The climate alarmists could one day being dooming even more people to starve to death !!!

  3. Memo to Marc Morano: love what you are doing but watch your back, dude. There is an ocean full of money involved in the climate fraud and you threaten that gravy train. Dissent will not be met with reasoned discourse.

    1. They have thought control over nearly everyone in Academia.
      They have content control over every school textbook.
      They have policy control over nearly every government environmental bureaucracy.
      They have monetary control over the United Nations.
      They have political control over European Union representatives.
      They have edit control over the US News Media.
      They have career control over most Hollywood celebrities.
      They even have the head of the Catholic Church playing the fool for them.
      They have control over the narrative, their scandals disappear, opposition demonized.
      And with all that they have control over the truth, the facts are buried by consensus, their scandals are sanitized and their opposers demonized, ignored or destroyed.
      Unfortunately, I am skeptical that anything is going to stop this…as you say…its all about the Gold.

      1. Americans have awakened. The cat is out of the bag. We KNOW they are FRAUDS! Global warming, global cooling, climate change is NOTHING they can control. GOD CONTROLS THE CLIMATE BECAUSE GOD CONTROLS THE SUN!

  4. Time is past for tar and feathers. It’s now time for ropes and trees . . starting with Algore and Michael Moore. Then, maybe go alphabetically, starting in the “Os”.

      1. To hell with that. There are too many. And this is a big deal for the amount of lies and corruption. We need to be serious. We need to look to the past for better solutions.

      1. Religion is a hoax, but it gives a benefit to society. Imagine how many murders were not committed because someone believed in god. Imagine how many people remained married their whole lives because of religion which benefitted their kids. What benefit do we get from not heating our homes? Pokie nipples?

        1. Although I do agree with you and do consider myself a Christian, I can’t pass up the chance to play Devil’s Advocate on this one: Imagine how many people would not have been killed in the name of some god or another throughout history? Nevermind today’s terrorists, who wouldn’t have a cause without religion, but think of the several crusades, all the catholic/protestant wars of the middle ages, etc. I 100% agree with you on religion being the source of societal morality though.

          1. What about all the deaths caused by communism, Stalin, Mao, Khmer Rouge, to name a few. These murders don’t need a religion to murder, they are just mass murders using any excuse to take power.

            1. As you said, those weren’t done in the name of religion, but we’re only considering those murders that [i] weren’t [/i] caused by religion, and those historical massacres that [i] were [/] caused by religion.

              That statement was made a little tongue-in-cheek though. As I said, I do 100% agree on the church being the source of societal morality. without organized religion, why would good be good or bad be bad, no matter what perspective you view things through?

              1. Religion is the scapegoat used by lazy historians. Today, just like in 860ad all the way back to the beginning of human time; war of aggression is simply caused by those looking for power and money. So a failing politician can hold onto his support locally by blaming all the ills of his citizenry on some evil entity. Or (think Sparta) a country rich in people and arms but poor in economy (ships, trade, farms) would seek to attack and rob their neighbors in order to fill their wallets and bellies.

          2. If you go back, and look at all of the Holy Wars brought about by Islam… and look at the Crusades…. The Crusades were just a brief moment in time. AND… The Crusades were brought about NOT to conquer new lands, but to take back Christian Territories that had been overrun in Islamic Jihads.


            1. I never said one or another was more at fault. Religion is faith. Faith, by definition, is belief that cannot be proven with fact. Without organized religion, those wars probably still would have happened for some reason or another. I only said “imagine how many people wouldnot have been killed in the name of some god ” to counter the point of “imagine how many murders were not committed because someone believed in god”.

                1. It seems they really worship their “prophet”. You never hear them talk about God. It is always the prophet Mohammed they are going on about. It is his writings, his beliefs, his laws, his commandments that make up the bulk of their literature. It is Mohammed they worship. It is any perceived insult to Mohammed that drives them into a rage and brings on their threats of murder. It is not their god that commands them to conquer the infidel. Murder, convert or enslave the infidel. No, that is Mohammed commanding them to do these things. He says they are to do these things because God commands it. He is a false prophet that is responsible for the murders of millions of people. In his name the followers of Islam have enslaved millions of people. The wars of conquest by the Muslim hordes stretch back for almost a thousand years, They conquered most of Europe and all of North Africa. It took hundreds of years to push them out of Europe. It was not even two hundred years ago that Greece finally won independence from it’s Muslim rulers. It is shocking to me that Europe now opens it’s doors to the same Muslim invaders that their ancestors fought so bravely to defeat. Shameful that the best in this world is valued so cheaply that they freely give it to the Muslims.

                  1. You are 100% right. The Great Crusades were fought to TAKE BACK the land muslim terrorists had invaded. Why in sam hill they GAVE ALL THAT LAND BACK to the terrorists is beyond me! Just as the kenyan has given back to the terrorists all the land our soldiers fought and died for in Iraq and Afghanistan. Un efn believable!

          3. I think the real question is how many liberals would have been killed over the centuries (and over the last 60 years even) if Christ didn’t exist to stop conservatives from doing so. Would the world even resemble what it does today? I don’t think so.

          4. Islam is a TERRORIST CULT. It is NOT a religion. And killing terrorists is NOT against Gods laws. The Crusades happened when the French got sick and tired of muslim terrorism in Europe and chased them all back to the middle east. They were kept in their place until political correctness convinced everyone that one religion is just like any other religion. Now look at the mess.

        2. How many Christians were killed, because they could not cite verses from the Koran? How many Muslims have been killed, because they are not the right kind of Muslim. Are you a Sunni Muslim? Or are you a Shiia Muslim? Think fast… or I’ll cut your head off… Sunni or Shiia? Shiia or Sunni? Mohammad demands an answer….

      2. The Christian faith is not a hoax. No one is forced to be a Christian, no one is forced to worship God. It is people who realize there is more to their existence than their everyday lives. Those people seek a spiritual awakening or spiritual growth in the faith of their fathers. Only in the Christian faith can one find peace and a life-altering experience that changes one’s whole life. It is truly being born again as a new person. It is difficult for those who are skeptical to understand or even believe the Christian faith is a source of immense strength for believers. It is not just morals and values, it is living one’s faith on a daily basis. It is knowing that God has a plan for your life, your life is not meaningless or of no consequence. God created you, therefore, your life has value and meaning beyond your understanding.

  5. This film is L O N G overdue!!! A person can research the truth, evidence the truth, expose the truth….but the climate cultists refuse to listen to even a syllable. You would think that you had committed heresy to their most sacred religion….and indeed, you have! In time, those who do not have a monetary tie to the religion in the form of grants or whatever, will possibly tire of the fraud and the scandal and the scam, and put the GW nonsense to rest once and for all. Al Gore…a pox upon you!

  6. Every time it gets bitterly around our area, with tongue in cheek, I ask, “Where is global warming when we need it the most?”
    With all the religious overtones coming out of this climate-change harangue, I now beg anyone in the know to tell me where the heck is the rationality of the 18th Century Enlightenment, logical positivism of the 20th Century Vienna Circle and plain old common sense, when we need it the most.

  7. If carbon combustion is a direct threat to humans, due to disastrous climate change then billions are doomed. Economical energy sustains life and there is no alternate energy that is cheap enough for bulk supply (Uranium fission can help is limited situations).

    Hence the sole decision is who goes first. They may be the lucky ones. They probably will be victims of the necessary dictatorships which will slice the pie and get to eat it.

    This has been the worse managed issue ever to face society. Our leaders are incompetent.

  8. Well now that the US utility providers were coerced by the govt to install smart meters, they’ll be able to insure our participation in this folly/hoax…like it or not.

      1. I had to respond to a certified letter. Send in a cashiers check and fend off two follow up visits from managers to not have one. They kept telling me why I should comply and all reasons had to do with their ability to control usage. One finally admitted that the government had them all do it.

  9. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that it is difficult to find someone who knows the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. This topic has been in the news every day for over 15 years and our kids have been taught about the subject in school. Most people get mad at me when I explain that oxygen is 21%, nitrogen is 78%, and argon is 1% of our air. Yes folks, carbon dioxide is only 0.04%. (That rounds to 0.0%) It is proper to be mad about the truth when you realize you have been scammed.

  10. Climate change and migration are being used to elevate the lefts vision of multiculturalism and world governance. After all, when will the US have another President (Obama) so willing to hand over American sovereignty.

  11. The Party said that Oceania had never been in alliance with Eurasia. He,
    Winston Smith, knew that Oceania had been in alliance with Eurasia as short
    a time as four years ago. But where did that knowledge exist? Only in his
    own consciousness, which in any case must soon be annihilated. And if all
    others accepted the lie which the Party imposed–if all records told the
    same tale–then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls
    the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the
    present controls the past.’ And yet the past, though of its nature
    alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from
    everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was
    an unending series of victories over your own memory. ‘Reality control’,
    they called it: in Newspeak, ‘doublethink’.

    ‘Stand easy!’ barked the instructress, a little more genially.

  12. The utter fraud and silliness of this “global warming” scam is truly breathtaking. How can people be so delusional? Not Obama, he’s already delusional, but rational, thinking people. Why are they so willing to surrender to this scam?

  13. That is exactly what it is…a hustle. These so-called “leaders ” can’t manage the lint between their toes, much less the environment. God complexes one and all.

  14. Global Warming has been proven a fraud, with their faulty computer models, so they call it Climate Change now. This is nothing more than world Gov’t wanting to control the freedoms we’ve fought for & are willing to do it again!

  15. It is pretty clear that the global warming scientist do not understand the mechanisms of nature well enough to say nothing about anything. At least they can admit that. Maybe someday they will figure meteorology out but for now they don’t really know squat.

  16. Seems that a lot of developing countries that were promised twelve digit checks to “mitigate” the “effects” of “climate change” are still in favor of the treaty…

  17. No one denies the climate changes. It is, does and has for as long as it has existed. The question is does human activity have any discernible impact on it. Obviously not, and if it did, how many people are they willing to kill to prevent a .02 degree change in the climate over the next 50 years? Because that is really what it comes down to. I have always found it to be very interesting that the climate change pushers in the government have pegged C02 as the culprit that must be controlled. They want the government in charge of everything that produces C02. Human beings, all 7 billion of us, produce C02. Isn’t that really what they wish to control?

      1. How so sir? We remove oxygen and replace it with C02. The very first case of mass pollution on the planet occurred when C02 breathing organisms changed the atmosphere of the planet enough to support oxygen breathing life by replacing C02 with oxygen. Those organisms were single cell, non-fossil or otherwise fuel burning, creatures. Just by exchanging one gas for another they changed the composition of the planet enough to cause mass extinctions of C02 breathing creatures and brought about the oxygen breathers.

        1. Plants absorb the carbon we respirate. We then eat the plants and respirate carbon dioxide. It’s a cycle. Whatever you eat has at some point been plant based. When you expel that carbon it will eventually make it back into plants which will then be eaten again.

          1. I’ve noticed that vast amount of vegetation on this planet is NOT consumable. So I am not following where you are going with your point. We can never produce more CO2 than plants produce oxygen globally.

          2. Yes, but as you stated initially, in the absence of using fossil fuels to produce food our respiration is carbon neutral. To feed our population requires energy to produce the food. Not to mention the methane that is a byproduct of consumption. So again I would ask, how many people is the government willing to kill to stop a .02 degree increase in temperature over the next 50 years?

  18. Its an accepted belief and practice of environmental protection for our Air, Water and Earth by the people of the US. We have been fighting that battle for more than 50 years both in the private sector and Government regulation. To use this endeavor as a cover for the Progressive Globalists agenda of “Climate Change” to confiscate our money for their redistribution to the Al Gores’ and Goldman Sachs along with the UN with a mere pittance for third world nations at the end of the pyramid is nothing but a SCAM. All those poor people demonstrating in Paris and around the world are being mislead confusing the protection programs already in place with compliance efforts for nations such as China that have yet to perform their responsibility with the Globalists conspiracy to extract our personal savings into their greedy coffers. Their technique of Guilt and Divide are the two devices to accomplish the Climate Change Fallacy Agenda.

    1. How did you determine that this is a massive conspiracy rather than this is the conclusion most scientists have reached based on the evidence? How is the former more probable than the latter?

            1. If it is warming the planet faster than we can adapt to then it is at some concentration a pollutant. We allow minute traces of arsenic and other such compounds as tolerable in minute amounts. They are however pollutants in higher concentrations.

                    1. I don’t know that that is necessarily true. To the extent that climate change has altered the weather such that a person died that otherwise wouldn’t have then people have been killed by climate change.

  19. If you watch The Great Global Warming Swindle that is available for free on YouTube you can see how absurd the MMGW crowd are. And so many in the documentary are the top people in the fields that the UN used for their report. Even the lead author of the UN report on MMGW who was ignored when he said it was wrong.

  20. It’s too late to effectively refute the climate change agenda, as it has become an immovable force , with big money industries, and even big oil on board. The fix is in, and the solution to a nonexistent problem is guaranteed regardless of it’s composition. I have to admit ,it’s genius in both concept and application.

  21. The truth is most of these delegates and world leaders are probably going to this summit with a pre-made consensus to agree on massive co2 limits and masses of money to commit, with a few (or many) going with the idea of strong arming the wealthier countries to pay for their environmental clean ups. Now, there will be a race to the theater door by countries like India, Russia and China to have ammunition to saying a great big “HELL NO.” This makes Obama’s home coming very interesting. But then again, he is a well oiled and rehearsed LIAR. He can conjure up fast on his feet from a lifetime of practice.

  22. 3 suggestions:

    1)Stop making war machines; that wastes 50 percent of the world’s resources…

    2) Stop with income and property taxes, it causes people to expend more energy to get the money…

    3) Lastly, disband the UN… Too much hot air is excreted from those wannabe world dictators…

    Paranoia will destroy ya… Climate fear, terrorism fear, the sky is falling fear… fear, fear, fear..

    …Or turn off the damn TV and start living in the here and now.

    The UN is frantic to use the “global warming” fears to consolidate the NWO order for the Elites… These UNelected depots need to be shut down. Let real science do the trick.

  23. I don’t know why the discussion continues. I have seen the stockholder list of Shoreline Bank in at least 4 articles about this fraud. The authors of the articles stated that two of the largest shareholders are Obama and Gore. This crackpot scheme has Shoreline Bank as the broker to handle the dispersal and collections for the carbon credits from which the bank’s fees will be up to 20 billion dollars a year. One article stated Gore stands to make 8 billion a year if he can get this through. And, of course, the middle class will pay the bill.

  24. Warmist/Leftists are not the first generation of gulliblistas to come along. Snake-oil salesmen — …er, scientists — have been pushing the lies that are gobbled up by the ignorant masses for years.

    This batch are the most evil, however, as their agenda is all about consolidating power and money and control in the hands of a few global oligarchs and autocrats who have their eyes on the ultimate prize — destroying the United States of America.

    “Government by the few” has been the mantra of the Left for generations.

  25. The Left’s leaders are malignant narcissists and lies & deception are the tools of narcissists to achieve their objectives. In this case, extorting cash rich companies out of their earnings and wealth. Period. These people driving this hoax are evil.

    1. Right, it’s so evil to force corporations to become better stewards of the environment. PURE EVIL! Those poor multi-billion dollar corporations! WHO WILL SPEAK FOR THEM?

      1. Those damned corporations. Especially the ones that do not produce anything tangible (the preponderance of American corporations). What ever shall we do about them?

  26. In addition to the scientific deficiencies in the CAGW theory, it is essential to point out the circumstantial evidence involving the odd, non-scientific behavior of its proponents. Their clear propagandist approach seriously undermines their credibility.

    Some examples: Using the loaded term “carbon” instead of the accurate, but less “dirty and sooty” sounding “carbon dioxide.” Similarly, using photos of smokestacks and cooling tower emissions (falsely implying that the emitted water vapor is smoke) in their materials to suggest to the uninformed that they are fighting “pollution.” Then we have the attempts to shut skeptics out of the scientific journals and manipulate the data (“hide the decline”), as revealed in the leaked East Anglia CRU emails. Finally, there is the ever-popular moving the goalposts when their predictions inevitably fail to come to pass. They have learned their lesson on that one, and now typically focus their dire predictions on time frames beyond the lifespans of those living today and therefore beyond the ability of anyone to test the theory against reality.

    The clear implication is that this whole thing is nothing more than a propaganda campaign with little to no objective “science” supporting it. If the science were truly “settled”, the warmists wouldn’t have to resort to such transparent deception and manipulation.

  27. B. Hussein Obama, a lowlife lawyer for a slum lord, a community agitator, and a sleazy politician who slithered his way into office by challenging signatures of the incumbent politician is the man who wants to rob you of your hard earned money to give to his political cronies. But you should take his word for it on this whole global warming/climate change/climate disruption thing, he’s much smarter than you. After all, he could talk to grade school children without a teleprompter if he wanted to, he just doesn’t want to. He has to save his energy for saving the planet. And by saving the planet I mean golf.

      1. Yeah, when I first posted that I forgot to include the teleprompter bit. It’s too bad Disqus edits aren’t shown until someone refreshes the page, because I never say what I mean the first go ’round.

  28. Non issue, the Gruber Warming hoax / scam is / has been dying a slow death for quite some time. Unfortunate the next scam to come along can’t possibly be half as entertaining.

  29. It’s well past the time when the climate fraud is exposed for what it is. It just shows the veracity of professor Grubers statements about the mental capacity of most citizens that anyone would buy into this money grab.
    Not to mention that if they had any real historical knowledge they would know better.

  30. So many lies produced by so many liars so long for profit to themselves. We as a world community must fight back with a kill mentality. We cannot allow these people–who I used pretend to think we were fools– but now know we they are conspiring for our wealth— to over come us. This is enough. We must stand as one strong community to halt this stupid movement that has a goal of making fools of us. The ones who do know and continue do so for profits they may find. Stop it now–and don’t quit fighting the ones trying to make you feel as if you don’t know better.

  31. How did we manage to have a leader like Barack Hussein Obama, who thinks he is more knowledgeable than any one on earth. With the help of the Democrats and liberals he has convinced the world that he knows best on ALL issues. We, as Americans are truly blessed.

  32. True Believers will not change their faith in global warming no matter how convincing and objective the contrary evidence. A fact-filled movie will not change their minds. Just ask Dinesh D’Souza.

    1. It’s somewhat analogous to some of the ridiculous things religious folks believe in, like a virgin birth, resurrection, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark… etc… Oh wait, it’s actually not analogous to that at all.

      1. I haven’t seen too many of those religious folks demanding the gubmint pick my pocket to support their beliefs. On the other hand, you warming alarmist will stop at nothing to pick the taxpayers’ pocket for this man made dogma.

          1. You shouldn’t laugh, sir (or ma’am), it is just more unnecessary emission of CO2 into the atmosphere which we all know contributes to man made global warming.

  33. Lyrics for the new dance all the liberals are doing:

    Tax em on the left.

    Tax em on the right.

    Tax em all day.

    Tax em all night.

    Hey, hey, hey!! Do the Climate Hustle!!!

  34. I am trying my best here in November to help minimize the population of Odocoileus virginianus in the great north woods. I see their droppings all over, I am sure that both said droppings and the flatulence which precedes said droppings are adding to global warming.

  35. I will believe in man-made global warming or climate change (since the world doesn’t seem to be warming) when the money is taken out of it. The scientists who say it is happening have been given millions in grants to do their studies (of course they are going to find the results that the people who are paying them want them to find). Then there are the Obama handouts to all of the “green companies” who are losing our money, lining their pockets and after that, declaring bankruptcy. Gore has become a billionaire promoting this bilge, all the while flying his private jets, using his several homes that take enough electricity to take care of a city block. He uses the excuse that he buys “carbon credits” so he can use it. (The average Joe will not be able to afford carbon credits.) Obama is getting ready to sign an agreement in France with poorer countries that will make the U.S. pay these countries because we use more energy than they do so we will basically be giving them welfare. Of course China won’t sign this deal. Plus Obama won’t call it a treaty because that would require congress to okay the deal. He is going to sign this final coup de gras. His legacy will be that he basically finished off our country that he hates so much. Now if he can only get half of Syria to immigrate, his PLAN will be complete. Fourteen months and counting. This is so sad and there is nothing one can do at this point and he knows it.

  36. We know climate is a hoax simply because the corrupt politicians are behind it. Since when should we trust politicians when we don’t trust them on everything else that is happening in the political arena?

  37. “U.S. to Give $3 Billion to Climate Fund to Help Poor Nations, and Spur Rich Ones” (NewYorkTimes(dot)com)

    The big money hustle begins and it’s with our prezident hustling the American taxpayers again out of their hard earned money for his own agenda. Congress – do not give this king a single penny for this global garbage.

    1. Really? So what are your throughts on the lack of any global warming in the mid-tropospheric satellite temperature data in the last 20 years? Or that any recorded increases in global warming have been in absolute concert with the solar cycles, and the burning of fossil fuels does not seem to have a thing to do with it?

  38. Let’s face it. None of you would accept climate change no matter how convincing the evidence is. Because it requires you to make sacrifices you are unwilling to make, even if those sacrifices could make things better for future generations. You were brought up and brainwashed as children to believe in absurd fairy tales from an ancient book of stories that are so fantastical they require you to intentionally ignore reason in order to protect your insular worldview. As a result you’ve become morally and intellectually stunted. Your entire life and ideological make up was determined before you were able to make decisions for yourself. I actually feel sorry for you.

    1. The most poor future generations are being poisoned by the millions all over the world because they cook with charcoal in their houses because climate change regulations won’t allow the government or private company to build a coal fired electric generator where they live. Think about that in your high and mighty OPINION.

    2. Are you somehow inferring that since you didn’t buy into the “absurd fairy tales” you will somehow have your own insulated world to live in apart from the rest of us. Do you honestly think the climate change hustler are going to exempt you?

    3. I hire lots of college grads. As the years pass (like 30), the quality of the individuals has steadily declined and their ability to reason, is even weaker than their knowledge.

  39. Breaking News:

    Digging in newly discovered ancient ruins, archeologists have uncovered the acceptance speech of Claudius Ptolemy for receiving the Nobilis Prize in astronomy. Ptolemy was being honored for developing the geocentric model which proved that the Earth is the center of the universe.

    His views garnered a XCVII% consensus among classical world scientists.

    A dissenting opinion from Aristarchus of Samos was not permitted in the archives because the debate had been deemed closed by the Nobilis Committee and by other leading scientists with prominent positions in the Roman Empire.

        1. When radical minds feel like they have the right and or authority to declare scientific thought to closed, I find that “mind boggling.” What is your point?

  40. The whole climate change movement is the ultimate confiscation of wealth scam. The climate change hustlers will never allow a minor detail like the truth to deter their visions of dollar signs in their eyes and the power and control that comes with it.

    The important things that dumbed down populations fail to recognize is that in western nations, government already control education, the media, the means of communication, healthcare and have succeeded in wiping out all forms of religion except Communist Progressivism. The climate change hustle will allow them to control the means of production. This is the last step to global communist governance.

  41. Hey, as I have said a million times. The number 1 global warming gas is water vapor. There is period after that sentence for a reason. PERIOD #1 Also the sun determines how warm or cold it is. That is another period. This is a money grab and nothing more. Where do you think all the coal in the world came from?????? Ah, from much higher levels of CO2. This is to screw the middle class into poverty. The sun is very quite right now and it is probably going to get colder than crap.

  42. BTW, how often is the weather man wrong, when they say it is going to rain in two days. They can’t even predict the weather 2 days in advance, half the time. Even a broken clock, is right twice a day.

  43. Any money given by developed countries to less developed to help them fight climate change by:

    Buying windmills and solar power equipment from developed countries.
    Ending up in politicians bank accounts.
    A combination of the two.

      1. Internal Exxon documents show that they knew decades ago that burning fossil fuels would cause climate change, yet they spend millions to try to convince us otherwise. If you can find internal documents at EPA or NASA or NSF that say they believe climate change is bogus, then I will agree they are similar.

  44. “Scientists project that the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013. Not in 2050, but four years from now.” ~ John Kerry in 2009

    So-called ‘scientists’ have great faith in global warming, but no facts.

  45. All this can be directly linked to the UN’s agenda 21 plan. The brainchild of a UN marxist. Made manifest in ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, founded in 1990 as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

  46. But we have liars like Obama and the democrat party who have legions of followers who get government agencies to lie about climate information. They have been threatening that the world is coming to an end for the last 40 years. But they have been saying that the end will happen in 20 years. Get the giant stupidity of these clowns.

  47. As the world leaders assemble to meet at the church of global warming, the entertainment will be a good slap in the face with a dose of truth.

  48. How do they intend to negotiate with God’s climate decisions on the climate? Are they going to be arrogant and tell God he is wrong, I guess they could but then we might see a brimstone storm over Paris.

  49. I can assure you not one of the people who have stock in the sunshine and windmill business will be there. They know it is a HOAX to stuff OUR tax dollars into THEIR pockets! And that includes EVERY world leader over there!

  50. I saw a comment i an other venue claiming that CO2 couldn’t be measured prior to the 1800s. Not true. Tree ring data goes back several thousand years and tells us of the climate within the past few thousand years. Sea bed mud cores and ice cores go back even farther, over 10,000 years. The three together gives us a picture of both climate and CO2 levels. However, the measurements tell us that CO2 increases trail warming periods and lead cooling or ice age periods. By the way, Al Gore’s hockey stick graph left out the Medieval Warming Period, the Little Ice Age, the Maunder Minimum that happened inside the Little Ice Age, or the 1816 “Year without a Summer” that preceded another cool period similar to the one around 1885-1888. We know Maunder was caused by a dip in solar activity while the other two at the end were due to volcanism in Indonesia.

    Al Gore’s Park City prediction of global calamity in 2006 runs out after 26 January 2016 or about 58 days from now. So far, Florida is still the same size, the promised hurricanes seem to be on vacation, and they aren’t booking trans Arctic cruises. Sorry, but the chances of any of this happening by then are remote. This week there is an ice storm stretching from New Mexico to the Great Lakes.

  51. Climate control is very important. One of THE most important things on the planet. What would the world be like if each and every attendee to this summit did not have perfect climate control in their polluting jets which leave a major carbon big foot? If Obummer had to travel to Paris to give away billions of taxpayer dollars, that he has no right to give away btw, and did not have the perfect climate control in air force one, well it would just be a tragedy. To think that one of these insufferable,self centered pompous fools would not have climate control in their hotel rooms pains us all.
    Odummer, please come back with all our money. We simply need it here now that we’re so traumatized by you not having the perfect climate control in your cabin.
    Returning the money would help us all feel better.

  52. As a long time weather nerd, and self-proclaimed environmentalist I have accepted the “global warming” thesis for several years, but I am starting to have doubts. So many things just don’t add up. For example, natural sources of carbon emissions like volcanoes absolutely dwarf what human can produce. Even the link between carbon emissions and warming is tenuous. The sun seems to be more of a major player. Even accounting for data manipulation, the last several years have actually been cooling. Remember there was once a scientific consensus that “bleeding” was a preferred method of healing.

  53. The Moron rapists, despots and Kleptocrats at the U.N. were delusional long before the latest Marxist financial shake down tool cum religion of “Climate Change” came along. Since they already are 100 percent removed from reality, their delusional condition cannot be made any worse. We would all be better off if we were governed by a large bag of rocks.

  54. They doom themselves with all the apocalyptic language and predictions. It’s almost comical. Hopefully, a film like this can gain some traction. We know our president will deny the obvious and continue on his own path, but thankfully presidents don’t have life-time terms. After he’s gone it may be possible to put the skids on the leadership of the USA in climate change with more of this kind of information getting out.

  55. The U.N. Climate Change summit in Paris a/k/a “Loony Tunes” presided over by Barrack Hussein Obama a/k/a Daffy Schmuck and John Kerry a/k/a Mashed Potato Face.

  56. Global Warming is just as true and shares the same purpose as Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”: To stampede a Free Humanity headlong and hysterically back into Enslavement and Death with all the racist fervor of a Klansmen’s Cross Burning party. Different colored sheets and team members, perhaps.

    These Globalist Socialists will stop at nothing until 95% (or, maybe, just a little bit more) of all humanity are as healthy as Karl Marx or JFK … ground down into Brave New World pup to be sprayed out onto new killing fields. I say … after you, sir… let me see if your voluntary departure moves the thermal or carbon footprint needle first before sacrificing another millimeter of sovereignty ….

  57. Leave it to India to send a real Physicist to the conference. It is true, the science is in. It is no longer in doubt the earth will begin to “Cool” around 2025. “The Sun God has spoken”. Perhaps those at the conference can find a way to create a blanked of CO2 around the planet – keep things warmer for a little longer. Plants will appreciate the gesture!

  58. Please don’t pop their bubble. I have just applied to be on the governing council of the international body which will assure that the level of the seas will vary only .001% from optimum, so that only a small proportion of suffering humanity will be inconvenienced at any given time–in perpetuity.

  59. – – – – – 2 0 1 5 – – – – –

    The year politicians realized that their citizens were finally dumbed down enough to believe that their leaders could control the weather.

  60. The guiding quote for this and other universal political hustles is, “Follow the money….” The Left, in its several ideological manifestations, has been accreting weight behind its bully tactics – all in an effort to extort massive monies. This is the quintessential redistribution strategy of New Marxism. It’s time to beat these clowns down and leave them penniless – where they and their fellow travelers belong.

  61. Global warming IS REAL! The only way we can save the earth is if the government takes over all businesses or forces a very hefty carbon credit tax to all businesses!!!!!!!

  62. For every change, in climate or anything else, there are both advantages and disadvantages. This we know.

    These politicians are only telling us what they believe will be the disadvantages (if, in fact, any of this is true).

    Why are they leaving out what the potential advantages of global warming might be?

  63. A couple hundred years ago, Indian shysters would perform rain dances for their illiterate followers.

    Today, we have Barack Obama performing Climate Magic for the Grubers.

    Now that’s “progressive.”

  64. Global Warming, is just the latest in a long list of Leftist Wealth Redistribution CON JOBS -period. I live in central Missouri near what was the leading edge of the Glacier that COVERED a large part of North America not that long ago. Thank God for Global Warming. And what about all that oil in Alaska, doesn’t oil come from bio-mass? Just where in the hell did all that bio-mass come from NORTH of the Arctic Circle?

  65. How can you tell if a man is honest? Just ask him if he believes in man caused apocalyptic global warming, especially as “settled science”. If he says he does, you know you are dealing with a crook.

    What would be the effect of this Global Warming fraud and coercion, if successful? To make part of the world fools and part hypocrites; to support criminal level roguery and error all over the earth. Barack Obama and the other Global Warming power mad and money grubbing fraudsters are trying to convert simple and natural changes in the weather into an engine with which to enslave mankind to filch ever more power and ever more wealth to themselves. They, in fact, have declared war on truth, science and humanity.

  66. I fear it’s too late to undo the rampant and fraudulent INDOCTRINATION that’s taken hold of millennials and and other susceptible dupes. They’re not just believers, they’re TRUE believers and thus irrational (like wanting to literally lock up or otherwise harm “deniers”). It’s pathological at this point.

    1. Just look at what the ‘Black Lies Matter’ bunch has done on the college campuses (speaking of Leftist hoaxes’) and the fraternity/soccer team rape hoaxes” (more Leftist hoaxes’). College is like being in the Leftist Hoax of the month club.

  67. Taxes, taxes, taxes & personal control of humanity is what they want. At any cost.

    from The Club of Rome. Founded in 1968 at David
    Rockefeller’s estate in Bellagio, Italy,

    The Arctic has been warming 2-3 times faster than the rest of the world.
    In the last few weeks melting of the Arctic sea ice has accelerated
    dramatically, reducing the area and volume to levels never previously
    experienced. Some 80% of the summer sea-ice has been lost since 1979;
    on current trends the Arctic will be ice-free in summer by 2015.

  68. There are many reasons to conclude that the “man did it” crowd are (to put it politely) lying. To me, the most compelling is how they treat scientists who don’t toe the AGW line. Those who put forth science that shows man’s CO2 isn’t significant, and that the climate isn’t doing anything unusual, are vilified, threatened, and ridiculed. These are not part of the scientific process.

  69. And now for the really big question. Since all of these years of this nonsense has been paid for by tax dollars and crooked deal making, When do I get my money back?

  70. Global warming, climate change, or whatever they’re calling it this week, has nothing to do with science. It has everything to do with bossing people around and taking their stuff.

  71. Global Warming===>Climate Change===>Climate Disruption issue has been corrupted by Collectivist goals.

    Ideally Scientist would dispassionately compile & distill the data, so as to advise our Society & Government, which in-turn charts how Humanity integrates that knowledge into the fabric of our lives.

    Stepping away from the Climate issue itself & just looking at the political actions / behavior of those that have been shown to massage & distort the data, how is it possible for the public to trust our EPA over what now is obviously an entire issue ENCAPSULATED by bureaucratic & Socio-Political agendas?

    There is no-way to look at the Climate issue today without acknowledging that powerful Statist elements have sized upon this issue; establishing a meme that seeks to sequester more than just our Carbon.

    This recklessness in conflating CO2 pseudo-pollution, with actual pollution. Is actively enforced by the Agenda-Driven MEDIA echo-chamber, in order to establish their smug consensus–A consensus derived from a rote parroting ‘uber allies’ to the almighty construct known as the “Carbon Footprint”.

    Politically Correct Science creates pseudo-science, and that makes for bad public policy. It risks impoverishing our society for inconsequential returns. This in turn makes it less likely that we as a society will fund needed environmental cleanups!

    REMEMBER impoverished societies DO NOT spend to protect Mother Nature!

  72. THIS from the co-founder of Greenpeace, of all people:

    “Climate change has become a powerful political force for many reasons. First, it is universal; we are told everything on Earth is threatened. Second, it invokes the two most powerful human motivators: fear and guilt… Third, there is a powerful convergence of interests among key elites that support the climate “narrative.” Environmentalists spread fear and raise donations; politicians appear to be saving the Earth from doom; the media has a field day with sensation and conflict; science institutions raise billions in grants, create whole new departments, and stoke a feeding frenzy of scary scenarios; business wants to look green, and get huge public subsidies for projects that would otherwise be economic losers, such as wind farms and solar arrays. Fourth, the Left sees climate change as a perfect means to redistribute wealth from industrial countries to the developing world and the UN bureaucracy.” (Dr. Peter Moore, P.h.d., co-founder of Greenpeace; “Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic”, March 20th, 2015;

  73. The walls will be dripping with desperation in Pairs, the hard sell will be on. Will the west be sold into Marxism and be forced into paying a never satisfied criminal cartel of parasitic worms who have become accustomed to living a life of freeloading ? It will be a close thing.

    1. Of course you’re not moved to see it by the trailer. You’ve already made up your mind not to believe it let alone listen to what the documentary has to say.

  74. I see the film will mention doomsday claims based on the Mayan Calendar. I hope the ancient Mayans will not be blamed for predicting a doomsday in December 2012. Anthropologists say that end-of-world scenarios were not included in the Mayan’s culture. The equivalent date in 2012 was just a transition from an old baktun cycle to a new baktun cycle in the Long Count Calendar. It was modern new-age enthusiasts and doom merchants that latched onto the date and invented various world-wide disasters that were devoid of any evidence, and were not in the least bit plausible.

  75. When The Sun is more active we are warmer.
    When The Sun is less active we are cooler.
    The Sun is 109 times the size and has 330,000 times the mass of the Earth.
    The Sun is 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.
    Sunlight is Earth’s primary source of energy, despite the fact that The Sun is 92.96 MILLION miles away!
    Leftists are simply Bundist sheeple Sun deniers.
    In the 1970’s the socialist control freaks were predicting a new Ice Age. Goo gle it!
    Heck, go to You Tube and watch it for yourself “In Search Of… The Coming Ice Age”
    That is Spock…I mean Leonard Nimoy’s old TV show.
    This is ALL about DemocRATs (and their allies in other Countries) wanting to control you.
    To them you are simply a battery in their Matrix.
    They are taking a few hundred years of recorded temperatures and predicting the future.
    “Past performance is not a predictor of future results.”
    This is the same group that tells us that DNA (science) be damned, if a man cuts off his penis he can claim to be a woman!
    Perhaps if we call it Global Climate ‘Progress’ Change they will embrace the Sun…figuratively (literally is a pipe dream).

  76. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder as has been written about. Cal Thomas was right on when he said in the article that after seeing this film, people who are still sold on the Global Warming scam need to have mental help and intervention just as former cult members have needed it to come into the real world. I truly feel sorry for people with Liberal Personality Disorder….If we could get them mental help, they can be cured and the world would be better for it.

  77. At last a scientific expose of the climate scam. The Church of Climate Change is crumbling, and will rapidly dissapear, and slink away as the biggest tax scam ever!

  78. Since I’ve been so lovingly branded an ‘idiot’ by those who assert that “Global Warming” (or “Climate Change” or “Global Wierding” , or whatever the phrase is today that allows facts to be ejected from conversations), I do wonder what the idiots that pretend to be “Young American’s” today will do with real data.

    Forgive me for thinking when someone said, ‘hey, don’t use that aerosol, you’ll destroy earth’, and I thought ‘that’s a pretty broad connection; how’d you get there?’.

    Given that earth is approximately (if you’re a science guy/gal – and ‘hey ho’ fancy eco-scientists, grab your local statisticians) 4.5 billion years old. And that “life” has existed on earth for approximately 3.5 billion years. And keep in mind DINOSAURS only really died out 63 million years ago, what in the f’n hell do we think we do with 40 years of data (and I must assert data that has clearly been manipulated — badly).

    OK here’s my scale
    Earth ===============================================================
    Life =================================================
    Dinos . (63 million years, does it even deserve a ‘.’?
    40 years worth of climate data …..

    The math doesn’t work; and, sadly enough, as much as you think that I am powerful enough to “destroy the earth”, “harm the planet”, “leave my carbon foot print”, I believe we’ll have a lovely discussion at some point, in the afterlife, with whatever force / spirit / God put us all together. But let me share with you one more thing.

    I don’t think that, that God/Spirit/Force/Whatever wants us worrying about our SUV’s. He/She’s probably a tiny bit more worried with things like sexual slavery, torture, murder, abuse and hate.


  79. It is the ultimate scam. The temps have stabilized for a while, so they will say, “see the good work we are doing? Keep the money flowing to us.”
    The temps will rise for a while, so they will say, ” We need to have more money for our work, to prevent this.”

    The Earth has been warming and cooling since the beginning of it’s existence. We are in an interglacial period of warming right now, that is why the several thousand feet thick ice sheet that several different times covered where I am standing in Wisconsin melted. It will come again, it has several times.

    Many of the temperature measurements that these scammers use are flawed, some are just plain lies, some are taken from stations that were in a grassy or tree lined area which is now covered with pavement and buildings, it is bad data for these and several other reasons. A book could be written on the flawed and bad science that these scammers are using.

    This is nothing more than an attempt to steal yet more money from working taxpayers. Both by direct theft, (taxes), and by hitting utility companies with fees, which of course would be directly passed on to the consumer by increased prices. Of course, the developing nations that this stolen money would supposedly go to will still have Mustafa wallowing in his own feces, because he is stupid and doesn’t care, and because the vast majority of this money would go to “administration and implementation” expenses. Just like most “charities” do it. The Clinton Foundation is a current example, 3 billion dollars in holdings, and most studies show that 15 percent or less is going to recipients, the rest to “operating costs”. Not bad money for a political favors scam, is it?

  80. If I said it once, I have said 100 times. All the climate change/ global warming narrative is another opportunity to tax the wealthier nation’s and the middle class. The progressive/socialist governments are running out of money to fund their give away programs and this is a way to do that. A straight out tax would enrage the middle class or cause a revolt so they do this and tie a pretty ribbon around the global climate change narrative to make you think you are doing a great thing when all they are doing is picking your pocket.

  81. You would think the world leaders and researchers would be relieved to know we are not in peril due to initial thoughts (ahem propaganda) about Climate Change.

    The reason they aren’t thrilled about this is…

    …too many people have too much to lose… namely the hyperventilating political left.

  82. When NASA and NOAA admit to fudging figures, then admit there is no change. And when there has been no change in 18 years, and the cap is larger and thicker than before. You have to assume this is all about making money off of the little people. They want us to reduce our lives, but not one has given up their large cars, big multiple houses, or private jets.

  83. Do WE have the commitment to liberty that the left
    has to subjugation? Of COURSE they are going to
    ignore it. But will we do the work of educating with
    the film? Will we loan it to our neighbors? Will we
    promote it to school kids? Have we forgotten how
    much has been given to us? Now we must do what
    is necessary to reverse the propaganda that has
    been promoted by the left. The war goes on. Like
    Reagan said, …every generation could be the last
    to live in liberty. We must do the work to give them
    the tools to live in liberty. As I have been talking to
    people about the Liberty Bell, I began to ask, “What
    command of God did our founders put on the Liberty
    Bell?” Only 2 out of hundreds have been able to answer.
    It is God speaking, (Leviticus) and He says, “PROCLAIM
    inhabitants thereof…” He wants liberty for us, and has
    provided Liberty through the finished work of Jesus
    Christ paying for our sin as the Lamb of God–now we
    can go into the world proclaiming the good news.

  84. As with all progressive causes, the reduction or elimination of “climate change” (or as it was once known, “global warming”) is a strategy, not a goal. The goals are money, and the political power to expropriate more taxpayer money to support of progressive political elites — the taxpayers in the cross-hairs being those who are least likely to buy in to climate change initiatives.

    Another, equally insidious progressive cause, is the fight over income inequality. In a growing economy it’s mathematically impossible to prevent inequality, and in a stagnant economy income inequality is even worse. We can thank Obama’s stagnant economy for demonstrating that for us. The only way that our pure and noble progressives say that income inequality can be addressed is by raising taxes — on the people who are most likely to disagree with them on political issues. A progressive win-win. If progressives can successfully implement their policies, they damage their political enemies while lining their own pockets.

  85. When school kids come past me as I sit at my free speech table in front of the library, and proclaim proudly that they are communist, I am appalled at what the leftists have accomplished right under our tax-paying noses, and with our money.

    1. When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”

      Adolf Hitler

      Speech November 1933, quoted in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer

  86. Another good documentary that is still relevant is Expelled, which explains how the fascists have taken control of the education process and convinced generations of lies they have created about evolution.

  87. No “expert” at the so called “climate change” summit will be able to tell us what the correct climate of the planet should be. Is it the climate before, during or after past ice ages? We’re waiting.

  88. The Indians Started Global Warming

    I live on an estuary on the Gulf Coast of central Florida. About 15,000 years ago the polar caps basically covered much of the US down to the Mississippi Valley into the midwest. Glaciers were a mile or more thick. The reason my location means something is that back then the Gulf Coast shoreline extended about 150 miles west of me out into the Gulf. If I dig 1.5’ I hit water. So, the coastline is close now.

    During this great ice age, the paleo-man (aka Indians) crossed the frozen Bering’s Straights from Siberia. They walked across the ice, which was typical of the time, into what is now Alaska and after many many generations lived in all areas of both North and South America.

    Now, one of the reasons the Indians flourished over the next several thousand years was because of the abundance of large (over 100 pounds) clueless mammals across both continents. Today North America has only 10% of the large mammals that roamed the lands before the Indians showed up. But that’s another story.

    As the Indians flourished and spread throughout the land, they made fires to cook the meat and fat they took and to form weapons, tools, etc. All those millions of fires over all those thousands of years created anthropologic global warming. There’s no other explanation for it. This caused the glaciers (now polar caps) to melt so badly that the ocean rose so that the Gulf Coast shoreline receded 150 miles over the centuries that followed. In other words, the beach disappeared by 150 miles.

    So, that is proof that man caused global warming. Because of the Indians immense carbon footprints, today we have far less land than we did before they melted the glaciers and ice caps with their camp fires but it is a much more forgiving Earth. But, once and for all we should all now accept the fact that man causes global warming. Thank the Old One we no longer burn camp fires. Anyone burning a fire is risking melting what little polar ice we have remaining. So, that’s proof of man-made global warming. There’s no other explanation. The debate is over….NOT!

    We just learned that Earth’s temperature (Oh, that’s another thing. We are still cooling from spacial geologic formation and we have a terrific molten iron core that is really hot and a bunch of rock under terrific pressure generating tremendous heat – and we all know where heat goes – up through Earth’s core and mantle to heat up things like mine shafts, and radioactive isotopes in hot meltdown decay, and frog burps) has stabilized over the past decade or two. Well, as an olive branch from all to all, let’s just say that all the global warming zealots put enough pressure on enough individuals all around Earth that we finally put a stop to anthropologic global warming. So, it’s over. Thank The Great One that global warming is finally over.

    Great. Now can I go back to my bbq and can I mow my lawn???

    The Ringo Zone

  89. It doesn’t matter what they prove in the documentary. The people who need to watch it will not do so because they watch left-leaning shows who will ignore it. Liberals will simply show a video of a polar bear mother with her cubs on a small piece of ice, and then ask “don’t you want to save the polar bears?” Low IQ types will sniffle and say yes like they always do. If what has already been proven didn’t work, this will do very little. This is all about power and money.

    1. However, if enough of the “normal” people see it, they’ll pressure the “brain-dead” liberals to stop their nonsense. . . .They’ll stop pushing the nonsense when they’re humiliated, and publicly scorned. . . My guess is, they “will” be aware of it. . .but they’ll stick their fingers in their ears and yell “nananananananana” so they don’t have to “hear” an opposing view.

    1. Good. It’s about time they were as “upset” as the rest of us who have been watching this farce, and screaming that this needed to be stopped because it has nothing to do with “climate” or weather, or any such thing.It’s been a two-step shuffle to “blame” advanced nations for a “non-existent” problem.It’s always been about the “money”. . . . .in order to justify the UN, and blaming western nations, you had to make up a fake problem, and then “blame” them. . . .so you could “take” and “control” them. . . .It’s a global scam, the worlds biggest money scam the the world has ever seen. . . .

  90. What HASN’T the Obowelmovement lied about?
    What HASN’T the socialist jew media lied about for Obama?
    Has anyone gotten that $2500 saving on their health insurance?
    Have the millions of illegal aliens helped the economy yet?
    Trusting Obama, or the socialist jew media means you are stupid and gullible….

      1. Why blame me because you are an ignorant as$hole who is too cowardly to GOOGLE?

        Today, seven Jewish-Americans run the vast majority of major U.S. television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

        Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
        Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
        Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
        Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
        Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
        Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
        Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

        These seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

        1. How many times do you need to be humiliated and banned from disqus?You’d think you’d learn that there is no place in society, nor discussion forums for your irrational hatred. . . .

      2. hey sniveling pus$y….which ones are NOT jews?

        What HAVEN’T these GREEDY LYING SOCIALIST JEWS lied to America about?

        Today, seven Jewish-Americans run the vast majority of major U.S. television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

        Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
        Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
        Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
        Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
        Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
        Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
        Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

        These seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

  91. Climate and weather are synonyms. What kind of STUPID DEMOCRAT MORON, still has not figured out that THE WEATHER CHANGES?
    How many of you pathetic Democlowns are too stupid, or too lazy to GOOGLE CLIMATE DEFINITION and see that DEMOCRAT TRASH ARE LYING TO YOU to raise your taxes? Is GOOGLE really Lying????Really?
    How much will taxes have to be raised on working families to keep the weather from changing?