Sec. Kerry challenges climate skeptics at House hearing: If skeptics are wrong and nothing is done, ‘life on the Earth can literally end’

John Kerry

Washington D.C. – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry challenged global warming skeptics on Thursday at a Congressional hearing: Kerry, appearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, explained that if skeptics are wrong and nothing is done, “life on the Earth can literally end.” Kerry has been championed a new UN climate change treaty. Kerry has called on U.S. envoys to make climate change a “top priority.” The New York Times reported that Kerry “hopes to use his position as secretary of state to achieve a legacy on global warming that has long eluded him.”

Climate Depot Reality Check on Kerry’s claim: 

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano responded to Kerry’s claim that government action of some type would act as an insurance policy against global warming

Morano: “Why not get a climate insurance policy? Why would you buy an insurance policy on your home that costs more than your home is worth and would pay out virtually nothing if your home burned down? You wouldn’t, that would be insurance fraud, but that is what they are selling. The UN’s Kyoto protocol, even if fully implemented and ratified — which it never was — wouldn’t even have had a noticeable impact on global temperatures in 50 to 100 years [according to warmists’ own estimates.] In the U.S., with cap-and-trade and carbon taxes — not only would they not impact global temperatures, but they would not even impact global CO2 levels.

The idea that somehow we can do an insurance policy with anything the United Nations is currently proposing is pure madness. It is silliness to think that treaties and acts of Congress or the EU can control the weather in any way that would be noticeable.

The question is: If you are right, we basically have to accept a climate catastrophe because there is no solution according to you guys, other than just restricting economies and emissions.”

End Morano statement.


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  1. It’s baffling, how does an such abject moron get appointed to such a position of importance? Is he incompetent or just extremely dishonest?

  2. How the Global Warming Scare Began

    Even though temperatures have not risen in years (despite the rise in CO2), Kerry is on a suicide mission to impair America’s ability to secure her energy future with renewable energy that:

    Provides a fraction of the energy fossil fuel does;

    Is intermittent and unreliable;

    Causes great harm to the environment;

    “Skyrockets” fuel prices that harms poor people the most and

    Does nothing to mitigate Climate Change.

    Gaia Weeps –

  3. Maybe he should focus on his job or did he not notice the Russians taking over parts of the Ukraine? But nah worry about the climate, Putin must by laughing his head off.

  4. Secy Kerry does not have even one piece of emprical evidence linking the activities of mankind to the climate – not one. So, how can he debate from a vacuum? This is why the religion of global warming, climate change or whatever they are calling it today is so powerful; it is built solely on faith with no empirical evidence.

  5. In the past CO2 levels have been more than 10 times what they are today and no tipping point was ever reached. There was never any runaway global warming. Over the eons the climate has been stable enough to allow life to evolve. We are here. For those who believe in the greenhouse effect, the primary greenhouse gas in the earth’s atmosphere is H2O and it provides ample negative feedbacks to charges in CO2 so as to mitigate any effect that CO2 might have on climate. There is no real evidence in the paleoclimate record that CO2 has ever had any effect on climate. One cannot prove that CO2 has no effect and there is some rational that it might but no real evidence. The IPCC, in an attempt to in part provide evidence that AGW is real, generated a large number of climate models. The large number of climate models predicted a wide range of global temperatures. The large number of climate models generating a wide range of results is evidence that the IPCC did not really know what they were doing. These models are nothing but elaborate guesses. They do have one thing in common. They have been all wrong. They have failed to predict today’s temperatures. They have predicted global warming that has not happened. If these models provide any evidence at all it is that AGW is not happening. Apparently Mr. Kerry has been swayed by the hype and not the science.

  6. Kerry being an idiot, should possibly be given some leeway over his completely ignorant statement. Ant review of the planets history would reveal , to even the most cursory of glances that the planet and its lifeforms have endured conditions many times more severe than anything that is foreboded by AGW. The human race may no longer exist, a condition in which Mother nature may very well throw a party , that is if she even bothers to notice. But it is next to impossible unlikely life itself would be threatened.

  7. So we have the possibility that things will turn out bad in the way you claim if we don’t let you guys go full tilt boogie or we have the certainty that things will continue their spiral into the craphole because of the little you guys have already done that you want us to let you do more of.

  8. God say John Kerry is a liar< of course this is nothing new.
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  9. There is nothing less scientific than “prove me wrong” rather than presenting affirmative science to back a claim. Climate fear mongering is right up there in hyperbolic anti-science. Essentially it’s a political/religious belief not a science that drives the warming socialists.

  10. The first broad based junk science came from economics, Keynesian cycle management through government “action”. Then the tribal domination of academia until all non Keynesian’s were purged. It’s a completely null philosophy as well but it serves the interests of expanding government and the state for of all things “the common good”.

    Climate change is an opportunity to expand the state into everything and the “science” was and is secondary. Focusing on wonky science claims in fact serves alarmist interests and distracts from the actual motives of academic and greenshirt activity.

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