Harvard Astrophysicist: 2014 ‘Hottest Year’ Claim A ‘Prostitution Of Science’

Harvard Astrophysicist: 2014 “Hottest Year” Claim A “Prostitution Of Science” …Global Warming “Sorrowfully Exaggerated”

Harvard Astrophycist Willie Soon asks if hottest year ever claim is “a joke”.

NoTricksZone sought out astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon’s opinion on the claim that 2014 is the “hottest on record”. What follows is his reply:

2014 hottest year a manipulation

Is this a joke or simply my BAD dream? Prostituting science like this is now consider a virtue. It is no wonder that science writer Lord Ridley said that he has lost his faith on science as an institution.


Why would anyone even bother with claims and insistence of the globe in 2014 being the hottest to a relative colder years all within a few hundredths of a degree Celsius? Poor Anders Celsius should be dancing in his grave.

The claim is based on just one (from a half dozen or so) thermometer-based products whose measurement quality is fraught with uncertainty and with actual error bars at least ten times larger than those claimed “effects”. WMO and others simply pick and choose the “data” that produces the press news they want in time for the Lima, Peru political pow-wow.

In truth the datasets taken as a whole clearly show that the global temperature has been flat-trending for nearly two decades now and that the theory of rising CO2 leading to global warming is sorrowfully exaggerated.

This kind of manipulative science, exemplified by IPCC, WMO, NOAA and what have you, is serving its master in the realm of politics and policy, and is indeed very sickening.

All of them are essentially behaving in ways we would never want any of our school children to behave: cheating and manipulating that are accompanied by careful wording and clever rhetoric.

Of course as a philosophy we all hold science dear. But if we continue to keep silent and do not express outrage like the one I now feel, the notion of science as a philosophy and way of life will soon be reduced to computer games and animation for the mind-controllers and beauty-contest institutions.

If folks reading NTZ still need a bit of fact on how stinky this CO2-global warming ideology has become, you only need to consider reading the blog by Willis Eschenbach on how the UN’s own survey of over 6 million votes show climate change a non-issue.

Willie Soon”

Dr. Willie Soon is Astrophysicist and Geoscientist at the Solar and Stellar Physics (SSP) Division, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Photo source: Heartland.

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  1. One day, people will look back and wonder how leading organisations managed to corrupt climate science … primarily the UN, aided and abetted by its agencies like the IPCC, WMO and UNEP … their scientific corruption filtering down to national governments, science academies and various institutions like universities and government meteorological bureaus, to the point that ‘dangerous man-made climate change’ became an article of faith.

    And then when the real world observational data on climate exposed their political-environmental climate-scare agenda, showing that their catastrophic climate predictions and fairy-scary tales were not true, rather than being honest and admitting they may have been wrong, instead they proceeded to escalate their deception by telling even bigger and more unrealistic lies in their determination to achieve an international agreement to halt ‘climate change’ by controlling fossil fuel energy use.

  2. I agree with

    Dr. Willie Soon, I have read many skeptics of the insignificant effects of CO2 on the warming of the earth. Dr. Soon has been very descriptive in his view. It is a prostitution of science. Thank you Dr. Soon. You have done a great service by adding your voice to thousands of scientists who agree with you. Your statements are more definitive and lead more credence to those who have become skeptics. I also read the comments from Dr. Lennart Bengtsson, the former director of the Max Plank Institute for Meteorology, who stated that the issue of climate change has become a political issue rather than scientific. He further stated that any scientific study must follow the true scientific method and that any findings or claims must be verified by actual average earth temperature observations. The climate models have failed to do this. Until the climate scientists and their models follow the scientific method and verify their claims by the the proper observations, he and thousands of other scientists will not support the claims of the climate scientists. I am sure you agree.

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