No Consensus inside the Vatican: Skeptical Vatican Cardinal takes a swing at Pope’s climate encyclical: The Catholic Church has ‘no particular expertise in science’


Until now, Pell had remained quiet on the contents of the encyclical, despite gaining a reputation in Australia as a climate change denier. In 2011, he clashed with the then-head of Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, Greg Ayers, who said Pell was “misled” in his climate change views.

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  1. Does the pope claim that his instructions regarding this issue came from God or is this his own initiative. God created an earth that has seen a lot worse than 400 PPM CO2, and he designed the system with built in mechanisms to prevent the very catastrophes the warmests claim. Simply look at how the IR absorption of CO2 dwindles the warmer it gets. IMHO the Pope would have been better served by taking the time to understand the masterpiece that his God has created, and putting faith in that system, then to believe a bunch of anti-freedom, anti-capitalist Marxists Atheists. Marxists and Fascists are the closest thing to Hell on Earth, just learn study their history.

    1. Fortunately, the pope is only infallible, “EX CATHEDRA”. He is allowed to be an idiot on non-religion subjects, as with many popes before him on.

    1. Too late now. Papal Encyclical already being used in U.S. politics.

      And if this present situation gets re-enforced during the Pope’s U.S.visit then the situation will get even worse.

      What can’t be sold as science then sell it as a matter of faith.

    2. Papal Encyclical is released, RC church holds Washington press conference, and some members of Congress are briefed on the Encyclical.

      Has something like this ever happened before?

    3. A classic Marketing text-book case study complete with advertising can be made from this present situation.

      Advertising provided via various kinds of media.

      Most people don’t understand this?

  2. Pell is not saying anything other than what Pope Francis himself said in the encyclical: “61 “On many concrete questions, the Church has no reason to offer a definitive opinion; she knows that honest debate must be encouraged among experts, while respecting divergent views.”And
    no. 188 ” There are certain environmental issues where it is not easy to achieve a broad consensus. Here I would state once more that the Church does not presume to settle scientific questions or to replace politics. But I am concerned to encourage an honest and open debate so that particular interests or ideologies will not prejudice the common good.”

    1. But I am concerned to encourage an honest and open debate so that particular interests or ideologies will not prejudice the common good.

      Puzzling statement. And seems the same Encyclical does not adhere to its own statement on science.
      Science ought to rise and fall on how well the theories proposed explain factual observations. Let science/scientists honestly judge the science/other scientists. Of course the Church can judge science in this manner: as to whether it’s methodology, conclusions, and use are compatible with or contrary to faith and morals.

      1. What he is saying is simply this: ‘The Vatican is not interested in hearing any opposing views to ‘climate change’. That is quite obvious by the way they turned away the opposition at their climate change conference. Only pro climate change pro U.N. officials were allowed to participate. If you’re going to have a ‘debate’ you have to engage both sides of the issue, no?

  3. Cardinal Pell is an Australian who looks at the whole issue of earth’s changing climate from a realistic point of view, and rightly so. Being an highly intelligent man, Cardinal Pell understands that natural climate variability has been responsible for changing the climate over the last 4.5 billion years and dominates over any influence humans have on the climate. He is a good man who believes in having good evidence before coming to a conclusion. And he does not believe good evidence exists to support the hypothesis of the IPCC’s human CO2/dangerous global warming supposition.

  4. Climate Change is a fraud and the good Cardinal Pell gets that. Pell recognized that the Climate Change agenda is a Marxist attempt to justify Abortion, Contraception, Euthanasia and so called Gay Marriage. Gay Marriage is the sterilization of the family. These diabolical efforts are to reduce the so called carbon foot print on the planet. The Pope has endorsed this agenda. The Catholic Church is in darkness. God Help Us. Bravo to Cardinal Pell.

  5. I guess changing the sign of the cross to “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of Toyota Prius, Amen” was a bit more than frankie thought he could get away with, huh?

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