NOAA: USA July Temps Below Normal For 3rd Year in a Row


NOAA July 2015 – USA – Below Normal For 3rd Year in a Row

— sunshinehours1 @ 8:08 AM

According to the NOAA , Maximum temperatures in the USA were -0.77F colder than the 1901-2000 average.

1936 was ranked 121 (121 is hottest) and was 4.93F hotter than 2015.

2015 was only ranked 34.




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A new record ‘Pause’ length: No global warming for 18 years 7 months – Temperature standstill extends to 223 months

A new record ‘Pause’ length: No global warming for 18 years 7 months – Temperature standstill extends to 223 months


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    1. That is why the environmental religious fundamentalist, extremists, had to change the narrative to man made “climate change.” That way no matter what the normal global variations in temperature or general weather conditions, the religious fundamentalists extremists, can still blame it on mankind.

      1. When did ‘religious fundamentalist extremists’ whoever they might be, start chiming in on global warming. I’m interested. Can you cite some examples or provide a link? It’s a new one for me.

          1. In that sense, perfectly correct. Although, I believe he would have been more forthright had he used the word ‘cult’ instead of religion, not to split hairs. Good catch.

        1. Does it actually require a degree in either SATIRE or SARCASM to understand the tongue in cheek use of ‘religious fundamentalist extremists’ AKA Al Gore’s unthinking believers? For a link watch ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and note Rev. Gore’s false statement regarding the ten warmest years on record which all fall within the longest pause on record which can be viewed above.

        2. hmmmm – the Pope

          Also google “michael crichton climate change religion youtube”
          And watch the video how he compares environmentalism to a religion.

        3. He posted “environmental religious fundamentalist, extremist” meaning the environment is their religion. Take another look there easy reader.

        4. How ’bout this. OBAMA is the world’s most evil soul crushing DICTATORSHIP power tripping incompetent gun grabbin’ weak namby pamby in History!!!

      2. Correct. Now the media narrative is the weather is going to kill you. Read your fear inducing headlines. The weather that a decade ago couldn’t be conflated with the climate, as we were told by the talking AlGore puppets, is not the direct result of man burning fossil fuel which turned global warming into snowmageddon. Look out your window, if it is not an ideal day it is all your fault.

        1. We have become so reliant on air conditioning, any day that requires it is proof we are killing this planet. Spend the whole day in an office blasting AC and then leave when it is in the 90’s in July or August (I mean can you imagine it getting that hot in those months?) and some people think the whole world is going to end. I can only imagine someone from the 1950’s travelling into the future to 2015 sitting on their front porch with a fan and iced tea laughing because our reaction to a typical summer is more entertaining than the Ed Sullivan Show.

          1. Hyperbolic NBC online has recently called high 80’s in July devastating heat and warns of rain (not storms just heavy rain for the plants and trees) moving west to east in a headline. Yet the worst part of this is that post 1990 public school graduates feel guilty about it, normal old weather, and think the Government can change temperatures and alter weather systems. The question is will we end up with a benevolent totalitarian rule ala Huxley’s Brave New World or is a malevolent Big Brother in our near future looks as if Orwell was off by half a century.

            1. I would love someone to answer this question: How could the climate scientists possibly know what the temps were on the ocean surfaces before satellites? It seems to me preposterous that they call 2014…and most likely 2015 the hottest years EVER when reading accurate temps in the ocean even now is considered impossible, let alone during the 80 years dating back to 1880. Do they have historical readings from U-Boat captains in the 1930s? Perhaps ships and schooners traversing the Indian Ocean were equipped with reading devises in those days?
              Putting that argument aside, how about accurate land readings from before…let’s say…the fall of the Soviet Union? There is no way they could possibly know with any degree of accuracy what temperatures were in February of 1952 in Siberia, Nigeria or anywhere out in the hinterland. Morons, one and all.

            1. Actually most people are smart, never under estimate. The problem is not stupidity it is laziness. As evidenced by what I call “sound bite people”.

                    1. You are confusing intelligence with knowledge. Ignorance comes from the word ignore which denotes not to have knowledge of. Whereas stupidity means you don’t have the ability to learn.
                      And you are right. 50% of the population has and I.Q. below 100. But I never put much stock in the I.Q. test. It’s really a measure of knowledge. Just give an I.Q. test to someone who has lived in the jungle all their life and never had any formal education.

                    2. I guess only older, highly intelligent people like you really know. I’m too young to figure it out for myself. I’m thankful we have smarties like you.

          1. Moral of that story is stop working out in 103 degrees. Or stop working out and see a doctor, hoping for a good prognosis. Problem solved. But nooooo! the left wants to drive up our cost of energy artificially against the dictates of supply and demand, drive down the quality of our lives and give over all power and control to a centralized government that is owned by the wealthiest of the 1%.

              1. Hope Trump wins and investigates this tyrant and locks him up in a cage next to Hitlery in one of those politically correct non gender specific prisens.

              1. Stop letting other people think for you. This two party system back and forth that is played out in the media is a magic trick and we all know the art of the trick is in the misdirection.
                When I say wealthy I mean Rockefeller Rich. When they want to buy a mansion for their Son/Daughter graduating from his/ her 4 year Ivy League vacation they instruct their trust manager to acquire it whole and add it to the real property asset column of their Multi Billion Dollar trust fund and then bribe the district council to wave the property taxes. They stock the garage with the cars of his/her choice and get them jobs at whatever New York Corporation he/she wants to work for.
                Lloyd The 1% of the 1% aren’t political they own the politicians who are their puppets. Politicians vote according to the whim of those who buy their seats and the wealthy whim is whatever is in their best interest. It isn’t a them and us, Republican/Democrat thing. It is We The Wealthy. This is the oldest of the old boys club with very strict admission standards for the nouveau riche. They think and act as a block and own more Assets, money and other peoples debt than you can wrap your brain around. They are the Puppet Masters who created this show called two party politics to distract you and me from the truth of who really is running the country.
                Now here is the thinking for yourself part. What percentage of the U.S. Net Worth do you suppose the 1% owns? that is your first homework assignment. Here is a hint, it is more than enough to move financial markets buying and owning controlling shares of corporations. When they painted themselves into the corner with the Real Estate bust and their derivative plan blew up in their face they instructed the politicians to pass TARP and go borrow money on the backs of the middle class to bail them out.
                99% of Americans have tossed and turned, at some point in their lives, sleepless over financial issues. What do you suppose keeps those who own the politicians and buy mansions like you buy new cell phone lose sleep over? Let me help you with this one. Would they lose sleep if gas went to $10 or gallon? no. They lose sleep over a growing population, third world industrialization and an ever increasing demand on limited fossil fuel. They can afford $10 gas for all 10 of their cars. They can’t afford to run out of gas.
                So Lloyd, this CAGW scare is a ruse so that a voting majority will turn to their politicians (read puppet masters) and vote them the power to control the flow of fossil fuels.

        2. Now the Weather Service is into Panic. Every storm, every report of bad weather, has “dire” consequences. You never hear about good weather anymore. Why sell panic? Because it makes you tune in later, to see how bad it’s getting.

          1. Actually, It is the major flaw in generalized tactic. The individual media outlets are given their marching orders, Rocco, and they run of in every direction like a pack of obedient barking dogs. What the puppet masters fail to realize is that, like the parable of the boy who cried wolf, their panic headlines are starting to fall on deaf ears and eyes. When storms appear as rain and fail to carry the commensurate devastation to the warning, people begin to tune out not tune in. Problem then becomes, when a real danger appears, people get hurt because they don’t heed the warning.

              1. I am saying they are advancing preset agendas. Anthropogenic Global Warming is one of their biggies. I am not a FOX apologist and find Bill O’reilly, along with most talking heads, supremely annoying

                But I don’t understand your problem? If you don’t like the agendas they are advancing at Fox change the channel. I don’t believe CNN or MSNBC are following the War on Christmas. They are preoccupied with finding a racist cop in every precinct woodpile. Check it out.

                1. Well Fox News is excited about the WAR on Lightbulbs too. CNN is just Fox Lite, and MSNBC’s big hitter is Joe in the morning… corporate media are simply whores for the corporations. No news on any of them. It’s all corporate propaganda.

                  1. You appear to have a clue but you are not really digging deep enough. CNN is a ABNBCBs 24/7 amplipher. Fox is their counter propagandists. MSNBC stands for Made-up-of Socialist Ninnies (who are) Batshite Crazy.

                    Digging deeply you find that The 2 party system is corrupted and consisting of Demoplicans and Republicrats who are the opposite side of the same coin and that coin is owned by the same principle wealth holders (often labeled the 1 percenters but really the 1% of the 1% and their minions) who own the billion dollar trusts that control majority shares in corporate America, the Ministry of Propaganda aka the Media, and the puppets on a string we call the 21st century Politician. Their bickering and finger pointing that plays out on the Propaganda channels is nothing more than kabuki theater to mask their joint cocktail parties and inbreeding. The GovMint Bureaucrats are the 1of1% front line generals who integrate policy for their profit. This is a very tightly controlled magic show using misdirection to mask the purposeful disappearing act of the vanishing middle class followed by every totalitarians favorite act the disappearing individual liberties. Poof! Now you see em, now you don’t!

                    1. Socialist Ninnies? What does that make Fox and their extreme war mongering far right? Do you have the same regard for the extreme far right war monger party as you do for the socialists?

                    2. So that was your takeaway? Oh we are so screwed. The Puppet Masters have managed to polarize this country so badly that people like you put on political team jersey’s and run around railing about the other team.

                      I don’t care what that makes FOX. You are the one with a Fox derangement syndrome. I don’t give a minutes thought about Fox’s right wing manipulations because they can’t affect my thinking. You need to wake up and understand that you are the problem. Stop being an apologist for those nutjob tools of the manipulators at MSNBC, CNN, ABNBCBS, or Fox news. They have their orders from on high and they carry them out blindly. And based upon your reaction, effectively, brainwashing jersey wearers like yourself.

                      Until you realize that you are an American, not a special interest American but the plain kind that other citizens of the world long to become. Until you can see you and your fellow Americans have been pitted against each other to the benefit of the wealth holders who direct both right and left wing messages while they hide in plain sight manipulating this puppet show we call politics, we will continue to degrade into this finger pointing blame game society on the verge of civil war.

                      If you want to see the real problem take a long look in the mirror. The problem isn’t Fox or CNN or MSNBC (and yes they are absolutely batshite crazy over their). The problem is you for listening to them and not thinking for yourself.

                    3. Well I can see the media corporate whores own CNN, MSNBC, and FOX They are pushing the media corporate whore candidate Rubio and Hillary. Fox went to court to prove they can lie legally and misinform. They won a judgment. Media is nothing but an INFOMERICAL for the corporate oligarchs.

                    4. I don’t necessarily disagree with your final take but you have to live under a rock to not be aware that Trump is sucking all the air out of the media discussions so supplanting Rubio for Trump speaks volumes about who scares you the most.

                      I will leave you with this thought. I would much rather meet you for coffee and have an informed and intelligent discussion about what is wrong with this country and how we can all come together to fix it rather.than to waste more time on this comment board playing the “Oh Yeah! Well this politician is this and that politician is that and this news outlet said this stupid thing and that media outlet said that stupid thing” game.

                      I think we can both agree that the latter exercise is one of futility. It is in fact what those nameless wealth holders who own the corporations which includes these media outlets, who own the politicians who install the heads of bureaucracies, who run the public school systems and endow the Universities, who manufacture boogiemen under the bed like AGW to whip us into a state of fear and guilt, Those nameless few who run this country want to keep us citizens busily at each others throats and it is working for them.

                      At the very least we should be looking for a politician who honestly try’s to unite us to work together in the best interest of all Americans. I don’t know how old you are but we haven’t had that kind of dialogue in this country of the UNITED States of America for a very long time. The propagandists (doing the job they are paid to do) have spent the last half century defining interest groups and then pitting them against each other to create the DIVIDED States of America.

                      The best thing we can do is stop listening to them and start talking to each other.

      1. And the Popes, and Obama’s and Hillary’s and every rich idiot who believes that buying so called carbon foot prints makes the better than the rest of us!
        By the way does anybody know some moron rich enough to buy my carbon foot print, I’m retired and I could sure use the extra cash!

            1. I thought it was all caused by the flatulent cattle. That’s why I do my part to battle climate change by eating all the beef I can. One steak at a time.

              1. And I am a staunch member of P.E.T.A. – People Eating Tasty Animals!

                There’s room for all God’s creatures – right next to the mashed potatoes…

                  1. Ran into a woman carrying a PETA water bottle and told her, “Hey! We belong to the same group. People eating tasty animals!”

                    Her head only spun around twice so I figured I left something on the table. The look from her was priceless. The laughter from bystanders was overwhelming! 🙂

              2. Naw, I read where some guy said it was the sheep in New Zealand that are causing the problems, but then again I also heard it was the cattle!
                I believe it is all that hot air coming out of the mouths of all those idiot liberals going bonkers over the end of the world because of global warming!
                I hope they all get caught out in the next extremely severe blizzard God throws at us, and that will solve the global warming problem because there won’t be anybody left to scream about it!

          1. No, I think 1mike has is right, oddly enough. The purchase of a carbon credit permits one to leave a carbon footprint. Of course, there will be speculators who profit from trading in carbon credits but leave no tracks…er, footprints.

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            1. He’s right. I know for a fact ’cause I tried it. So don’t lecture me about carbon footprints, until you’ve walked a mile in my charcoal shoes.

          2. Al Gore has personally pocketed half a billion bucks off of the AGW fairy tale (despite every single aspect of his goofy little sci fi flick being debunked) and there are literally trillions of more dollars to be made from carbon taxes on the middle class. People have been known to do some truly horrific things in their quest for money, the AGW scam is simply one more example of the abject evil inherent in the leftist psyche.

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          1. Hey! He just want life to be FAIR! (Of course it isn’t and never will be, as GOD did not design the world that way, but it is what the Pope wants…)


        W A K E U P!

        1. Thats because they know how to handle money and we know how to hand it to them….. Stop buying shit you don’t need… dont fall for the credit lie… live below your means… win the game.

          1. I’m not talking about successful capitalism.
            I’m talking about the redistribution of wealth from one group to another.
            Your advice is spot on but not relevant to that issue.
            The game has been rigged.
            Their Risk has been socialized at our expense.

        1. Really sparky? That’s the best you have? I’ve forgotten more than a cretin that beliefs the MMGW scam knows. Maybe your should remove your head from your posterior and actually do some research on the subject instead of believing the b.s. spread by AL Gore.

          1. Please try to obtain a brain transplant asap, you’re starting to sound even more dumb and delusional than usual – whatever is left of your brain must be on its last legs.

      3. ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪



        ==OVER HERE=====

    2. The global warming scam will end when all the anti capitalist in the world die of global warming!
      I suggest they all commit suicide so they won’t have to go through the horrible agony of being burned up alive! Much better option for them!

    3. The day that happens will be the day they start addressing the real problem – air, land, and water pollution. There has been no global warming for almost 20 years. If man is responsible for any warming during that period of time, our contribution masked the global cooling that would have otherwise been evident. Global cooling will soon make itself evident and that’s why the focus will soon be on pollution, if the left dares to contradict itself by venturing there.

      We can’t put a dent in climate change, but we can certainly put a dent in pollution. And just how much more pollution will the US be creating with a population double what it is today? With wide open borders, we’re in for a population explosion. You greenies need to seriously ponder that because rapid population growth means a rapid increase in all types of pollution.

      1. Wise… You are a lot closer to a real problem than all this: carbon footprint – fabricated catastrophic warming – global political prestidigitation.
        The fact is the real problem, which the CAGW alarmist crowd doesn’t have the courage to discuss, is their actual, real. concern over growing global population i.e. its consequences to the earth environment, the demand and drain on natural resources etc. If they just spoke honestly to their real issue they might get an actual 97% consensus of the people. Instead they created a boogie man out of Climate Change without a word of acknowledgement to three principal issues:
        1.Some force other than burning fossil fuel (Honest scientists hypothesize the sun) caused the climate to change on planet earth before man crawled out of the primordial ooze. If you stopped the burning of all fossil fuel around the world forever the climate will still change of it’s won accord.
        2. Although they are calling for action from the Worlds Governments, The governments can not exercise control over the climate It’s going to change and all the scientists governments can buy, can’t alter it. Even if they could herd all these cats (World Governments) to act in unison they couldn’t move climate in a desired direction. We can and should however teach every citizen to be good stewards, conserve and keep our house in good working order.
        3. At some point one of three apocalyptic types events will likely happen before the Climate starts killing us off. a) a solar event extinguishes life on earth. Scientists estimate the sun is half way through a 9 billion year life cycle but it could explode tomorrow b) meter strike resets evolution c) global thermonuclear war. President Obama just built Iran a yellow brick (cake) road which will be completed in less than a decade. We can at least do something about b and c and all further Global Warming funding should be diverted to those ends.

      1. BB I just read that in a survey of scientists the majority voted to keep it classified as a planet. I think they call that a consensus but we know that it doesn’t settle anything.

  1. Yes, no global warming. Well except for Iran which has seen temperatures as high as 165 degrees F during July. But that’s because some country is using ionosphereic heaters over them. No wonder Obama doesn’t care about the treaty.

    Breakfast in Iran is “Sunni” side up or “Shiite” on a shingle.


      1. Heat indexes, like wind chill, can be misleading. I wish the weather people would stick with the actual temperature being forecast or reported, not some made up extreme number. But the heat index sure makes it look a lot hotter, thus “proving” AGW.

      1. They’ll say with a straight face that the cooling was due to the warming. Really. I’ve already heard that one from these nuts as an explanation. Wheeeeew! Out there!

  2. At one given time or another Liberals have blamed

    Global Cooling/Warming/Climate Change for anyone of the following.
    Rising sea levels.
    Falling sea levels.
    Rising temperatures.
    Cooling temperatures.
    Decreased sea ice.
    Increased sea ice.
    More hurricanes.
    Fewer hurricanes.
    Increase in Polar Ice.
    Decline of Polar Ice.
    Increase in severe Thunder storms.
    Decrease in severe Thunder storms.
    Crashing computer hard drives.
    Erectile dysfunction
    One lasting for more than 4 hours…
    Lerner’s E-mails mysteriously disappearing.
    Lerner’s E-mails mysteriously reappearing
    Electronic voting machines inexplicitly selecting Democrat when Republican is chosen.

    And if you don’t religiously and unequivocally believe this, then…
    You are considered _______________. (Insert any one of many derogatory names
    the oh, so tolerant Left has for anyone who dares to have a different opinion than

    Oh, and if you even slightly question the BHO then you’re also a racist
    Intolerance will no longer be tolerated…

    World debt has now exceeded $600 trillion dollars as world governments prop up their failed economies fixing nothing as the US has been doing having the Fed buy securities to the tune of $85 Billon a month over the past 7 years. World governments need a new cash flow source to continue their lavish spending and “the people” are that source.

    Besides, even if one does believe in global warming, who in their right mind think that giving trillions of dollars to the likes of Al Gore and The Obama is really going to fix anything…

  3. How can these numbers be true if global warming/climate change in the United States is a FACT?? Global warming alarmists will either stay quiet about this report or they will magically use it to “prove” their case as they like to do with EVERY SINGLE WEATHER/CLIMATE EVENT even when that event contradicts their case.

  4. Ummm….I can’t keep up with the scientists. First it was global warming, then cooling, then climate change, now climate cycle….. It’s giving me a headache.
    Maybe they just know. Now there’s a novel concept.

  5. Follow the Money!
    Carbon credit trading and liscensing and taxation will Eclipse the world Economy.
    And who Owns the only company that is authorized to enforce and trade Carbon Credits? — (The center of the Earth is Millions of Degrees) AL GORE!
    The Leader of the Global Climate Change movement.

  6. That is why the environmental religious fundamentalist, extremists, had to change the narrative to man made “climate change.” That way no matter what the normal global variations in temperature or general weather conditions, the religious fundamentalists extremists, can still blame it on mankind…

  7. They definitely have been. Yet, the power company is still trying to hit me with a peak charge when temperatures are normal averages. Gotta love it!

  8. Isn’t it funny that the it’s only the places we can’t verify by direct observation and personal record keeping that are experiencing warming. You know, those hard to reach war zones or little third world holes that are expecting to benefit from the wealth redistribution that is the “solution”.

  9. Look at all the CLIMATE CHANGE going on in those graphs. OMG Why can’t our government make that line go straight across with no fluctuation at all
    WHY ! OMG WHY ! If the Government continues to be ineffective against all this climate change we are all going to die one day OMG

    1. The leftist de growthers don’t like those either. They kill birds. Wind too. Thats out. Hydro electric dams? Nope. That kills fish. Nuclear. Forget it. They have seen to it that a plant hasn’t been built since the 70’s. So what does that leave? Nothing. And that is the plan. To stand on America’ energy hose to destroy capitalism. Because its not “fair” that we have so much while socialist hell holes don’t.

  10. Hey wait a minute….. could it be? All the efforts we are making to cool the planet are working? Maybe we should hit the breaks before it gets too cool.
    Naaa I can see Gores eye balls pooping out of his head while thinking …WHAT? and stop the cash cow…Never ! Climate change must always remain a problem.

  11. I live in California unfortunately Jerry Brown is heavily invested in this scam he thinks it’s more important to be in line with the EU then be a part of the USA. We need a federal investigation stat.

    1. I had two of these pukes show up at my door with a clip board and asked to see my electric bill. They seemed stunned that I was not interested in their “green energy is wonderful” speech. Meanwhile we are looking at a doubling or maybe tripling of our electric bill soon as the coal fired power plants are being regulated out of business.

  12. If anything we are meandering toward a major cool down, maybe even a mini-ice age. The sun has been very quiet for the last few years, few solar flares, CMEs or sun spots, and that points to colder times ahead.

  13. Well if the Temps are below normal for three years it means only one thing. It’s time to put away the “global warming” phrase and breakout the “climate change” phrase. Hey, this whole ‘coming global disaster’ stuff is easy.

  14. You mean to tell me that our heat comes from that huge bright orb in the sky?!? GW isn’t real?!? OMG they lied!!! – WTF?

    – said no progressive ever.

  15. I was on this flight one time and we hit some turbulence and this guy in an Obama
    T-shirt stood up and started yelling “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!” – what a pussy.

    1. Quite true.
      “Never theorize before you have data. Invariably, you
      end up twisting facts [or data] to suit theories, instead of theories to suit
      –Sherlock Holmes, 2009

            1. Why not? The left has been doing it for years. Liberal actors runs continuos stream into Congress to testify on things they haven’t the slightest idea about.

    2. Anyone who refutes formal Scientific Method is not a real scientist – these are the people refered to as “scientists” in Liberal publications – they are just politically biased egomaniacs.

  16. global cooling would be catastrophic for a planet that needs to feed billions, but how would our leaders make money on carbon credits if the solution to the world’s woes is to pump more co2 and methane into the atmosphere. If they figure out the money problem, then cooling will be the new boogeyman

  17. How could this be? Often we are told about short term increases in temperature and told it is evidence of global warming. We are foolish to think we can project what will happen longer term without better understanding of all the factors involved and their level of impact on the weather. I would bet that it is so complex that we will never achieve anywhere close to a 100% accurate rating.

  18. Live in Illinois and my lawn is still lush green right now. Normally this time of year it is brown and burnt out. Have had an unseasonably cool and wet Spring and Summer here. I love this Global Climate Change.

  19. People living in Michigan would agree with this. It is where the Great Lakes froze over for the first time in a hundred years. Even in California this year we did not have many over 100 degree days.

  20. shame on EVERY SINGLE LEFTIST….
    shame on you for those 10000s of times you demanded we agree with you.
    shame on you for denying the possibility of corruption from the likes of verified liars like gore, clintons, obama.
    shame on you for trying to shut down conversation by simply claiming your superiority.
    shame on you for claiming that REAL scientists all agreed with your liar position.

  21. Someone please explain to me again how we’re destroying the Earth with man made global warming!
    I must be a dunce, I just can’t seem to grasp the Idea that every ones brain is going to melt because it’ seems to be getting cooler!
    And to think we have the Useless Nations, the Pope, the democrat party lead by the worst president that the country has ever had and who wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the backside, and all those idiot liberals trying to convince us that destroying all the economies of first world nations is going to save the world from burning up!
    I love the way God makes these moron’s look so foolish!
    And by the way, lets not forget all those idiots that believe what leftist are saying because they’re too stupid to think for themselves!

  22. According to scientists who study the sun, a “Maunder Minimum” cycle will begin about 15 years from now and throw the earth into a mini-ice age for many, many years. Albert

    1. Actually not. Not even the scientist who put forth the new hypothesis says it will affect our current climate change path much. Check your facts again, but I appreciate your effort of actually looking at real science.

  23. Notice that through the generations, all the things that “humanity” needs to do to save the planet from certain doom involve destroying capitalism by cutting off its energy supply? Whether its eliminating coal fired power plants, off shore drilling, fracking, whatever. Whether its because we are getting too hot, too cold, too much acid rain, too much deforestation, what have you. The solution from these progressive “experts” always means one thing. Reducing the amount of energy used by the USA. But if you suggest that the EPA and these environmentalist groups are a bunch of de-growther communist that want to use environmentalism as a vehicle to destroy capitalism, you are a kook. Well the game is over. We know who these people are and what their agenda is now. Global warming is nothing but a giant redistribution of wealth scam.

  24. “97 % of scientists agree on AGW. Seriously?…..When has 97 % of anybody ever agreed on anything ? ( except N. Korean elections of their chubby Dear Leaders.

  25. Just had to see what disillusioned, bizarre, global conspiracy theorist goobers visit this site. Half the arctic ice is gone and you knuckleheads are still pretending all of science is lying to you?? … I’m just glad the NRA is finally onboard with removing guns from the mentally ill.

      1. How many times have they been told about this? How do they deny this “science” over and over? With the left when the truth and reality collide its the truth that must become malleable and be bent to fir their agenda.

        1. Anything that doesn’t agree with your agenda is “unqualified”. Anyway, go ahead and practice your religion. You are free to do that. On your own.

          1. If following science’s best evidence is a “religion”, then consider me baptized. Although I would say it is the deniers who dogmatically cling to their gut feelings and cherry-picked charts. You are also free to do so.

    1. The arctic ice is actually INCREASED Mr know it all. And no, we don’t think all the scientist are lying. Many are actually trying to tell people like you the same thing that all us conservative cave men are. That this is all a complete scam. Its not scientist that are lying. Its the politicians that fund their grants with subsidies that are lying. The ones that stand to get filthy rich scraping off the top of all this “carbon credits” crap from businesses that actually produce something. I don’t expect you to have a clue about that. And I’m sure you are on board with the anyone taking away people’s rights as you are obviously a progressive leftist. Got anything else you think you are right about?

    2. Note, everyone, how the majority of global warming Algore KoolAid drinkers are also illiterate. The word is Arctic, not arctic (Google the words “proper noun.”)
      Global warming alarmists’ computer models are confounded as Antarctic sea ice hits new record high in 35 years with 2.1 million sq. km.
      more than is usual for the time of the year. “The level of Antarctic sea ice last week hit an all-time high, confounding computer models that say it should be in decline. It is by far the highest since satellite observations, on which the figures are dependent, began in 1979. It represents the latest stage in a trend that started ten years ago, and means that an area the size of Greenland, which would normally be open water, is now frozen.” Source: IPCC 5th Assessment Report, July 2014. Also: “There is low confidence in the scientific understanding of observed increase in the extent of Antarctic sea ice extent since 1979 due to incomplete and competing explanations for the causes of change.”
      Translation: All the taxpayer-funded drones sitting at their computers have no more idea of what’s going to happen – or has happened – in
      global climate than Poor Richard’s Almanac did. Probably less. Your $42 billion at work. AGW climatologists base their gloom-laden predictions not on Earth’s history but on computer simulations. These have long been subject to ridicule because their stunning failure to predict the nearly 19-year slight cooling instead of their forecast warming.
      FYI: Glaciers are also expanding in many areas, but of course you don’t read about that. In Norway there are at least seven (Alforbreen
      Glacier, Briksdalsgreen Glacier (growing by over 7″ per year), Engabreen Glacier (second largest in Norway) and others.) Canada: Helm Glacier, Place Glacier and others. Canada’s tallest mountain, Mount Logan, is growing taller because of a growth spurt of its glaciers. France: Mont Blanc Glacier has almost doubled in size. Equador: Antizana 15 Glacier. Italy: Glaciers are growing on Mount Canin and Mount Montasio.Chile: Pio XI, the largest glacier in South America, grows 50 meters in height, length and density every day. New
      Zealand: All 48 glaciers in the Southern Alps have grown during the past year. Check also Switzerland, Kirghiztan, Russia, Greenland (Berlingske Glacier has grown for the past 100 years), Argentinia, the US and Spain.

  26. Oh, and get ready to hear more about how this is “the hottest year on record!!” again. Because why stop lying now when your base is stupid enough to believe whatever you sell them?

      1. 2014 was announced by Obozo, Algore etc. as “the hottest on record!” What was this huge increase in global temperature over 2013?
        0.04 degrees. That’s right; four one hundredths of a degree. Essentially a rounding error.

    1. evens out- a couple of years ago Siberia hit the all time lowest temperature ever on planet Earth. Baghdad had snow for first time in 100 years. Jerusalem snow for first time in many years.

          1. This is a myth. Scientists are constantly adjusting their data to make it more accurate. However, the fossil fuel interests would have you believe the data is intentionally being manipulated.

                    1. ooooo…really? Wikipedia is your fact source. Now you just lost what little credibility you might have had.

                    2. In this particular case, it’s an excellent source. Ask Marc how much money they are paying him.

                1. sure off of those “climatologists” like Al Gore,Obama ,etc flying in their petroleum filled jets telling us driving around we’re killing the planet sure

                2. Oil companies make money like every company. “Scientists” just live off taxpayers.Just look at these stupid studies-why monkeys self gratify themselves,really?

                    1. it’s comparison. why just pointing out scientists getting high research dollars for inane research and have to come up with some conclusion to keep dollars coming in

    2. Snow in Sydney, Australia, for the first time in 120 years, and also in Hawaii. Three years ago, it also snowed in Cairo, Egypt, for the first time in history.
      Oddball temperature and weather events are normal; they have been going on since the earth was formed, and man’s activities have no more effect on them than they do on the tides. The significant fact, as shown by the graph, is that we’re well into 19 years of no measurable global warming. Like the predictions of hurricanes being more strong and more frequent, and the same for tornadoes, and seal levels rising by inches, the forecasts by the global warming tinfoil hat alarmists have all been proven wrong. No matter, Obozo says man is warming the planet and causing extreme weather events, so we must pay third-world governments tens of billions of dollars while destroying the fossil-fuel industry that made America the richest and most powerful nation in history, instead, taking us back to the 1870s.
      Speaking of the 1870s, the generally-accepted total increase in Earth’s overall temperature rise in the past 145 years has been, wait for it ………… 0.8 degrees. Oh no! We’re all doomed!

      1. You don’t seem to understand how climate temperature averages work. Heat waves are becoming more common and more intense. This is from NOAA’s last global analysis:

        “The first six months of 2015 comprised the warmest such period on record across the world’s land and ocean surfaces, at 0.85°C (1.53°F) above the 20th century average, surpassing the previous record set in 2010 by 0.09°C (0.16°F). It should be noted that 2010 was the last year with El Niño conditions; however El Niño had ended by this point in 2010, while it appears to be continuing to mature at the same point in 2015.”

        1. over millions and millions of years the planet changed .01degC.To get an accurate picture data should be back much much longer. for periods of warmup can be once every 100 million years say. I very infrequent periodic failures over a very long time in electronics,same would be true for temperatures.

          Speaking of the tides, you global warming tinfoil hat alarmists, who quote the odd temperature event in an attempt to prove your increasingly discredited hypothesis, remind me of when I took my son, age 2, to the beach for the first time. It was ebb tide and I showed him how to measure the movement of the tide by putting his little flag on its stick from his sand castle at the highest point each surf reached. At first he enjoyed this, but as each time he had to put the flag farther down the beach, he suddenly began to wail “the sea’s drying up!”
          If you can’t see the analogy with your loony alarmism, you’re beyond hope. Here’s a last bit of awkward fact to chew on:
          You guys, with your “man-made CO2 increase causes global warming” can’t explain how, during the fastest increase in CO2 ever, from 1940 to the early 1970s [the industrialized world went on an armament-making, ship-building spree in WWII, then lots of steel production for post-war reconstruction and infrastructure, plus consumer durables like cars and
          refrigerators in the post-war boom, 95% powered by coal-burning power plants] ………… and global temperatures went down for all 30+ years. Went down enough for the predecessors of today’s AGW nuts to predict, with equal confidence, the coming of a New Ice age, and suggest such remedies as increasing particulate emission to help the greenhouse blanket, and even covering the poles with soot to attract more sun’s heat. Read that again. The whole AGW industry is based on man-made CO2 raising global temperatures. But during the fastest increase in atmospheric CO2, global temperatures went down.

          1. Here is the official statement from the AGU (more than 60,000 members):

            “Human activities are changing the Earth’s climate. At the global level, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases have increased sharply since the Industrial Revolution. Fossil fuel burning dominates this increase. Human-caused increases in greenhouse gases are responsible for most of the observed global average surface warming of roughly 0.8°C (1.5°F) over the past 140 years. Because natural processes cannot quickly remove some of these gases (notably carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere, our past, present, and future emissions will influence the climate system for millennia.”

            The reason I believe we are in serious trouble is that the feedback mechanisms have yet to kick in. When they do, the temps will go crazy.

  27. Just like the Pope and Obama the global warming is driven by the leftist agenda and ideology. Science is irrelevant. It is about power and self aggrandizement at the expense of others. You know, the usual leftist way.

  28. It is called global warming for a reason. If you want the truth, please see this:

    “The first six months of 2015 comprised the warmest such period on record across the world’s land and ocean surfaces, at 0.85°C (1.53°F) above the 20th century average, surpassing the previous record set in 2010 by 0.09°C (0.16°F). It should be noted that 2010 was the last year with El Niño conditions; however El Niño had ended by this point in 2010, while it appears to be continuing to mature at the same point in 2015.”

  29. Climate Change… No! It’s climate manipulation and it’s to get everyone scared into paying a global tax to the globalist like Al Gore.

  30. When cavemen discovered fire, the glaciers receded and the Sahara Desert went from a green paradise to the land of sand. And look where we are today because we dared use our brains to discover stuff!

  31. Some other parts of the world are experiencing higher temps than normal this summer. It all averages out as it has for the last 19 years – the length of time in which there has been no global warming.

  32. The left will say this is just “Weather” not climate. You know the definition of weather, right?
    It’s a meteorological event, occurring in an area ranging in size from a backyard to the entire planet, that doesn’t support the theory of climate change.

      1. NOAA has already admitted to “adjusting” temps to reach the desired outcome (to please the politicians). The sainted climatologists you speak of have also been shown to be corrupt in the Climategate scandal. Perhaps before you throw around pejorative comments you get you head out of the sand and learn some facts.
        And my comment about the new liberal definition of “weather” remains spot on.

    1. Ocean acidity is increasing, Plenty of sea life populations are dropping, tuna, salmon, crab. It’s effecting a lot of commercial fishermen. Jellyfish seem to like it, but that’s about it. Ocean acidity is undoubtedly the result of pollution, since it’s the only place most of the chemicals come from. Climate change, or global warming, or whatever you want to call it may have some unanswered questions about both causes and effects, but the lowering PH of the oceans is not in question. That will ultimately make them incapable of supporting many types of sea life.

      What is frustrating, is that even if you don’t believe in climate models, why is the alternative to allow companies cart blanche to pollute? Without some form of oversight, companies would just dump industrial waste wherever they felt like. It’s certainly what the did before they were being watched. Oversight and regulation can be a good thing in moderation. Regardless of what your stance on climate change is, why wouldn’t you want less pollution?

      I don’t understand why there is no middle ground argument on this subject. You can certainly restrain harmful activities without strangling industries.

  33. This is sacrilege! How dare NOAA attack GW? This is about faith in the one true God, Alvin Gore, not science! I want to know how they got the research money for this heresy! I thought we had all the research dollars going to prove GW, …. what happpened!? Some body has to pay for this!

          1. i read the methodology of the “study” for the 2014 hottest year, it is such complete $&&#*# that if any business were to use that they would be jailed with fraud.

            1. I agree. If you have to change the past to “prove” warming, there’s something really wrong. As a young guy, late 1960s and early 1970s, I worked construction to put myself through college (read “white privilege”). There were many days in East Tennessee (Knoxville area) that were over 100 degrees. I know, I worked outside! It’s definitely cooler this year in East TN than back then.

              1. in a nutshell it was a study based on the averages of computer models, a hand full of temps, (as little as one temp per 5 degrees of the earth’s circumference) and if something was too cold they through it out as an anomaly

  34. Once, I tried to get a liberal to pay me $100 for me to plant a tree. He asked why he would do that, and I replied he could offset his carbon output that way, and feel better about himself. Then the liberal called me an asshole. I still don’t know why!

  35. Used to be when our family visited uncle Henry we were told we couldn’t talk politics or religion; couldn’t speak about the strange odors in and around the house, and we couldn’t talk about his new girlfriends. That left us with talking about the weather and damned if the libs didn’t taboo that topic off the table too. Funny how they tell us we will all be dead in 10 years but they can’t predict a rainstorm that will happen in the next 10 minutes.

  36. More cooked books. In the Northwest, this is the warmest summer in 120 years…, and not caused by man.
    A prominent scientist and former NASA researcher has added his voice to those who challenge the “scientific fact” that manmade carbon emissions are causing global warming.
    Dr. Leslie Woodcock is a professor emeritus of chemical thermodynamics at the University of Manchester in England, with a Ph.D. from the University of London, and served as a senior research consultant at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Laboratory in Ohio.
    In an interview with Britain’s Yorkshire Evening Post, Woodcock declared: “The theory of ‘manmade climate change’ is an unsubstantiated hypothesis.
    “The theory is that CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel causes ‘global warming.’ In fact, water is a much more powerful greenhouse gas and there is 20 times more of it in our atmosphere [than carbon dioxide].
    “Carbon dioxide has been made out to be some kind of toxic gas but the truth is it’s the gas of life. We breathe it out, plants breathe it in. The green lobby has created a do-good industry and it becomes a way of life, like a religion. I understand why people defend it when they have spent so long believing in it.”
    Woodcock is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a founding editor of the journal Molecular Simulation, a recipient of a Max Planck Society Visiting Fellowship, and a former guest scientist at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.
    He went on to say: “If you talk to real scientists who have no political interest, they will tell you there is nothing in global warming. It’s an industry which creates vast amounts of money for some people.
    “The temperature of the earth has been going up and down for millions of years. If there are extremes, it’s nothing to do with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s not permanent and it’s not caused by us. Global warming is nonsense.
    “It’s become almost an industry, as a consequence of this professional misconduct by government advisers around the world.”
    But he added: “You can’t blame ordinary people with little or no science education for wanting to be seen to be good citizens who care about their grandchildren’s future and the environment.”

    1. Read the arguments? Seriously?

      It’s a hoax. It’s fraud on a global scale…produced by scientists who sold their souls for government grant money in exchange for laughable “model science” and faked data.

      The hoax is now a 1 trillion dollar business…and what good has come from it?

      Not a GD thing!

  37. When average temperatures cool, it’s a sure sign of global warming, and there is a consensus about this, so there’s no need for an explanation. Just accept it and pay some sort of new “carbon” tax. Americans have too much wealth, it must be confiscated from them and re-distributed.

  38. Hi, In our spare time my wife and I make $1,000,000 per year with this easy and so far not illegal trick! We have started printing carbon credit certificates in the comfort of our new luxury home using a simple computer and printer! We then sell the certificates to incredibly stupid liberal business owners! They love us!

      1. It won’t be the 1st time when (not if) it happens.

        I’d rather take on a hurricane than an earthquake or volcano. Those two things are nasty.

  39. HA! Told ya so Told ya so Told ya so Told ya so Told ya so Told ya so Told ya so
    Naaa na na naaa naaa

    That’s about as much dignity as I can manage right now.

  40. July in Seattle was the hottest month ever recorded in the city’s history. Records go back to around 1894.

    Some parts of the country have been really hot, others not as hot as usual. That’s life.

  41. Come and listen to a story about a man named Gore
    He wanted to rape a maid and became a climate whore
    After he lost a Presidential race
    He sold some carbon credits at a frenzied pace…fast that is…Chicago gold….Leftist tee-hee.

    Well the first thing you know old Gore’s a millionaire
    His Tennessee kin said “Move away from there!”
    “California is the place for loons like you!”
    So he bought himself a mansion on the cliffs of Malibu.

  42. The devout Warmists are directly related to people who once worshiped the sun.

    But the sun did not come through for them…so now they hoping CO2 does the trick.

  43. I was listening to the BBC Radio this morning and they were talking about massive amounts of seaweed coming ashore in the Caribbean. Guess what they blamed first?

  44. Finally, the Great Global Warming Fraud is exposed, dashing the hopes and dreams of all the verminous statists among us who dreamt fondly of having us all marching in lockstep to their spastic cadence. Of course, the next Great Climate Fraud will be Global Cooling, in truth a far more plausibly serious problem than warming if it were to happen. Another Ice Age, anyone? In any event, I don’t much care, since I’ll long have been under the ground when the new perma-frost arrives.

  45. Obviously there is a problem with the measurements and they need to be adjusted by some arbitrary amount upward to show that AGW is factual.

    The real problem is (choose as many as you like):

    1) We have allowed many species that should have gone extinct to survive and their combined body heat is raising atmospheric temperatures.

    2) Proper shoes hold-in foot heat, preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere; as the number of sandal wearers increases so does the threat of AGW.

    3) Calling someone a racist, bigot, fascist, tea-bagger, etc causes them to get mad, which increases body temperature, which heats the surrounding air, which adds to global temperatures. As more people are called racists, bigots, fascists, tea-baggers, etc AGW becomes worse.

    4) Darker skin tones absorb more sunlight thus preventing it from heating the ground which in turn radiates that heat into the atmosphere. The mass migration of people from Africa to Europe and Central America to the United States is thus allowing too much sunlight to fall upon the ground in their warmer, more direct sun-light homelands, which is causing excessive ground heating in those areas, which is radiated into the atmosphere; exacerbating AGW.

    5) Liberal Activists are always angry, see #3 for how this causes AGW.

  46. It’s about time it got acknowledged brrr.. I plan to post it to my lefty-warmy FB friends in MA, who will surely dismiss it as oily bias, despite us freezing our butts off here. So is there a link to NOAA itself that makes a clear statement of fact? Thanks. The NOAA page I saw buried it in gobbledygook. Turkeys.

  47. 1960’s: Pollution will choke us!
    1970’s: Ice Age will freeze us!
    1980’s: Greenhouse Effect will scorch us!
    1990’s: Hole in Ozone Layer will burn us!
    2000’s: Global Warming will fry us!
    2010’s: Climate Change will kill us!
    2020’s: Muslim Terrorists will nuke us!(that isn’t a lie)

  48. That’s weather. Had it been hotter, then that would be climate.

    Note that they haven’t mentioned Australia lately. Why? Cooler down under, so again, just weather. Bit when it was hotter than normal down under, then that was climate.

  49. Just a quick note about foggy remedies. Many states won huge windfalls from tobacco company litigation under the guise of helping citizens lead healthier smoke-free lives. What happened in reality was most states sold their litigation winnings for pennies-on-the-dollar lump sum payments that were promptly spent for a myriad of purposes unrelated to tobacco. It seems that tobacco related health issues really weren’t the desired end – can we expect anything differently from cap and trade or similar GW mitigation schemes?

  50. But, that doesn’t make sense. We are spending billions of dollars to fight global warming and President Obama just leveled regulations against coal fired power plants that will essentially bankrupt them (as he promised during his campaign), so why is there such contrary data reported now? Is something askew?

  51. Ha Ha. Classic. I checked out the ACTUAL NOAA site, and it says the exact opposite of what this article says.

    From the NOAA Site:
    The July contiguous U.S. average temperature was 73.9°F, 0.2°F above the 20th century average and ranked near the middle in the 121-year period of record. The average contiguous U.S. temperature for January-July was 53.0°F, 1.7°F above the 20th century average, and the 10th warmest year-to-date on record.

    The July precipitation total for the contiguous U.S. was 3.16 inches, 0.38 inch above average. This was the 14th
    wettest July on record, and marked the fourth consecutive month of
    above-average precipitation for the Lower 48. Above average
    precipitation was observed across much of the West, Great Plains, and
    Ohio Valley. Below-average precipitation was observed in parts of the
    Southern Plains, Southeast, and Northwest.

    This analysis of U.S. temperature and precipitation is based on data back to January 1895, resulting in 121 years of data.


  52. What do you know the EPA is wrong about humans CO2 causing
    man made global warming. And the EPA turned a river
    yellow and they do not care.
    Government can never replace God, Christ and the Spirit.
    Even God gave us free will, in other words God admits
    he can not herd cats or humans or chickens.
    But, God love ’em, the Utopia EPA and other Climate Warmer
    Scientists think they can control people.
    The EPA can not even control a bulldozer; how can they
    control the yellow mess of heavy metals they released on
    people of the U.S. of A.

    1. What a load of crapola. Is that what they teach in bible school these days? You sound like you graduated from the Bristol Palin Institute of Abstinence or the Duggar School of Hypocrisy.

  53. don’t know about other states but florida temps barely got above 92, and this month we have had rain and more rain that have broke every record on the books keeping temps in the 80’s. i think this chicken little science is is getting a flat tire and they need more and more lies to explain it! but when did political football ever pertain to a science!

    1. hahaha FUNNY! it’s the coolest summer in memory here in MA – averaging 10-20 degrees cooler than usual, yet not a peep about it from local media. Predictable.

  54. Ha, tickle me to lough, if you were stupid enough to believe the democrats lies, well, you have the mud pie in your face now. It is the sun that makes or breaks the temperatures on earth, CO2 is 1000 less potent than a cirrus clouds to reflect the heat back on earth. If you want to know the truth, do not ever listen to a democrat, there is always a back door motivation coming from them for the last 20 years.

    1. Science is apolitical. Deriding people who value science makes you come across as a wilful ignoramus. Your attempt at science is pathetic and total junk.

      1. In theory it is, in practice it isn’t. And it’s a powerful tool, as evidenced by the junk science-perpetrated fraud$ of global warming, fluoride, vaccines, aspartame & most of the deadly crap that comes out of big pharma, to name but a few.

        1. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. Science shows why all on your list are reality and why vaccines are safe. Deadly crap from pharma may be true but that’s applied science which you’re conflating with research.

  55. Any doubt that the people are being hoodwinked in order to transfer wealth to the idiots that have built alternative energy empires on the backs of the tax payers.

        1. You didn’t provide any “facts” so nothing was lost on me. Fact by definition is an undeniable truth. Your emotive unsubstantiated puerile opinion is hearsay and not fact.

  56. The air raid sirens are going off and all the Eloi, I mean Gobots are heading to the Morlocks underground city to get marching orders from the High Priest of phony Global Warming…THE ALGORE. Liberalism is truly a mental illness, too bad it’s not terminal.

  57. Don’t worry as soon as this data is “adjusted” that pesky little detail will go away After the farts from the AlGorasaurus have been proven to not effect the climate, everyone will then realize that catastrophic man made climate change is a fanatical religion.

    1. this (sic) data is “adjusted”
      Such disdain and ineptitude for science. Picked up a physics textbook yet? You can get a good used one inexpensively on Amazon. Data are always manipulated with as it’s an essential part of the measurement process; what do you think calibration means in science?

      1. Yeah as a matter of fact I work in a wastewater plant and do scientific measurements every day. Calibration and adjustment are two separate things. In fact adjustment where I work might get you put in jail courtesy of the Washington State Department of Ecology. Especially when your “adjusted”data is different then the data recorded by other scientific agencies who aren’t beholden to a Federal Gummint with a wealth redistribution agenda. We call it Quality Control testing and the gummint checks up on us with it yearly. If we did such nonsense at best we’d pay a fine. It’s pretty easy to see through these shenanigans being pulled on us by petty little control freaks when you’re privy to the very inexactness of scientific testing. Science is not God, though many seem to believe it is. By the way, the more I read scientific journals the more I see that the “scientific consensus” on man made catastrophic climate change does not exist. Don’t need a physics book to find that out.

        1. That’s for confirming that you are neither a scientist nor scientifically literate. Calibrating instruments is not the same as calibrating data. The rest of your diatribe is vacuity or emotive opinion.

          1. Haha You can’t calibrate data. It is what it is, especially temperature. It’s pretty simple. When the thermometer reads 65.6 it’s 65.6. Unless its a NOAA temperature gauge. Yeah we read one of those for them too. It seems to always be 2 degrees higher then any other thermometer we put in next to it and they always claim that it’s OK. Convenient. Also they quit having us read “trace” when we got trace amounts of rain. Now we just read 0 when it actually could have rained a little bit. That must help the drought. Is this the “calibration” of data of which you speak. It sure seems to “calibrate” conveniently towards climate change. It’s not a diatribe when you live it every day and it takes scientific literacy to run, read and interpret BOD, suspended solids, ammonia, NTU’s, and chemical dosage every day. If it didn’t I’d be in jail. We don’t calibrate any data either. Or…well…we’d be in jail.

              1. I guess you’re just like the others to resort to such slanderous libel when you can’t prove your point. Let me help you out a little. When you run a BOD test you run a quality control bottle called a glucose/glutamic acid test. Now what that is is the addition of glucose/glutamic acid as well as Influent seed (the value of the seeds strength is calculated in seed control bottles). Now sometimes when you’re really distracted you might forget to put the seed or the acid in. 5 days later when you read the test you know by the numbers that you forgot one of the steps in the process of that test. Now I could “calibrate” those numbers to what I know it should be knowing that the only reason I got a wrong number was because of a missed step in the testing. The problem with that is that the Washington State Department of Ecology calls that falsifying data and would press charges for it. That is actually much more difficult of a test and reading then something as simple as temperature which really only requires the calibration of your thermometer (Which they don’t even seem to be concerned with). Sorry bud, not crapola. And also scientifically literate. You have to be in my field or you’re fired or in jail.

                1. slanderous libel
                  It is libel and not slander as it is written and neither can be an adjective for the other. That rookie mistake just detracts further from your pretend knowledge. Your long diatribe is about how to obtain empirical data and nothing about data calibration and manipulation in science which is not nefarious but rather a very standard basic tenet of science. I think we should be happy that scientists do correct previous shortcomings and look again at data. This is how science works. One learns new things, goes back and correct previous mistakes and report the findings. Changing data with the sole intention to support claims is a myth, at least in scientific discussions. Nobody gets articles published by describing how the data was modified with the sole purpose of supporting claims and without any scientific basis. If you have knowledge of any such publication, please do share with us.

  58. Last year we had early winter storms beginning in Sept. and they lasted nationwide until May
    Over 84 deaths due to the extreme cold. So by my count

        1. No. But if less than 1.5% of the surface of the planet is below normal that is not a valid argument for anything while the global averages are all above and making new highs in the record. It is in fact fairly meaningless other than some areas will cool as others warm, that’s natural variability. So it would be lying if you concluded that there was a cooling trend or below average temperatures for the planet.

            1. If you have to ask that question then you don’t know how science determines global temperatures and confirm you’re ignorant and unqualified to discuss the topic.

  59. Hmm…. what to make of this global cooling.


    As we get closer and closer to December, it will get cooler in America. At least, that’s what I’m thinking. But I’ll go out on a limb and offer another prediction. By this time next year, it will have gotten warm again.

    I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe we should ban all automobiles and stop cooking food. And this “electricity” has GOT to go. mmm hmmm

    1. Cupcake, you have the internet, use it. With internet searches a few seconds away there’s really no reason to be so snarkily ignorant these days. Mercifully you have escaped the ravages of intelligence. Weather is not climate and vice versa.

      1. “Leftwithnobrain”, there is no global warming. It is a figment of your leftwingnuttyass imagination spawned by the leftwingnuttierass Al Gore. Give it up. You’ve been proven wrong.

        1. You’re entitled to your superstitious beliefs. I’m not surprised you’re so far off base if you think Al is an authority. You have the freedom to be ignorant in our society, it’s not a crime, but it does classify you as a person no one should pay any attention too.

          1. Talk about superstitions, the High Priest of AGW aka the UN Chief Climate Scientist said “AGW was his religion and dharma path to righteousness”. I don’t believe in his or your foolish religion.

            1. It’s a fanciful tale you tell, but the reality of the situation doesn’t support your fictional account very well. I won’t ask you for any evidence of it, because I know you can’t/won’t provide any of substance. So “bullshit” it is. Never mind, there’s nothing anyone could possibly write to get you even close to understanding what vacuity you wrote.

    1. Thor wants to know are if you are a graduate of bible school or the Bristol Palin Institute of Abstinence or the Duggar School of Hypocrisy as you’re a racist embarrassment to the most intelligent species on the planet.

          1. Guess what? If I were concerned about semiliterate liberal cockroaches calling me “racist” I wouldn’t have the Confederate Battle Flag as my part of my avatar. Like I said, you’re very stupid.

      1. For those that wish to know the Truth of things
        The energy budget for building a windmill (cost of forging, machining, mining etc) is that it requires more energy from conventional sources to manufacture then the energy from wind produces its useful life.
        Talk about science deniers, the AGW religion crowd are the true believers

    1. That’s just below the belt WanderingBill. Just because you made it through middle school math it doesn’t mean everyone who didn’t is a loser. Can’t you be a tad tolerant towards the inept?

      1. The NOAA ten years ago placed in service 114 pristine temperature sites that never need adjustments (big mistake) from Hawaii, Alaska and all the Americas.

        Wait for it, they show the last 11 years with slight cooling. Of course caught the NOAA will not use these numbers in their hottest year ever scenarios.

        Wait for it (the AGW Religion guys will scream the US is not the globe)
        Posting this for those that refuse to be Grubered. Question everything.

      1. You’re an informed American putting your fellow citizens to shame by demonstrating that you are cogent with at least middle school science knowledge. You’re like a breath of fresh air among the pervasive tide of wilful ignorami.

  60. I have a question…why is the LINE considered ‘NORMAL’? According to who? Where is the rest of the chart? Are they still hiding the decline? haha

      1. They used to hide the decline of global temperatures to further push the global warming grant money. You know, the emails that got hacked before the huge summit that would have probably resulted in some drastic changes in the UN to take over further.

        Climate Change/Global Warming hasn’t been taken seriously since.

        1. Oh, I thought you were being serious. I didn’t realise you had been duped into thinking climategate had any substance. I guess you’re not a scientist or scientifically literate after all. If you were, you’d have known that the decline actually refers to a decline in tree growth at certain high-latitude locations since 1960. Unless you think tree rings are more accurate than thermometers then there is no conspiracy.

          1. Well I know coding (20 years of experience), and the emails I saw had code in it, with comments throughout admitting it. And the equations would be altered to fit the needs.

            I will believe my own eyes.

            1. Exactly how does your knowledge of coding refute what I wrote. You’d be substantive if you had the grasp of the issue but instead you regurgitate flakey crapola.

  61. My problem with any US government agency, under the Obama administration, is I cannot trust anything coming out of them because the administration seems to have corrupted their objectivity for to push Obama’s political agenda.

    For the EPA to treat carbon dioxide as a pollutant, even linking an effect to asthma as Obama claimed, has to be the greatest lie ever told. If it were true, why has the US US government not banned carbon dioxide from all the soft drinks and beers manufactured or sold in the USA?

    1. It is so sad that you are neither smart enough nor educated to know how ignorant you are. CO2 is rightly classified a pollutant based on it’s opaqueness to reflect long wave outgoing radiation. This is Middle school knowledge not a mystery.

      1. This guy won’t tell the whole story. The energy budget satellite readings show CO2 actually helps in regulating the temperature by transmitting Long Wave Infra Red Radiation out into space.
        Any one that says heat is captured is lying things absorb and release. There are published tables on the amount of heat gases absorb and conversely release. Think of the hot air balloon that eventually returns to earth although filled with Combustion Gas.

        1. Absolute junk science. Second sentence is a verifiable lie as we measure and observe what is being radiated into space. The observations show decreasing outgoing radiation with a warming troposphere and cooling the stratosphere, the reverse of what is stated by disqus4700. Didn’t say any heat was captured or absorbed then released, I did write correctly that it is reflected back which causes warming. This basic physics has been known for over 100 years. I guess if one is undereducated and ignorant it is normal to lie spewing junk science to dupe other gullible members of its ilk.

            1. Feel free to visit NOAA. NASA, RSS or UAH or Scripps to see how puerile and misinformed your “not” is. A 3s Google search can set you on the right track. Ask if you need help with the science.

                1. You are easily duped. Why? Pick up a used High School physics or science textbook, you can get a good used one inexpensively on Amazon.

                    1. Why are you so easily duped, yet again? Have you not passed middle school science yet?

                    2. Deniers please do visit cupcakes link to get your CO2 education and be thoroughly duped in the process. It ain’t smart or educated enough to know better.

                    3. de·ni·er, n
                      one that denies

                      With internet searches a few seconds away there’s really no reason to be so snarkily ignorant these days. Mercifully you have escaped the ravages of intelligence due to suffering from cranium intra rectum since your youth.

                    4. Any of you fellow skeptics of AGW out there deny that climates change (crickets)
                      Just as I thought the word doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

                      You are probably thinking, as I think that this guy lives in the basement of his mom’s house

                    5. Rookie mistake, you don’t know what skeptic or sceptic means in science. Hence your projection and self-caricature which is so passé. You are, however, a denier of science.

                    6. Believing in reality is not a religion. Denying reality needs faith to support a belief or opinion when the evidence doesn’t support those positions. Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant. Picked up a physics textbook yet? You can get a good used one inexpensively on Amazon.

                    7. Ohhh this guy stepped in it!
                      The former U N High Priest (aka Chief Climate Scientist said AGW was his religion and dharma path to righteousness.

                      You can read it in the NY times also.

                      This guy posting is one of the useful idiots of the NWO, he can almost be pitied.

                    8. You deniers can’t keep your story straight. First you pan Pachauri for not being a climate scientist (which is true) and then you suggest he is chief climate scientist which is not true. Second, your desperation oozes everywhere as you avoid science as if it were the plague.

                    9. Hey, he is your high priest not mine, take it up with the IPCC and U N.
                      An axiom of science is to challenge every thing, appears to me that this every thing is settled guy is the science denier and the true AGW religion believer.
                      just use him as a background for challenging ideas and let his juvenile comments display his lack of intelligence.
                      Libs are so easy to lose cool and start name calling as they lose the arguments.

                    10. Sorry cupcake he is no one’s high priest other than the imaginary superstitions that wander around in your mental sky. The cut+paste didn’t work very well for the rest of your vacuous diatribe. Let us know when the edited English version is available. Science is apolitical, however, if being conservative means being opposed to everything liberal, then that means you must despise anything associated with liberals. Liberalism is strongly aligned with the values of science, reality and reason. Conservatives then oppose those values in and of themselves as you so eloquently demonstrate.

                    11. As I bid bye to the true science denier.


                      Challenging the sophistry of AGW church and its minions

                    12. Why do you bother to write lies so easy to google and verify? A more competent liar will make fabrications that are harder to debunk.

                    13. The poptech list is by now a very old, tired joke. Many of the authors indignantly wrote to the compiler to complain that their work was being grossly misrepresented. Many of the publications on the list are non peer reviewed nonsense. Most tellingly, not a single paper on the list offers any argument against the consensus that has not since been thoroughly discredited. That’s why it’s a consensus. I’m so sorry that you are so easily duped. If you want I can send you information of where climate scientists discuss these topics.

                    14. With internet searches a few seconds away there’s really no reason to be so snarkily ignorant these days.

            1. No that is for gullible easily duped undereducated minds. The poptech list is by now a very old, tired joke. Many of the authors indignantly wrote to the compiler to complain that their work was being grossly misrepresented. Many of the publications on the list are non peer reviewed nonsense. Most tellingly, not a single paper on the list offers any argument against the consensus that has not since been thoroughly discredited. That’s why it’s a consensus.

  62. This story cannot be true! We are all cooking to death in the man caused heat. We are all going to dry up and die! Obama and his sycophants have told us so and we know they would never lie to us, would they?

  63. the earth is in the middle of a POLE SHIFT as planet-x is tilting the northern hemisphere away from the sun. all the planets in our solar system are moons of planet-x

    1 Thessalonians 5:4 But you aren’t in the dark about these things, dear brothers and
    sisters, and you won’t be surprised when the day of the Lord comes like a

    Mark 1:15 “The time promised by God has come at last!” he announced. “The Kingdom of God is near! REPENT OF YOUR SINS and BELIEVE THE GOOD NEWS!”

    Proverbs 11:4
    Wealth is worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.

    James 1:22 But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.
    Acts 24:14 “But I admit that I FOLLOW THE WAY, which THEY CALL A CULT. I worship
    the God of our ancestors, and I firmly believe the JEWISH LAW and

    Daniel 12:1 “At that time Michael, the archangel who stands guard over your nation, will arise. Then there will be a time of anguish greater than any since nations first came into existence. But at that time every one of your people whose name is written in the book will be rescued.

    James 1:22 But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.

    htt ps://ww w.facebook.c om/rich.ross.9889


      1. because planet-x has captured all the planets in its powerful gravitational field completely dislodging planets, look how close our moon came to being thrown into the sun. “elliptical orbit” i wouldnt listen to the false prophets “scientist” as they make lies up on the fly

  64. Let’s try to make this simple enough so that even our libtard readers might have a chance at grasping reality. All of these charts and arguments give me a headache. So here we go….
    Apparently all the hub bub is over a possible one degree increase in global temperatures over the next one hundred years? Ok, let’s stipulate that this could happen. Ok…..SO WHAT! Geez, people live all over the planet. It’s cold as f**k in some places and hot as f**k in others. Let’s say between 20 degrees in cold places and 120 degrees in hot places. That’s a 100 degree differential and yet people, plants, animals and whatever else lives there survive. Humans have decided we like the temperate zones. So we avoid the equator and the arctic. That leaves a huge area above and below the equator where we all seem to migrate. That tells me that warmer temperatures are more desirable. So if we warm up a bit so what? More heat means more evaporation from the oceans and more rainfall inland. So as the ice melts water levels rise. When they rise, liberal morons, it is closer to the sun so they evaporate faster! Yea! That means more greenery! Compounded by the so called increase in Co2 we should have a really green planet in 100 years. Isn’t that what all the hippies want? So are we not doing them a favor by ignoring this garbage. Those fools will be growing pot in the arctic. Hopefully they all go there!

        1. Guess who flunked middle school science and has developed an inferiority complex which manifests in its disdain and ineptitude for science. Quite a well balanced fellow with chips on both shoulders holding a long lasting grudge towards educators too.

      1. Can you dispute anything I wrote? Are we all at risk because of a predicted one degree rise in global temps over 100 years? We can’t accurately predict the temperature 2 weeks in advance and you want us to believe you have nailed 100 years out? Do you think science is static? Do you not think advances in the energy sector won’t benefit us over the next 100 years? 100 years ago the world ran on horse power and steam engines. Now we have numerous emerging technologies that will change the dynamic. I don’t think we need an upheaval in our standard of living because a bunch of clueless hippies think the world is going to end because of fossil fuels. The Earth is doing just fine. Our presence here is part of nature and therefor what we do is part of nature. Intelligent people understand our environment and our resources and we want it to be sustainable. It is not the wealthy or advanced societies that are polluting the planet, it is the poor and uneducated. The rich keep their areas clean and we have a reverence and respect for nature. We pay our way. The poor throw their trash and debris everywhere and don’t give a damn about the environment. Look at the major urban areas and tell me who cares more about the planet. Look at these poor countries and the ones run by dictators and socialists / communists and tell me who is a better steward. America is the richest, cleanest and most advanced country in the world. If we get rid of the morons running this country we would be at the forefront of advanced energy generation and the trillions in profit available. So before you attack me about my views on “global climate change” maybe you should be promoting our way of life to the rest of the world.

  65. Well then ,we are a carbon based life form if we should exterminate our self’s and that would be the end of the problem. Very Simple! In addition to that I have many graphs and charts that now explain to me that asphalt and concrete are the real culprits here .They both absorb heat and contribute to global warming,,perhaps we should remove asphalt from all our cities and build straw huts for our houses and businesses.

  66. Y’all are forgetting that polar bears are at risk here. Despite all of the facts, the liberals will drum up a cute little video of a polar bear and her cubs, and then ask “don’t you want to save the polar bears?” Works for the low info voters every time. You need to reground yourself if you think they will read any info with facts proving man made global warming is a joke.The people who believe this nonsense are the same ones who gave a Nobel peace prize to a terrorist, a liar, and our current president for doing nothing. Despite what we know from the emails, satellite data and climate scientist, the liberals and a helpful media will continue to push this stupidity.

  67. The “global warming” fear mongers recognized something a few years ago and decided to call it “climate change”. There are problems in this world but global climate change is not one of them. Gov’t mismanagement of finances (across the world) and the spread of GMOs threaten populations.

    1. God, not this ancient trope again. It was Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster, who advocated calling it “climate change” because it seemed less threatening. And the climate has indeed been changing over time, but not over the last few thousands of years, and never near as fast. And while CO2 may have been a following indicator in the past, it is the leading cause at this time, as has been understood by atmospheric physicists for decades. You are a science denier on steroids with your GE (not GMO) and climate science disdain and ineptitude.

  68. somehow Texas seems to do quite well despite temps in the high 90’s all the time. I lived there for 4 years (west Texas and northern Texas). California’s central valley is always pretty hot too. Was there in the mid 80’s and it was plenty hot all the time.

  69. In fairness, give NOAA a little more time to adjust the actual recorded temperatures to those predicted by the AGW model. NOAA will prove conclusively with these alterations to the actual physical data that the last three Julys are the warmest on record.

      1. Of course they are not the warmest on record, yet. But NOAA will alter the actual temperatures, and replace them with their manipulated temperatures, and prove the actual temperatures wrong. And soon, the last three Julys WILL be the warmest on record, just as the should be according the AGW theory.

        1. How come deniers never substantiate their hearsay comments about data manipulation? Manipulation in science is not nefarious but rather a very standard basic tenet. I think we should be happy that scientists do correct previous shortcomings and look again at data. This is how science works. One learns new things, goes back and correct previous mistakes and report the findings. Changing data with the sole intention to support claims is a myth, at least in scientific discussions. Nobody gets articles published by describing how the data was modified with the sole purpose of supporting claims and without any scientific basis. If you have knowledge of any such publication, please do share with us.

          1. There is no valid scientific reason to alter actual temperature data from decades ago. But NOAA routinely does and has done this more than once. The raw temperature data, before alteration by NOAA or Berkeley, already shows some global warming for a period from 1970 to 1998 or so. NOAA alteration enhances raw data warming by 10% or so. Why do this without explanation if their theories are supported with unmodified data?

            The methodology of temperature data adjustment, which almost always increases the global warming effect, was explained in a video by an English scientist recently. Temperatures at weather stations in Paraguay surrounding one showing a slight cooling trend are used to justify raising those cooler to match the higher ones. Although there are a slight few where the opposite occurs, they are rare, and the exception.

            Recently, there was a second upward readjustment to the already previously altered data to enhance the now almost 19 year steady or slightly cooling trend of the Earth, to pronounce the warmest year ever – warmer by 0.04°C!

            In the decades since data manipulation has been the underpinning for AGW, not one paper or directive or regulation or recommendation has been proposed by NOAA or Berkeley or East Anglia on where to put thermometers, or when to read them to get accurate measurements that won’t require upward manipulation later by NOAA or others to get the “true” temperature. They justify with absolute precision the changing of a temperature recorded 75 years ago at one obscure weather station in Paraguay, but not the neighboring stations. They seem to know that the thermometer was exposed to the sunshine for 30 seconds, or that the box containing the thermometer was bumped or had coffee spilled on it one morning.

            There’s no “denial” in stating the obvious: NOAA and other AGW theorists adjust the actual readings and records generally upwards in recent years, and downwards in earlier years. And the result is the almost without exception always the enhancement of AGW. They may have to answer to Congress soon, as if that would really matter, but they are generally held to account by no one but themselves.

            Why doesn’t NOAA simply do away with thermometers? They are so good at determining far more precise readings years or decades later by simple analysis.

            1. There is no valid scientific reason to alter actual temperature data from decades ago
              You state that without authority. The changes made and the reasoning are published by NOAA. Come back when you think you have a cogent scientific argument of where they have erred. If you need some good reading on the topic I suggest you Google “NOAA data set revisions Nature” or “Berkley BEST”. Once you have read up and informed yourself on what manipulations that were made and you still believe you have cogent and sound reasons to dispute them, come and state your case. If they are valid, I’ll help you submit them for peer review and hopefully publication. You could become one of the world’s most famous scientists.

              The rest of your very long screed is unsubstantiated emotional twaddle based on junk science.

  70. In New York. We had one hot week so far. In the 90s, but we used to get into the 100s. Now it’s August, and I am sleeping under a blanket. With no air conditioning or fan. NEVER could do that 30 years ago.

      1. with planet-x dislodging our moon and earth out of its “habitable zone” some areas of earth will literally be flash frozen while other portions of the earth will suffer extremes of heat so the “scientist” will rename “global warming to “climate change”

      1. you get your own house in order before you can tell others what to do. thats how it works . liberals use global warming[ climate change] as a fictious agenda to tax, control, indoctrinate, and distract from doing the hard work of helping this nation America become great again. we need infrastructure, water management, housing , border control, better education, more students understanding thats life is not texting and games. colleges that teach real career goals not majoring in stripper poles and anal sex just for students money. embrace your god and he will reward you with a kind soul. don`t glorify ghetto thug culture and rap music that debases women of all races. and last of all , keep liberals from just making up stuff to placate their kool aid drinking base

  71. When the global warming crowd can tell me the EXACT temperature, on this day, in Washington DC, in 2036 BC, then I will pay attention. Not the average, or estimated. The EXACT temperature.

      1. What’s your point? They cannot tell us what the exact temperature was 10,000 years ago, yet can tell us the average earth temperature is rising and what it will be in 100 years.

        1. Please share with us your infinite wisdom why exact room temperature 10kA ago and 100 years in the future have meaning in climate science? Reinforce why you shouldn’t be discussing a topic about which you’re obnoxiously ignorant.

          1. If you cannot tell the EXACT temperature on any given day 10k years ago, there is no way to predict the temperature exactly in 100 years. The hurricane models Algore was touting have fallen flat. In 1974 Time magazine was talking about a new ice age.
            Warmers have relied on 150 years of manipulated data, got caught manipulating the data, said we would see more hurricanes than ever before, claimed the east coast would be under water, etc.. None of their predictions Have happened
            It is the new religion of the left, fueled by the inventor of the internet, and the greatest scam of all time, carbon credits, Algore.
            But you keep telling us how the world Is ending, and I will continue to mow my grass on the hottest days of the year, just to create a little more “Global Warming”.

            1. Just stop. You are really bad at this. Make an effort to get knowledgeable to at least middle school competency in science. Otherwise you will just persist in making a fool of yourself with your gibberish that you think is science. I notice you avoided sharing your wisdom why exact room temperature 10kA ago and 100 years in the future have meaning in climate science. Are you illiterate when it comes to science?

              1. The fool lies on the other side of the argument.

                Let me put it a way that a simple lefty “might” understand. Your team sayss the earth is warming at an alarming rate. Your team bases that on 150 years of manipulated data. The earth has been around for 3-4 billion years. It has been a tropic, it has been an ice sheet.

                The temperatures for Indianapolis Indiana, this week, were “predicted” to be 88, 91,90, 88, 87 That is Monday – Friday. Not ONCE did the temperature exceed 84. So if they cannot accurately predict the temperature 5 days out correctly, their “Models” can’t predict 20-100 years out.

                But you keep swilling Algores seed, ans spewing it forth. Fewer people by the day are listening.

                1. There is not two sides to the story, just reality and evidence. You are confused with very basic issues such as the difference between weather and climate. As I said “make an effort to get knowledgeable to at least middle school competency in science. Otherwise you will just persist in making a fool of yourself with your gibberish that you think is science.”

  72. The Earth’s carbon footprint was created 4.5 billion years ago during a supernova. Carbon is neither created nor destroyed, it is merely reconstituted into different molecules. Freed up during combustion and then reconstructed into organic molecules by photosynthesis. Warming climate increases plant growth, increasing photosynthesis, reducing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen in atmosphere. A self balancing ecosystem.

    1. Warming climate increases plant growth, increasing photosynthesis, reducing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen in atmosphere.
      Rookie mistakes. First, you show that you don’t understand that warming doesn’t increase plant growth but causes existing plants to die and new species to grow. You have no knowledge or evidence that that is a good thing. Turning prairie into semi-desert is not considered a positive for current extant. Second, increasing atmospheric CO2 results in a decreasing oxygen content. How is that a positive for extant? You do know we pay smart people to measure and evaluate these physical phenomena? A simple 3s Google search could have given you the knowledge not to make rookie science mistakes.

    1. It didn’t. Scientists are the ones that told you this, right? But you think they forgot this when they built their theories of how the climate works? Claiming that climate changed in the past therefore humans can’t be driving it today is like saying fires existed before criminals so arson doesn’t exist.

  73. the “governments” and “scientist” KNEW that planet-x was enroute since the early 1900 so they had tons of time to make up lies on the fly and pass off fatal divisions / divide and conquer “conservative” “liberal”

  74. OMG!!!!…………..I thought we were all going to burn up with rising temps. Now I’m going to freeze. Some one do something. Can we find another planet. Deep breath….deep breath…….. OK, I feel a bit better now. Wait a minute…our Lord and Savior Barry Obama will fix this. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I feel much better now. I’m going to go get some Kool-Aid.

  75. Wow. And our president stated that the hottest 15 years of our existence have been the last 15 years (or something as false as that). It comes down to who believes who since most don’t care to (or are not capable of) doing their own research.

    1. You don’t get out or read much, do you? There is a whole planet involved and the data presented to you is purposely false to dupe the gullible and under educated. Well they succeeded in your case.

      1. What?? Please rephrase your blurry and nebulous statement to actually make a point one way or another. Are you saying that I don’t read much because I don’t believe POTUS? …or that I don’t read much because I think POTUS is full of sh*t? If you read the article above, and any other honest research, the last 15yrs have NOT been the hottest in our existence. And anyone that thinks warming of our climate (which has been happening since the Ice Age) is abnormal is a moron. So tell me, please oh wise one – what the h*ll are you trying to say??

  76. Care to comment, former vice president and (must . . . not . . . smirk) climate activist Al Gore? Doesn’t the pla-YAN-et have a fa-HEE-ver?

    Yes, I see, and no, you can’t f❋❋❋ me or the horse I rode in on. I don’t even own a horse.

  77. And thanks to our beloved little boy king and the Clinton’s, San Francisco company Solazyme, charged $149 a gallon for algae based “alternative Eco-fuel”. For a mere $300,000 in donations the company ripped off taxpayers a total of $223,500 in 2009 alone. The big payback came from a $21 million stimulus grant from the Obama Administration.
    One more Global Warming hype Solyndra hoax for the dimocrats ruling class.

  78. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe that global warming cycle that takes millions of years might NOT be a constant incline in temperature? Maybe that’s occurred to someone? Or is this just the most convenient piece of evidence that makes you feel comfortable living in your self-centered ideology?

  79. What about the other 98.38% of the planet’s surface? That’s right Global Warming Deniers…the land area of the USA accounts for less than 2% of the planet’s total surface area.

    1. Perhaps, but you (or anyone in your denier cult) have yet to show any evidence of wrongdoing. Your hearsay doesn’t count as evidence, fortunately.

      1. all you clowns have is useless computer models and a lunatic running the corrupt epa. We have facts the prove the Ocean is not rising and the Polar ice caps are indeed not melting loser

        1. Such disdain and ineptitude for science. Climate has been studied for two centuries, most before modelling. The full theory of anthropogenic global warming was first formed in 1896. You have the internet. With internet searches a few seconds away there’s really no reason to be so snarkily ignorant these days. Your verifiable vacuity about the ocean levels and the polar ice caps makes you look weak, desperate, and disreputable.

            1. First, do you struggle to comprehend?

              Climate has been studied for two centuries, most before modelling. The full theory of anthropogenic global warming was first formed in 1896.

              Second, as to providing facts you have not provided one for your original vacuity about “cook the books”. I’m still waiting and have enjoyed your diversions into gibberish base on wilful ignorance. You have the floor, please proceed bozo and present the evidence.

                1. I have made no predictions. You, however, have failed to provide any evidence for your vacuity and answer with a grade school yard tantrum out of desperation. A classic symptom of a loser.

        1. Thank you for sharing that you’re neither a scientist nor scientifically literate but rather obnoxiously ignorant about climate science by choice apparently. Totally beyond me why anyone would be so proud of being completely scientifically illiterate. Most people would be embarrassed but not you deniers, you put it right out there for all to see. This is the problem with deniers. If they are not uneducated then they’re either intellectually lazy or wholly dishonest. If you’re educated then the former applies to you and you should strive to become scientifically literate. This is the information age. If the latter, see a psychiatrist; you need more help than I can offer you.

  80. this is why they have switched the narrative to “Climate Change” it’s a catch all phrase…they don’t have to explain it, they don’t have to justify it, and they can prove it easily…because it’s been happening for billions of years…just so they can blame US…..

    1. God, not this ancient trope again. It was Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster, who advocated calling it “climate change” because it seemed less threatening. Scientists are the ones that told you its been changing over billions of years. They also have shown you that the current forcing is human-induced CO2 and not part of the natural cycle. Strange how you can understand the former but are confused about the latter, yet the same chemistry and physics laws apply to both. So that means you are a wilful liar and/or a m0r0n. Claiming that climate changed in the past therefore humans can’t be driving it today is like saying fires existed before criminals so arson doesn’t exist.

      1. really….a willful liar lol hilarious…how EXACTLY did they determine the CO2 is human induced? does it leave some magical footprint…have we seen the accompanying temp increases associated with this CO2 ? No we instead have seen near table top flat temps for almost 20 years now…and you might want to look at the Medieval Warming period and the Mini Ice Age that followed right after…In the late 70’s and early 80’s we were going to freeze to death…the Ice Age was coming…what happened..nothing…now we’re gonna fry..the Ice Caps will be melting..Gore said by 2013 the caps would be gone…have they? nope..actually they have grown in size…but you go on ahead sunshine..keep licking those windows..cause yer special…

        1. If you need to ask the question in your first line it means that you don’t understand middle school science or where to look. Come back when you’re up to speed as the rest of your diatribe is vacuity.

          1. awwww is this your way of saying that you can’t explain why temps have not risen as they should have? or what was responsible for the aforementioned climate changes?? it’s you who has chosen to rely on manipulated data not I….

            1. You are avoiding your own posit. Share why exact temperatures as you noted are important to you in climate science and what that knowledge would tell you. Now you are obfuscating by introducing a new question that you want answered. I will answer it as soon as you answer your original posit about exact temperatures are important and a vital factor to your understanding of climate change. And after you have brushed up on your CO2 knowledge. You have the internet. With internet searches a few seconds away there’s really no reason to be so snarkily ignorant these days. Mercifully you have escaped the ravages of intelligence due to suffering from cranium intra rectum since your youth. Pssst … Mike, everyone on this blog can read what you and I write and you’re showing zero climate science heft.

              1. you’re right…everyone can see and read what’s show me exactly where i asked for exact temps? I simply stated a fact..the fact that temps that were supposedly to rise with the increased CO2 hasn’t original post stands..and those that followed…perhaps it is you who should remove your head from your ass…they cry about a 1/10th of a degree..sooo i decided to interject the medieval warming period..a point in time we’re we had literally no influence to the climate..a point where temps were much warmer than now..and you parrots can’t explain your own search…

                1. You are correct, I inadvertently placed my answer to another post to you. I apologize and will edit what was not germane to this thread. I’ll respond once you let me know you have ginned up on CO2 and in fairness allowed you to edit your response to my previous and now edited response to you.

  81. global warming is called GLOBAL WARMING. It is very hot other places. the reason most of the east coast has not seen this is that the polar vortex has basically split and you are getting arctic air. But the Arctic is being heating from the warm pacific currents, and all the Arctic ice may be gone late sept. If the cold air is in the USA, the cold air is not in the arctic. So the arctic is heating fastest on the planet. If that happens, there is no more polar vortex, and you get hot air, forever. The east coast will be screaming worse then California.

  82. Do your homework guys – the ones “fudging” the numbers here are those that pick the number that suits their story. Maybe you should all take the time to explore more of the data available. While July may have been an “average” month for the US, it was also the hottest on a global scale – they do call it “global” climate change for a reason. Oh, and btw, average temps in June were the 2nd highest recorded in the US…..

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  85. I used to haul bus tores to metro bus ststions in D.C. and St Louis.Know where their weather temperature sensors were? In direct sunlight on a blacktop pad. Know where the pollution index meters were? On the building, above the door where they tune the running busses at a higher rpm. The people who worked there told me about them when I saw a tv station van checking them out. We’re being lied to, people.

  86. It’s global warming, not United States warming, does anyone want to look at what the global average temp for July was in 2015? It was the highest ever since we started recording temperature… by nearly a degree farenheit I think.

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