Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. Rips ‘Big Climate’ for having ‘similarities’ with ‘Big Tobacco’ & ‘Big NFL’ – Pielke Jr. specifically linked UN IPCC and Michael Mann’s tactics to ‘Big Tobacco’ and ‘Big NFL’

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Michael Mann lawyers up with Tobacco Lawyers! Represented by experienced defamation lawyer John B. Williams who successfully represented R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company – Mann’s lawyer ‘successfully defended R.J. Reynolds in commercial speech case filed by FTC challenging cartoon character, Joe Camel’ 

Flashback: Warmists’ mimic tobacco industry tactics: ‘Like tobacco industry, Warmists’ manufactured uncertainty & fear by stridently proclaiming certainty & consensus based on dubious & uncertain modeled results predicting disastrous consequences of a warmer climate’

Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ smears skeptical scientists as akin to tobacco industry in debate with Climate Depot’s Marc Morano on Stossel’s Fox show on January 23, 2014:

NYE: ‘This is perfectly analogous to the cigarette industry and cancer, trying to introduce the idea that since you can’t prove any one thing, the whole thing is in — is in doubt.’

MORANO: ‘For Nye to bring up cigarettes – it’s the global warming scientists who are the ones fulfilling a narrative. I mean we have Michael Oppenheimer, one of the lead U.N. scientists, took an endowment from Barbra Streisand. Hollywood – he’s the climatologists to the stars. It’s so insulting to imply that somehow skeptical scientists are on the pay like tobacco companies. It’s the height of arrogance when you look at the actual data, the global warming scientists, through government grants, foundations, through media empowerment, have the full advantages of government money, foundation money, university money. There’s not even any comparison.’]

JOHN STOSSEL: As a consumer reporter, I’ve covered 1,000 scares. Lawn chemicals, cell phone radiation, pesticide residues, plastic bottles killing people, power lines, Mad Cow Disease was going to kill everybody. And always the example is, yes, there were doubters about cigarettes. I mean that one example doesn’t mean that the global warming scare is correct.’


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The latest edition of Mathematics Today includes a review of the Hockey Stick Illusion

New Book ‘The Hockey Stick Illusion’ details the case against Michael Mann’s Hockey stick temp chart – ‘Exposes in delicious detail, datum by datum, how a great scientific mistake of immense political weight was perpetrated, defended and camouflaged by a scientific establishment that should now be red with shame’

Funding Links about ‘Big Climate’:

The Black Hole of Global Warming Spending: U.S. government spends $10.6 million a day on climate change — $4 billion a year

Global warming gets nearly twice as much taxpayer money ($22.2 Billion in 2013) as border security ($12 Billion)

Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘The bottom line is, the money is all on the side of [man-made climate fear] promotion. ExxonMobil gets excoriated for$19 million allegedly given to skeptical [climate] groupsWell, one USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) farm grant of $20 million to study how farm odors contributed to global warming exceeded all the money the largest oil company (ExxonMobil) has ever been accused of giving. This is big business in Washington. The environmental groups are just chomping at the bit for what is about to happen in DC. He who controls carbon controls life. It is a bureaucrat’s dream to control carbon dioxide and Washington is a field of dreams right now. [

The Global Warming Science Machine: $79 Billion and Counting

Report: ‘Monopolistic Science’: Feds have spent $79 billion on global warming policies and researc

Bjorn Lomborg: EU plans to waste $7 trillion on climate policies that will make no noticeable difference – ‘Today’s policies to combat climate change cost much more than the benefits they produce’ – ‘For every dollar spent, the EU stands to avoid about 10 cents of damage. This does not mean that climate change is not important; it means only that the EU’s climate policy is not smart. Over the course of this century, the ideal EU policy would cost more than $7 trillion, yet it would reduce the temperature rise by just 0.05 degrees Celsius and lower sea levels by a trivial 9 millimeters [note even these tiny changes based on flawed models are highly exaggerated]. After spending all that money, we would not even be able to tell the difference.’Bjorn Lomborg: ‘Germany Spends $110 Billion to Delay Global Warming by 37 Hours’

Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano on Fox News on World Economic Forum $14 Trillion Climate Plan: ‘It implies that if we spend $14 trillion we can prevent another storm like Sandy’

World Is Spending $1 Billion Per Day To Tackle Global Warming

UN Report Admits That Going Green Will Cost $76 Trillion 

UN high priest of global warming Christiana Figueres describes her job as “sacred” — The top climate official at the United Nations has described her role in pushing nations to contain the Earth’s shifting climate as a “sacred” job.”We are truly defining the quality of life for our children,”I fully intend my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be able to live on this planet. This job is a sacred responsibility…”Cumulatively we have already invested over a trillion dollars into renewable energies such as solar and wind but that is still far from where we need to get. We need to be investing a trillion every year,” Figueres said.

On Dec. 21, Gore accused skeptics of ‘dark money’ funding — 5 days AFTER touting his own ‘ANONYMOUS’ donor would match donations to Gore


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