Philippines lead negotiator at UN climate summit in Warsaw puts the blame for typhoon on global warming – ‘Yeb Sano announces he will not eat during the conference, until a meaningful agreement has been achieved’

Philippines lead negotiator at the COP 19 in Warsaw puts the blame for super typhoon on global warming

COP 19, the annual UN global warming mega jamboree has opened in Warsaw. The lead negotiator for the Philippines, Yeb Sano, was one of the first speakers:1145 – There is now a three minutes silence for the tragedy in the Philippines. Delegates are on their feet. Some are joining Sano in shedding tears for the loss of lives that occurred during the typhoon.1141 – Yeb Sano announces he will not eat during the conference, until a meaningful agreement has been achieved.1125 – Yeb Sano, the delegate from the Philippines, is up now. This is a more emotional speech than most – the Philippines are currently suffering in the aftermath of an enormous typhoon that has left the Filipino delegation reeling in shock. All of the other countries have expressed their sympathy to the Philippines, with many wearing flowers to express their sympathy. He cracks up as he references the fact that he is speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, having perished in Typhoon Haiyan. Here is an excerpt from Sano’s speech: What my country is going through as a result of this extreme climate event is madness. The climate crisis is madness.We can stop this madness. Right here in Warsaw.It is the 19th COP, but we might as well stop counting, because my country refuses to accept that a COP30 or a COP40 will be needed to solve climate change. And because it seems that despite the significant gains we have had since the UNFCCC was born, 20 years hence we continue to fail in fulfilling the ultimate objective of the Convention.  Now, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to ask ourselves – can we ever attain the objective set out in Article 2 – which is to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system? By failing to meet the objective the Convention, we may have ratified the doom of vulnerable countries.–I speak for my delegation. But more than that, I speak for the countless people who will no longer be able to speak for themselves after perishing from the storm. I also speak for those who have been orphaned by this tragedy. I also speak for the people now racing against time to save survivors and alleviate the suffering of the people affected by the disaster. We can take drastic action now to ensure that we prevent a future where super typhoons are a way of life. Because we refuse, as a nation, to accept a future where super typhoons like Haiyan become a fact of life. We refuse to accept that running away from storms, evacuating our families, suffering the devastation and misery, having to count our dead, become a way of life. We simply refuse to. We must stop calling events like these as natural disasters. It is not natural when people continue to struggle to eradicate poverty and pursue development and gets battered by the onslaught of a monster storm now considered as the strongest storm ever to hit land. It is not natural when science already tells us that global warming will induce more intense storms. It is not natural when the human species has already profoundly changed the climate.



Of course we all express our sympathy to the Philippines. The typhoon that hit the island state was a terrible disaster, and the international community should be ready to offer all possible assistance to the people in need. However, the Philippines lead negotiator who spoke in Warsaw, does not deserve our sympathy. To blame the tragic natural disaster on human caused global warming/climate change – as the Jeb Sano did in Warsaw – is preposterous and totally unfounded. There is not a shred of proof for his claim. Instead of grandstanding in Warsaw, Mr. Sano should take the first flight home, and join the rescue and support efforts.

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  1. For Marc Morano to say that any link between Super Typhoon Haiyan and global warming is “preposterous” is in itself preposterous. But we know where he stands — with the forces of darkness, the fossil fuel lobby and other vested interests

  2. Mr. Marc Morano, it’s not grandstanding, its a reality checked! Whether you accept or choose not, there are some evil minds in this world who wants us all eradicated. May they rot in hell! and you, I believe you are not a Filipino, since you have the nerve to say this is “preposterous’!. But if you are a Filipino, shame on you! Either you choose to remain neutral to protect your stand and “assets” or you’re just a “paid” dummy.

  3. I suggest you Mr. Marc Morano and other people who agree with you, start reading your grade school books and while you’re at it read from these sites too (some helpful sites i’ve picked up from other threads)

    The more fuels we use, the higher our CO2 is. The higher the CO2, the warmer it gets. And how are typhoons formed?

    “You need two components to have a typhoon to form, the ocean and the heat of warm air. Since heat rises the warm air is pushed up into the sky and can cause a large swirling action which creates a typhoon. The moister of the ocean coupled with the heat of the air can keep the typhoon going and growing.”

    So stop it with the “It wasn’t my fault” kind of attitude. Shame on you.

  4. The most vulnerable communities in asia, along low-lying coastlines and river deltas and the most vulnerable to climate change and yet they remain largely silent because these people don’t have the comforts of developed countries. No TV no Internet – no ability to say – STOP BEING SO Selfish and think about others less fortunate before you slam climate science you understand so little about

  5. Just sharing my ideas.

    1. Visayan region in Philippines averages 2-3 storms in every 2 years( this was 6 yrs ago during my highschool days) and now averages at least 2 per year..(for 15 years before 2008 my village didnt had any flood but starting that year onwards till today weve been flooded 3 times, always when after the storm:too much heat creates to much clouds, clouds contain the water, too many water being dropped by the storm caused floods- now tell me its normal)
    2. Storms causes the sea level rise (during storm surges)..means when warming in the climate is vast so the increase of water level also do..the higher the sea level the more water storm surge will create (storm surge is the one who killed thousands of people in Tacloban, just so you know)
    3. Normally, a storm moves upwards but the typhoon that hit Philippines maintain very slight upward movement..which i think was due to the weight this storm had..(in thermodynamics, warm air goes up, cold air goes down- relating it to Ice melting in Siberia this days; i wonder how much this year had)
    4. To much heat from the climate will cause much more formation of clouds and when low pressure is created so will the storm comes out.
    5. Another idea, just theory..when earthquake hit Bohol it generate to much heat released from underground..causing the vast formation of clouds..its all Heat..its all in the Heat..
    6. Science is basic..dont be ignorant or else youll become stupid..and remember, in science everything are related.

  6. Interesting, the September 2013 issue of the National Graphic in its article “Rising Seas” talks about how global warming puts mankind in a vulnerable state during a predicted supertyphoon because of the rising sea levels. The article showed a model of what would happen to New York if a Sandy-like storm surge in 2100 hurled at the city because the sea had risen five feet higher. Flooding in Manila, Philippines is even in the graphic page of the actual magazine. It says global sea-level rise is amplified there by rapidly subsiding land. You can also find most of the text of the article at

    Climate change or global warming might not cause a super typhoon but it aggravates its effect because the water has risen due to global warming.

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