Global warming professor Kevin Anderson ‘cuts back on washing and showering’ to fight climate change – Admits at UN climate summit: ‘That is why I smell’ – Defends his call for ‘a planned economic recession’

Update: Warmist Kevin Anderson, who advocates ‘planned recessions’ and cut back on his showering, tells UN climate summit: ‘Nations should give up growth obsession’ – Focus instead on ‘health and food and shelter’  – Anderson: ‘Industrialized countries need a 70% reduction in emissions consumption in 10 years to give us an outside chance of holding temperatures to a 2C rise. They need to cut emissions by 10% annually.’


WARSAW, Poland — Kevin Anderson, a professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester and Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in the UK, acknowledged in an interview at the UN climate summit in Warsaw that he has made personal hygiene changes in his life in order to help fight global warming and he defended his advocacy of “a planned economic recession’ in order to fight climate change.

Anderson was confronted with his 2012 comments that he was going to do his part to reduce emissions by reducing his amount of bathing and showering.

“I’ve cut back on washing and showering – but only to levels that were the norm just a few years back,” Anderson ([email protected]wrote on October 1, 2012.

“I’ve done without a fridge for 12 years, but recently relented and joined the very small proportion of the world’s population that has a fridge – this I may have to reverse!”

Anderson added: “I haven’t flown for almost eight years – and that will have to continue. I have halved the distance I drive each year and have significantly changed how I drive.”

Anderson was confronted with questions about his personal bathing habits in a contentious interview with Climate Depot’s Marc Morano at the UN climate summit in Warsaw on November 19, following a press conference featuring global warming skeptics. [See: Climate Depot’s Morano At UN Press Conference in Warsaw Denounces Exploitation of Typhoon to ‘an unappreciative audience’: Morano ‘compared the belief that policy can change the weather to ‘medieval witchcraft’]

Anderson conceded that he has cut back on his personal hygiene after Morano read aloud to him his 2012 quotes.

“That is why I smell, yes,” Anderson told Climate Depot.

Morano then asked Anderson: “And you really believe that [not bathing] is going to help people avoid typhoons?

“I think you misunderstand the point, I do not believe it would help as an individual,” Anderson responded.

“So it’s symbolic?” Morano asked.

“Well, it’s symbolic, it catalyzes action,” Anderson replied. “That’s the point of that. It may not in that in that particular case, but if we don’t make some attempt I don’t think we can catalyze action elsewhere. I don’t think it’s up to actual individual to bring about the change. But it is up to individuals to stand up for the morals they believe in and the science that they believe in. You have your view and I have my views and you act accordingly.”

‘A planned economic recession’ to fight global warming

Morano then asked about Anderson’s advocacy of “planned recessions” to help reduce emissions and allegedly reduce man-made global warming. See: ‘Planned recession’ could avoid catastrophic climate change

Anderson responded: “First, it’s not ‘believe’. I concluded. And it’s related to some caveats that went with it.”

Anderson and his colleague Alice Bows wrote in 2008“Unless economic growth can be reconciled with unprecedented rates of decarbonization (in excess of 6% per year15), it is difficult to envisage anything other than a planned economic recession being compatible with stabilization at or below 650 ppmv CO2e.”

Anderson and Bows explained that global warming was such an urgent problem that it “demands a radical reframing of both the climate change agenda, and the economic characterization of contemporary society.”

Morano concluded the interview with Anderson by stating: “So you don’t shower, you don’t bathe regularly. You believe in planned recessions.”


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  1. Another “irrationalist”, much like Sheryl Crow and Cameron Diaz who want to save the earth by restricting us to single ply toilet paper. The lunacies are evidently endless.

    1. At least, Sheryl was generous with her proposed ban: “Now, I don’t want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her
      God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that
      we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of
      course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required.”
      Hard to make this stuff up.

  2. I doubt that’s the reason. I’ve been around a lot of people from Europe, and the fact is, a lot of them just don’t bathe. I was in a room full of Germans working on a project with it (they’re the parent company) and it was horrible….
    So I suspect this guy is just using this, as a reason for not bathing.
    (and it’s not “a catalyst” for anything.)

  3. Oh, and I wonder if this planned recession BS has made it all the way to the White House. Wouldn’t surprise me knowing that the communist van jones was there.
    It would explain why obama the lawless has done absolutely NOTHING to try and bring us out of this recession, except “stimulus” after “stimulus” (slush funds).

    This would explain the absence of action on their part for even trying.

  4. The science is overwhelming. Man-made activity is contributing significantly to global warming. The results are going to be catastrophic for future generations.

    1. Yes Erica, I am one of those “typical ignorant American imbeciles”. I actually believed one of my Chemistry Professors in college (1974) who tirelessly crusaded for leftist politics because only extreme statist restrictions on personal liberty could save the Earth from the impending ice age.

  5. So, Anderson defended his advocacy of ‘a planned economic recession’ to combat man-made global warming.

    Anyone remember Sir Maurice Strong? Well, like Anderson, he too was delusional.

    Strong helped produce the 1987 Brundtland Report, which ignited today’’s Green movement. He later became senior advisor to Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General, and chaired the gigantic (40,000 participants) ‘‘UN Conference on Environment and Development’’ in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Strong, was responsible for putting together the Kyoto Protocol with thousands of bureaucrats, diplomats, and politicians,

    Strong believed in the idea that ‘We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilisation to collapse’’, and in the idea of sustainable development, which, he said, can be implemented by deliberate ‘‘quest of poverty . . . reduced resource consumption . . . and set levels of mortality control’’.

    Absolute nut cases!!!!

  6. Anderson does not understand the world. He will drive most people away from him; he is indulging his northern fantasy to experience basic, miserable conditions. He should get on with it on his own.
    Lovelock is correct in saying that democracy cannot provide these radical changes.
    The alternative is autocracy.
    That is fine if it is the only way.
    But it won’t happen – peoples will compete to survive, be willing to kill strangers and neighbours, believing they can be the ‘winners’ – that will give them hope rather than experience the despair of the destruction of their 250 year old civilisation.
    The americans know that climate change will be far more severe for China and others than it will be for them and their component part, Canada; they will therefore use global climate change as an instrument of policy – they know that the projections make most of China uninhabitable, but that is not the case for the US/Canada.
    Since Klausewitz, war has been an instrument of policy, and this is a form of war; it is understood by the serious players precisely what is and will happen, give or take a decade or so.
    Democracy and social structures will be reinforced by conflicts over resources if total nuclear catastrophe is avoided; but Mr Anderson’s suggested global ‘dirty protest’ will destroy social order, since societies need optimism like they need water.
    So conflict it will be.
    And the United States will be the relative winner. And after the cold war trained us to understand horror, relative success will do nicely.

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