Obama Navy Chief: We’re greening Navy & Marine Corps partly ‘because we’re closet tree-huggers’

Assistant Secretary of the Navy Dennis McGinn says that he and the Obama team are greening the US Navy and Marines Corps “not just because we’re closet tree-huggers or anything like that — we are –” but instead to field the most “capable Navy and Marine Corps team we possibly can”.

SECRETARY MCGINN: “It’s unfortunate that years ago energy was so politicized. But, I think we’re getting over that very, very quickly, and people are realizing that we’re doing this not just because we’re closet tree-huggers or anything like that — we are — but it is because we are in the business of fielding the most expeditionary capable Navy and Marine Corps team we possibly can, and that is an enduring principle.”

The US Navy & Cutting Edge Energy Innovation in the Defense Sector
Atlantic Council
April 12, 2016


Navy to require climate change reporting from vendors – ‘Requiring big vendors to report their output of climate-changing greenhouse gases and work to lower it.’

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 3:17 pm | Updated: 3:45 pm, Tue Apr 12, 2016.

“We’ve got skin in this game,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus told a Silicon Valley conference on tech, government and climate change, noting that the Navy is facing rising ocean levels and a surge of interest as ice melts in the Arctic.

The U.S. military has characterized climate change as a threat to national security since at least 2014, saying drought and other natural disasters can foster instability, conflict and extremism.

The move seeks to leverage the Navy’s $170 billion budget to encourage contractors to cut their overall output of climate-changing carbon.

The policy announced by Mabus did not immediately commit the Navy to cutting off companies with high emissions Companies and governments typically use such emissions reports as a factor in choosing suppliers


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  1. The first ones to go in a Republican Administration are the bozos like McGinn. This eco-rot must be flushed out of the military asap in order to put the priority back on military effectiveness. The big lie is the U.S. military characterizing climate change a threat to national security. It is the Dumbo in the White House that put that requirement out there – flush, flush, flush…repeat.

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  2. Mr. McGinn, you are a complete fool and idiot, devoid of value. If you had an ounce of honor, you would resign, but alas, you are a far-left zombie and will have to be fired.

  3. November cannot come fast enough for the American people, Obama the traitor will be gone and the global climate hoax will be exposed and we can start jailing the perpetrators of this fraud starting with slime gore.

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