Green Guru & Warmist David Suzuki laments: ‘Environmentalism has failed’ – ‘Suzuki loses faith in the cause of his lifetime’

Excerpt: “Environmentalism has failed,” Suzuki declared in a dark blog post. The heady victories of the 1970s and ’80s over air pollution, acid rain, and clear-cut logging are distant memories. The oil and gas industry has never been stronger, sinking ocean wells, fracking across the continent, and going full-bore on Alberta’s oil sands. Meanwhile, the fight against climate change has come to a virtual halt, as governments around the world put the economy ahead of the environment. “We’ve come to a point where things are getting worse, not better,” he said in an interview with Maclean’s.

In the final stretch, David Suzuki is beset by doubts and doubters, both at home and abroad. During his recent trip to Australia, he sat down with a national network for a one-hour televised Q&A. It was anything but a love-in. The evening began with two hostile questions on global warming from invited dissenters. Other audience plants took him to task for his stand against genetically modified foods, statements he had made about the effect of cyclones on the Great Barrier Reef, and his views on immigration. Suzuki never lost his patience, but he seemed to wilt under the attacks as the show went on. “I’ve had a belly full of fighting. We’ve got to stop the fighting,” he pleaded at one point. The message that he has been delivering for four decades is no longer getting through. And time is running short. “I hope there’s a happy ending. That’s all I have left. Hope.”

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    1. Then you are an ignoramus. Have a nice life worrying about something that’s not happening.
      Your time would be better served by worrying what your corrupt “president” is doing to our country.

      1. My dear mother gave me this advice over 60 years ago, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” I know I am a willful person and perhaps you are too. I do not engage in rational discussion with someone who uses insults. Good day to you.

  1. Uhm, David, all of science also failed when you decided that you would help bankroll people who would use lawsuits to silence criticism. Nothing says “settled science” like suing people for challenging your science. Next step will be to make criticism illegal by statute.

  2. Other audience plants? So much for the honesty of this article. The writer is as biased as Suzuki. And as wrong.
    GW may be the biggest hoax ever foisted on an uneducated, ignorant public.

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