Sick: Warmist Scientist William Connolley Cheers Death of Climate Skeptic Dr. Bob Carter as an ‘advancement in science’ – Gloats: ‘Science Advances One Funeral At A Time’

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Warmist William Connolley: ‘Today brings us news of another such advancement in science, with the reported death of Robert Carter.”

Gren party member William Connolley, is a former climate modeller with the British Antarctic Survey and blogger with warmist website

(See Climate Depot’s tribute to geologist Dr. Bob Carter here. RIP: Aussie Geologist Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Carter – Died at 74 Years of Age – A True Champion of Science!)

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano’s Response to Connolley: ‘You are a pathetic individual who relishes in a scientific colleague’s death in this way. You owe the family of Bob Carter an apology and an apology to the public.’

Climate Audit’s Stephen McIntyre called Connolley’s remarks “sheer mean mindedness.”

Background on Green Party member William Connolley: 

The Truth about – July 6, 2009: ‘Their resident propagandist William Connolley’s job is to edit dissent and smear skeptical scientists on Wikipedia. In the world of global warming alarmist “science” pretending you win is apparently all that matters because in real debates they lose. The truth is that is an environmentalist shill site directly connected to an eco-activist group, Environmental Media Services and Al Gore but they don’t want you to know that.’

Who pays Wikipedia’s William M. Connolley? ‘Granddaddy of green, James Lovelock, warms to eco-skeptics’




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  1. They’re metaphorically practicing witch burning from hundreds of years ago and think the death of a climate realist like Bob Carter is advancing science?
    Do people like that really inhabit the same modern world that I do?

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  2. Can you imagine the comments from the warmunists if the situation were reversed?
    Some of us were assaulted for suggesting we shouldn’t agree with a cancer patient simply because he has cancer.

  3. Marc’s link scontain some of the greatest sidesow wonders of the age, witness what John Ray has to say at Greenie Watch :

    “A kneejerk response towards anyone who challenges the Green/Left is to say that the challenger is “in the pay” of someone — usually “Big Oil” — and usually without a scrap of evidence to that effect….one influential Greenie activist is so busy with his propaganda efforts that it is hard to believe that he has any other job and therefore really COULD be “in the pay” of someone

    I did a bit more research into William M. Connolley and others. I’ll pass this along….If this is what is going on, and if there is government involvement here, this manipulation of Wikipedia would be should be a story even bigger than Climategate.

    My primary reason for believing that WMC is being paid for his editing of Wikipedia is this: When one considers the amount of time WMC devotes to editing Wiki articles … here is simply not enough time left for WMC to have another job.

    Connolley has his own blog…Connolley maintains his own webpage…Connolley also takes time to provide interviews to the likes of the Huffington Post.. so “WMC” could actually now be editing as several different people… SlimVirgin is a fascinating story which provides some clarity on how the manipulation of Wikipedia takes place.

    SlimVirgin is a Cambridge 1984 graduate named Linda Mack… Pierre Salinger (JFK’s press secretary and brother in law) claimed that Linda Mack, a.k.a SlimVirgin was an MI5 agent who was planted in his office following the Lockerbie Scotland plane bombing…

    Judd Bagley, is an expert researcher whom you may want to contact because of the insight he has in regards to SlimVirgin, has been involved with exposing the practice of naked short selling and mob connections to Wall Street. In his research, Bagley comes across a character named Gary Weiss. It has been alleged that GW is connected with gangsters and a cabal of extraordinarily powerful hedge fund managers who have, for a decade, manipulated Wall Street And, like SlimVirgin and William M. Connolley, Weiss is a compulsive and prolific writer .”


  4. It just goes to show that the warming cultists are inherently and congenitally anti-human people. They are the most morally decrepit people on the planet.

  5. Meanwhile, Man-Bear-Pig hibernates in his million dollar Nashville den, rising only occasionally, to sip a little coco, watch the weather report, maybe take in a farm video or two, and then .. yaaaawn .. back to bed..

  6. There is no proof CO2 is a warming gas. If it were true, the whole room would heat up incredibly when these lying Bastards open their yaps. They are basically Eugenicists.

    1. Remember when you up voted me on the new American magazine article on hottest year? Well, right after that they declared the link I provided as “spam” even when the link agreed with them that the Earth is in cool down stage. I will post the link again on this site:
      The Sun is Going to Sleep
      157,476 Views as of 1/21/2016
      Published on Jul 10, 2015
      Needless to say, I unsubscribed from a supposed freedom of speech magazine that wants to neglect the truth that the Sun is responsible for Earth weather, earthquakes & volcanoes and that we can look at the Suns daily weather forecast 6AM EST:

  7. Jct: God, William Connolley, the mole who deleted all those Wikipedia articles critical of the fraud? I thought he’d hide his face in shame forever. But the crooks just don’t appreciate that after we are once disgusted, we are forever disgusted by such scientific and intellectual criminality. When the frozen corpses start coming in and people start ruing the trillions spent on preparing for warmth because of guys like Connolley, nice to know we’ll be able to find them. What an offensive troll who committed such damage. Glad I can get his name up on my facebook Global Warming Hoaxers Wall of Shame.

      1. Jct: You puked me out at the time you got caught. Made quite an impact. A lot of lives are going to be lost to cold. If some other moderator committed all the censorship and framed you, poor you. Never saw you vindicated after you were ousted. Gosh, it would be terrible if I’ve hated your guts all these years and you’re innocent. Do you have your side of the story posted anywhere? If so, I owe you a read and even maybe an apology. But I’d bet not.

          1. Jct: So it wasn’t worth your doing it because others could undo it? Pretty lame alibi. I always wondered how other editors would even notice once it was gone? Anyway, your deleting even one opposing view was too much. Still voting guilty when the frozen corpses start coming in just for being on the tricksters’ side.

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