New Study: ‘2013 ranks as one of the least extreme U.S. weather years ever’– Many bad weather events at ‘historically low levels’

[Also see: Gore still warning of ‘extreme’ weather, ‘increasing storms’ and ‘other extreme events]


Prof. Roger Pielke Jr.: ‘Interesting from @TheSIWeather 2013 ranks as one of the least extreme US weather years ever’

According to the latest analysis of data by the The SI Organization, Inc.

18 OCT/13 FRI

11:50 AM | 2013 – a year with minimal extreme weather events in the US

There have been many forecasts in the news in recent years predicting more and more extreme weather-related events in the US, but for 2013 that prediction has been way off the mark. Whether you’re talking about tornadoes, wildfires, extreme heat or hurricanes, the good news is that weather-related disasters in the US are all way down this year compared to recent years and, in some cases, down to historically low levels.

To begin with, the number of tornadoes in the US this year is on pace to be the lowest total since 2000 and it may turn out to be the lowest total in several decades. The table below lists the number of tornadoes in the US for this year (through 10/17) and also for each year going back to 2000.
(Source: NOAA,

Year         # of Tornadoes
2013                    771
2012                   1119
2011                   1894
2010                   1543
2009                   1305
2008                   1685
2007                   1102
2006                   1117
2005                   1262
2004                   1820
2003                   1374
2002                    938
2001                   1219
2000                   1072

Second, the number of wildfires across the US so far this year is on pace to be the lowest it has been in the past ten years and the acreage involved is at the second lowest level in that same time period (table below).
(Source: National Interagency Fire Center;

2013            Fires: 40,306           Acres: 4,152,390
2012            Fires: 67,774           Acres: 9,326,238
2011            Fires: 74,126           Acres: 8,711,367
2010            Fires: 62,471           Acres: 3,233,461
2009            Fires: 78,792           Acres: 5,921,786
2008            Fires: 80,094           Acres: 5,254,109
2007            Fires: 85,822           Acres: 9,321,326
2006            Fires: 96,358           Acres: 9,871,939
2005            Fires: 66,552           Acres: 8,686,753
2004            Fires: 63,608           Acres: 8,097,880
*2013 data through 10/16

In addition to wildfires, extreme heat is also way down across the US this year. In fact, the number of 100 degree days across the country during 2013 is not only down for this year, but it is perhaps going to turn out to be the lowest in about 100 years of records.

(Source: NOAA, USHCN reporting stations; through August)

The five summers with the highest number of 100 degree days across the US are as follows: 1936, 1934, 1954, 1980 and 1930. In addition to the vast reduction in 100 degree days across the US this year, the number of high temperature records (ie hi max and hi min records) is way down compared to a year ago with 22,965 records this year as compared with 56,885 at this same time last year.
(Source: NOAA,; through 10/17).

Finally, as far as hurricanes are concerned, there have been only two hurricanes so far this season in the Atlantic Basin (Humberto and Ingrid) and they were both short-lived and weak category 1 storms. Also, the first forming hurricane this year occurred at the second latest date going back to the mid 1940’s when hurricane hunters began to fly. Overall, the tropical season in the Atlantic Basin has been generally characterized by short-lived and weak systems.

In addition, this suppressed tropical activity has not been confined to just the Atlantic Ocean. The eastern Pacific Ocean has had no major hurricanes this season meaning there has been no major hurricane in either the Atlantic or eastern Pacific which only occurred one other year in recorded history – 1968. This is actually quite extraordinary since the two basins are generally out of phase with each other i.e. when one is inactive the other is active.

One of the best ways to measure “total seasonal activity” in the tropics is through an index called the Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) which is a metric that accounts for both intensity and duration of named tropical storms. Indeed, the ACE for this tropical season so far in the Atlantic Basin is only 29% percent of normal (through 10/17) when compared to the climatological average from 1981-2010 and it is the 7th lowest since 1950. Elsewhere, the ACE across the northern hemisphere is only 58% of normal and global ACE is 62% of normal.
(Source: Dr. Ryan Maue at Weather Bell Analytics;

Finally, another interesting stat with respect to hurricanes has to do with the fact that we are currently in the longest period since the Civil War Era without a major hurricane strike in the US (i.e., category 3, 4 or 5). The last major hurricane to strike the US was Hurricane Wilma during late October of that record-breaking year of 2005 – let’s hope this historic stretch continues. By the way, just as a point of comparison, in 1954 the US was hit by 3 major hurricanes in less than 10 weeks.

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    1. No,no,no…when the “facts” support the liberal/progressive argument, then the debate is over. When the facts don’t, then either the data is wrong, being suppressed, or it’s a temporary lull and even worse things are coming.

      1. Exactly. If I have my current “facts” correct, all of that global warming heat is all at the bottom of the ocean waiting for us to let our guard down so it may spring forth and cause all sorts of havoc, any decade now. Just you wait. Or so I’m told.

    2. It should be IF science were the main consideration as it has turned in favor of the so called “deniers.”

      Svenmark’s vindication from CERN is science…

    1. . In the beginning there is the understanding, this understanding uses propaganda as a tool to find those men, that shall turn understanding into politics. Success is the important thing.

      — Joseph Goebbels

      1. To quote ALGORE when he lied about Bush. It fits him to a tee. I’M LYING TO YOU I’M PLAYING ON YOUR FEARS..and under his breath he muttered ‘you stupid idiots………….

        1. Cruz will be seen as prescient within a few years. Even the current crop of brain-dead, water-carrying Progressives will realize it. We’re living in an economic house of cards, and the Progressives still think that they can pluck cards out here and there while simultaneously hanging weights all over it, blindly believing that they’re improving the structural integrity.

          Guys like Gore and Obama understand the low level of intelligence within their core demographics, and pandering to them with trinkets and brazen propaganda costs them nothing — they stir and muddy the pot then leave it to the useful idiots to carry out their agendas. In their world, they see the confiscation of wealth and property as a means to an end in their endeavors to accumulate power and eradicate society as we’ve known it. Nevermind that there is no contemplation, accountability, or factual basis involved in their rash and ill-thought schemes — the madmen of this regime, and their slavishly devoted, ill-read followers, seek to profit from the sickening downfall of established morality, capitalism, nationalism, productivity, and empathy in this country. To them, everything they disagree with is disposable.

          1. I wonder if Koyaanisqatsi will be able to retort to a well thought-out, articulate post? Nope, he/she will just disappear like pretty much every liberal when the opposition has clearly out-smarted them. Come back and call William a “racist” or a “religious nut-job”, it is ALL that you know how to do!

          2. @William Post, that is one of the best posts I’ve read to date. You capture all the essence of the liberal/progressive absurdity we’re being forced to endure. You absolutely nailed it all, so completely and so simply. We’re watching this country self-destruct day by day. The sad reality is once we get to the collapse, those useful idiots will still be in denial as too the cause.

            Case in point for the liberal useful idiots to contemplate. Look how quickly the entitlement class went lawless when the EBT card balances could not be verified. They could not care in the slightest that what they were doing was wrong. Nor did they care about the waste they caused the stores and the extra work the store employees would have to take care of. As far as I know about Walmart, they don’t restock perishables. All those items probably will have to be tossed and written off.


            Other than NOT stopping poverty, our nation’s poverty programs will do little more than create a huge lawless class of people when our nation’s economy collapses under it’s own weight of unfunded liabilities. Once those EBT cards become unfunded and useless for good (and welfare payments etc….) HEAVEN HELP US ALL. Climate change will be the last thing on anyone’s mind anyway.

            1. Then they will truly understand what poverty is like. These supposed “impoverished” have cell phones, internet, multiple vehicles, cable tv, are fat as hell. There is definitely something wrong when the guy with no job that lives off of the tax-payer till, has equal assets as the guy who works and earns $20,000/year. The basic premise of why socialism is ineffective. Why would anyone work if they can have the same lifestyle from their couch or street corner while doing NOTHING of productivity? The ‘Tea-bagger’ type is a rare breed that values pride, self-worth, whatever the hell you want to call it. I, personally, find more joy in working for a living than sitting on my cracked-out ass. Why? I feel valuable and I get high off of that shit! You people that are cheating welfare should wake up every day and thank the ‘tea-bagger’ for continuing to go to work to help you be lazy. Otherwise, we, too, would be steeping our bag of tea into your ever decreasing mug of welfare. I, for one, can’t wait to see this all fall apart. With the hole that we are in, this whole thing must be destroyed before and can be rebuilt. When this does happen, God help the liberals because you all are not fit for war.

            2. Your comments are excellent as well. I thought the same thing about the fiasco with the EBT cards. You wonder just what type of people are the types who looted Walmart and the U.S. Taxpayer. Actually I don’t really wonder, I know the types who do this and it ought to be apparent to anyone with half a brain who therse people are. We see them in the major cities when there is a power blackout or we see them in the flash mobs wiping out a convenience store. It’s terrifying to imagine what these parasites might do IF (and when?) the EBT cards were to be shut off. One thing is for sure, they voted for Obama.

              1. It’s ironic that Walmart and the banking company are squabbling over who has to pay the excess charges. How about the people who made the charges. At least deduct it from their future food stamp deposits.

          3. This was so well written and on the mark I copied and pasted it to my email buddies. Hats off to you William. This moron above is parroting what he heard incessantly from the Pravda of our time. He buys in to the nonsense that Ted Cruz speaking into the wee hours of the morning upset the apple cart of all the fine reasoned debate designed to occur in Harry’s Senate. Yep, that night was the night the great work of our champions in the House of Lords, both demonocrats and RINO’s would have fixed things. Menendez was going to forgo another go at under aged prostitutes, the whiskey glasses were going to set aside, blankies were going to distributed and the stars of conciliatory creation would shine. But, Ted Cruz ruined it all by stating unequivocally for 20 hours or so that this masterpiece of legislation, this perfect law crafted in the dead of night and force fed to doubting democrats, was in fact horribly flawed. How dare this man, this beast, state the obvious that every nitwit will soon understand as the collapse picks up momentum in the next 6 to 12 months. Never mind that the law was not read nor fairly and openly debated and defended by facts in the Senate ever. That blessed night stuff was going to happen if Cruz didn’t stay up overnight. “Well, what about the years before and the weeks afterward?”, a sensible person might ask. “But, the action was in the People’s House where Cruz is not!” other people wondered. The media will explain this when Mr. Benghazi surfaces or when the one day debt bump of 230 billion is critically examined by Angelic Mrs. Greenspan. This monstrosity more than doubled in price long before the 650 billion dollar website had a chance to flash its first tilt sign. No matter. None of that matters or is relevant. A meteorite the size of Ohio falling towards DC wouldn’t matter if Obama refused to accept it. This is all true for the same reason empirical data on climate doesn’t matter either. None of it holds a candle to the corrupted models the AlGorical promoted and continues to promote.

            1. Cruz did the unthinkable by pointing out what should be self evident but Obama’s water carriers refused to acknowledge. The Emperor has no clothes.

          4. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew. Libs sold their soul for food stamps. Both have contempt for God and Truth. NO ONE gets away with that for long.

          5. An excellent post. You nailed it. I like the part about Gore and Obama depending on the low intelligent, low information types. This is thier core constituency group (although all Democrats aren’t stupid). These are the people who give Democrats election victories.
            I cannot improve upon your comments.

        2. After the Gabby Gifford shooting, ‘progressive’ liberals said it was caused by right-wing inflammatory rhetoric. We were told by the ‘progressive’ left that the right needed to stop using using “hate-filled language and symbols of violence”.
          I see ‘progressive’ liberals are exempt from the standards of decorum they insist others adhere to.

        3. The Tea Party and conservative talk radio are stronger by far than in 2010 when you got spanked.

          November 2014 will be a sad day for the crazies on the left

        4. Yawn… are ANY of you libstains capable of posting a comment ANYWHERE without having to resort to your infantile name-calling as a defense? Oh wait, no you can’t, it’s ALL you losers have as a “defense”. Your sub-80 IQs wont allow for intelligent responses to anything.

        5. Yeah, shame on Cruz for fighting against funding a program that has, to date, turned out to be a complete clusterf**k. If only had just went along, the Senate wouldn’t have shut down the 17% of the government. What a monster.

        6. Cruz speaks truth. Tea Party has solid principles. You Gore-bots have nothing but artificial “facts” that are your touchstones. Sorry excuses for intelligent beings.

        7. Reread UtIdArWA’s post. You have more to worry about than worrying about Cruz and the Patriots he speaks for!!! You leftist extremists better open your eyes, or you will feel the full weight of dictatorship and communism. YOU WILL NOT BE EXEMPT FROM IT IF IT ISN’T STOPPED!!!!

        8. I keep telling you lefties that the only Teabaggers were gimmecraps! Barney Frank ring a bell?

          You people have got to come up with something else to describe members of the imaginary “Tea Party” if you want to have any credibility at all!


      1. Here’s an exaggeration: The US is <5% of the earth's surface. How does climate data about just the US tell you about global climate trends? Oh yeah, i'm just exaggerating.

        Classic right wing arguing technique = cherry picking data.

    1. I totally agree except they left out the fact that hurricane sandy was last year and made it possible for this president to win! kind of shows us they are not a credible source!

        1. You shouldn’t trust the NHC when it comes to downgrades. They do it to meet their political ends and there were even taken to the bank on it by Floridans after they started downgrading storms to benefit the insurance company. It was a strong Cat I when it came ashore.

          It was a hurricane plain and simple no matter how much they revise it around. This is the same group that revised Katrina down to a Cat III when it hit…

          1. Non-sense Downgrading storms don’t benefit insurance companies. Policies are not “hurricane only”. they are damage of any kind do to anything you didn’t cause yourself.
            You lefties make crap up as you go along

              1. Sandy,
                There is no where in an insurance contract that denies coverage based on storm downgrades. Hurricanes damage is difficult in some cases to determine coverage. Wind blown water or flood is not covered. Wind damage is. You must determine the cause of loss, water or wind. Wind is covered, water is not. Hence the National Flood Insurance Program. Get your facts straight. An insurance company and its policy holder enter into a specific contract that clearly defines coverage and exclusions. It is a cohesive contract that in cases of ambiguity, the contract always favors the policy holder as they did not write the contract and the writer is penalized. Where you got your info is totally worthless. If you have any kind of insurance, I would read my policy and quit posting such goofy ruminations. You may learn something that will help protect yourself.

          2. The Hurricane rating system is easy to quantify, and Katrina was Cat III, and Sandy’s status as Hurricane, Cat I, or tropical storm was borderline, based on where you lived. The east coast has population centers that are far to close to the coast line, and given Federal Flood Insurance, there is no disincentive to shoreline real estate development. The insurance argument is pure bulls–t.

          3. Even if it was a hurricane it was a level 1 at best last level 3 was in 2005. You can change the level by 1 but to call a Level 3 a zero doesn’t work.

          4. Tropical storms/hurricanes always decrease in intensity when they make landfall. They get their energy from heat in the water. Once they move off the water, they loose their energy source, so their intensity falls. So it’s not surprising that storms get down-graded after making landfall. In fact, it can be reliably anticipated.

          5. You’re a fool. Sandy did not meet the defined requirements to be a hurricane (sustained winds greater than 74 mph) at the time it made landfall in the northeast US. I know this because I work for the NOAA Hurricane Hunters, the group of government weather researchers who fly WP-3D Orion aircraft into hurricanes and other tropical cyclones to measure their windpseed, central pressure, fix eye-wall location, etc. I flew through Sandy on the next-to-last mission which flew through her, and my father (a 25+ yr veteran of the Hurricane Hunters and the man who holds the world record for must hurricane eye-wall penetrations) flew on the last mission flown through Sandy. It was not a hurricane. By that point it was not even a particularly intense tropical storm (the ranking below category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson wind intensity scale). Since you mention Katrina, the category 3 ranking was also accurate as of landfall. These are scientific facts, not political concepts.

          1. If I hear “superstorm” Sandy one more time, I think I’ll scream. Sandy was nothing more than a category 1 hurricane that was downgraded before it made landfall. Sandy did EXACTLY what has been long predicted should a hurricane, even one as weak (yes, WEAK) as Sandy hit the NY metro area in the “angle” (Google Nicholas Coch, professor of geology at CUNY). The problem with Sandy was not its strength…it was location, location, location…and the deaf ears turned on preparedness for at least the last 40 or so years. If Sandy was a “superstorm,” then what the heck were Katrina, Andrew, and Camille?

            1. I’m agreed, it was a HURRICANE not a super storm, there’s no such thing as a super storm, it was a media-created definition that stuck and furthered their THE SEAS ARE RISING WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE nonsense.

              It was a strong Cat I though. It had the wind speed of a weak Cat I but its internal pressure was much higher then that of a Cat I.

      1. “Hurricane” Sandy was no longer a hurricane, (was extra-tropical), when it hit the coast and actually such an event has been discussed for years. I’m not saying that it was a minor event but it could have been much, much worse.

        Had such a storm arrived in early September when sea surface temperatures were higher it might have retained Cat 3 status right up to landfall.

        This year’s tropical storm season has been largely a big bust…

        1. It was annoying how the media and everyone flat out ignore that the NHC didn’t issue any warnings north of Virginia by claiming it was extra-tropical. It’s all definition to suit their needs. It was a strong Cat I when it hit, the internal pressure was quite high.

          It was a hurricane plain and simple no matter how much they revise it around. This is the same group that revised Katrina down to a Cat III when it hit…

          1. Katrina WAS a weak Cat 3 if not already a Cat 2 when it made landfall. This is almost always the case due to land interference.

            Sandy went extra-tropical well before making landfall. Only because of it size did it make such an impact.

              1. Most of the damage done to New Orleans was not due to the hurricane itself. It was due to the levees failing. And the levees failed due to years of neglect.

                1. True.

                  But, as any black radical or Kanye West can tell you, Bush blew up the levees, then refused to send help to New Orleans because it was full of black people.

                  And if you believe that, then you also must believe that Obama loves all white people.

              2. I might have been.

                It’s noteworthy to mention that New Orleans was on the west, (weak), side of the circulation and should have had little impact except that a northerly wind stirred up Lake Pontchartrain which in turn caused a failure of the northern levy. Add to this that evidently there was a little negligence on the part of the City of New Orleans regarding levy maintenance…

              1. This is a term that would apply after all tropical characteristics cease to exist. By that time your usually talking of winds less than 30 Knots, lack of deep convection etc. OTOH, extra-tropical systems can be quite destructive and can have hurricane force winds.

            1. Well there were three factors actually for some reason instead of skirting the cost it took sharp left turn so it was a direct hit. It hit at high tide and an unusually high one at that and it crashed into a strong cold front which kept it from dying don faster. Little to do with global warming at all.w

              1. Er, Katrina took a moderate turn to the east, (right), turn. And yes, the tides were increasing ast the Autumnial Eqinox approached. However, interaction with cold fronts would cause a tropical system to falter quicker.

                1. I am sorry I didn’t make myself clear. I was talking about sandy. Instead of maintaining a NE trajectory which is more normal, and glancing the coast, it suddenly turned sharply left, or West if you prefer.

                  And your assertion about cold fronts is false. When a strong cold front meets a warm front, the cold air stays low and the warm front rises on top of the cold front, pushing moist air higher causing more clouds wind and rain.

                  In fact that is how tornadoes start. Warm most air collides with a cold front pushing up the warm air violently and causing the strong rotational effect which creates the funnel.

                  I think you were thinking about upper level shear.

                  1. The reason Sandy followed a westbound path was due to a blocking high pressure system in the North Atlantic.

                    The question of frontal interaction is more of an issue of pressure gradients.

                    Tornadoes generally form when the jetstream or strong upper level winds cause the rotational effect. Further, the direction of the upper level winds could be such as to where a tornado could rotate clockwise which is rare but not unheard of.

                    1. Yes a high over the Atlantic caused the curve, and then And at the same time on the continent there was strong low that came down from Canada with cold air which caused the moist air from Sandy to rise, increasing the downpour and winds.

                      Tornadoes do not generally form from the Jet stream, but they can. More often Winter storms are formed from the Jet stream and form as eddies off of the main jet. The traditional supercell forms usually when warm gulf air travels north and hits a cold front which is still strong in early spring in the Midwest (though tornadoes do occur in all 50 states). The gulf air is key because air laden with moisture, will not only produce more rain, but the most air is lighter than dryer air (at the same temperature), and so it will rise faster when it hits a cold front causing a more violent cyclonic action.

                      Dude I am not a meteorologist, but I had to take some courses in it in college to meet my science requirements. I had to draw the tornado watch boxes, where tornadoes were likely to occur (though again not always) on pretend weather maps on tests. You might want to read up a bit. I am not trying to pull your leg.

          2. Sandy did not have “high” “internal pressure.” Sandy had extraordinarily low pressure. It was the low pressure that permitted the spring high tide (occurring at the moment Sandy made landfall) to inundate the area. (Air pressure is a measure of the weight of the air column above any given point. As the air column weighs less – i.e., has lower pressure – it literally presses down on the ocean surface with less weight, permitting the level of the ocean to rise.)

            1. Yes you are correct I meant to say high as it strong but yes I should have written low as you are right, the lower the pressure the more powerful the storm.

              and yes right on the head – full moon + high tide + low pressure

          3. First of all, high pressure = WEAK storm, low pressure = strong storm. And that storm WAS extratopical when it hit NY. It wan’t a hurricane at all. Its wind speed was too low and it no longer had a closed circulation center. There wasn’t a hurricane to issue hurricane warnings for and don’t act like the lack of NHS warnings meant you were uninformed about the storm. I live in TEXAS and MY local news was covering it nonstop. The networks were in hyper mode about that storm and there was plenty of information for people who needed to prepare – they just didn’t. That’s their own fault.

            1. Yes you are correct I meant to say high as it strong but yes I should have written low as you are right, the lower the pressure the more powerful the storm.

          4. That is because thestorms weaken as they approach shore. Even if it was a mild Cat 1 so what. It was the angle of attack – high tid and crashing into a cold front that caused the tropical storm to cause extra damagee

        2. I agree with you all about the Sandy storm in the North East. What I do not agree with is the impact of Katrina, the storm 3 weeks later that hit Louisiana, or Hurricane Ike that hit Texas in 2007. All three were massive cat 5 storms that weakened directly before hitting shore, so winds were not so extreme, but they still packed the surge of cat 5 storms. Of the three, or four including Sandy, the worst was Ike. Ike scrubbed an entire county bare in Texas. Washed all but 2 houses of an entire community clear across Trinity Bay. This also caused them to re-figure the way they classify all storms past Ike. Of those 4 storms, while causing the most damage, Ike gets the least amount of press, because it happened in Ron Paul’s district.

          1. I don’t wish anyone bad or take glee in others suffering but when you build your home on sand, you have to expect something might happen.

            It might be nice 99% of the time viewing the ocean from your porch or window but that 1% is always there.

            And American tax payers shouldn’t foot the bill for the choices people make in Texas, New Orleans, or the New Jersey coast.

            1. Actually, quite a lot of the homes damaged in Harris, Liberty, Chambers Counties during Hurricane Ike were NOT on sand, and were well above sea level. Yes, the beach front communites were the ones most wiped, but they got wiped into towns much further north, much higher up, and mostly wooded areas. The area of major damage from Ike was inland at least one hundred miles, all the way to Lufkin. If you placed that area over a map of the Northeast, it would swallow several of those states.

          2. The surge from Katrina affected points east, mainly Mississippi and Some of Alabama. New Orleans was not affected by a surge except for the local event on Lake Pontchartrain.

            And one can never discount the effects of politics..

      2. “thatguy” is correct. Sandy was a “post-tropical depression” by the time it made landfall. Also, it was not a “super storm” except in size – its “footprint” was huge. Most of the damage was caused not by wind or flooding (raised water levels due to runoff), but by inundation – Sandy, with its very low barometric pressure – made landfall at the exact same time as a spring high tide. This coincidence allowed the sea level to rise to an unusual level, and this was the cause of almost all the damage.

      3. Of course Hurricane Sandy wasn’t a major storm (3,4, or 5 as identified) Sandy was a CAT 2 when it hit the US, CAT when it hit Cuba. Perhaps we are populating areas that are more likely to be damaged by relatively mild hurricanes…. just an observation

      4. The left have been screaming for twenty years about more hurricanes and larger hurricanes because of global warming. We have not had either. Sandy was not category 3,4, or 5 as they said in the above story. As thatguy said, the credibility remains intact.

  1. The Holy Bible

    2Petter 3:10

    But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.


    1. Leviticus 26: 17 And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and you shall flee when none pursue you. 18 And if you will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins. 19 And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass: 20 And your strength shall be spent in vain: for your land shall not yield her increase, neither shall the trees of the land yield their fruits.

  2. When the proof doesn’t meet the agenda , its time for fiction. Rationalization on the way. UN climate “scientist” have to keep their job and earn their pay. Look for more article soliciting money.

  3. So? Whats your point? We will still forge ahead with bankrupting the coal industry, harassing the oil industry to distraction and inaction, imposing stifling carbon taxes, forcing people and industries to convert to ‘green’ life styles (curly light bulbs, no-flo showers and toilets, non functional electric and hydrogen death trap cars, etc.) and spending $trillions in hi-speed trains and hydrogen freeways to nowhere, all the while funding ‘green’ scam companies that launder reelection capital back to the politicians with tax money. Nothing is going to stop this freight train.

  4. The latest “objective study” conducted by CFACT , funded by ExxonMobil who wouldn’t have any vested interest in “proving” that global warming is a myth…or would they?

    1. ExxonMobil has provided this organization with approximately $60,000 per year for the last decade or so. Not much money. And absolutely, they have an interest in getting the facts out. Lets be clear – they are not basing their findings on computer models that continually prove wrong (like the warming alarmists that absolutely profit from creating a ‘climate crisis’) , rather they are compiling factual data from gov. sources and publishing it as a counter argument for all to see. The fact is that climate models produced in the 1930’s have proven to be extremely accurate in predicting the slight warming we have experienced, while the modern models (funded through scare tactics) have gotten it wrong.

      1. You must mean the famous hockey stick graph… Where no matter what data you put into the model, it always produced a hockey stick…

        Or do you mean sensor gate, where NOAA placed temperature sensors in front of roof top air conditioners to make sure they recorded higher temps?

        Or polar gate, where the entire ice cap prediction was based on three recording stations?

        Or glacier gate, where all the data proving the Himalayan glaciers were rapidly disappearing was all faked?

        Or perhaps you were alive in the 70’s (I was) when the ice age was coming by 2000 and we were all going to freeze to death, for sure, absolutely based on scientific consensus?

        60,000 a year is a medicine dropper in the ocean for the billions of dollars that have so corrupted climate science that we will never, ever know WTF is really happening. Money corrupts science to the point that is looses all credibility, and this crime against humanity should have resulted in lots of people going to prison.

  5. Whenever the government ‘identifies’ a ‘crisis’, and the solution is to raise taxes or increase regulations, you know it is a scam that the liberal progressives are going to fall for it- hook, line and sinker. Just like the health care crisis. Eighty five percent of the people were satisfied with their health care. Now look at the mess we have. Liberals are stupid.

        1. Mostly there are two levels of pigressives: elite apparatchiks at the top and slavish hordes in group-ID’d collectives, beneath.

          The apparatchiks create statist religious utopian myths that are pathways for the hordes to surrender their liberty upstream and in return absorb controlling fascist dicta coming downstream.

          A couple of those myths are:
          1. obamacare-affordable-health-for-all and
          2. smash-free-enterprise-before-it-destroys-the-planet.
          Both have the same goals: empower a more controlling state, repress individual freedom and responsibility, and snatch wealth.

          1. Great post. I’d love to hear the other myths of the pigressive religious utopia belief system. My bet is that “abortion-is-good-for-mother-and-child” is another.

        2. Wait, it’ll come along with proletariat unite, world communist revolution, etc. C’mon give em time, after all barry’s been in wheel house only for small, tiny 5 years. Thank god he doesn’t know how steer well yet.

      1. They don’t create them for their benefit; it is for our benefit. They keep themselves insulated from their “cures” for the masses. Just look at how the unions are furious over the “taxes” that will be imposed on their health benefits if they can’t keep their exemptions from Obamacare.

      1. Mexican gun running?
        voter fraud?
        the military not getting their votes counted?
        The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?
        the drones in our own country without the benefit of the law?
        Giving high tech battery maker A 123 inc. $300 Million and right after that bail-out it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?
        Obama arming the Muslim Brotherhood?
        The IRS targeting conservatives?
        The DOJ spying on the press?
        Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?
        Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?
        The president’s ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?
        The president’s threat to impose gun control by Executive Order in order to bypass Congress?
        The president’s repeated violation of the law requiring him to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?
        The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?
        The State Department interfering with an Inspector General investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?
        Clinton, the IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?
        65 million low-information voters who don’t pay taxes and get free stuff from taxpayers and stuck us again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?

        1. You forgot the oil spill they deliberately let get out of control, remember EPA not letting states and countys take action to contain and clean up? I dont think that was bungling. This is a good list and needs to be where people can see it and add to it. They count on people forgetting.

        2. Stimulus
          Bank Bailouts
          GM Bailout
          Continuation of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
          Intervention in Libya and attempted intervention in Syria
          Ordering Border Patrol agents to stand down
          Suing Arizona for trying to enforce border security
          If I had a son he would be Trayvon Martin
          Granting himself, Congress, and unions exemptions from Obamacare
          Total fail Obamacare rollout
          Public barred from National Parks and Monuments
          $7 Trillion in new debt

    1. Remember the Liberal’s CFC scare. They panicked and forced us to change all our cars a/c, our refrigerators and even hair spray to less efficient crap.. Turn’s out just the Mt St Helens volcano spewed more CFC’s into the atmosphere than all the CFC’s previously produced by man in the 50 yrs they had made CFC’s. If we would have had the internet then, that hoax would have been exposed just like the warming hoax is.

      1. the hoax WAS exposed years ago, by the statist media would NEVER report it!
        The BIGGEST reason this country is in the shape it is in is the leftist compliant media.
        I hope God DOESN’T have mercy on their souls.

        1. We are expected to suspend common sense that a heavier CFC molecule (mw 120) rocketed past lighter volcano propelled HCl molecules (mw 36) in a race to the ozone layer REALLY? We are also expected to believe that a stable uncharged heavy molecule somehow aggressively tracked down widely spread lighter ozone molecules in the thinnest atmosphere layer and without being superheated by a volcano and without any catalyst whatsoever engaged in a chemical interaction that no lab has ever been able to duplicate. REALLY? Since CFC’s are a heavy molecule released at ground level into the atmosphere, surface level ozone should have disappeared first. It didn’t. Our government lies to us. Government paid pseudo-scientists lie to us. Get it? Freon’s patent had run out and Dupont had a new expensive refrigerant it wanted to sell.

        2. RIght – since all of “progressivism” is based on anti-capitalism, you will never see a government agency acknowledge natural causes are the sources of major environmental problems that the progressives contrive in order to inspire fear in and control the masses.

  6. See, that of course is MMGW too. Do the math, but first insert your cranium up your rectum…then it will make sense or become a global warming zealot, same difference.

  7. Oh but you just don’t understand! This is all part of global war….uh…..Anthropogennic Global…….er…..Climat Change! Yeah, that’s it; Climate Change!
    You see the climate has changed radically because of mankind and CO2 in the atmosphere, and because the moon is in the seventh house, and……and…’re all just a bunch of right wing knuckle dragging bible beating know nothing flat earther idiots! I know ’cause Al Gore and the IPCC told me so and they can’t be wrong can they?!

    I said “Can they”?

    can they?


    (Is this thing on?)


  8. So much for the global warming swindle. These warm monger crony socialist rent seekers need to be publicly shamed and excluded from public discourse.

    1. It is, actually (see my post below). But the AGW crowd has spent so much time trying to convince us that global warming will cause the sky to fall that any about-face now would discredit them. Besides, the truth is not alarmist and doesn’t promote support for regulation (and its attendant money-making opportunities), so it is unlikely to be heard from them,

  9. Hang on, let me adjust my model so the projections work out to fit reality yet I can still blame it on humans. Just take me a sec…

    Hey don’t laugh…making reality fit my computer models is hard work!

    1. My new theory of climate change/global warming – painting houses yellow creates global warming.

      I can test the theory by creating a computer model that adds heat to the atmosphere every time a house is painted yellow. Run the simulation, with large numbers of simulated houses painted with simulated yellow paint, and – the simulated atmosphere gets warmer!

      Not very surprising results. It’s pretty obvious that if you create a simulation in which heat is driven by a factor in the simulation, an increase in that factor will yield more heat – even if that factor is yellow paint. And, naturally, you can substitute CO2 for yellow paint; it will work just as well. In the end, simulations prove nothing and they are not “science.”

  10. So much for all these morons that claimed several years ago that because of the so-called ‘Global Warming’ that the weather would be more drastic! And they call themselves ‘experts’? LMAO!!

    1. Many climate scientists were claiming that global warming should reduce the frequency and intensity of storms. Weather is driven by the temperature differential between the lower and mid-latitudes. Because global warming should raise temperatures in the mid-latitudes more than anywhere else, the temperature differential should decrease. So a reduction in storm frequency and intensity could be a sign of global warming having an effect on weather patterns.
      To caveats are important here. First, that “global warming” may be true does not imply that it’s being caused by human activity (anthropogenic global warming). Second, the people who stand to make money (and the scientists who stand to get grants) from global warming couldn’t make their money if they told us that global warming would actually have some beneficial effects. So they had to lie about the potential effects in an attempt to panic us into compliance. This is why they couldn’t tell the truth about the effects, and why they suppressed the views of many scientists (even supporters of AGW) when they disagreed (i.e., told the truth) about the effects of global warming.

    1. Photographs of barrels installed in the passenger space of an aircraft for flight test
      purposes have been claimed to show aerosol dispersion systems. The real
      purpose of the barrels is to simulate the weight of passengers or
      cargo. The barrels are filled with water, and the water can be pumped
      from barrel to barrel in order to test different centers of gravity while the aircraft is in flight.[29]

  11. why are you deniers disrespecting man/bear/pig? Afterall, he does have a Nobel Peace prize, Emmy, Oscar and a carbon footprint the size of his ego. No wonder he needs his lower chakras stimulated. I blame Bush. Forget that Senate voted against the Kyoto treaty 95-0 when algore was veep. We need to kill coal and make the rabble pay out the nose for everything. We MUST reduce our carbon footprints while the elite keep their executive jets and humongous aircraft carried-sized SUVs. Perhaps forced sterilization on you non-elites is in order?

  12. Oh no! This doesn’t fit the progressive/liberal/communist/enviro-nazi/UN narrative!!! Not to worry – the lunatics never let the facts get in the way of an agenda. Take her to warp speed, Scotty!

  13. Yes but if it wasn’t for man producing CO2 it would only rain on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 2 and 3am and the temperature would be a constant 72 degrees all the time.

  14. It is amazing that with all of this recent climate news indicating no temperature increases in 17 years and now this article that Al Gore still commands about $50k per speech. It seems as that there are too many people who just gotta believe in imminent disasters. I guess since the Mayans were full of caca concerning the end of the world that they have to moan about something.

    1. Sssshhhhhhh! Don’t mention “other greenhouse gases”! (Like methane – most of which comes from termites – and water vapor – most of which comes from the ocean surface and the transpiration of plants – both of which are more efficient than CO2 at trapping heat, both of which are present in the atmosphere in vastly larger quantities, and both of which are uncontrollable. This latter point being why the “controllers” have fixated on CO2 – it can be regulated.)

  15. Attention every man, woman and child that was convinced the world was going to end because of Al Gorebull warming………..the things you were told in school about “climae change” were lies, the proclamations made by our premium scientific associations (they are nothing more than lobbyists) were lies.
    There is no such thing as a climate that never changes, there is no such thing as your anus being apart of your reproductive system and reality does not change if you convince enough people it has changed.

  16. Where is manbearpig? Oh yeah, he’s out again screaming doom and gloom is just around the corner. He reminds me of those crazy homeless people with their Armageddon signs begging for liquor money.

  17. Uh oh, this is going to really irritate those global warming people want to perform a “wallet-ectomy” on everyone. Their heads are exploding as we speak. LOL

  18. People I dislike Al Gore (puke) as much as any of you. But give the @#$% credit he has made himself a multi-millionaire selling this fantasy to the world. Which, also relates to someone in the Circus World who might have said, “There is a fool born every minute.” On the bright side I suspect Gore made all his money off of the liberal freaks that seem to dominate our culture. Resulting in Gore laughing his fat butt off as he goes to the bank.

  19. our moon is caught in planet x,s powerful gravitational field

    prepare the end is nigh

    repent of your sins today and turn to YAHUSHUA, IN TRUTH AND IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    there are 10 levels of HELL, that an unrepented sinner can be sent to.

    unrepented sinners will go to hell

    repented sinners will go to heaven



    the son of satan (worldwide dictator) will declare to the world “i am jesus christ”



    1. They’ll just say that 2013 had the most extreme weather events on record, and say that ” the overwhelming majority of scientists” say so.

  20. Every year must have more extreme weather events than the last and every day must be hotter than the last, or climate change is proven to be a hoax!

    1. One would think so by reading most of these posts. I guess it’s just easier to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the vast bulk of scientific evidence than it is to go to the trouble of actually doing anything to counter global warming. And when their great-grandchildren end up suffering, they can always tell them, “Well, but gee, Matt Drudge swore to us that climate change was just a liberal concoction.”

  21. Facts are irrelevant, MMGW/AGW/GCC/AGCC–E-I-E-I-O is a matter of faith. Like all religions, “Climate Change,” in all of it’s liberal permutations, exists on the faith it’s true believers possess; not on the basis of factual information.

  22. You are all heretics against doctrine, and this will not be permitted….. Dissent will not be tolerated…. What was it Major Hoffsteder used to say to Klink…..?

  23. I suggest you folk READ THE SCIENCE instead of the cherry-picked and distorted analyses put here for politics.
    Go to some science in the public interest web site such as or and read the synopses of the studies, then get the studies themselves, and READ THEM.
    Stop getting your “science” from the same folk who screamed “WMD!” at you until you turned our sins and daughters into mass killers of civilians.

      1. Typical ignorant knee-jerk reaction to gkam’s reasonable statement. But I guess reading a scientific study is asking a lot from you, huh, Rick. Much easier to just hurl insults.

        1. No, just sick of the left’s claiming that any findings, no matter how they refute their theories are always wrong or they claim that no matter what happens it somehow verifies their beliefs.

    MANBEARPIG hardest hit!

    Manbearpig is always going to seek out, always find, and always stay in front of those microphones and those cameras and those so-called ‘objective journalists’ with micro-recorders at least as often as he literally jets around these hemispheres of ours in his personally chartered carbon belching jet aircraft preaching the environmental gospel according to Carbon-Credits AL [and anyone else who can afford to buy in]. His futile hoodwinking desperation is palpable. Truckloads of money are at stake — and Mother Nature just keeps proving what a repugnant snake oil charlatan and greazy flim-flam man Albert Arnold Gore Jr. and his Carbon-Credits Cabal truly is.

    “AL”… Every time I see or hear the name, “AL”, the first thing that usually pops into my mind is a beckoning Peg Bundy getting ready to grovel, wretch, and, if need be — prostrate herself — to get what she wants.

    Life imitating art — with a bit of juxtaposition.


    1. The article did not say NO extreme weather events. It just said the 2013 had the fewest. We’re still going to have bad – even extreme – weather. We always have, and we always will.

  25. Al Gore said several years back that the artic would be completely ice-free in the summer of 2013. This past summer saw more artic ice than any summer has in decades.

      1. LOLthe NW passage stayed closed all year this year.


        Ignorant twit, trying to tell us how to run society when you don’t even know what you’re talking about

  26. Apparently, the addition of hot air from Obama and the senate came short for Gore’s war to move the needle. But, no movement to restore jobs in fossil fuel or the jobs they represent. Perhaps we should burn the phony global warmests to keep warm this winter.

  27. In the 1970’s scientific consensus proved with absolute certainty that an ice age was coming, and that by this time we would all be freezing to death. And yet, people still fall for this malarkey.

    The CRIME is that money has so corrupted climate science that we will never really know much about the Earth’s climate at all. The CRIME is that we have an entire generation living in a world where scientists lie and are not to be trusted.

    Less scientists = less progress for mankind overall.

    The End Is Near, Send Money today is ALWAYS a HOAX. Every single time. Always.

    So depressing that people are so dumb….

  28. The NAZI reference below is so spot on. In Germany before WWII almost an entire nation was propagandized into believing things that were completely conjured out of no where.
    We live in a world today that may be the most propagandized ever. Its made possible by the internet an international communications network that allows for the brainwashing in all corners of the earth. Very few would doubt the average person being influenced by what they see in print (online) if in some way it bolsters their emotional state of fear.
    End of the world scenarios are as old as the world itself. Now, instead of being confined politically to one country or hemisphere, or even to a specific regional religious sect people can be converted worldwide.

    Has it not occurred to anyone what a coincidence it is of a worldwide belief system, Global Warming, and the advent of a free worldwide communication system, the internet, emerge at the very same point in time? But now, just as in the much smaller scale pre-war Germany, its the world that can be propagandized.

    As poster shown below suggests – Its being suggested man can manage and control the climate of the planet.

    1. “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea
      that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine
      and the like would fit the bill…. But in designating them as the enemy,
      we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these
      dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed
      attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then,
      is humanity itself.” – Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, 1991

      1. Your quote encompasses well the attitudes of so many liberals I know. But I, too, wonder if there is a limit to what the earth can support. Though I do not believe in the Global Warming secular religion, I wonder what the next calamitous glitches might be if the world continued say, for instance, developing around fossil based fuels. For sure, there is a finite amount, so if the emerging world goes whole hog into their use along with a still emerging China and India with their be supply constraints that might lead to wars or famine?
        So, in my own way I welcome the diversification in what some consider “green” energy supplies. I just wish the money spent wasn’t so emotionally based. Real science is usurped by this emotion. I am also concerned that if a broad based population is not dependent on the grid that development could metastasize to having homes and businesses in areas I personally would prefer to keep natural and uninhabited. Though I prefer not to have development overly legislated by government I do enjoy the generally unspoiled feel and lack of sprawl when traveling in areas of Europe, where city populations are concentrated partially because of development restrictions. And high populations are needed to make mass transit feasible, preferable, in my mind to endless highway traffic jams.

      1. I think I get your gist.

        I “ascribe” to neither, but if you think in some way scientists in some way maintain any level of moral high ground you are sadly mistaken. I have enough of a window into the university research industry to be able to list shocking dishonesty and wholesale misdirection of policy. “Business,” too, just as the business of science and every other sector of society faces its own moral challenges.

      2. Businessmen have a significant higher level of morality than scientists, in general. They compete in a more competitive environment in which BS doesn’t cut it. “Scientists,” 90% of whom are simply perfunctorily-educated academicians, operate in a remarkably insular environment where comprehensive analysis and statistical skills are woefully lacking and corruption is rampant.

  29. I must admit that I’m a little disappointed. California was supposed to be floating out to sea by 2010, and Washington DC was supposed to be underwater. I was looking forward to those events.

      1. Have a house on the ocean near the NC/SC border. Have had one since 1987. Lovely place. No issues, other than hurricanes when they come through. Perhaps you should do a little recon work yourself…

  30. So it’s working.

    All those carbon taxes are kicking in! I always wondered how giving the government more tax revenue could stop the rise of the oceans. Now I know!

    You know what this means? Gaia forgives us, we are all safe now.

  31. Wait for another 100 years and the climate will go out of control, the ocean will boil, the air will burn, life will be extinct on the Planet Earth.

    I will guarantee my life on it. 10 times over.

    1. The ocean will boil,

      The air will burn,

      You’ll have no water,

      Gotta drink yur urine!

      Gonna tie my wee-wee

      To a tree, to a tree,

      Gonna tie my wee-wee

      To a tree….

  32. When I was in grade school, the screaming eco-meemies were all screeching about “global cooling” and the imminent coming of the second ice age… Thirty years later, the same bunch of idiots with the hubris to believe that mankind could actually destroy our planet, were yelling, “global warming” at the tops of their lungs… Reality? The reality is this: It is now “settled science”! Eco-Whackos are idiots!

    1. I think you should READ THE SCIENCE instead of taking the word from those who screamed “WMD!” at you until you turned our sons and daughters into killers.
      Go to and read the synopses of the studies, and then read the studies for yourself. Stop letting political folk play you like a cheap kazoo.

      1. Why is it then, that a foremost MIT scientist just came out with a study that stated the earths temperature has not changed in the last 10 years? Google it yourself. Continue to follow your ideologues. Oh yes, most liberals suffer from short term memory. War with Iraq and Afghanistan was a unanimous decision in Congress after 9/11. Oh and they are finding Iraqi manufactured chemical weapons in Syria. Imagine that!

      2. Guess what? Iraq’s WMD went to Syria where Al Qaeda is right now raiding, as you liberals in your insane foreign policy are making possible. Watch that freaking sequoia in your eye before worrying about the dust in the eyes of anyone else.

      3. Tell you what, sonny… Take off your bunny slippers, get out of your jammies & put on some big-boy pants, then climb out of your parent’s basement & join the real world.

    2. We’ve had 21 periods of severe glaciation over the last 2.8 million years. Used to be we’d have the ice for 40,000 years, then we’d get a warm period of about 10,000 years. Then the cycle changed and we went to 100,000 years of glaciation, then a warm period (called an interglacial) of about 10,000 years.

      Every now and then there’d be a period of less than 10,000 years where it would warm up a bit and the ice would recede, but it’d come back quick, and the warm period wouldn’t be as warm as an interglacial. These are called interstadials. We have had periods where an early interstadial connected with an interglacial, but the averge temps would fall way off, the great Ice Age deserts would return with a vengeance.

      Currently we are about 5,000 years overdue for the end of the current interglacial. Of note, the immediate current period is actually cooler than it was 5000 years back so something is happening.

      Maybe our Sun is dying.

        1. Good point ~ think a nuke could take it out by relieving all the pressure?

          Actually, I’m very worried about that particular location. Did you realize that space radar can now look down 30 miles into the crust and SEE large scale features.

          The Juan de Fuca subduction zone is LOCKED by the Roots of the Rockies.

          Lord only knows what pressures are building up there ~ I’d think maybe a break in the tectonic plate and an overfold ~ probably what’s been going on for the last 10,000 years. Best move now!

    3. But one thing remarkably never changes – there is always exactly 25 years worth oil left in the ground, as there has been for the last 45 years, and always will be!

  33. If you have not seen it yet, search for NIPCC’ study. the ‘NON-governmental” International Panel on Climate Change. Very interesting; aligns with what looks to be the non-alarmists on this threats

    1. Only if you read it carefully. And when you do, you can clearly see where they completely contradict themselves. That report is a JOKE on the Alarmists, and they don’t even know it!

  34. The ocean will boil,

    The air will burn,

    You’ll have no water,

    Gotta drink yur urine!

    Gonna tie my wee-wee

    To a tree, to a tree,

    Gonna tie my wee-wee

    To a tree!

  35. Yes, hurricanes, tornados, and severe thunderstorms were very few in number this year. However, I would call multiple record low temperatures in almost every southern state this past summer a bit “extreme.” I don’t buy in to all the man made global warming hype; the truth, to me, is that our planet has natural cycles of warming and cooling- and space weather plays a huge part in our weather here on Earth. I do believe that we are slowly destroying our habitats and environment with pollution, toxic and nuclear waste, and damage from “resource harvesting”, such as the collection of oil and certain mining practices. The Fukushima fiasco alone could prove to be an extinction level event (albeit a very slow one) if those fuel rods go critical. To absolve mankind of all responsibility in its negative impact on our planet is just as irresponsible as blaming mankind on rising global temperatures. The truth is somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

        1. I have a Master of Science in this issue. Want to discuss specifics?
          Those of you who make your decisions based on emotion, on political prejudice just keep on making mistake after mistake.

          1. Then explain how you could so completely screw up on the level and importance of the Atmospheric Window? Don’t bother with the shuck n jive. I know what the window is and its role in releasing heat into the upper atmosphere and more importantly into space.

      1. Just an attemt to inform you, the Tea Party didn’t exist when Bush was elected. But again, don’t let the facts get in the way of your story.

  36. This can’t be true!!! My Unicorn is sick……….I wonder how long it will take for the poor diluded Gorists to finally realize its all a scam….

      1. Rambo’s right they don’t lie.. did you read the Liberal study conducted that, “tea party members know more about science than Liberals” I thought that was a HOOOT

      2. It’s not that they lie, although some of them do. It’s that they are arrogant, to demand that we give up our lifestyles and creature comforts and live in fear because they are so all knowing that they would be able to predict the future demise of the earth. Predicting the future with garbage-in garbage-out computer models is NOT science.

      3. Whatever. When you have to produce a SPECIFIC result in order to keep grant funds rolling in, you GET the result that is PAID for. Thats not science, that is corruption.

  37. We’d be colonizing the moon and mining the asteroid belt by now if it wasn’t for these backward Eco-fascist Malthusians. It’s time for a purge.

  38. The wild fire data ignores major unusual fires like Mt. Charleston in Nevada and major “hundred year” fires in California. The last major hurricane might have been 2005 based on someone’s definition of major, but Sandy was a little strange, no? I’m not arguing with the overall message here, but ignoring things like this doesn’t help the cause.

    1. Do you know what one hundred even as you use it means? Somehow I doubt it.

      It means that the odds of having an event of similar size next year is 100 to 1.

      1. A one hundred year flood event means a flood that gets up to about the biggest flood you’ll have in any given 100 year period.

        A five hundred year flood event means a flood that gets up to about the biggest flood you’ll have in any given 500 year period.

        You can have a 100 year flood every day ~ or every month ~ or every year ~ and likely no flood will exceed it in a given 100 year period. A 500 year flood, of course, can also happen at any time, or never!

        It’s more a unit of measurement than of probability.

        These floods leave marks.

        Also learn FLOOD PATH and FLOOD PLAIN

  39. Now the alarmists will surely say that humans are causing the weather to be too calm. See, we are even effecting the LACK of hurricanes! The only way to save the planet is to pay money and stuff….

  40. Least Extreme…yet nat. gas and oil is being sucked out of the ground at an all time high & all while gas is still over $3 per gallon…Oil companies have no excuses this year huh?…I guess they got to find something else to blame it on.

    1. You realize the price of oil is only part of the price of gasoline, right? If you want to know why your gas prices are so high, look to taxes, refining and transportation costs increases due to regulation and more taxes.

      1. Not to mention all the formula changes which have been written into laws which also force prices higher. I blame the EPA more now than anyone else. This is a government created price. There is zero doubt about that.

    2. MadMoto covered some of it. There’s also increased demand. And uncertainty in the Middle East as a result of President Stupid’s foreign policy failures. But you keep blaming those mean old oil companies.

  41. According to Albert Gore this article is baloney! Poor dumb old Al, getting rich spreading his BS!. But his day will come; he will have to answer for his money making schemes.

  42. Here in Eastern NC We haven’t seen a Blue Sky in over 2 weeks now. Every day it’s the same, clouds, gray sky, occasional rain showers. Sun peeps out for less than an hour a couple of times a day…maybe. But the chemtrails are mixed in with the clouds and can hear the planes laying them out. Used to be October was nice weather, fair and mild. This year nothing but cloudy and gray.

  43. The left says Bush was a criminal. I also think Bush just phoned it in the second term and was too Leftist. But let us look at the last few Democratic Presidents. Carter a total failure and turns out he is a Jew hating Leftist. Bubba Clinton the Lying womanizing narcissist who just seemed to have anyone who could do any damage to him just seem to die conveniently. Almost Gore a man who by any test is insane and would be locked up if not for being an ex Vice President. Now the prize winner Obama. A narcissist Megalomaniac who also happens to have the wonderful traits of being a racist and Muslim. He also hates the country he is President of. So paranoid he makes Nixon look like a wonderful trusting person.

    So you Leftists stop blaming Bush the people you sent to to office are all pretty weird.

    I know the article is about weather but someone mentioned Al Gore. Just made me think of how strange the last few Democratic Presidents were.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The funny thing is, if you’d have proposed this as the coming reality only 15 years ago, most people would laugh it off as the ravings of a conspiracy nut.

      History will not be kind to the Socialist-Progressives, both Democrat as well as Republican. With time, the proper perspective of the collapse of America in the late 20th and early 21st centuries will be crystal clear.

  44. The “man-made climate change” liars are among the worst of the libstain leftest trash. If we have ANY “extreme” weather, it is “Caused by man” and the “world is coming to an end soon.” If we don’t have any extreme weather, or far less of it, then it’s STILL “caused by man” and it’s is STILL “then end of the world”. Fear mongering and lies.. the favorite tools of the left.
    Abolish the “carbon tax”/”carbon credit” part of the “climate change” scam and the whole thing will disappear as no more leftists will be allowed to bilk their stupid followers out of their welfare money,

  45. It’s climate change that is causing so few weather events. Remember, climate change can be used as an excuse for everything, even though they predicted hotter temperatures and more extreme weather events, climate change can be blamed for the exact opposite.

  46. Its ALL ABOUT CONTROL. If you control the use of abundant, cheap and easily accessed carbon based energy, you control economies and get very rich in the process!

    The lie is kept alive with money. The Progressive money has corrupted mainstream science. The truth is being subjugated to a perverse social, political and elitist ethos disguised as “environmentalism”

    1. I have a Master of Science in this field, having earned it with Thermodynamics, Environmental Law, Ecoscience, Environmental Economics, and other technical areas. It was in 1982 when the thesis was approved. Since then, I have watched as the issues about which we were most concerned have become near-crises even faster then we thought.

      Yet you assume al of us have YOUR ethics and would lie for advantage. It seems to be common within the conservative community – the ability to project one’s character weaknesses onto others. Sorry, but businessmen and religion workers and lawyers are all in fields we invented, made up. We can change the rules any time we want, and do, to the advantage of the powerful.

      Not so in science, where everything has to be verified. I suggest all of you READ THE SCIENCE instead of being taken, fooled, suckered, again: “WMD!!!!”

      1. This is what happens when you can’t square your predictions with reality. People stop believing you. Warmers like you can’t say “look out your window” or “look at the data” anymore to justify their claims.

        Now, they scream “read the science”…whatever that means.

        And the WMDs that were, uh…never found in Iraq were used in Syria a few months ago. So WHO got fooled and suckered??

        1. More good science is coming out of CERN as of late now indicates that Svensmark, (Who was vilified by the mainstream science gang), was right which in turn is invalidating the claims of the alarmists.

          Sometimes it takes more than a decade to get at the truth…

        2. You know what “Read the Science” means?
          …in earlier generations it meant “Read the Catechism!”
          …before that it was “Read the Bible!”
          But Saints are not made by what they read, but how they live life.
          And Scientists are made by how they measure and recognize reality.
          In both cases, wanna-Be’s don’t get beyond just reading about it.

      2. “I have a Master of Science in this field, having earned it with Thermodynamics, Environmental Law, Ecoscience,
        Environmental Economics, and other technical areas. “

        And you can still be wrong.

      3. Yes, but verified by who? A “fixed” panel or a “fixed” result?

        If all things were actually treated neutral, you wouldn’t have written the above but from the beginning was politically charged thus the results of research were pre-skewed.

        You background indicates that you fit the profile very well…

  47. Nothing to do with warming, but how about a winter pattern that never broke during the summer? Most of the east had a record cool summer:

    Florida had massive flooding rainfall where the fronts hung just to the north. A recent peak at a rainy season review had about 60 inches noted near the Ft. Myers area:

    While, western longitudes had the jet streams well north of Canada, the east had the opposite with cool to cold temperatures and storms. Florida had the most unsettled and cool May I remember since being here in ’85.

  48. I am an advocate of global warming.


    Because, as the Sun ages, it will get larger and hotter. The Earth will be burned to a crisp in the future.

    I simply do not accept that Man is the cause.

    What we need to do is spend our resources on learning how to ADAPT.

      1. I’m afraid that you might be right but I think that you need to blame his handlers, (Valerie Jarrett for starters), rather than the little puppet emperor himself..

  49. I see the purveyor of Occidental Snake Oil is still selling his wares on the unsuspecting public. When will people learn? Never! People seem to like being lied to.

  50. I’m no liberal global warming nut that wants to ban all fossil fuels, cars, etc., but anyone who doesn’t see a change in the weather patterns can’t logically reason. Of course there are anomalies in every system, including weather. In the last 10 years I have witnessed more violent summer storms (derechos), hurricanes (yes I live on The East Coast) heavy snowfall, increased rainfall, drought, no snowfall, 70-degree days in December and frost in May. I’ve had to alter my garden growing season. Weather is cyclical. This is a change between cycles.

    1. You’re like Chicken Little: something hits you in your head and you think the sky must be falling.
      #!: There are ALWAYS variations in weather cycles.
      #2: Weather is NOT climate. You can have a very cold winter or very hot summer and it will still be a normal variation of your normal climate.
      #3: Ten whole years you’ve witnessed more violent weather? Try a longer view for a better perspective on what NORMAL weather can do!
      “The latest recorded measurable snow in Minnesota remains at 1.5 inches at Mizpah in Koochiching County on June 4, 1935.”
      I lived in Chicago in the 1960’s when the record cold temperature hit -22 F. The record is now is -27 F, set in 1985. Just because YOU witness what YOU consider to be “more violent” weather does not indicate a change in climate. Any time you think there’s an extreme change, keep in mind that according to fossil evidence a great part of the US was tropical once upon a time.

  51. hmmm wonder of this will shut up the environmental nuts about climate change and the imminent end of the earth because of all the emissions…wonder how the hypocrite gore will respond to this one…lol

    1. It’s a nice dream! Even if they jump of the weather bandwagon they’ll find something with which to regulate everyone’s behaviour. Perhaps they’ll find that toilet paper kills the moire’ midge and Al Gore will go into the bidet biz.

  52. Is this the result of the US having the capability to become energy independent, is it because of the complete failure of Obama’s green policies, is it because the Arctic Ocean froze over and stayed frozen this summer? I’m searching but can’t come up with a reason. What was that named storm prediction for this hurricane season again? Wait, I have the answer; the government shut down and could not produce any statistics, this has to be the reason. I’m feeling better now that I have the answer.

  53. but al gore said ………and about the wmd – the former leader, before he was hung, said he wanted the world to believe he had them because then he would not be attacked in his own country ……… why do so many refuse to accept the facts he did everything to make many believe he had them …

    1. Yes, We Conservatives, Libertarians and most importantly Tea Party are getting a little pissy at the fact that Democrats, liberals and progressives like yourself are trying to destroy this country. Oh, I know, you don’t see it that way. But your kind of people are not very smart. Vicious yes, but not smart.

    2. Leave it to a liberal, progressive, dem, to use kitty cat pictures in place of a logical or substantive argument.. Libs more often than not base their arguments on how others “make them feel”, or repeat polarized liberal msm talking points. They either fail or get emotionally defensive when challenged with the task of elaborating without relying upon logical fallacies.

      1. Yeah, eliminating deficit spending, protecting free markets and abiding by the Constitution, are pretty extreme all right. Those nutty Tea Partiers!

  54. Umm, anyone notice that it said no hurricanes since 2005 have hit the US?
    There was this little thing in New York called Sandy that might have been a hurricane
    Fact-checking please

    1. Sandy was a category 2 when it hit the US, but because of its massive width it was
      massively more destructive. I agree that not mentioning it above because it wasn’t
      a 3, 4, or 5 is disingenuous but so are most climate studies.

  55. You’re not looking at this correctly.
    This is just the other end of the extreme weather spectrum. This year weather events are extremely below average. It’s a sure sign of global warming, climate change, extreme weather, or whatever it’s being called this week.

    1. If any of the previous years gloom and doom hurricane predictions are an indicator, I doubt we will have so much as a thunderstorm off the Atlantic. But fear not…if there is even just a single Category 1 Hurricane that landfalls, it will be THE irrefutable proof of Global Warming/Climate Change.
      Hurricanes are not something new, they have happened for billions of years. The very definition of CLIMATE is “changing”….so I will never understand how liberal fools think there is going to be a set pattern.

  56. Care to comment, pseudo-meteorologist, uh, former vice president and ( . . .must . . .not. . .smirk. . .) environmental activist Al Gore of “The Pla-yan-et Has a Fa-hee-ver” fame?

    I see, and, no, you can’t “eff” me or the horse I rode in on. I don’t even own a horse.

  57. Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty were such evil people. They caused it.
    Chicago used to be under a mile thick slab of ice and snow thousands of years ago! Everybody must have been happy. They had to be …………………….listening to the Chicken Littles.

    It is because of global warming so get over it. It does not matter to the chicken littles if it is completely normal for a hundred years it is still going to be global warming!! Or Cooling! Or Change! Or stay the same! Then repeat!
    So get over it and let them rant!

  58. This is impossible! Dumbofuk Party fanatics, filled with the glory of Odiarrhea, have ranted at for years about the extreme weather swings that global warming will bring! Not only will there be global warming, but also freezing blizzards and glaciers covering most of N. America! We can expect polar bears to freeze to death, to see New York buried under a glacier of ice that is one mile high and being able to walk across the ocean on frozen whales, things like that.

  59. Policyholders benefit from the downgrade in storms as “hurricane deductibles” do not apply (much higher) when storms are downgraded to TS’s. insurance companies actually bend over backward to try declaring them TS’s to not penalize their policyholders.

  60. What I don’t understand is this. Why does the fix for Global Warming consist of screaming at white boys, instead of any policy changes by Dumbofuks?

  61. See how extreme it has gotten!? “Historically-low levels”!
    “Least extreme”. Hahahaha.
    We’re all gonna fry in our own extreme lukewarm tepidness.

  62. This summer was very mild where I live, and just about everywhere else around the US from what I’ve heard. All signs point to an extremely cold winter. We’ve already had three good snows where I live and it usually doesn’t snow here until at least Halloween.

  63. There is no denying the earth has been warming for years, at least ten thousand. Thank God!
    At the earths present temperatures the southern part of Canada and the northern parts of the USA is about 1.5 degrees above and 2.5 inches short of precipitation yearly that is preventing the ice age returning.

    Would it take ten thousand years for a new ice to be on us, the evidence is no it would not.
    In an ice covered part of Siberia a prehistoric mastodon was dug up after being frozen for thousands of years, in it’s mouth was green grass.

    1. It was not my intent to put a damper on discussion with my post above. Look at the bright side. During the last ice age New York City and Chicago was under 10,000 feet of ice.

    2. I was listening to a scientist about ten years ago. He hypothesized that ice ages are sudden. That up to 8ft of snow would fall in a day and cause a climactic change where it stayed cooler and snowed more for a longer period of time. We just had 4ft in North Dakota and it killed a 100,000 cattle. Imagine if that was 8ft in one day?

      1. North Dakota is in the belt I mentioned in the first paragraph above. It is not my intent to make a prediction on weather, only to point out that it is hard to predict.

        But if you are interested in finding out why “climate change/global warming predictions are so plentiful just follow the money. Grants to the Pro-warming “scientist” outnumber the “anti-scientist” about 8.5 to 1.

  64. God has a sense of humor and wants to make the liberal new age doomsday enviro-wackos look foolish for a while for other humans (the spirit realm thinks so regardless). I wouldn’t doubt if they say their liberal messiah Obama calmed the weather.

  65. Now we have idiot warmers in here saying lack of storm intensity and frequency is itself an “extreme”- thus adhering to the prophecies of High Priestess Al Gore. It never ends with these morons.

  66. Lets see how long it takes for the ‘Chicken Littles of Climate’ to try to spin THIS as MORE evidence of impending climate disaster. They will come up with SOMETHING – and some people will believe it. We have to keep fighting and hoping that reality will prevail.

  67. But the temperatures are ABOVE average ever since Japan’s nuclear meltdowns sent a plume of radiation over the U.S.

    If this is news to you, go to

  68. What? Al Gores says that “Mother Nature” is warning us that extreme weather events” will befall us! You don’t believe him? You need some “re-education”NOW!

  69. I’m no believer in AGW at all, but the fires in New Mexico this year have been the worst I’ve seen in my life. Every region (practically) had a fire in it this past Summer, from the Gila, to Taos.

    1. It’s kind of funny when people realize that fires are a natural and needed aspect of our plant life. Amazing how smokey the bear has messed up so many plant strains.

    2. But they were only that bad because of the management style of the U S forest service, you ain’t seen nothing yet, we have millions of acres that have not burned in at least 4 decades, and every year the buildup continues.

      Time for some budget cuts at the U S forest service.

      1. I’d rather see the U.S. Forrest service just go away after they proved to be the Obama SS. States should handle their own national forests with assistance from the USACE.

  70. That, and Alabama has seen its coolest summer in over 130 years, CALLING AL GORE,…CALLING AL GORE,… Not to worry, this won’t prevent him and the other treehuggers from continuing their efforts to halt success and progress!

  71. 2013 ranks as one of the least extreme U.S. weather years ever’– Many bad weather events at ‘historically low levels’
    Please read that headline three times and tell me what’s wrong with the assumption. Here’s a hint: least EXTREME is in fact EXTREME. And Mother Nature isn’t actually a person with a concept of good and evil, Children. She does not send you “bad” weather because you didn’t eat your vegetables or sodomized a boy scout. And She doesn’t send you bright sunny days because you voted Republican and went to church. Historically ‘low’ levels are the same damn thing as historically ‘high’ levels—outside the normal pattern.

    1. I read the headlines 3 times, then your post 3 times. The only assumption I can make is that you and Al Gore need your heads examined. When science can predict the weather at 90% accuracy 2 weeks in advance(or even 3 days), then I will believe science in regards to global climate change. Until then, I merely look at this AGW as a money/power grab.

    2. I read the article. So ZERO major hurricanes in 8 years is still EXTREME? I guess you are changing definitions again since your alarmist theory is a complete failure. When the Earth fails to warm for 15 years, and actually starts cooling you drop “global warming”. When no hurricanes show up, you call that “extreme”. At least you all are good for a laugh.

  72. This type of article doesn’t often make it to the liberal news outlets. Scarier still, is that there are too many that cling to AL Gore and his agenda, without EVER looking at a different more rational perspective. Its, “the sky is falling and that’s that” .

    1. You are so ignorant and stupid, It is not global warming it is climate change. Do you not understand that when the progressive/liberals elites start to lose all we have to do is change the vocabulary and continue. Under Climate change these facts are immaterial it is still clerar we must control your life so we can control climate change, why can you neanderthals not understand this. We are only doing it in your best interests. It is only by happenstance that we, like ALGORE will make Lots of money and live a life completely opposite to what we will impose. Live in big homes, drive big cars, take private jets etc. (Sarcasm for those intellectually challenged.).

      1. Perhaps you should pull your head out of your butt long enough to see the whole “climate change” is a tax scheme and not based on any scientific findings.

        1. Danny appears that you are severely intellectually challenged. I clearly stated the my comments were Sarcasm. Fact that some like ALGORE actually believe this tripe is not my fault.

  73. Funny, I didn’t see this on the TV news. Maybe they’ll do it later with an apology from Algore.

    Probably not, huh?

    Oh, and don’t forget the punchline: “the science is in!”

  74. Great weather is just another sign of Global Warming. Don’t you watch The Weather Channel?

    They say that good and bad weather are both signs of impending doom. Too many and not enough hurricanes and tornadoes are danger signs. Too high and too low temperatures are absolute warning flags…DO NOT be lulled by the beautiful, calm weather. TOTAL COLLAPSE OF THE WORLD is right around the corner…but first a word from Zim’s Crack Cream.

  75. Gorebal warming proponents wont be happy with this information. They’ll need to explain it away as “Normal weather is indicative of global warming” and try to make that logic stick with the lib drones

  76. Fewer hurricanes too. No matter what happens, hot, cold or perfect weather it’s all due to global warming. Just ask Al Gore. By the way i heard Al is having a garage sale this weekend. All carbon credits 50% off.

  77. Tell that to the folks in Colorado who lost 500 homes in the fires due to drought or those who lost homes in the worst flooding in 200 years this summer. You anti – science deniers are truly the Flat Earth Society.

    1. Another low IQ climate alarmist who flunked reading comprehension, which is why we are laughing at him. Go back and read the article. Then figure out why your Colorado fire comment is absolutely stupid and anti-science. Then look up “irony”. Take your time.

  78. Climate Change Denial is nearly as serious as Holocaust Denial, and the sooner we have laws against questioning those undeniable truths, with jail time for those convicted, the better. The first Amendment, like the Second, is an artifact of times long gone by, and needs to be repealed, or at least ignored.

    1. 1. Good attempt at trolling. Or,
      2. Forgot the /sarc, or,
      3. A typical low IQ climate alarmist who didn’t bother to read the article, which is why everyone is laughing at him.

    2. Deny the holocaust, not likely, along with all of the other failed progressive ideas they have to never be forgotten.

      Why do libritards all suffer from such an exaggerated sense of their own intelligence, why do they always oppose freedom and support oppression?

  79. The solar cycle is in a cooling stage. Hopefully we will not go into another ice age. Notice how the high and low pressure cells are larger than in the past 20 years? Cold and hot that used to be the size of a state are now covering three or four states. But according to the glacier studies of Ohio University, this is not unusual due to the solar cycle.


  80. Global warming snake oil salesmen wring their hands with grief as the the Earth continues what it always does, rotating on its axis as it always has, and regenerating itself by the perpetualness of its natural weather cycles. Many weep because it doesn’t destroy itself. The rest of us just enjoy the day.

    1. Funny thing is that nothing in the IPCC report is based on real science, these same clowns deny the fact that we have been in a natural cooling cycle for 17 years, warmer weather and carbon dioxide are your friends, water traps heat in the atmosphere far greater than carbon dioxide.

      The global warming hoaxers are true science deniers.

  81. I would like to have seen how the solar cycles match the dates. Remember anything that comes out of Washington has its supporters who are lining up to make money on the peoples backs this could be NAFTA, GAT, or ACA (OBMACARE). The government accounting office said that OBMACARE (ACA) was going to cost people $1.5 trillion dollars a year. Doctors make on average $186,000 a year and there are 847,120 doctors. This comes to about $155 billion dollars a year and all their salary’s would be paid. Add 3 registered nurses per doctor at $80,000 a year (note! government nurses are paid about $70,000 a year) about $212 billion a year. Also! add 3 medical secretary’s per doctor at $60,000 dollars a year for something less then $212 billion a year. When I did the math all three came to about $512 billion a year and another $25 billion a year for management. Compare $537 billion to $1.5 trillion dollars that the government accounting office came up with. I would set up a separate agency that could not be pulled into the the government like the democrats did to Social Security and sucked on it. The separate agency would not be part of the Federal Labor Union for empire building. The role of the government would be to send the check.

  82. Typically defensive attitude, newbie – at least you didn’t use the ‘comrade’ comment of that earlier poster. The hard science, done long- term, trumps any short term anecdotal
    stuff. Climate change is here and real – come out of denial.

    1. What denial, they are using junk science to try and convince the sheep that climate change is man made, real science shows otherwise, we know the climate changes, it’s been doing that for millions of years, we are just along for the ride.

    1. That was the most pathetic video ever. I thought I was ordering chinese food. Let’s think of the worse thing that can happen and then spend a lot of money just in case. This is definitely the liberal mind.

  83. The worst thing liberals + George W. Bush have done is to promote the mindless renewable energy fad, which is a completely destructive hoax unless you are talking about hydroelectric or geothermal power. Windmills and solar panels are worthless for large scale energy production.

    Global biofuel production has killed far more people worldwide than all wars and acts of terrorism combined during the 1993 to 2013 time frame. The higher the cost of food, the more innocent people die of malnutrition and related illness. The equation is that simple. Most biofuel victims have been children under the age of 12. Biofuels have skyrocketed the cost of fertilizer, farmland, and food all over the world, and have dramatically increased deforestation, greenhouse gas release, water pollution, and topsoil erosion.

    SEE: The Renewable Energy Disaster at:

  84. the people that issue reports like this are not kool – aid drinkers, they are just
    plain silly.. stupid, in fact. and they find an outlet like drudge to propagate

    the silliness… look around – and believe, something is happening !

      1. I have seen a change from my first 20 years. There was a lot more snow in South Carolina then. I remember it snowed a few flakes on Miami Beach one year. It got hot in the 80s and 93 was the midwest floods. It would be interesting to compare temperature deviations on all the planets to see if the sun’s activity is responsible

  85. When confronted by data contrary to their pet theory, Algore and the AGW alarmists changed the narrative: “It’s not that the planet is getting warmer . . . yet . . . but we’re going to be seeing a lot more extreme weather.”

    How ever will they rationalize this?

    1. You don’t have to have a degree to have common sense. Man-made Global Warming is just another liberal/progressive attempt at controlling our lives and generating money for lost causes.

      Don’t try using facts with liberals – they lack the use of reasoning.

  86. Nothing positive has ever been created by a regressive progressive, never forget the damage done in the past by “progressives” Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot come to mind, they leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake, they are using junk science to enrich themselves, and destroy as many jobs as they can, this never was about anything else.

  87. Of course Al Gore, Bill McKibben and the other elders in the religion of “Man-made Global Climate Catastrophe” will say that this is predicted by their models.

  88. The “sky is falling” vested interest moonbats…will glom onto this aberration (even being a positive indicator of minimal climate change) with great glee…after all an aberration any aberration is really scary business…time to up the panic mode ante once again…


  90. The outlook is for more extreme weather. That would include years with no storms at one end of the spectrum as well as years with a larger number of storms than the average in the past, at the other end. It is also distressing that people still latch on to a single result, if it supports their position. Statistically we are talking about a long term trend which can only be seen from a large sample of data over many years. It is interesting to note how many people feel that this is a liberal versus conservative question. The level of ignorance about scientific matters and particularly mathematics is appalling.

    1. It’s okay Bob. People once thought the continents were like giant ships sailing through the ocean too. One day you will grow up and realise you are not nearly as clever or intelligent as you think.

  91. Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to keep the scam going another 20 years so General Electric can sell all those idiot light bulbs, you know the ones that cost 10 bucks and will soon be polluting our water tables with massive amounts of mercury

    1. The hurricane that struck Galveston in 1900 was greater in intensity and killed 12000 people. Tell us again how global warming I mean climate change is creating more storms.

      1. I live in Galveston. The 1900 storm killed 6,000 people, not 12,000. The storm surge from Ike was two feet higher than the 1900 storm and is the highest ever recorded on the island. I didn’t say anything about global warming creating more storms. Try reading a post before you make snotty comments. The headline at the top of the story said no significant storms had hit the mainland since 2005. They later came back and clarified by adding the parenthetical comment (i.e. Category 3, 4, or 5.) Ike was a Cat 4 at one point but weakened to a Cat 2 just before it came ashore. It was a devastating hurricane nonetheless. I do not believe it was caused by global warming anymore than any other hurricane.

        1. Ok I will apologize for the other guys snotty comments. I read a book about the 1900 hurricane. It was so bad the whole city was rebuilt fartherIinland

          1. Galveston Island is a very small island, just a couple of miles wide at the widest point. After the 1900 storm, they actually raised the entire city and then built a seawall that is 17 feet high and now 10 miles long.

            1. The book described the trsin tracks pushing over the town like a bulldozer. I remember it was an island but forgot about the seawall. There was a meteorologist there just as the storm hit who did not believe the pressurecould go ss low as his bbarometer indicated. It wasan Itinteresting read don’t remember the title

  92. Oops, Galvaston Texas blew away in 2008 and as far as I can tell Texas has not yet left the union. Better check the hurricane data again……….

    In Illinois, the Illinois State Water Survey which is run from the University of Illinois in Champaign looked at the 175+ years of temperature and rainfall data they collected and determined that Illinois is getting cooler and wetter.

    Poor Illinois….. Now, if they could just win the Power Ball Lottery about a million times, they could get out of the Black Hole of Debt they have created.

    When in the past billion years has there not been climate change?

  93. There is nothing more to be said, except, God controls the weather, and he doesn’t like liars, which means, he doesn’t like Al Gore. Way to go God! Go to he!! Gore!

  94. Facts simply do not matter to those who are convinced than AGW is a real thing. No matter how much evidence to the contrary there is, the people who are believers simply are not going to change their minds. The ONLY thing that would change the minds of the true believers in AGW would be Glaciers desending down from Canada and devouring everything in their wake. In short another Ice Age might change their minds. This and only this will change the minds of the Al Gores of the world. They have much too much invested in AGW to let any evidence change their minds.

    1. No, the glaciers would still be blamed on goblal warming. Everything is blamed on global warming. Nothing can convince these extremists and common sense deniers.

  95. The that the Earth has been cooling for the past 15 years has no standing with Global Warming lunatics. Facts as usual mean nothing to liberals. The Agenda is all that matters, the truth be damned.

  96. What really irks me is how these facts, along with glaring errors in the climate “models,” politicization of the issue and corruption in the UN and associated research programs never gets through to those who blindly accept the extremist climate alarmism. I know so many otherwise thoughtful, educated, intelligent people who just can’t accept the fact that the climate orthodoxy is about as historically accurate as Marxist predictions of the decline of capitalism and the triumph of socialism … another supposedly “scientific” theory (or so they thought). I predict in 10 or so years climate alarmism will join communism on the trash heap of history.

  97. You ignorant yanks are the producers of the lion’s share of co2 into the stratosphere. Hopeful.lly, it’s your gun nut homophobic country that floods first it may save the world.

    1. Actually you are the ignorant one; years ago the Chinese surpassed the US as the largest producers of CO2. But, who cares … CO2 is not a problem. Read this website and you might find yourself coming out of the cloud of foggy thinking you are in.

    2. Mr Spandex–Please pay no attention to the awful Americans and continue to import Muslims by the boatload, raise taxes to soak the rich, collect ALL the arms including blunderbuss and flintlocks, and downsize your mighty military.

    3. English,
      Go back to reading your sports page. Your climate change cult religion has been shown to be the biggest scam of the century. Enjoy your substandard lifestyle of high energy prices, and obliterated landscapes of wind turbines. You deserve to be ruled by the elite.

    4. How could it possibly flood, we know that not only is there NO global warming, but we have been in a cooling cycle for at least 15 years, that kind of explains the record Arctic ice growth the last few years.

      You do know that carbon dioxide isn’t a very good gas at trapping heat don’t you, water vapor is by far the most prevalent greenhouse gas.

    5. I think your pants are to tight. If you wear pants that are to tight you will get a terrible migraine headache.
      The only way to avoid it is castration. Why don’t you try castration? It will make you less contentious and you’ll have more friends. Then maybe you won’t wish evil on people you don’t even know. It’s a Win Win for everyone.

  98. Huge shout out and major Phuch Yew to Al Gwhore ,the tard that gave us “the earths core is hotter than a few million degrees”. You are a crook,and you won’t get away with it .

  99. If I follow this train of thought correctly, Nature knows the difference between ‘good’ weather and ‘bad’ weather. What a relief to learn that ‘least extreme’ isn’t in fact extreme. Get it you blockheads? Now we’re breaking records for lack of ‘bad’ weather. That’s still a broken record, and you’re cheering about it. I can understand how ‘least extreme’ has confused your one-track minds, but surely you can see that broken records are the opposite of stability.
    Now don’t worry your pretty little heads. If you can just round up all the homosexuals and illegal immigrants, God Almighty will send you rainbows and warm sunny days.

    1. So AlGore warning us about extreme weather (more tornadoes, more hurricanes, record breaking heat, etc.) was referring to a lack of extreme weather as well. If there’s more extreme he’s right and if there’s less extreme he’s right. Heads he wins and tails he wins. The fact that it’s actually cooling off now means we must worry even more I guess. That’s probably what the charts say will happen right before the great meltdown, right? I’m glad the story is so consistent since it lends credibility and induces confidence in True Believers.

    2. So, the lack of life-taking, property-destroying storms is a bad thing? And no matter what happens, it is man-made and catastrophic? You need your head examined.

  100. Obviously there has been an error. What this data proves is that taxes must be raised twice as much and twice as fast, guns must seized immediately, children must be taught homosexual behaviors from age two, gas prices must be doubled, twice as much money must printed in half the time, the borders must be opened without any guards whatsoever, and the Republican Party must be banned and made illegal. A bounty must be put on Tea Party members. Obama must be made President For Life. Problem solved (except for the necessity for Greater Sacrifice by the American people).

    1. There is money is Global Warming Preaching as Al has gotten rich off of it!
      The Left will believe anything you tell them as long as it makes them feel good?

    1. “Finally, another interesting stat with respect to hurricanes has to do with the fact that we are currently in the longest period since the Civil War Era without a major hurricane strike in the US (i.e., category 3, 4 or 5). The last major hurricane to strike the US was Hurricane Wilma during late October of that record-breaking year of 2005 – let’s hope this historic stretch continues.”

      1. Right. No MAJOR Hurricanes. Sandy was pretty weak, and similar storms have happened there the millions upon millions of years the Earths continents have been in the current formation.