‘Gore Effect’ Strikes Another Global Warming Hearing: Senate climate hearing met by DC snowstorm – ‘Snow coats D.C. area’ – Area under ‘Winter Weather Advisory’

Factsheet on the ‘Gore Effect’– ‘Happens when global warming-related event, or appearance by Gore is marked by exceedingly cold weather/snow’

The “Gore Effect” has a long and storied history. What follows is a sampling of how Mother Nature enjoys mocking global warming fear promoters.

 Update: For latest ‘Gore Effect’ developments see here.

Tracking ‘The Gore Effect’ – The Politico – November 25, 2008 – Excerpt: For several years now, skeptics have amusedly eyed a phenomenon known as “The Gore Effect” to half-seriously argue their case against global warming. The so-called Gore Effect happens when a global warming-related event, or appearance by the former vice president and climate change crusader, Al Gore, is marked by exceedingly cold weather or unseasonably winter weather.

Urban Dictionary Definition: ‘Gore Effect’: ‘Phenomenon that leads to unseasonably cold temperatures, driving rain, hail, or snow whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global warming’

Small Sampling of the “Gore Effect”:

‘Largest public protest of global warming’ ever in USA faces DC March snowstorm! – March 1, 2009

Pelosi Snowed-Out of Global Warming Rally – March 2, 2009
Excerpt: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had to cancel an appearance Monday at a global warming rally in Washington, D.C., that was hit by a snowstorm because her flight was delayed, her office told CNSNews.com. […] A blizzard Sunday night and early Monday morning blanketed the nation’s capital with snow, causing events to be cancelled and delayed across the city.

Gore Effect Strikes Keystone XL Pipeline Protesters! ‘At 37 degrees with a major snowstorm headed Wichita’s way, it was a cold day to protest global warming’

The Gore Effect lives! As soon as Obama mentioned ‘climate change’ it started snowing on Capitol Hill – The National Weather Service conditions for Washington DC sa of 9:52 PM EST:  – Light Snow – 17°F – Obama: ‘But the debate is settled.  Climate change is a fact.  And when our children’s children look us in the eye and ask if we did all we could to leave them a safer, more stable world, with new sources of energy, I want us to be able to say yes, we did.’

‘Gore Effect’ was in full force at S.F. meeting of global warming ‘scientists’ as ‘the Bay Area saw dangerous, record-setting cold temperatures’

Gore Effect Strikes Again! Climate Change Task Force Meets at White House as Snowstorm Shutters Federal Offices in DC

Gore Effect Strikes Another Global Warming Rally: Global warming follies in Calgary against Keystone Pipeline: Because of a snowstorm, only 50 of 300 expected protesters show up; emergency shelters fill as homeless scramble to escape the low temperatures – ‘Originally about 300 people were slated to participate in the Calgary protest, but due to a snow storm only about 50 showed up.’

Cold snap fills homeless shelters: ‘The weekend’s cold snap stretched Calgary’s emergency shelters to capacity as the city’s homeless scrambled to escape the low temperatures and biting winds.’

Al Gore effect to hit International Snow Science Workshop in the French Alps

The Gore Effect Strikes UN Global Warming Meeting: Just in time for the UN IPCC meeting: Unusual cold hits Stockholm

Bad Timing — Gore Effect strikes another warmist: Teen, Inspired by Gore, Will Attempt Record Trek to Antarctica to Bring Attention to Global Warming

Gore Effect  Strikes  Again: Antarctic sea ice expands to all-time record — baffling scientists

Gore Effect Strikes Again! As Gore laments ‘The winter that never came’ to New Zealand, — ‘Hundreds of skiers trapped on New Zealand mountain — Due to ‘drifting snow and poor visibility’

Gore: ‘The winter that never came: New Zealand experiences its hottest winter on record’

Melbourne temps plummet in anticipation of Gore’s visit – July 9, 2009

Gore decries ‘global warming’ in bitterly cold NYC – December 2006

Gore delivers environmental message at Harvard – …with near 125-year record breaking low temps – October 2008

The ‘Gore Effect’: Gore speaks in Italy during ‘rare’ cold and snow – Dec. 16, 2008



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