Nearly 1000 Record Low Temperatures Set As Another Round of Arctic Air Forecast To Deep Freeze The U.S.


Almost 1000 record low max temps vs 17 record high temps

Records in the last 7 days:

205 snowfall records.
969 Low Max. 203 Low temps.
17 High Temp.
61 High minimum.



Yes, those are snowfall records in Texas. And yes, it is still Fall.,mintemp,snow,lowma x,highmin,


Flashback 2010: ‘Could Climate Change Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner?’ ‘Breast meat can be tougher following pre-slaughter heat stress…climate changes could affect the chemical, physical and microbiological properties of foods’


Recent cold/snowstorms: 

Bulgaria bracing for blizzard – Code orange for dangerous weather has been declared for half of Bulgaria.

Prince Harry’s race to South Pole resumed after blizzard

Arctic winds and heavy snowfall hitting Italy – One-and-a-half meters of snow in some places.

Another Valdez, Alaska, snow record – 14.7 inches (37 cm) of snowfall Sunday broke the Nov 24 record

Heavy ice delays Antarctic icebreaker for second year in a row – The Aurora Australis was due to return to Hobart more than a week ago

Heavy snow in Macedonia – The snow-cover is now of more than 30 cm (12 inches) in Popova Sapka and Pelister.

Heavy snowfall all over the Balkans: Heavy snowfall Monday night as a result of a low pressure front from Italy covers the Balkans.

Factory roof collapses under heavy snow – Nine killed – Highways closed and flights canceled in many areas.

Heavy snowfall in the mountains of Greece: Snow moving machinery is clearing roads this morning in the mountainous prefecture of Ioannina (Greece).

Massive snow dump on London, Ontario

“Dangerous” winter weather for NE British Columbia and large swath of Alberta

Heavy snowfall in Armenia – YEREVAN – Several sections of Gyumri-Landjik road were closed because of the first snowfall in Armenia.

Number of winter deaths in Wales increases by 50 percent – “People are dying in such large numbers during the winter months because of the cold.”

Bulgaria – A picture tells a million stories – Video – The evidence of the last two days snowfall – Video

Heavy snowfall knocks out power in 4 Bulgarian villages – There are still villages without electricity in central and northeastern Bulgaria after heavy snowfall yesterday.

Heavy snowfall in central European parts of Russia

More Links:

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Global Sea Ice Area Highest In 25 Years, 6th Highest On Record

Earth undergoing global COOLING since 2002! – Climate Depot Exclusive Round Up of Current Global Cooling predictions


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  1. FORGET the fact that more meteorologists are agreeing with NO MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING. We are in a MINI ICE AGE. YET the ignorant Progressive Left will continue their agenda of climate change. NO ONE BELIEVES YOU ANYMORE SO GIVE IT UP.

    1. The left knows this is a hoax. But they can use the hoax to drum up more taxes. And they can use environmental laws to strangle business. They know what they’re doing.

      1. Sadly many on the left DON’T know that, and a lot of folks who just don’t pay much attention don’t know it either. These are all folks who hear what some authorities say and just accept it.

              1. between the RINO’s, socialist, democrats, progressives and republicans, how can the tea party gain enough political power in Washington? Tip: stop trying to force biblical ideals upon our free society here.

                1. Derp: the core values of the tea party revolve around fiscal conservativism an a smaller government, not social issues. Are there cling-ons trying to push conservative social issues? Of course, just like the Dems/Progs have to del with socilists, communists, etc., who try to push their agendas. The desired solution to many problems can appeal to both groups. Not wanting government funds spent on abortion, for instance, appeals to fiscal conservatives, who don’t think tax dollars should be spent that way; Constitutionalists, who don’t believe government has the right to involve itself in the issue; and Bible toting religious groups who believe it’s a mortal sin.

                  What can a Party do?

          1. Ok, but all the government has to do is tell you that your freedom is under attack and you would be willing to invade any country they desired. Whoops. At least under a republican you do anything they say, but a democrat no way. I Don’t see how that makes you better than a mindless Obama voter.

        1. You should put the word “authorities” in quotation marks, as they are all anointed and ordained by each other. I don’t see them as authorities at all. To me it’s kinda like a Nazi or a KKK member pointing to his “peer reviewed” paper as evidence of his/her authority and righteousness.

            1. Not all conservatives are ‘religious’.
              I don’t use the Bible, as it is not part of my faith.
              But if someone else does, so what?
              Why fear a book?

        2. The BBC – whose pension funds were HEAVILY invested in “green” securities, – reported earlier this year that there hasn’t been any global warming in fifteen years. However, despite that, there are still leftist wackos on these threads telling us about how the earth is getting warmer.

          There is no science involved if they have to conveniently ignore any reports that doesn’t match their hypothesis. The ones that tell us this know nothing about science, just the talking points that they are supposed to repeat and proselytize.

      2. The continued insistence by the left, in academia, politics AND science, that man’s CO2 is causing climate change, makes it obvious that science has nothing to do with their nonsense. It’s all about political and economic power.

        They don’t like capitalism and have seen the U.S. as the major barrier in their campaign to replace it with a dictatorship of, well, them! If it were about climate, they would have shut up about it by now. Fact is, even if their political posturing gets them nowhere, they still get billions of dollars in gov’t funding to go about their BS.

            1. Here is the cure for Global Warming. The Progressives/Democrats/liberals want a lower carbon footprint. The single BEST thing any Liberal Democrat can do without any effort, violence or even taxation is to SIMPLY NOT REPRODUCE.
              If all believers in Global Warming do not reproduce, the population will be cut in half… Easily. The rest of us can live with liberty, happiness, prosperity and in peace. Where your free OBAMACARE condoms libtards…

              1. Unless we start applying some common sense to our government and turn this country around, liberals will indeed succeed in reducing the population of this country. Unfortunately it’s likely to be a result of lack of sufficient food, water or energy which ultimately limits human population.

                  1. You are only partly right. Learn about Agenda 21 and you’ll understand that they want all population reduced, but especially white population. Also, they want to take away property rights. And it’s not just Democrats. Agenda 21 was introduced at the UN in the early 1990s and George H W Bush signed it. Then Clinton moved it forward, George W Bush went further, and now Obama has put it on the fast track.

                    1. Ha, ha, get ready to pay your global-warming-climate-change tax, suckers. Just like your ObamaCare scam tax.
                      If any of you had intelligence, you’d stop giving politicians and bureaucrats your income tax money. They already waste and steal most of it, but now you’ll have to pay an income tax penalty for your ObamaCare, too, and soon enough you’ll also have to pay a global warming tax. How about you ignorant Americans look up Excluded Income in your tax law, then follow the law and obey it.

                  1. Amen on that, Ron. They’ve gone a cause too far and it wouldn’t take much for an adjustment downward. They need to beware people like me… I’ve had a good long life, nothing left to prove, glad to lay it down in the defense of the Republic. Screw with people who have nothing to lose, end up pendulating beneath a lamppost with a hemp necktie.

                    1. Nice …”pendulating beneath a lamppost with a hemp necktie”…think I’ll tag that for future reference!

                1. You’re absolutely right! China, with their Totalitarian Gov’t, saw the handwriting on the wall and instituted their “One Child” policy. If your first child is female, they will allow one more opportunity to bear a male child! If the first child is male, then you may not have any more children! The Gov’t will abort the pregnancy of anyone violating their draconian law! I hope it never comes to that here!

              2. I think the best thing they could do if they are so concerned about their carbon footprint is throw themselves into a volcano. You know in the name of mother gaia. no foot print no more, and the rest of us can live as you say…. but i’ll take your idea just as well

                1. They would have to be a virgin for that act to be successful. Do you know of any virgin Democrat human caused global warming fools over the age of seven?

                  1. If they all threw themselves into a volcano i would consider that act alone a success. i see your point though, maybe in order to convince them of this great sacrifice we could talk them into believing gaia would return their virginity to them and they would be innocent, I am sure the whole lot of them would jump at the chance as being a progressive means self loathing deep inside and the inability to cope with regret

                  1. what are you asking? are you saying that if they all threw themselves into volcanoes the volcanoes would not longer produce CO2? I am sure if they all threw themselves into volcanoes the volcanoes would throw up an extreme amount of hot air. the earth would take it and go on about it’s business. I guess i am not seeing your point

              3. Paging Dr Heidi Cullen !

                Paging Dr Heidi Cullen !

                Paging Dr Heidi Cullen !

                Hey Doc Heidi…There are a lot more non believers in Global Warming these days “that need to lose their certifications ” !!! Go get ’em Doc…hahahahhahahahah

                1. Yup, you hit it on the head right there. The fact that there are “believers” non or otherwise is the problem. This is not based on some absurd religion. Science I know is scary, but please, there is no room for belief in conversations for our future.

                  1. The same goes for that oxymoronic phrase “scientific consensus”. Real peer review and unopposed questioning of scientific theory negates the whole concept of “consensus”, which is a social relationship, not part of scientific culture. Science is all about facts, as in what can be measured, not what can be supposed. Any prediction is a postulate based on hypothesis, and no hypothesis is sacred, even when measurable facts seem to support it. The global warming crowd would go into catatonic shock if they had to face quantum physics.

              4. The crime of aggravated voluntary idiocy (a.k.a., ‘progressivism’) should carry a minimum sentence of sterilization, with summary execution for subsequent offenses. This would have the dual benefit of improving both society *and* the gene pool.


              5. the cure for all those who want to reduce their own carbon footprint is a plastic bag tied securely around the neck. leave said bag in place until that nasty CO2 ceases to flow from their body.

              6. Well, that and forbid them from opening their mouths and adding even more CO2 to the atmosphere — I mean, if they’re all about doing the utmost to help curb what they see as causing Global Warming — er — Climate Change, then they should be more than willing to shut their pie-holes.

                1. And of course we are seeing record growth in plant and timber because they are sucking up all the CO2. People forget there is a fuel-waste cycle in which plants produce O2 as waste which we use and put out CO2 as waste that plants use. As a mathematician with a graduate concentration in statistics, that 1 F fluctuation in temperature could be due to inaccurate readings off the thermometer, or a non-random, non-global, sample that may have been too small or taken in same areas like inner cities where most universities have campuses…

              7. It’s not that the ones that care about those issues are having children, hell most of them would have an abortion on their lunch break and blow Bill Clinton for dinner, it’s that they’re getting their message out to the younger generation an we’re not. As long as we conservatives are not in charge of what is being taught in schools that trend will continue.

              8. BFMAN22, and because they tell us CO2 is poisonous and creates problem, the second thing that they can do is not exhale CO2 into the air, or maybe we can just tax them for every time they exhale.

                What do you think about a one cent tax each time a global warming person exhales, and if that doesn’t raise enough money to solve the problem, we could go up to maybe a nickel or a dime. And remember this tax only applies to those that believe in global warming/climate change or CO2 emissions being the problem

              9. They have another option…they are so concerned about Carbon Dioxide, and “man made” pollution, they can quit breathing. That would bring that pesky CO2 ratio down, wouldn’t it?

              10. Yes! Liberals can start a new activist campaign!

                Those darn hunger strikes just don’t generate enough excitement.

          1. Pretty remindful of the guy behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz” which, by the way, is much better reading and more truthful than anything Gore has ever written or said.

          2. Well, since Al Gore has a Nobel Prize as does Obama, what does that say about Alfred’s apology for creating dynamite? I thought so, too. (F.O.S.)

        1. Financial support is not only coming from our own government, Follow the money which supports many of the “environmental activist” groups. Note how much is contributed by George Soros through his many corporate entities and other foreign interests who either profit financially from our country’s increased dependence on foreign resources or want to see the United States brought to it’s knees.

    2. MONEY is what its all about, Alvin Gore has made over 4 Billion dollars and most of the Demacrates have a lot of their money invested in green energy and it ant working out to good that’s why the Obama EPA is closing down six to ten small Power plants in this Country every month and are against the Keystone pipeline..

        1. Gore was on his way to becoming the first carbon billionaire but the Chicago Carbon Credit Exchange never saw the light of day, thanks to the Repubs gaining control of the House of Representatives in 2010. Hopefully Conservative will reverse the damage already caused by the EPA and Obama’s executive orders by gaining control of the Senate in 2014.

          1. Little known, directly related fact — The method for handling the carbon credits was patented by Franklyn Raines — former head of Fannie Mae, who cooked the books, along with Jamie Gorelick (unfortunate last name, for her) and some other, to get themselves MILLIONS of dollars in unearned bonuses. All of which should have ended up with them being prosecuted and jailed, for years, but that didn’t happen, to the detriment of us all.

      1. No. Facts/Truth are not opinion. The data they started this BS about Global Warming was faked. That’s a fact. Follow up information has also proven that the planet has been cooling. The progressive radicals have continued their assault regardless with their regulation, assault on coal, loan/grants to industries like wind and solar that have costs of 3-10 times more expensive. My electrical rates is up 50% in the past 4 years.

        None of that is OPINION. Pull your head out.

      1. Such a shame. It should have always been mandatory to teach students the US Constitution and the importance of knowing how vital is is to our freedom. Instead, teachers and professors are brainwashing our kids with Marxist propaganda.

        1. Only because we the people have allowed it to happen. We still pay the bills and own the schools. When are parents and citizens who care about this nation going to take back our country from those who are determined to destroy it. Education is the key to our future and we need to restore wisdom and common sense to our educational system.

    3. Hoaxes make money – big money in this “global warming” case. That’s why they’ll continue to blame every weather event on it. I’d love to hear how warming causes thickening of ice sheets at both poles.

      1. Google that, because you’re absolutely wrong. Or, because that may be too hard, I’ll let you know the name was changed by Republican political strategist Frank Luntz, who wrote:
        “It’s time for us to start talking about “climate change” instead of global warming and “conservation” instead of preservation.

        “Climate change” is less frightening than “global warming”. As one focus group participant noted, climate change “sounds like you’re going from Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale.” While global warming has catastrophic connotations attached to it, climate change suggests a more controllable and less emotional challenge.”

        A guy on your side originated the term because the side with facts on it was winning. If you’re going to perpetuate a myth, at least do one that can’t be debunked in 10 seconds.

        1. You have not debunked anything. You find ONE quote and you expect people to believe that is the one that changed the buzz word for an entire movement!
          Your side has been gradually shifting their buzz word for the last 10 years. Oddly enough that is just about how long it has been since the earth has actually had an increase in temperature.

        2. Maybe you shouldn’t just google, but do a little research

          In 1975, Columbia University Oceanographer Wallace Broecker published a paper in the journal Science entitled “Climate Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?”

        3. Source: NASA, What’s in a Name? Global Warming vs. Climate Change

          The term ‘climate change’ has its origins further back in time. In 1956, the physicist Gilbert Plass published a seminal study called “The Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climatic Change”. In 1977 the journal Climatic Change made its first appearance. Within another decade, the term ‘climate change’ was in common use, and embedded in the name of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was formed in 1988.

          1. Before that was Iron mountain document written out by liberal a think tank look it up on Google chapter 24 and you know where this is heading, also pay attention they have been quite about obomas Civilian Army that’s supposed to be as strong as the U.S. Army with the purchase of 1.5 billion rounds last year I say that give them enough to shoot every American 5 times over, And what about the Iran Nuke deal they did in secret for six months?

          1. It never bothers liberals, because liberalism isn’t about facts or truth — its about feelings. Liberals “feel” for the poor (although they would never invite them into their Park Ave. apartments), the downtrodden, and those of a different race. If liberals actually involved themselves with fact and logic, they wouldn’t be liberals, now would they.

      2. “Climate change” is like “wet water.” Duh. Water is wet. Climate changes. 35 years ago, the same exact people were squealing about “global cooling” and a “new ice age.”

        It’s all about the flow of money.

    4. Unfortunately millions of low information citizens CONTINUE to believe the propaganda that our mass media is pumping out and continue to support liberal legislators and environmental activists who are driving our country toward total disaster.

    5. I’m a skeptic, but I don’t think we are in a mini ice-age….. We have been steadily warming since the little ice age, we have no volcanic aerosols and man made mid 20th century aerosols have been cleaned up and are allowing more sun to reach the surface. Most likely the hiatus is just the result of exhausting the existing mid 20th century aerosol cooling and flat lining because of no additional forcings. Co2 is too weak to really affect the climate.


      Christiaan Huygens during the early 1600s stated that his observation of the sun showed there were no sun spots. 1600-1800 was a Mini-Ice Age.

    7. Amen, amen. Progressive are masters of the propaganda in telling people they’re intellectual, “scientific,” well meaning, and all the other pap.

    8. They never ever give it up, they will push till the last man down, it’s what they have to do to get socialism past our government so we will be Like Russia.

    9. LOL. You do know that temp extremes, not just warming, is exactly what defines climate change? Well done brainiac, this post supports, not refutes. Well done ignorant whackjobs, well done.

    10. The educational system and far left wackoos will never give it up as it comes down to a war of Science and Common sense with common sense eventually the loser. The E P A has power under this dictator to cripple the U S further and Green House Gases taxes will make Obum Care a drop in the bucket.
      Its all about Power and Money and the Nature Conservacy types that have manuvered control politically as they could care less about the inviroment but act like their saving it all along, The only honest inviromental groupe Ive witnessed has been hunting/ sport fishing and the Perigene Fund and thats world wide.

    11. Please explain to me why the ice at the north and south poles and ALL glaciers are melting faster than they have since 4000 years ago. Not only melting fast but not being replaced AND the rate of disapearing is increasing. Perma frost is melting. Perma means permanent! Stop drinking cool aid from EXXON!

    12. It’s settled science! We all need to go out and buy the biggest SUV we can and drive as many miles as possible to save the world. Leave it in your driveway running at night. We must do all we can!

    13. NO let the libs continue to make fools of themselves. If hundreds of thousands wouldn’t have lost their jobs because of these idiots it would be hilarous. Just goes to show you how brainwashed these nature worshippers really are.

    14. It’s not about the environment, its about the money. Al Gore and David Suzuki got rich off of lies. Carbon taxes is a great way to milk the people. At least Canada walked away from the Kyoto agreement. It would have needlessly bankrupt the country.

      1. I always feel warm and fuzzy when I see a jetplane flying overhead. It’s so moving, I get droplets of water vapor forming in my eyes. (sniff,sniff)
        But HAARP is really scary. It may cause subspace tears and instability.
        Lt. Checkov! Target Putin’s HAARP generators!!!

    15. So true. NO DOUBT that the news is scripted by DESIGN. And when you hear something over and over it becomes imprinted as ‘truth’ in your mind. This is called propaganda.

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”….. Paul Joseph Goebbels Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister

      Sadly, in Babylon rising, Sadly, the left-right, liberal-conservative, Sadducee and Pharisee, are everywhere, in dominance today. They create the deception matrix everyone lives in, by setting the ideological and social agendas for all of us, including you and me. We learn, from childhood, to follow their lead and mimic their pattern of blocking any real discussion and debate about the most important things of all. Too few people manage to break free of the world’s matrix and learn to think for themselves. I think the term Zombie Apocolypse pretty well describes the masses of today.

    1. Do you honestly believe they don’t know? They know. And they also know that most Americans, of which I am one, have become so stupid that no one will do anything about it. That’s now they stay in power.

      1. I know Obummer and Al the WHORE GORE absolutely know,,,, I was just keeping it light.. But if I had it my way,
        we should SHOUT DOWN AL GORE EVERYWHERE HE GOES.. Same with OBAMA… DO NOT give them a platform to speak.. Gang up and shout their lies down. Why do we take this nonsense? Shout the media down. Representative Joe Wilson had it correct and was totally brave to shout “YOU LIE” at Obama.. We have to fight back. Fight with the truth. Don’t ever let a liberal get the last word on this subject.

      1. I sure as heck would hate to see who or what is giving it to him. I’m just working with the theory that the more money a person has, the weirder they get in that department. I bet Algore has eyes in the back of his head. Just sayin’….

  2. The main stream (dying, pathetic) media never report record cold temps in America, it’s as if they never occur. They will report the record high temps in South America though.

    1. When I was a kid living in San Antonio Texas, over 50 years ago, I remember them closing the school in late October because of three inches of snow the previous night. And this is the coldest? Why is it always the coldest when it’s historically not? “The coldest in recorded history,” A statement made last year along the eastern seaboard. Coldest? Really? Tell me. Did Niagara Falls freeze solid the way it did twice in the late 1800’s? It’s so easy to manufacture lies like the media spreads because most people simply do not bother to study history to see for themselves what actually happened. No, they will let some talking head tell them a half truth and then start using it as a fact to prove a point that’s really nonexistant.

    1. Obama does not suffer from mental illness. It’s the folks who elected him that are the ones with mental illness. What else can you call it? I can somewhat understand him getting elected the first time but for a second term? All of the information pertaining to this guy was on the table regardless of the media hype yet people, the willingly stupid I call them, voted for him.

      Speaking of mental illness, you know you are looking at it when you see Obama Biden bumper stickers on all of the Toyota Prius and Subarus you see on the road today. There is nothing to be proud about with our current president yet it’s amazing how these people stupidly cling to his coat tails and breath every lie coming through his purple lips.

      And if that’s not bad enough some professor at New York University teaches we should do away with presidential term limits and re-elect Obama to a third term. As if he hasn’t already done enough damage to our nation and its credibility we need to elect him to a third term?

      This only proves how absolutely stupid the intellectual liberal mind really is. And we allow them to teach in a public environment? Absolutely amazing.

      1. You are just scraping the tip of the iceberg. You do know that Obama is a Muslim and is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and has given the Muslim Brotherhood $1.7 Billion of our taxdollars? Right? Obama has built 800 Concentration Camps in the U.S. Just google Obama Concentration Camps and they pop right up. Obama is clearly trying to take over the nation.

    1. No, the impact of our pollution here on Earth has been so bad and so pervasive that its even affected Mars. Therefore we need to submit to a DRASTIC downgrading of our lifestyles to save the planets.

      Except of course for the leadership class in Washington, Heaven forfend they would give up anything.

      1. And the sad fact is, since I retired from the space industry that built the sensors that measure temperature from space, is that we have nothing approaching the granularity to make the outrageous statements about how many tenths of a degree the climate has changed over any period of time. Measurements like this are not currently possible unless you manipulate the data with a computer program and then you can get any results that you want too.

        To make the tenth of a degree claim you would have to :
        Measure the temperature of the entire planet at one instant in time and measure it with sensors that “see” in the hundredths of a degree level and that measurement, to be valid, has to be repeatable. The current claims these pseudo scientists in climatology are making are nothing more than speculation based on computer models that are being fed ceremonious data for the simple fact the temperature device being used is incapable of repeatedly sensing temperatures to a one-hundredth of a degree of accuracy do not currently exist at a level to cover and measure every square centimeter of the planet’s surface and one moment in time. Why it’s one of the biggest lies that have come out of the space industry. I factually know this because I use to work for Lockheed Martin building the damn things.

      1. im suggesting that no one actively involved in climate research would be surprised to see record low temperatures, alongside record high temperatures. Instability is a major part of the concern. The phrase ‘global warming’ was an unfortunate buzzword in the press that has led people to a kneejerk rejection of climate change every time it gets cold out.

        1. the only reason “global warming” has been dropped as the “catch phrase” is because it isn’t warming. Now they use “climate change” because they know the theory is a hoax but if they use an extremely vague term that covers any variation in weather; not climate, they can continue the hoax as most people are too damn stupid to see the reality. And yes many scientists involved in trying to prove the theory DID; and some still DO, assert a continuing increase in atmospheric temperatures was the only outcome of ‘climate change’, inferring that we would not see record low temperatures set again, only records on the high side would be witnessed.

          1. no, they use climate change because it is a more accurate way to describe an unpredictable experiment that industrial society is running on the planet. Its not about directional change in air temperature, its about an overall increase in atmospheric energy, and an associated change in composition. No climate scientist worth his salt is trying to ‘prove’ a theory. Science isnt about ‘proving’ theories, its about building predictive models, and -disproving- causal theories regarding the underlying mechanism. Call it a hoax all you like, but the models are -useful- from a predictive standpoint. The fact that the media chose to use the phrase ‘global warming’ to describe the underlying concern is regrettable. But to label hard working climate scientists as ‘hoaxers’ simply because your limited observations disagree with the dumbed-down media story is a grave mistake on your part.

            1. if you have a problem with atmospheric science, i would suggest you stop looking at weather reports altogether, because its all the same basic understanding at work.

            2. “Unpredictable experiment” taxing the weather. More and more I like the Chinese when they told the EU to get stuffed after they attempted to tax their airliners flying in international airspace. This global warming/climate change/”the polar bears are drowning” is just a huge, massive, cosmic scam.

            3. All their models failed. How are they useful? These “hard working climate scientists” are receiving healthy paychecks via the tax payers. That’s something that needs a study.

        2. Your’e a liar.
          Global Warming is a term used in the IPCC Reports, and a frequent term used by your guru, Hansen in his own reports.
          But it’s nice to see you idiots, gradually backing away from global warming.
          Nobody want’s to left to turn out the lights.

          1. The “idiots” aren’t “backing away” any more than a Scientologist “backs away” from getting jiggy with his Inner Thetan. The AGW knuckleheads are a bunch of hardcore cultists like you’ll find in any pagan religion. What they’re saying now is that “it has to get colder before it gets warmer”. Too funny.

        3. The foundation of the AGW theory is that humans are putting too large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and trapping in heat (GLOBAL WARMING), the effects of which are supposed to be the melting of glaciers and ice sheets resulting in the rise of sea levels and the flooding of coastal areas. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand how record cold temperatures are incompatible with that theory.

          1. think of it this way: as you increase the total energy of the system, you increase the variability of that system. as a system becomes more variable, you see more peaks, but also more valleys. the total energy in the atmosphere does not necessarily relate to the particular temperature at any given place on the planet. why would it? its the air. it moves around. its not about a uniform increase, its about an overall increase in variability, leading to higher highs, and lower lows, and an overall more unpredictable system, just as we see on a daily basis right now. if you dont grasp that, talk to the insurance companies, because they sure as hell do.

            1. LOL! No matter what happens, you alarmists will just change your theory to fit actual events, while perpetuating the notion that humans are causing a crisis. Variability is not what AGW alarmists predicted 15-20 years ago. It was GLOBAL WARMING! And it was not the media calling it that, it was climate scientists and their models:


              You Chicken Littles would be more convincing to more people if you were honest about what you said in the past and if your predictions were actually coming true.

              1. my how quick the name calling comes out in response to a genuine attempt to have a reasonable discussion. look, i wasnt involved 20 years, ago, so i wont try to address the poor choice of metaphors the media resorted to back then. ‘global warming’ was a regrettable way to phrase things, ill be the first to admit. this is a young field, and its been foolishly politicized. the point being, the world is becoming more varied, and the cost of weather related disasters is becoming more and more burdensome. its absurd to suggest that the staggering amount of ineffecient development and its associated energy expeditures has not played a substantial role in that. to suggest otherwise is to go forward with a blindfold on. im no ‘alarmist’, im a realist. we need to be frank about the impact we have, and about the needless level of waste we produce, across the board. feel free to poke fun, and stick your head in the sand, but the consequence of that is that your decisions and your actions will continue to miss the mark, leading you and your businesses toward foolish inefficiency. but hey: your failed business model is not my problem. others are paying more attention, and we will succeed, while you squander your opportunities. keep it up, or become better, the choice is, well. Up to you.

                1. 40 years ago it was global cooling, 20 years later it was global warming. 20 years from now you idiots will be screaming global cooling again. Just shut up already. Man has no means to affect global temperatures. We’re at the Earth’s mercy, not the other way around.

                  1. yeah, because we certainly dont have a huge impact as it is on the planet. Each year, we’re releasing 4000 TW of waste heat into the atmosphere. Each year. And you think we have no means to affect the earth? And you folks think that has -zero- impact? Its just straight up willful, dismiss, head in the sand for you folks? It boggles the mind. But hey, reap what you sow, right?

    1. If you think “modern thought” goes something like “never mind science,
      just believe what we say”, well, I for one am not going to “step
      into” it. You apparently, have stepped into something.

      Where do you AGW creeps get these peculiar turns of phrase? “step into modern thought” is not only a mixed metaphor, but also presumes that the idea that climate was oh so smooth until man’s CO2 got involved, is “modern thought”. Nope. Sorry. AGW is “modern propaganda”. Traditional science, immune as it is to “fad thinking”, assures us you lot are full of it. Watch your step.

  3. This is all proof that man caused climate-change is messing up the entire world. It’s colder in some places but warmer most everywhere else. only a co2 tax will save us.

  4. I am sure many of us now realize that Obama and Gore do not give a damn what we think, it’s all about what they want, the voters have spoken. Hope it’s not too late.

  5. My comment seems to have been deleted. NASA released this study regarding Mars in 2007. For the last 30 years it has gotten hotter – during the same time the Earth has gotten hotter. On Earth, we are told it is because of global warming due to humans; are we responsible for the increase in temperatures on Mars as well?

  6. Al Gore is a Democrat, and like Obama will finally find out after he reads or hears it on the new reports…..that is if the main street media covers this anti PC- anti global warming report. Then using his Democratic training, will spin it in such way to support his shrinking ice cap, Polar Bear population, air headed theory…

  7. It has to get really cold for Global Warming to set in. Once it gets so cold you can’t even start your car, then you know Global Warming is for real. It’s like everything else in this wacko world run by psychopaths.

  8. Here are the facts on Temperatures, CO2, GGE and AGW:


    For the last 600,000,000 years temperatures have hovered around 10C about 14% of the time, around 25C about 50% of the time, and somewhere in between 36% of the time. Right now we are at 14.4C, about 29% above the bottom of the historical range. (Ref: Dr. Christopher R. Scotese‘s PALEOMAP Project at We are no where near any temperature tipping point.

    The 0.4C rise in temperature since the Industrial Revolution pales in comparison to the 1.6C increase of the Medieval Warming Period, the 2.5C increase of the Roman WP, and the 3.2C increase of the Minoan WP using the IR as a baseline. The average temperature has been declining for the last 6,000 years of the present 10,500 year Interglacial Warmup. (Alley, R.B. 2000, The Younger Dryas cold interval as viewed from central Greenland, Quaternary Science Reviews, 19:213-226.) We are at the very end of the present Interglacial. After this comes about 90,000 years of snow, ice, advancing glaciers and probably the loss of life of billions of people. Enjoy the warmth while you can.


    About 550,000,000 years ago CO2 was 7,000 ppm and has wobbled it‘s way down to where it is today, near it’s historic low (Berner, R.A. and Z. Kothavala, 2001. GEOCARB III: A Revised Model of Atmospheric CO2 over Phanerozoic Time, American Journal of Science, v.301, pp.182-204, February 2001.) Below 100 ppm photosynthesis ceases. We are very close to the tipping point of Earth turning into a lifeless snowball with too little CO2 for plants to reproduce. On the other hand, plants thrive in nurseries kept at CO2 concentrations of 1,000 ppm. Thanks to recent CO2 increases, vegetation has increased 11% in arid areas of the world.

    The famous Mauna Loa CO2 measurements began in 1958, coincidentally a historic low CO2 level of 315 ppm. In 1942 and again in 1822 CO2 was 440 ppm, 40 ppm higher than today. (Ernst-Georg Beck, 180 Years of Atmospheric CO2 Gas Analysis By Chemical Methods, Energy & Environment, Volume 18 No. 2, 2007, Fig. 2).

    To say we are nearing runaway, irreversible global warming due to recent paltry CO2 increases is ludicrous.

    Temperatures and Fossil Fuel Use

    For the last 150 years there has not always been a correlation between fossil fuel use and temperature. Between 1940 and 1970 while CO2 increased, fossil fuel use decreased. (Klyashtorin and Lyubushim, Energy & Environment, Vol 14, No 6, Fig 1). If all the known fossil fuel reserves were burned overnight, the resulting CO2 increase would be capable of producing a temperature increase of no more than 5C.

    Temps and Solar Irradiance

    There have been three global cooling and three global warming periods within the last 250 years, all marching to the tune of changing solar irradiance, not CO2 concentrations. (Douglas V. Hoyt and Kenneth H. Schatten, A Discussion of Plausible Solar Irradiance Variations, 1700-1992, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 98, No. All, Pages 18,895-18,906, November 1, 1993).

    Ice Core Temperatures

    Ice core temperatures have risen 0.4C since the Industrial Revolution (IR). This increase is blamed on mankind and his use of fossil fuels. However, compared to the IR baseline, temperatures were 1.6C higher during the Medieval Warming Period (WP) 900 years ago, 2.5C higher during the Roman WP 2200 years ago, and 3.2C higher during the Minoan WP 3300 years ago. (R.B. Alley, The Younger Dryas Cold Interval as Viewed From Central Greenland”, Journal of Quaternary Reviews, 19:213-226). Obviously, these older historic increases could not have been due to man.


    Only 3.27% of all CO2 generated comes from man, the other 96.73% comes from nature. Only 0.001% of water vapor comes from man; the other 99.999% comes from nature. By a factor of 26 water vapor has more of a greenhouse gas effect (GGE) than does CO2. After adding the contributions of methane, nitrous oxide, and CFCs it turns out only 0.28% of the GGE comes from man, the other 99.72% comes from nature. If man ceased to exist, the reduction in the GGE would be hardly noticeable.

    No evidence for AGW

    There is not one piece of empirical evidence linking human activities to the climate – not one. The only arguments for global warming and climate change comes from anecdotes, computer projections, Hockey Sticks, and consensus. Anecdotes are short, obscure historical or biographical accounts. Anecdotes are not proof. Computer projections as they unfold over time have proved to be dismal failures, simply because the only input is green house gases. Computer projections are not proof. Hockey Sticks are the cobbling together of two unrelated proxy data sets to create FrankenGraphs. Hockey Sticks are not proof. Consensus is an opinion or position reached by a group as a whole. In 1600 the consensus said the Earth was the center of the Solar System. The consensus was wrong. Consensus is the intellectual lethargy that forms after the pioneering work of a single individual. Consensus is not proof.

    Planetary Mechanics

    Planetary mechanics is the study of orbiting celestial bodies, changes to the solar system barycenter, of spin orbit coupling, and conservation of angular momentum. It is the very interaction of the motion of the planets, Sun and moon which dictate our climate and our weather. This isn’t theory. This is astrophysics.

    Jupiter, Venus and Earth are called the Tidal Planets, because they control the Sun’s tide and its 11 year sunspot cycle. There are many harmonics of this basic 11 year Schwab cycle. There is the 22 year Hale magnetic cycle. There is the 44 year Solar Conveyor Belt cycle. Every 88 years there is the Gleisberg cycle – an amplitude modulation of Schwab cycles. There is the 208 year Jose cycle. Then the 315 year Elatina Cycle. The 1,440 year Ice Debris Cycle. The 2,400 year Hallstadt Cycle.

    There are numerous other cycles built from combinations of solar, lunar and planetary cycles. Every 18 years there is the Lunar Tidal Cycle which corresponds to abundance cycles on Earth. Every 60 years there is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation cycle, the most powerful climate force on the planet.

    Then there is Uranus and Neptune (U-N) with their 178 year orbit beat cycle. The Sun also operates in 360 year cycles, a harmonic of the U-N cycle. Each 360 year cycle is composed of Regular Oscillations, followed by a Grand Solar Maximum, followed by a Grand Solar Minimum. This totally predictable 360 year cycle has resulted in the Oort, Sporer, Maunder, Dalton and other unnamed Minimums within the past two millennia.

    In 2009, we entered the next Grand Solar Minimum. This isn’t unfounded speculation. This is traceable, predictable planetary mechanics (Duhau and de Jager, The Forthcoming Grand Minimum of Solar Activity, Journal of Cosmology, 2010, Vol 8, 1983-1999). From this point forward be prepared for relentless colder temperatures which will reach bottom around 2040. Along the way there will be ever-increasing fuel shortages, crop failures, famines and loss of life. The next Little Ice Age is upon us. No amount of pithy CO2 increase is going to provide enough life-saving warmth. Prepare for decades of bone-chilling cold winters.

    Planetary mechanics is the elephant in the room of climate change. The planets control the climate of the Sun which, combined with the Moon, control the climate on the Earth. CO2 is only a flea on the elephant’s ass coming along for the ride.

    AGW is big business

    The myth of global warming continues, because of the trillions of dollars that would be lost and millions of people put out of work, if this charade were to be exposed. Scam artists thrive creating schemes like carbon trading which suck billions of dollars from electric rate payers. Politicians need it to save us from another imaginary hobgoblin and to justify tax increases to fund programs that garner votes. Many scientists and researchers are kept busy by grazing at the trough of free grant money made available if it can be shown that man causes global warming. Corporations need it to sell cures for which there is no disease. The alternative energy, Green Building and sustainability cottage industries came into existence and thrive off of it. The news media needs it to keep the frenzy going, the ratings up, and ad revenue coming in. The United Nations needs it to further its role as the leader in One World Governance. Environmentalists, anti-industrialists, and other Communists need it in order to cut the legs out from underneath the evil, Capitalist United States and level the playing field for the world‘s less fortunate nations. This is the hideous symbiosis of individuals, groups, and governments that need the myth of manmade global warming kept alive for their very survival.

    Get the facts visit

    1. There, my friend, you said it all.
      Thank you.
      So who would disagree?
      Let’s see:
      The academics and climate scientists that could never get a grant, tenure at a university or publishing priveleges amongst their peers, to study anything less than global warming, because it’s not politically correct. Peer pressure.
      Businessmen, George Soros, Al Gore and others who would profit mightily from the proposed “solutions”.
      Communists and their fellow travelling socialists, progressives and liberals (Lenin’s “useful idiots”) who long ago stated, “we will bury you”.
      Empty headed, empty hearted, self loathing non producers who need to feel worthwhile. (I’m saving the planet!) (see the Hollywood dress up dolls).
      Partisan believers, who believe what they are told, and will never deviate from the Party Line.
      And, a bought and paid for Media.

    2. Thank you Mr Opalek. I am a geologist/paleontologist and have been writing and making presentations of this information since the birth of the AWG myth. But your post is the best compact presentation of the facts that I have ever seen. You referenced the majority of the noteworthy published, scientific, peer reviewed studies and concluded with a brilliant closing paragraph. Bless you.

      Glad you included Scotese’s Chart. It conclusively illustrates the absurdity of the AWG folly. And, of course, also thanks to Chris.

    3. I continue to remind everyone that the very simple water cycle would not allow too much warming or cooling, but alas even that simple example, which they learned in the 3rd grade eludes them.

    4. Look up the Vostok ice core data. It stretches back over 400,000 years and clearly shows that warming and cooling periods are cyclical just as is the earth’s complex axial wobble, its changing elliptical pattern around the sun, and the sun’s activity. The Vostok data shows that we’re in for a long cooling period – perhaps centuries long. We may be desperately looking for ways to warm the planet in a decade or two. Any attempt to do so will be futile.

  9. What if the global effort to reduce greenhouse emissions has resulted in an an undesired effect? Have we upset a larger mechanism that has actually been maintained by human activity?

  10. For anyone who has not studied the history behind Global Warming, they need to do that. Barack Obama, Al Gore and the Clintons were all involved in the scam and they all stood to make “billions” (with a B) of dollars if they could have gotten “Shore Bank out of Chicago to set up a “Carbon Offset Market”. The plot was foiled when, despite their best efforts, they could not get legislation passed by the Congress that would require carbon offsets to be purchased When the scam started falling apart, the Obama’s, the Clinton’s and Gore pulled the money they had invested in Shore Bank and worked to distance themselves so they would not get exposed.

    Sadly, Al Gore went on with the man made global warming nonsense and has made himself a billionaire doing so. Here is a guy that goes around telling everyone that their carbon footprint is destroying the earth, and he does it in a PRIVATE JET. He also has a home in Tennessee that, according to investigating reporters has the Carbon Footprint 100 times greater than the average Tennessee home. Sounds to me like Al Gore needs to practice what he preaches.

    1. If you think that’s sad take a look at Alvin Gore and Occidental Oil. As a senator he succeeded in taking that oilfield out of the nation’s reserve for fuel for our military. Once it was privatized, since his family owned most of the stock, he sold it off for a tremendous profit. It was after he made all of his money off of oil that he decided to turn against it and dupe other stupid people into get rich quick schemes based on flawed pseudo-science. Solar? We don’t have enough land or air to make it happen. Bio fuel, we don’t have enough land to grow our way into fuel independence. Do the math, there is no way either of these two things can do the things they are promised to do with salespeople who are in it all for a quick profit.

    2. Al Whore uses the same tactics Hitler used to mesmerize people. Thankfully, he has a whole lot less followers. Hitler obviously had a severe case of megalomania and so does Al Whore.

  11. Warming crowd’s logic goes like this. If it’s hotter than normal then it’s man-made global warming. If it’s colder than normal, it’s man-made global warming, if weather is more severe than “normal” then it’s man-made global warming. If you ask a question about their rationale then you’re a in denial. All paths blame humans and the facts don’t matter.

  12. How many times does a Dumbofuk Party member have to lisp at you that Global Warming will involve blizzards, record low freezing temperatures and the re-glaciation of N. America???

  13. one has to understand the 3 laws of the cult of global warming.

    When it is warmer than normal its AGW.
    When it is colder than normal it is AGW.
    When it is the normal temperature it is AGW.

    When it is warmer than normal its AGW.
    When it is colder than normal it’s AGW

    Shutup and give me your money.

    1. Yes, I remember those cold snow winters of the late 60’s and 70’s. We are now in a similar pattern. I know, I have to work in this global warming caused cold spell everyday here in North Dakota.

      If you can find the BBC documentary called “The Great Global Warming Swindle” I recommend all to watch. It really wakes you up to the facts that is all started by the Communists out of Central Europe as way to regain power. The left of America grabbed it to their benefit.

      1. I agree we are just in a similar weather pattern. it was cold too I was just a child but 3 feet or more of snow in Chicago. 74 also had a good amount I was near High school by then.

  14. Now we know why it was changed from Global Warming to Global Warming/Climate Change GW/CC No matter what happens we must give them all our money.
    Of course I am a NAZI in the pay of the petrochemical industry and suffering from mental illness. The problem is that the leadership of BOTH parties wants our money and will use any excuse to get it.
    John McCain is one of the most hysterical true believers; was a jet pilot which means he studied meteorology and thermodynamics. Hey John, play much solitaire while you were a P.O.W.? Queen of Diamonds?

  15. Mother Nature says if those arrogant humans who think they can control her whims don’t stop their bullshi t, it will be years before we see another summer…

    1. It is sometimes beneficial to examine the thoughts/wisdom of those who came before us. The similarities between then and now are eerie. Does history repeat itself? “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and hence clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” H. L.Mencken

      “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.” Albert Camus
      These two philosophers should give us cause to reflect.

    1. I live in Southern Oregon and the weather guessers are predicting snow on the valley floor by Tuesday. Well, on the bright side look at all the money I save on Sun Screen. Cool!!

      1. Do I want clean air and water? Of course, but not at the price of my nation. These environmentalist seem to hate capitalism. They raise money, petition and in the end cost our country million of jobs, plus billions, if not trillions of dollars trying to meet the new regulations
        This is for that new religion called “Global Warming”, “Climate Change” or “Dinosaur Farts”, that involves manmade warming. Of course, you can’t tell them or their high Priest, Al Gore, that the earth has gone through many cooling and warming cycles for eons. I shouldn’t tell AL Gore’s minions, that he has reaped hundreds of millions of dollars perpetrating this hoax. Why should we give our industries to the tyranny of the minority, who uses faulty, pop science to predict that the Earth will be Venus in fifty years. H3ll, the same “climatologists” can’t predict the weather for 5 days!

  16. I’m just sipping a Scotch and watching the fun. It’s funny to the point of painful to watch the loyal ones caught pants down in their own nets. Ha.

  17. Man made global warming believers are the same morons who fell victim to the y2k scam.They are part of the sky is falling society and will believe what ever the latest made up tragedy is this week. Yes,Global warming is real. So is Global cooling.There is no where near enough evidence to even come close to proving man has caused global warming. Heck cows cause more damage than humans. Did any of these morons ever take a physical science class ?

    1. Cows were blamed for Methane
      but 90% of all Methane release is by TERMITES.

      Maybe the left should eat termites.
      Andrew Zimmern says if you roast them first
      they taste like popcorn… Mmmm.

  18. First the forests were the lungs of the earth
    until we discovered that mature forests don’t have a net release of oxygen
    due to rotting vegetation absorbing oxygen.

    Then we discovered that over 90% of vegetation is in the ocean
    and studying that led to the discovery that oxygen is released INORGANICALLY
    at the ocean’s surface by the sun using salt as a catalyst.

    Then it was the Ozone Hole
    but the animals were genetically adapted
    which takes eons.

    Then we were running out of oil
    so the price went up and gave the Oil Companies enough funds to explore more
    and now we have found over 2000 years of reserves
    (albeit some is very deep).

    Then it was CARBON FOOTPRINT
    although carbon dioxide is heavy molecule
    that rests at the surface where plants gobble it up.

    It is also 0.026 % of the atmosphere (0.028% in some places)
    so it is like peeing in an olympic swimming pool (~260 parts per million)

    Mount Penatubo’s eruption
    was equivalent to 400 years of human carbon footprint.

    The volacano in Iceland
    had a carbon footprint equivalent to the entire Industrial Revolution.

    That brings us to Global Warming
    which didn’t warm once the faulty “Cloud Model”
    in the overall computer model was corrected.

    MIT says it is a hoax.
    The Smithsonian says it is a hoax.

    Now they say warming is taking a 15 year “rest”
    which BTW is a rest longer than the hoax has been around.


    Now it is “Climate Change”
    except that NOA says it may or may not rise 1° in the next 100 years.

    These funding whores always want to create a crisis
    the remedy for which is money to them and their friends.
    giving up more liberty.

    The Father of Modern National Socialism once said in the 1930’s
    ( aI paraphrase … since it was in German )
    “Given fear, people will give up their Liberty for Security”

      1. Socialism requires FEAR and IGNORANCE.
        All Hail the Internet … all eyes shall see.
        The Truth can no longer be hidden
        It shall set you free.

        When so see a Liberal Post,
        simply respond with a short polite pointed question.

    1. Heresy !
      I think a stoning is in order.

      The deep Space temperature around the earth is 250°F below zero.
      54% of the heat you feelcomes from the sun.
      46% comes from deep inside the earth
      (the center of the earth is as hot as the surface of the sun)

    1. Interesting when Bush waited for permission from the Governor
      which was legally required …. he waited 3 days before he went in anyway without the legally required permission
      (because the Democrat Governor was nowhere to be found
      He only spoke up to try to stop the trailers from coming into town
      while people were sleeping on their lawns.)

      Now Orleans was spared the initial impact of the hurricane
      but the tidal surge up the river broke thru the levis
      which had received 6 Billion in Federal funds for upgrading
      and yet the Dems spent that money elsewhere instead.

      No we fast forward too Hurricane Sandy
      where there is STILL not proper government response
      except to double the taxes for the residents.
      Drive thru and it is still a mess.

      HEar anything about Obama’s lack of response ?
      Any trailers show up ?
      Winter was coming and still no trailers.

  19. Gosh, Fat Albert, tell us again all about that “warming” thing. Where I live in Oregon, and I’ve been here some 38 years, in the last two years I have burned about 5 cords of wood a winter season. In all the years prior I’ve never burned more than 3 cords. News, dude, it ain’t warmin’ up here. It probably wouldn’t get warmer anywhere else either, if you’d just close your pie hole.

  20. It’s.not carbon dioxide but carbon monoxide that is affecting the environment. Rather than ascribing left vs. right let us define the problem and address the solutions in a sensible manor to solve the issues at hand. We are creatures of the planet that are responsible for tending to its well being and those who will inherit it.

  21. The agenda hasn’t stopped, it’s still right there in our face. It’s too ingrained in the minds of idiot parents who will pass on such absurdities to their idiot children. Man made global warming wins.

  22. I believe its all about re-distribution. Look who walked out of the talks last week because the west would not kow-tow to their demands for us to establish these protocols which would have an adverse effect on our productivity, all the while they get a pass in not having to do a damn thing. It just greatly weakens our economic position.

  23. “Anthropogenic global warming”, or just Winter? The answer depends on which liberal you ask and at which time of the year. They cry for six months out of the year about their “AGW” hoax/scam, blaming all hot weather in the Spring and Summer on it. Then when Autumn and Winter come, and it get’s cold, and you ridicule them using onomatopoeia in witty sarcastic remarks such as, “Brrr.. this global warming sure is cold”, they suddenly respond with, “Duh. It’s cold because it’s (enter appropriate season here)!”. Some libstains even work in reverse, claiming that “AGW” causes cold weather, not warmer weather.

  24. Bad news we are at the top of a weak Sun Spot cycle ( top warm, bottom cold) , give it a few years it’s going to get real cold; we paid AL for Global warming, someone call the police AL robbed us.

  25. The Democratic Party is committing political suicide by putting all of their eggs into the global warming-renewable energy basket. The general population will not remain oblivious forever.

    Google THE RENEWABLE ENERGY DISASTER for details about new low cost energy sources that will create jobs, lower the national debt, lower the cost of living, and give us true energy independence.

  26. I shudder to think of the devastation we would be seeing if mankind hadn’t invented the internal combustion engine to keep us at least this warm. Everyone who drives a Prius should be arrested for contributing to global cooling.

  27. We all are not stupid and uneducated conservatives. Most educated people realize 1,000 data points, does not the climate of earth make. Not being, ignorant uneducated conservative who love giving free lip service to their masters in the conservative media, as an educated liberal, I know weather is the data point and climate is the trend. Conservatives are our nation’s most poorly educated and least intelligent people. A conservative does not know it takes two points to make a line.

    Conservatives I want to watch conservatives vying to write the most ignorant comment of the day.

    1. Sorry but you can not claim that the earth is warming and will continue to warm and there willl be no snow or ice , then squeal when it doesn’t happen.
      Global warming was a scam and it’s not just those “conservatives” who know that now.
      Moderates, liberal , conservatives , independents. and COMMUNIST like the ones in China., do not believe in your global warming scam

    2. You’re not making any sense. Everyone knows records are set every time a more extreme temperature is recorded, records have been broken since they were first kept and will continue to be broken. Of course most records will be broken when hot or cold fronts move through. A record being broken does not constitute a trend, and if a record is broken in one place it is likely that one will be broken nearby also. Not education, comment sense which most liberals lack.

    3. Let’s see ~~ who’s that in your picture? ~~~ looks like a creepy groper~~no, wait, it’s Goofy ~~ no, no, it’s Albert Einstein ~~ no, no, can’t be ~~ Albert Einstein had enough going for him not to be an arrogant liberal. Guess its my first hunch…a creepy groper.

    4. Thanks for offering a string of unsupported snot-flinging assertions, backed up by more… unsupported snot-flinging assertions.

      If you think your comment is emblematic of your superior knowledge, you are one stupid sumbitch.

  28. Don’t tell the Global Warming nut bags or they’ll call you a denier! They can’t handle the truth about their mythical man made climate change. The only thing man made about it is that they made it all up!

  29. What ever happened to the “hide the decline” fellow? Is he still around? I hope he hasn’t jumped out of a window from sheer embarrassment. Maybe him and “Crazy Nancy” Pelosi have something going on. I can hear him now. “We have to let it colder before it gets any warmer.” I wish every one of these lunatics would get back on their flying saucer and travel back to the Planet Zorg and take the “Zorg-In-Chief” with them. Idiots.

  30. Let’s see how stupid conservatives are.

    “Auckland has experienced its hottest November temperature since records began in 1956, with 26.8°C recorded in Mangere on Saturday, according to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).”

    1. Oh, my Gawd. Such scientific fortitude. Records have been kept a total of 47 years……yes…..yes, I know how many years weather has been occurring on this planet. Maybe in 150 years one could make a better case for panic.

  31. Of course it’s climate change, climate change is always whatever happens! Temps go up, climate change. Go down, climate change. Stay the same, it’s because of climate change. If you get in a car accident, just blame it on climate change, everyone will believe you.

  32. “A sudden heat wave warmed up Southern California on Wednesday, setting a number of record high temperatures across the region.

    At the Santa Barbara airport, the temperature reached 85 degrees, breaking a record of 84 degrees set in 1949, according to the National Weather Service.

    At the Long Beach airport, a high of 92 degrees broke the record of 89 set in 2007. And at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, a 93-degree high broke the previous mark of 91 set in 1974, the weather service reported.”

    1. We should believe Mann’s made up tree ring data instead of all the cold we feel and snow we see.

      Only idiots believe in gorebull warming, China, which is the far left, doesnt believe in global warming
      All educated intelligent people reject global warming.

    2. And……???????? Oh my Gawd, Oh my Gawd…….we have a problem, Houston……..we have an anomaly in high temperatures occurring across the Southwestern US and Southern California. What’s that, Houston? Yes…….yes…..I know……temperature variances have been experienced thousands of times before…….No, I won’t radio back Houston when the temperatures are below normal…..Sorry Sir……Just ……Never mind……Oh, when am I going to realize the weather has had anomalies since Earth was formed….

  33. “The high came about 2 p.m. Waco broke a record with 89 degrees on Sunday, surpassing the old mark of 85, which was set in 1938 and again in 1986. The DFW record also came in 1938.

    The 87 degrees was just two degrees short of the record high for any November day in North Texas. The record of 89 was reached on Nov. 6, 1989; Nov. 14, 1989; and Nov. 22, 1955.”

  34. “October temperatures across Alaska were “decidedly above normal both across the state, and throughout the month”, according to climate scientists in the region. As a result, a number of new record highs were recorded.

    The monthly mean temperature was a “very significant” 7.4F (4.1C) above the normal 32.4F (0.2C) temperature recorded in the area. The Alaska Climate Research Centre said that this was an “astounding departure” for an area as large as the state of Alaska.”

  35. Global Warming is the direct cause of Global Cooling. Clearly, Global Warming results in greater surface evaporation, which, in turn, contributes to greater water vapor in the earth’s atmosphere, which results in more cloud cover and greater precipitation. More cloud cover means the earth’s surface will be cooler, and in addition, the greater precipitation, during the cooler months, results in more snow. See? (Contrary to unpopular opinion, global temperatures have not grown cooler; they simply haven’t grown any warmer in about 15 years. (Also, the sun seems to have undergone an unusual cycle, with its peak output and the number of sunspots much lower than normal)).

    1. Cold is not a energy. It’s the lack of energy. The colder it is , the less heat there is.
      In order to have more snow and more cold records, you have to have a greater area of non-heat.,

      Less heat , means more cold , more cold results in more snow

      Contrary to your lies, the global warming theory was not ” temps would stay the same” It was CO2 drives temperature and the more CO2 goes up , the higher the temps will be
      The CO2 has continued to go up , the temperature has not. , so suck it now. Global warming is dead.

    2. Curiously enough, none of the two dozen or so climate models can mathematically account for cloud cover or precipitation so I cannot see how that conclusion is drawn.

  36. How can anyone be a Democrat, Gore lies about climate change for years while flying around in a private jet and living in a huge mansion. Obama lies about everything especially health care and flies around in a big private jet lives in a mansion. All the while health care, job’s and energy policies, debt are out of control due to over Government meddling. but we have record cold, record unemployed, record food stamps, record poverty, record debt, record losing health care, but hey we got free contraceptives, a $600 million wasted website and these 2 guys contiune to lie and live like kings.

  37. Are you people aware of the drastic changes cyanobacteria brought to the earth’s early atmosphere once the photosynthetic organism began rapidly spreading around the globe? Cyanobacteria apparently still play THE major role in stabilizing the earth’s atmosphere. More CO2 means more food for cyanobacteria and plants. That means more cyanobacteria and plants producing more oxygen for organisms that rely on it.

  38. Oh Manbearpig, where art thou? Why have you deserted your Children of the Global Warmng. What the heck am i going to do with all these Obama approved “less heat” lightbulbs now?????

  39. Can’t wait to see Obama’s new campaign to increase the CO2 in the atmosphere to increase global temperatures, to save us from the ICEAGE!!! EEccckk , quick get some scary iceage documentaries playing in elementary schools to scare the little children!!!

  40. you can deny it all you want. you can post all kinds of fake science. you can say whatever you want…the fact is…its real. water is rising…people will suffer. your dumb comments will not change that. The great thing about can be proven and does not rely on ‘faith’. When you take CO2 out of the ground, burn it..releasing it into the air.. it causes warming. That is a fact.

    1. Go educate yourself. There is a finite amount (understand that word?) of H2O in different forms on planet Earth. This does not change. Please tell me where the water is coming from which you claim is rising? It can’t be coming from the Polar Caps as they are the same in size or increasing? So, again I ask you: Where is this water coming from you claim is rising? And how much has the Earth warmed the last 17 years?

    2. You don’t know what you’re talking about, If you ever took a science class you couldn’t have passed. Oh wait… 3 x 4 = 11 in the progressive world. Maybe you did.

    3. You want facts? My uncle owns a home that was purchased in the city of Newport Beach, California back in 1965. The house sits 15 feet from the waterline of the inner bay of Newport. He says the water is still the same level it was back in 1965.

    4. you’ve been alGored. just more parroting of the AGW mantra without any thought or research of your own. the seas have been retreating in recent years and will retreat more this year.

      just one example.

      Even the AGW brainwashed, indoctrinated and alGored disciples have admitted as much, although they try to claim it is because… now get this… Australia has suddenly become a giant sponge and sucked up a bunch of rainwater, not allowing it to flow back to the sea…. and THAT is what is causing the global drop in sea levels. ROFLOL!!

    5. Sorry, but “water is rising” has been happening for more than 15,000 years, since the end of the last Ice Age.

      Want to educate yourself? Go here:

      You’ll learn why the idea of a global “sea level” is unscientific, because sea level changes everywhere, at all times and for a myriad of reasons.

      You want science? Watch and learn…and be humbled by how complex Earth’s systems really are.

    6. “The great thing about can be proven and does not rely on ‘faith’.”

      That’s true. So I’ll wait for the Science to prove the ‘Consensus”.

    1. Did anyone record the debate that is over. I’ve been looking for it on Al Gore’s internet and can’t find it anywhere. I’d like to see the ‘facts’. – Are we supposed just hand money over to these frauds who can’t balance a check book and expect them to balance the weather? They can’t even set up a web site.

    2. Unless you can offer “facts” to counter the current facts, you got nuthin’.

      You can start by explaining why we’ve had 17 years of no warming, while CO2 concentrations have continued to rise. You warmistas said that was impossible, except when you tried to argue that Chinese soot kept the temperature rise down.

      But if Chinese soot does that, might not clouds (which your models do not account for) do the same?

    3. Google Burt Rutan climate change… read the pdf… then make up your own mind.
      Your so-called global warming “facts” have all been thoroughly debunked.

  41. More proof of global warming. When it’s cold, it’s hot.

    (My God I wish I would have thought about this scam and had access to billions of taxpayer dollars to perpetuate it)

    1. It appears to be a common anomaly within Democrat circles. They decry crony capitalism as they raid the bigger trough. Taxpayer money is much easier to obtain than working for a living. Taxpayer money only requires one to convince 2/3 or their coworkers in a worst case scenario.

  42. I object using the word “hoax” to describe the AGW agenda. Hoax implies something harmless. This is FRAUD. A massive FRAUD perpetrated by a self-serving elite.

  43. But this is how global warming starts, people! It gets really cold, it snows more, THEN the ice caps melt and gets wicked hot, but then it cools again, snows more, then the ice caps melt, and it gets wicked hot… then it cools…

  44. Record lows in Texas too. Ain’t global warming a bytch? Above: Global sea Ice area highest in 25 years, 6th highest on record. If there was a pill you could take for stupidity, could you get them to take it? One of my grandfathers came to Texas in 1895. He said when they got here they almost starved out because there wasn’t even enough rainfall to water the animals for four years and it was so hot nothing would grow anyway. Dad told me about the dust bowl days. I saw strange weather in the 50’s and every decade since has been different. Some day the “experts” should figure out that weather CONSTANTLY changes. Duh?

  45. I know a sure fire way to collect 500 Billion from people around the world every year!! (Oh really how are we going to do that?) Just tell them the world is heating up and it’s their fault. Breathing and farting is heating up the planet and we need to correct it by charging you more money, we’ll call it a carbon tax….we were going to call it a fart tax but my wife didn’t like it. She farts so much I’d go broke. (OK let’s call it a carbon tax) (I have a question…all these low record breaking temperatures how can we call it global warming?) Okay okay we will call it climate change….nobody can argue with that. (Okay fine …now can I have my $20,000) Yup. here.

  46. Isn’t MIT one of the great engineering/science colleges in the world? Why does MIT’s top Professor disagree with the whole global warming/climate change argument? Google that one. The world and its environment flows with nature and the cycles of nature…Thousands of years cycles. We may be polluting a little, but nothing like 50 years ago or so when everything was black smoke. Everything that comes out of power plants now is strictly regulated to reduce NOX emissions and to capture particulates and much more that travels out the stack. Notice how you no longer see black smoke coming out of plants anymore like we did growing up? This is much cleaner than some other countries, but thinking we are power full enough to change the temp on this planet to be warmer, when the world always corrects itself…. is a little absurd.

  47. The elites got busted by the Russians and changed their Global Warming propaganda meme to Climate Change. Same elites put out their other phony pro panda meme DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries. Both memes were and are about destroyite White first world western civilization.
    Africa for Africans
    Asia for Asians
    Mexico for Mexicans
    White countries for EVERYBODY!
    DIVERSITY is a code word for ANTI – WHITE

    1. So, what are the facts which lead you to believe that the statements here are stupid? I thought John P’s remark about your post was hilarious by the way.

  48. This has to be a mistake. With everything we have been told by the Commander of Change and the most knowledgeable on global warming genius Al Gore/Gore this is plain and simply false reporting/lies.

  49. Oddly enough, the Farmer’s Almanac predicted a very cold winter this year.
    Liberal websites claimed that the Farmer’s Almanac was going to be wrong.
    Just one of those things that makes you want to roll up a copy of the Farmer’s
    Almanac and swat a liberal with it.

  50. Democrats are still lying about man made global warming… doubling down on their tax scheme… running around, the sky is warming, the sky is warming (sounds familiar… just like what chicken little was doing). Democrats loves ’em their liars. No doubt Al (dumb as a doorknob) Gore is no doubt declaring all the record cold temperatures are the result of GLOBAL WARMING?!? (Gore really is a moron).

  51. Hey fellow scientists, try this astounding experiment:

    Just agree with a Global Warmist on his “science”, then ask what the next step is. Ask exactly what it will cost you and specifically what it will achieve in temperature reduction.

    Not one of these scam artists will give you a straight answer. Instead expect insults, obfuscations, platitudes, appeals to authority, bandwagon fallacies, preening about the corrupt “peer review” process and goofy red herrings.

    You will not get a simple cost-benefit analysis. This is not “science”; you are being hustled by power hungry “progressive” politicians and their useful idiots.

    Ask exactly how much California’s Cap-And-Trade tax will cost each taxpayer over 10 years in terms of lost jobs and higher prices for everything we buy. Then ask exactly how much global temperature will be lowered as as result.

    Ask what type of “green” projects will be funded by the extra revenue. Fact: The money will go to pay the fat salaries, cadillac health care and morbidly obese defined-benefit pensions for one-percenter unionized government employees.

    Follow the money.

  52. There are 1200 to 1400 wild fires in North America every year;
    most of them fairly small.

    If you take the average of just ONE of these fires,
    it has roughly the same carbon footprint
    of all human activity in North America for one year.
    That is all the cars, planes, factories and homes …. one year.

  53. Global warming/climate change has nothing to do with global warming/climate change. It’s all about “CONTROL” of us Americans by the progressive libturds. Nothing more nothing less. Until you bring Algore into the mess. Then it’s all about money for him. Screw the rest.

  54. The new “climate change” designation, rather than global warming fits the agenda of manipulating the climate by means of geoengineering. Areosol spraying is one means of weather modification to block out sunlight and cool the planet, using chemtrails. Dumping iron oxide into the ocean and sequestration to eliminate CO2 is another project. The IPCC has admitted this even though the chemicals they use are toxic and neither plants nor animals can survive without CO2 in the atmosphere. The rest of the agenda is to rid mother earth of what they consider a surplus population.
    IMHO these people are dangerous, surrounded by secrecy and acting outside the bounds of legitimacy. The ridiculous claims about polar bears etc. are to keep you from investigating what they are really doing and demanding it be stopped.

  55. You do know trees turn CO2 into oxygen. You’d think Al Gore and our brilliant scientists would promote “create a forest project” to get CO2 levels to what ever level they believe are the norm. But that would only be if they were sincere. I like the way the USA exports manufacturing to China with no pollution regulations while dumbing down American education, increasing American’s self-esteem beyond reason, and telling them they can feel good about themselves if they go along with a carbon tax. Think 911 if you want to be floored by reality of a deceitful government, and then look at how they use the hollywood bimbos to con you.

  56. No one ever mentions that there were 40 ft. glaciers as far south as the Ohio River not that long ago in geological history. Must have been those American Indian campfires that melted them. They started this whole global warming mess.

  57. It’s not about global warming, it is all about tax, fear and making the poor feel as they are to blame as the politicians rip us off and set themselves up with big business when they bow out of public theft.

  58. Too Hot? Global warming, Too cold? – Global warming Many Hurricanes – Global warming, too few Hurricanes- Global warming! Weather doesn’t suit you? Global warming –

  59. Sun-flare activity at lowest in 400 years. Portends a new little Ice Age, some say. Others say Thank God for Global warming (teehee) as it would be much worse.

  60. This is just one of the many ways the democraps are trying to FORCE people from the suburbs back into their CRIME RIDDEN HELLHOLES. FREELOADERS don’t pay a lot in TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Again millions of people suffer through, and are endangered by, record cold. The recent widespread snow and ice storms dramatically demonstrate that the earth is profoundly threatened by a new weather phenomenon, “Global Cooling.” If left unchecked the earth will turn into a frozen, lifeless ice cube like Mars. This calamity is being caused by the atmospheric changes brought on by all the rich left wingers. By overheating their large mansions, flying around in their personal jets and spewing toxic waste from their mouths, they block the sunlight from reaching earth. Fortunately, there is a solution. By imposing a 100% tax on left wingers we can save civilization and the earth. Al Gore, we’re gonna get our money back

  62. It shows every day more and more just how stupid the global warming idiots are. In the face of record cold and near record ice at the poles they still try to push their lunacy. Its the same with their insane tax and spend tax policies just sheer lunacy. These looney tunes liberals need to be given a few states and all forced to live there so they can see what a complete farce their way of life is.

  63. youtube: The IPCC Exposed
    By the Corbett report

    Many so called IPCC ‘top’ scientists are “still 10 years away from a PHD”.
    With now all the exposed fraudulent papers, illegally withholding data, admitted manipulated studies and admissions of scientists lying, perhaps the ‘Warmists’ are the real ‘Deniers’.
    Who are the hysteric alarmists?
    The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie ” The club of Rome…

    Top MIT scientist: Newest UN climate report is ‘hilariously’ flawed

    “I think that the latest IPCC report has truly sunk to level of hilarious incoherence,” Dr. Richard Lindzen told Climate Depot, a global warming skeptic news site. “They are proclaiming increased confidence in their models as the discrepancies between their models and observations increase.”

    Read more:

    Darwin award contenders! Liberal zombies decide not to fly and not to have kids because of global warming. I am asking: is it really bad news???

      1. You have to add a little something in your comment to indicate sarcasm… otherwise your comment (and mine) are no different from those of the true believers.

      2. That’s because many scientist are educated in American universities by liberal professors. They have an inferior education due to the intentional dumbing down of America, thru our education system. Dumb people are easier for the government to control. Also, all the money they get paid to lie about their findings, sure causes a scientist to write anything the government tells them too. Government money and owners of governments ‘Foundations’ money goes a long way in paying for false reports, to justify the scientist findings.

    1. Water vapor is 400 times more potent than CO2 as a green house gas. The control of CO2 emissions is a red herring. Sulphur Dioxide, on the other hand, in small amounts can depress global temperatures significantly. One large volcano, for example, has more effect on the climate than has 250 years of industrialization. ….Gore trying to plug volcanoes would make more sense.

      1. Nature takes care of itself pretty well, when man leaves it alone. The problem is we have a bunch of little ‘gods’ in their own minds running around. I say we get the ‘gods’ out of Washington D.C.. And, as a matter of fact, we need to get them out of a few other places too.

  64. Global warming is the tool that the Obongo administration is using to bankrupt this country. It is a hoax, just like every other part of his administration.

          1. Regrettably, I have to agree. The Rino population has grown to a point where the herd must be culled. Republican principles are still valid, it’s just painful that they have lost their way from the path of a constitutional and limited government.

      1. Both parties are compromised. We need a totally different party. The voting machines are rigged. We need to return to paper ballots. We also need to pass some life in prison or death penalty laws for anyone, blackmailing, buying off, threatening, or compromising in any way a Congressman, Judge, President, Military, and others responsible for running America.

  65. Man will never control the weather and yet we still see some who feel we can. Al Gore and his bunch do cause hot air and many other elected assist. The funds spent on checking for bull farts and other foolish things could have been used to feed our needy here in America.

  66. When is the monkey-n-chief going to do something about these low temperatures caused by global warming? Could this be happening because Al Gore killed manbearpig?

  67. The left wing progressive totalitarian ‘democrat’ communists are desperate to destroy our economy. Soon we will all be equally poverty stricken.
    There has been no warming in 18 years. No Warming. In fact for the last eleven years it has been cooling slightly as cO2 levels continue to rise ever faster and faster. That debunks those models. They did not predict ‘no warming’. They cannot even ‘predict’ the past. The models are completely discredited.

    1. The left wing progressive totalitarian ‘democrat’ communist desperate to destroy our economy need to do something constructive like teach the rest of us how to build fires, and rocket stoves, and igloos out of snow and ice.

  68. Global warming and climate change are essentially political narratives without scientific substance. Climate, like weather, varies. True believers are so profoundly tied to the idea of climate change that it became a faith that could not be given up despite all evidence to the contrary. Tenacious beliefs live on despite overt factual refutation. This is also true for Marxism, certain aspects of environmentalism, and Santa Claus. Mr Obama himself retains adoration from 30% of the citizenry despite his failures, lies, and policy absurdities. Belief in him is faith-like and his ardent and often ignorant adherents will never been shaken away despite all evidence of his destructive and criminal administration. Humans have limitless potential for folly.

  69. This is about money, pure and simple. Gore, the great climate change propagandist, could make millions, if not billions, through his carbon offset company Generation Investment Management, but he needs legislation to force us into line. If he let this issue go, he the riches won’t come, so he continues to live his energy-consuming lifestyle and spreading false information and exaggeration. Also on the hunt for money are the scientists who have to follow the party line in order to get grant funding, By the way, Gore is vegan now? How many hamburgers does he have to forego to make up for one month of the energy he burns as he jets around the world?

    1. You neglected to mention AlGore’s partnership in the Chicago Carbon Exchange. That will make him billions if his lib buddies in the EPA succeed in taxing and capping carbon emissions. Oh,,,lest we forget==AL TV. Such a hit network that he sold it for an obscene amount of money to Al-Jazeera–you know==the Arabs? Matters not that they paid for it with petro dollars. You know–that filthy, dirty, polluting fossil fuel that Al keeps telling us not to use. It seems that Al and others like him are not capable of shame–much less being able to define hypocrisy. Save the whales, Al–and get manbearpig while you’re at it.

      1. And it’s not just Al, the more money they make the more money is donated back to fund a s hit load of left wing think tanks that churn out bogus data that the left wing MSM reports as fact.

  70. It’s been known “Scientifically” for over 10 years that one of the major factors of Earth’s warming and cooling is the sun, specifically solar flares. If the progressives would ever allow the true scientists to explain this correlation “man-made” global warming would be put to rest. Too many scientist, third world B.S dictators, alternative energy companies and progressive elites make way too much money and power off the scare tactics of doomsday Global Warming for things to change.

    1. There are liberals that admire the Bolsheviks for bringing people out of poverty as well. The only thing that’s left of the Bolsheviks is the stink that it left on communism.

      1. I find it hilarious that some people in this country are all agog over “alternative energy” sources like wind turbines yet are totally clueless as to the massive devastation that neodymium mining in china for the rare earth magnets in the things is doing.. these people are morons.

    1. Most people believe what the media spoon-feeds them. Global Warming is just another ploy to implement Global Communism. Just wait until we can’t afford the taxes to heat our homes.

  71. I know it is tempting to say man made global warming jokes when something like this comes out.

    I agree that MMGW is a farce, and a corruption of science.

    However, using this data as counter proof is no more valid than what the nutters say about MMGW.

  72. Freezing temperatures in Nov. Stunning. What is even more stunning is the fool that didn’t notice it last year, or all during it’s fool life. But don’t worry, kids. Just pony up another 5% of your income in Federal taxes and energy costs resulting from the non-elected Marxists in the EPA. I hear those $40.00 LED bulbs are going to replace those $1.50 ones you used to buy. They don’t give off much heat in the winter, but you can stare into them and pretend. Just think of all those CO2 sucking tress you’re saving.

  73. Global warming is just another scam of the leftist democrat party.. a ruse to steal more freedom and property from the individual..

    They are all Liars, and con men.

  74. That pesky Global Warming again, those guys can’t decide if all those man-made pollutants are causing the Earth to cool off or heat up. Oh yeah, it’s whatever will make them the most money 🙁

  75. The truth is at last becoming undeniable!

    CO2 is a “trace gas” in air, insignificant by definition. It absorbs 1/7th as much IR, heat energy, from sunlight as water vapor which has 188 times as many molecules capturing 1200 times as much heat making 99.9% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.1% of it. For this we should destroy our economy?

    The Medieval Warming from 800 AD to 1300 AD Micheal Mann erased to make
    his “hockey stick” was several degrees warmer than anything “global
    warmers” fear. It was 500 years of great abundance for the world.

    The Vostock Ice Core data analysis show CO2 increases follow temperature
    increases by 800 years 19 times in 450,000 years. That makes temperature change cause and CO2 change effect; not the other way around.

    Carbon combustion generates 80% of our energy. Control and taxing of
    carbon would give the elected ruling class more power and money than
    anything since the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

      1. You are right: It is not catalytic, it will not encourage a reaction by simply being present, under the old theory of catalysis. But, a more modern hypothesis, for which there is much evidence, it that catalysts to get involved, but are reconstituted. The exceptions would be the contact catalysts like the noble metal catalysts.

  76. The Democrats and UN have done a wonderful job selling this fraud to the American people and they continue to sell despite the results on this page. The most disturbing is the ignorance of the American people and how they have readily swallowed these lies. Weather has always been cyclical and that’s a fact jack.

  77. Just can’t be. algore told me the earth was burning up cause it had a fever, NOT!!!!! But the bamster is still believe a true believer he also believes he’s Santa Claus

  78. At some point, if conservatives ever regaun control of the U.S. We will indict these
    hoaxters. They don’t give a damn about the planet. This is a smoke screen for Communism, with wealth redistribution, forced social justice, and though control.
    By a very hostile elite.

  79. Going back into the 60’s and 70’s weather cycle when we used to sled off the roof of the old chicken house. The drifts were so big you could walk right up the the 12′ peak and sled into the yard… This was just outside of Detroit.

    1. Good thing you got that done in the 60 and 70’s, last year Obamanuts wanted to regulate such activities on the farm via the Department of Labor. You would have had to be 16 and have a CDL just to run a tractor not to mention the hazards of a pitchfork. What we need to do is take our pitchforks to WDC and shove them up some deserving A%%holes.;

      1. What happened with that BS regarding the farms? It was stopped, wasn’t it? It was news up here in ND and MT where I work… The death of the family farm, and there are allot of them.

          1. It would seem YOU are the true believer. Have you ever read a history book? I thought not.
            When politicians are running in circles and waving their arms, they are lying to you. When they claim the solution to a problem is more taxes or less freedom (both, in the case of global warming) it is simply the final proof positive that they are in fact, lying.
            You sir, are gullible. Al Gore, is a liar.

  80. I’m offended by cold weather it’s not fair to people that live in cold weather zones, the cold should be spread around so everyone could share in it. The warmer regions should be forced to accept some of the cold just for fairness sake. Just to show you can use that argument for anything.

    1. He is sitting in his mansion that uses 20 times more energy than the national average, laughing at all the stupid people in this country. “All of the dumb sheep”.

        1. Yep. When he was vise president and when a congressman, he was all about helping the poor with our money, now that he’s filthy rich, ~200 million, that would be enough to actually buy houses for the homeless. If just a cheap house, say 50,000 dollars, he has enough to help 4000 homeless people have a home. Not holding my breath.

    2. Thanks for demonstrating your utter ignorance of how global climate change actually works. How pathetic.

      Let me guess, you also think the universe is 10,000 years old and all animals on earth took a boat trip out of Israel at one point.

      1. So tell us how the global climate long term models really work. The poster is making a joke, but has fallen on the correct side of the issue.

        You have not.


      2. Oh, do PLEASE, explain it to us Einstein.
        Because we all know the climate has never, ever changed before, all by itself, you know, like all those imaginary ice ages and such.
        The worst kind of stupid, is the stupid person who believes he is smart!

    1. Thanks for demonstrating your utter ignorance of how global climate change actually works.

      Let me guess, you also think the universe is 10,000 years old and all animals on earth took a boat trip out of Israel at one point.

      1. Sure, we understand ‘climate change.’ It’s the new weasel term that lets any change in the weather…hotter, colder, sunnier, cloudier, wetter, drier…be attributed to human actions. Isn’t that cool!? Never mind simple terms like ‘global warming’ that could actually be measured.

      2. Let me guess, you think global warming is proven by climate change, therefore it’s global warming and we’re going to burn up and drown if we don’t die from mercury and lead polluted water or suffocate from CO2. Humans are a cancer on the planet and we all need die to save it. BUSH DID IT!

      3. He’s showing his ignorance? Let me guess, you believe in some man made theory that can’t be proved? The Bible does not say the earth is 10,000 years old. It says in the beginning God created the heavens, and the earth. Not when.

      4. You know Skippy, you are a typical libtard. First you have no sense of humor. Secondly, you have a religious belief that you can actually have an affect on nature. It’s been a lot colder and it’s been a lot warmer (even in the past 10000 years). In fact the CO2 levels have been as much as 15 times what they are now when there were no people to cause it. Now, since you felt it necessary to segue into Biblical writings in a lame attempt to insult me, you might lay archeological discoveries along side Biblical writings. You’ll find that without exception archeology support the Biblical accounts. Since you seem like a pretty close mind drone, I doubt you’ll do that though.

  81. In the 60’s and early 70’s I was a kid growing up in New England. One of the happiest days I can remember of that time was when my family bought a big honkin snow blower. There was so much snow every year that it took me a day to shovel the driveway and the walk. The snow blower cut that down to a couple of hours–but, of course, it used fossil fuel to do it. God forbid. One storm buried the front of the house so that the only way we could get out was to exit a second floor window and dig down. I don’t remember anybody panicking about it–we all just knew it was “weather’ and weather changes. Big Al and his cronies scared the gullible, offered the solution–more taxes. Flying to, from or over Europe now costs at least 7% more on your ticket. Carbon tax. I can’t help but wonder just how that tax is going to reduce carbon emissions from airplanes. Fewer flights? Hardly. I particularly like this one–somewhere in Europe there is a small army of cow flatulence inspectors going from farm to farm collecting cow fart tax. You can’t make this stuff up.

        1. Calcium carbonate, iron oxide, and water. High heat, and pressure turn it to oil. Google oil is not a fossil fuel, and go to the Canada free press site.

  82. Well, we’ve got no choice now folks. We have to follow the example of the eco-faithful. It’s time to declare proof of the coming ice age and “science is settled” and predict that someday… in the future.. NYC will be a mile under ice.

  83. GLOBAL WARMING IS KILLING US! THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING! — No, that’s not even remotely true. One might say, its completely FALSE, and that would be 100 percent correct!

  84. A socialist totalitarian hyper-surveillance police state will believe what it wants and what promotes its power over the people. It will employ violence and the threat of violence to ensure their subjects believe what they want them to believe. Welcome to 1984.

  85. This just in: Gummit climatologists are reported in a quandry as to whether the root cause for this situation lies with global warming, or alternatively, it’s Bush’s fault. Meanwhile, Present obummer is complaining that this is just another ‘bump in the road’ brought on by what he “inherited”, and that he could easily ‘fix it’ if there were not so many Republicans blocking him.

  86. 12,000 +/- years ago, most of North America was under a mile or so of ice, who melted it, and where are all those SUV’s now??? I guess global warming MUST be real…the ice is gone!!! Al gore was right 12,000 years ago!!!

  87. Glacier melt in Swiss Alps reveal cave man artifacts over 5000 years old. Question… how did those “Wraskally Wrepublican cavemen” sneak those things under all that ice, and make it melt??? Why were they under the glacier in the first place???

  88. Hmmmmmmm,,,,,Global warming better hurry up , guess Obama mis calculated in the global warming crap, it’s cold outside , he al gore where’s the heat ?????

  89. Global Warming Scientists have been lying to us for decades. This is a scam to tax Americans for the energy we use. Who benefits from this scam. Politicians and Government.