George Soros, Tom Steyer are ‘investors’ in Obama’s new ‘clean’ energy research plan


“It’s called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition and is a collection of scoundrels including, Soros, Steyer and cellulosic ethanol scammer Vinod Khosla.

The only one missing so far is Elon Musk.”

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George Soros

George Soros

Chairman, Soros Fund Management LLC

United States

Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer

Businessman, Philanthropist, and President, NextGen Climate

United States


Background on Soros by Steve Milloy via Breitbart: ‘The New King Coal’: George Soros – 

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.38.49 AM

U.S. Securities and Exchange Act filings indicate that Soros has purchased an initial 1 million shares of Peabody Energy and 553,200 shares of Arch Coal, the two largest publicly traded U.S. coal companies. As pointed out last week, both companies have been driven perilously close to bankruptcy by the combination of President Obama’s “war on coal” and inexpensive natural gas brought on by the hydrofracturing revolution. Under the hypothesis that not even socialists would leave trillions of dollars worth of a perfectly safe and clean energy source in the ground for the sake of the imaginary “climate crisis,” I posited that once the existing coal industry ownership was wiped out by President Obama’s regulatory onslaught, a new politically correct ownership would rehabilitate the fuel by contributing to Democrats.

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      1. The Tin Pot Dictators from Africa will be there with their hands out, ready to accept the two billion dollars that Obama stole from your grandkids and is giving away.

    1. george put obama into office through, one of his many tax free orgs globally which raise public donations tax free to further soros political and economic aims.

      1. Soros is a nation killer. He made his billions by crushing economies and destroying countless lives for his own personal gain. Soros is evil. His endorsement of Obama’s scam is more proof that AGW has nothing to do with science. The AGW fairy tale is designed to enrich the elite on the back of the common man.

              1. Soros involvement with this is telling. The outright corruption displayed by the IPCC, NASA, and NOAA stinks of Soros.

                “97% of scientists agree that man made global warming is real”


                “2 out of three dentists agree that Pepsodent is the best toothpaste”

                See the similarities? Support for global warming is an advertising campaign designed to sell a PRODUCT; its aimed at the entire planet. In this instance the product is nonexistent. It was only a matter of time until people figured out that they were enriching the elite through the purchase of a bogus product.

                1. Stefan I totally agree. However, as much as I hate Soros and Obama I have an equal amount of disdain for my Republican Party who has stood by and let NASA and NOAA publish this hogwash.

                    1. When someone who works for NASA or NOAA publish a globull warming paper they don’t necessarily speak for the organization. Both organisations give their people the freedom to express their “theories” openly. You need to ask where is the conclusive evidence in their “opinion”?

                    2. How many global warming deniers still have jobs at Nasa/Noaa? I be none that want to keep their jobs.

                    3. Lots do at NASA. Just visit some churches in the area and you will see large amounts of engineers and scientists that work there and companies like Johnson controls etc. that don’t agree that climate change is man-made.

                    4. Reject, you are aware each President appoints a new Head of all Federal Agencies. They set the agenda and the Agency marches forward. Ever since Obama, NASA ( Islam outreach ) and NOAA have totally changed their missions to fully support Man Made Climate Change.

                2. The MO for Soros is to tear a country down and bleed it dry. He has done that with currency manipulation in the past, helping to bring on a crisis in Asia and forcing a devaluation of the British Pound. This is just Soros’ next scam to create suffering and profit from it.

                  1. Did you see our Obama smiling over 180 countries supporting his phony B S on climate change .He should try 1/1000000000000 of his time wIth climate change on BEATING ISIS for a change.What a POS he and his cronies are..

                  1. More than 80% of the “scientists” who are part of the “consensus” have NO background in climatology or environmental science. A lab tech in immunology is counted as a “scientist” in the phony climate change movement’s “consensus”…….

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                3. New documentary being released Dec 7th anti climate change viewpoint. 31,000 real scientists have signed a petition stating not real science…so 98% of the “scientists” who got government grant money to produce the preferred results in studies where the only studies and scientists counted. If you do a study that does not agree with gov viewpoint, you do not get counted…get it? …the other 31,000 opposite viewpoint scientists were not considered…watch new documentary Dec 7th and later as it is released to public. and

                4. I see a lot of people reciting the 97% cook study. Please google Cook study debunked. The study was a fraud and after threat of lawsuit Cook released the names of the 20,000 research papers he claimed backed global warming.

                  Upon peer review less than 1% of the papers he reviewed supported man made climate change, not the 97% lie that we see being spread to this day. Popular has some of the listed papers authors first hand response to Cooks claim on that site if you would like to see how some of these scientists reacted to Cook claiming their work supported global warming. Cook also runs a website call skeptical science and anything from that site is also garbage.

                  You don’t have to buy all the scientists to spread the lie, you just have to buy one and prop him/her up as the poster child for the topic. see above

          1. He pays good money for excellent security. He has a well armed entourage he travels with. But YOU don’t need guns…no…you’re perfectly safe without one.

          2. KROFT: No feeling of guilt?
            Mr. SOROS: No.
            KROFT: For example that, ‘I’m Jewish and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be there. I should be there.’ None of that?
            Mr. SOROS: Well, of course I c–I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was–well,
            actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets–that if I weren’t there– of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would–would– would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the–whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the–I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.”

            1. “Of course most of us here are already aware of Mr. Soros’ highly
              questionable actions during the Nazi occupation. (Though the public at large undoubtedly has a different perspective, if they know anything about his earlier days at all.)

              But the statements he made in this interview to my mind are quite
              chilling. He forgives himself everything. He says that if he hadn’t done it somebody else would have.

              All of which would seem to indicate that Mr. Soros has no conscience.
              A lack of conscience is said to be a common symptom of sociopaths.”

              1. “.. well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets–that if I weren’t there– of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would–would– would be taking it away anyhow…”

                Indeed the Holocaust was “funny” and exactly “just like in the markets”.

            2. He was only “following orders” and acting in his own best interest in doing so then. Today, since others could be a heartless scoundrel, he decided to beat them to the punch and ruin the middle class and the poor in America.

            1. Too bad there is no RETROACTIVE abortion Soros and the entire Government will keep planned parenthood in business for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000, years and a day

          3. No doubt there are a lot of big guys around him constantly with those evil GUNS. Just like most of the big wheels, politicians and Hollywood types against guns have. Do as I say not as I do.

          4. I’m also baffled. How can a godless self hating Jew like Soros still be on his feet and not under some third world or Wall street garbage dump. It defies ones logic. That is until you think of the stooge who infests our white house.

          5. Oh, his day of reckoning is not far off. When he does reach room temperature, we’ll post his gravesite on Find-A-Grave should anyone want to urinate on his grave.

          6. Consider; Satan protects his own, until they are finished with their work. Then they receive their rewards for faithful service; 72 demons warming his bottom line with flamethrowers.

        1. how’s this for billionaire scumbags….soros and Trump are worth about the same amount…soros maybe a bit more….Trump’s companies employee over 22000 people…soro’s in his crony capital arrangements employees less than 200 people!

          Trump profit’s from doing business….soro’s profits from creating misery, then taking the profit that was illegally created through insider scams.

          So who really benefits the American’s people!

        2. Absolutely true. This is a variation on a theme that Bush-Wackers have been doing for a hundred years. Bush’s great grand- dad started it when he ran Brown Brothers and Harriman which was an investment group made up of the industry and resource barons of the day who called all the political shots at the time for their own enrichment. They have no allegiance to any one country, rather use the might of the USA for their own greed and gain. Bush and friends loaned Hitler millions to start the Third Reich. He went rogue and the rest is history including all of the Ratzi’s Bush’s gramps and Alan Dulles helped bring here to start the cold war in the intelligence community. Fortunately, the light has been shined on these scams and evil alliances now and we can play connect the dots to prevent it.

          1. Herb, you assertion is a little misleading. Prescott Bush was one of the directors of the Union Banking Corp….which was owned by an German industrialist named Fritz Thyssen. Thyssen was a supporter of Hitler. Bush just worked for a company owned by a Hitler supporter. Out of the 4000 shares the directors 7 held…Bush had (1)…a single share. Hardly a self serving money grab.

        3. How many of these company did this POS Soro and his cronies have their hands in, after they got their Billions in subsidies and then let them bankrupt.Yet the LSM wants to go after Trump.

        4. Soros is the evil jewish Na zi who turned in his own people for profit. He said no regrets, it was only business. Funny that jews haven’t really spoken up about this. Are they afraid of him, agree with him, what? I know most of the American Jews are leftwing liberal progressives, so that may explain it.
          Yes he is a Nationa Killer. He actually has been expelled from many countries, but here he is welcome with open arms by 0. and company. He ist often welcomed to the White House and may even control it.
          He is the one behind the NWO, which is creating so much havoc in Europe and here.

        5. Using “the environment” to extort taxes from workers and “redistribute wealth” to Socialist government’s “entitlement” classes that support them politically has been going on for decades. Communists 60 years ago figured out that almost no one will complain about a government that bleeds them dry financially under the auspices of trying to “save the planet”…….

          “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
          ~Thomas Jefferson

        6. Soros -KEEP OUT OF POLITICS stick to counting blood money you earned by srewing other people-You woll die soon and your billions cannot keep you alive-Thank god-Or you would probably try to try your schemes on God –

      2. There is also missing the current front runner for the Democrat nomination for President who should be shown in front of Soros on her knees, if you get my drift.

      3. Interesting question though is WHO does Soros serve? The premise that this guy is some genius who built his billions all on his own is laughable. Respected financial commentator for decades Bob Brinker (who publishes a newsletter with specific recommendations and has a lengthy track record) opined when queried as to Soros’ credibility that you must consider his investment decisions to be based on inside information.

        Numerous right-leaning “alts” suggest he is simply the public face operative of the Rothschild bankers. They have been trying to get a bit and bridle onto Americans (if not a noose) since the 70s when their “Club of Rome” farce claimed such things as we would run entirely out of oil by….2015!

            1. Anybody who starts a conspiracy diatribe against the Rothchilds always end up in the same old place — rich Jews are trying to run the world. Go to Youtube and just watch some of the anti Semitic crap there that is centered around the Rothchild myth.

                1. Agreed but when you read a post on the internet by folks who start to invoke the Rothchild name, they usually end up in the same place, that is, that the Jews, led by the Rothchilds, are the puppet masters who are either running the world behind the curtain or want to. Again, just go over to YouTube and see some of the tin foil hat stuff over there that center around the Rothchilds.

                  1. Mike, I have read a good deal of it and it doesn’t make it true. I do think for their triple trillion dollar wealth the Rothschild family really needs to hire the very best of PR firms. They continue to dodge the public decade after decade and it doesn’t help them one bit.

                    The few that do speak from time to time seem to be left wing to liberal but that’s no longer a tiny family and it would be interesting to know what more than a handful of them think and what roles they may or may not play in the political avenues of the world.

                    They may feel they are above the fray but in fact no one really is. It’s their call though. If they want these stories to stop they are going to have to be more forthcoming.

                    1. The Rothchilds do not have any triple trillion dollars. That is part of the jealously inspired anti Semitic myth. Go to Fortune or Forbes and look at their world’s richest lists and you will not find any Rothchild there.

                    2. Doesn’t that interest or bother you that they don’t appear on that list? They have the known wealth to be there but they apparently are in a class not covered by the billionaire qualification.

                      I am not jealous of them one bit and I certainly am not anti-semetic but it’s clear if you do some digging that they are the wealthiest family on the planet and they clearly want to keep it quiet. I don’t believe a single book has been written about them in 40 years and that last one was only about a single person.

                      As to their religious beliefs today and even at the time of Israel’s becoming a state, there was not a unified Rothschild line of belief. Some supported the new nation while others didn’t. Normal really for any large family. And to that, in the second half of the last century and moving into this one, there have been intermarriages and that must have had an influence if not on the couples themselves, at least on their children.

                      Again, I think they are their own worst enemies because if they made themselves more available the nasty stories could very well fade away.

                    3. No it does not surprise me. There are literally hundreds of Rothchilds today and the money has been dispersed. Same for the Rockefeller fortune, the Vanderbilt fortune, the Morgan fortune, the Kennedy fortune et al. Having a lot of money in the past does not mean it is concentrated in a few hands today. Of all the barons of the 1800s and early 1900s, none are on that list today. It has nothing to do with hiding anything but with spread out inheritances. The richest family today is the Walton family. Combined they have about 140 Billion dollars. In 75 to 100 years, theirs will be dispersed too.

                    4. I read things differently than you do and that’s fine but you should look at their many “family” holdings where they as they have from the beginning worked together.

                      Enough now. Stick to your guns and I will keep digging because it’s more complex than you may realize.

                      Leaving this where it is now as I have other things on my plate.

            1. This is exactly the type of trash I was talking about. “Jew” is not a race, it is a religion. Soros was born into a Jewish family but he now openly says he is an atheist so he is not a “Jew” today. As for the Nazi charge, he did get his start by working with the Nazis in Eastern Europe although I have not read anywhere that he was a member of the Nazi party, he certainly was a co-conspirator with them.

        1. The Rothschild’s / Red Shield’s are firmly entrenched here Mark. After WW2 they had only here in the USA left to hide out and do their evil. Their God {gold} icon stands on Wall street. Moses cast down the first evil golden calf. Here in America it has become a golden Bull.. Who will cast that down and destroy it’s evil minions? It won’t be a career politico. Vote TEA PARTY. It’s our last chance.

      4. I see a lot of people reciting the 97% cook study. Please google Cook study debunked. The study was a fraud and after threat of lawsuit Cook released the names of the 20,000 research papers he claimed backed global warming.

        Upon peer review less than 1% of the papers he reviewed supported man made climate change, not the 97% lie that we see being spread to this day. Popular has some of the listed papers authors first hand response to Cooks claim on that site if you would like to see how some of these scientists reacted to Cook claiming their work supported global warming. Cook also runs a website call skeptical science and anything from that site is also garbage.

        You don’t have to buy all the scientists to spread the lie, you just have to buy one and prop him/her up as the poster child for the topic.

    1. From the beginning it was obvious to me that Soros and others are trying to destroy the dollar as the global reserve currency and are using “global warming” and low IQ like Obama as tools to do so. They will use the tool of “carbon credits” to do this. They will profit from this by “shorting” the dollar on the currency markets are reap enormous profits. Soros did this to the British pound years ago. We need an activist congress to stop them.

      1. Obama’s low IQ doesn’t enter the equation. Obama’s thirst for fortune and fame is what Soros, Steyer, etc., need for them to steal from the masses. There is a quid pro-quo that causes these unsavory characters to flourish and pretend they are serving the public interest…while they get even richer.

      1. His sons Jonathon and Alexander are serving their apprenticeships and are ready to assume the throne.

        Meanwhile, over on Drudge, good news:
        “The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has recognized George Soros’s Open Society Institute and another affiliated organization as undesirable groups, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects.”

  1. Soros is THE biggest satanic puppet on the planet. He openly states he was a god from birth….use to have a problem with it…but grew to acceptit!!!
    Believe Barackaclaus has some of those same issue!!!

  2. Did you know that the personal behavior of about 1% of the U. S. population results in their CO2 footprint being 50 TIMES the actual average / person? Not surprising to anyone. But do you realize this means this small group is responsible for more than 33% of ALL (that’s right, ALL) U. S. CO2 emissions? Maybe someone could explain why all the plans being unilaterally implemented by the president will allow this small group to continue to spew CO2 unabated while financially hammering the lower income and middle classes, just for being alive?

    1. America has cut carbon emissions by 400 percent. More than any nation on earth and without damage to our economy. It is the switch from coal to natural gas that accounts for such a sweeping reduction. Of course, you will not hear about this from the Obama administration. They want everyone in crisis mode and expecting imminent disaster. Their strategy is to keep hammering home this idea that we are all in danger of losing our homes and our lives. It’s all ridiculous nonsense. We are in danger of losing all our hard-earned taxes through this global redistribution of wealth scheme. We give it to the United Nations and they distribute our money to third world countries claiming damage from “climate change”.

      1. You are mostly correct, though a 400 percent reduction is mathematically impossible. But the actual redistribution scam is mostly to the corrupt and criminal ruling elites themselves, with bribes to third world dictators to prevent countries with people of color from ever developing as the corrupt and criminal ruling elites are raging racists.

    1. AGREE…but they seem determined to shove their newly branded form of World Communism down our throats, crushing our freedoms and stealing our money as they do it…

  3. While the UN IPCC says warming is created by humans, it also says in TFE.8 that there is no “objective threshold” that can be defined to say when “dangerous interference” might be reached. This is because there is no science that can show what is a safe range of temperatures and not even what the mean temperature should be. Simply put, they are clueless.

        1. Al Gore’s estimated income when he was running for pres was under $1 million. Today he is worth 2,242 times more than the median US household. In 15 years. Seriously.

          1. You’re right – I should have remembered “Paul’s admonition better!” Was correct at the time he said it and has been a cancer on the world ever since. The real tragedy is… it empowers those with evil intent the means to implement evil.

          1. These evil men think if they beat us down enough we will be submissive. What they didn’t take into account is Americans don’t take to being “beat down” very well – and at some point – as Japan bombed Pearl Harbor – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said “”I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve” and what he meant was “I believe all hell is about to descend”. Soros, Steyer and the others will drive us to that point and then it won’t be pretty.

            1. I think you’re right, but I don’t know about the wussy younger generation, they seem so childish, immature and easily offended. They may just lay down and die.

      1. Too funny and ironic that Al, Sr sat on the Island Creek Coal board of directors (and later OXY). I wonder if Al, Jr was so conflicted that he gave all of his OXY stock to charity….Nah, of course not.

    1. Because they are weak and bloated with their own importance, looking after their own pathetic backsides.while selling their supporters down the river. Congress, more than ever, needs a good strong dusting of Agent Orange.

      1. Congressmen are allowed to be in office because each has his or her own special little skeleton closet which the Soros type blackmailers know how to exploit.

        1. Didn’t quite see it that way, but, yes,
          it makes a lot of sense. Hitler’s
          Hungarian Butcher has no doubt used his wealth to dig up dirt on Senators and
          Representatives that he is holding over their heads and is using to have them
          vote for his economy wrecking schemes. The sooner his Hungarian Rat swallows
          some Putin Polonium the better off the world will be.

        2. Didn’t quite see it that way, but, yes, it makes a lot of sense. Hitler’s Hungarian Butcher has no doubt used his wealth to dig up dirt on Senators and Representatives that he is holding over their heads and is using to have them vote for his economy wrecking schemes. The sooner his Hungarian Rat swallows some Putin Polonium the better off the world will be.

  4. There are two types of people in this world. Those who believe in a creator and those that do not. For those that don’t, they inevitably turn to science to fill that void in their lives. ANY science, no matter how flawed, is their gospel. Very few seem capable of stepping back and taking an objective look at what is passing as science in the case of AGW. They simply accept it without so much as a thought to the contrary.

    Let’s look at a few simple realities about this “science”

    1- If you tried to explain the warming of the 90’s as solar cycles you were shouted down as a heretical simpleton incapable of understanding the complex nature of AGW and all the entails. Yet today, after their idiotic attempts to massage surface temperature data to still show warming, (Because if it isn’t warming every year the very foundation of the AGW hypothesis has been disproved) and completely dismissing satellite data because it was not in agreement they have fallen back to blaming solar cycles as to why we aren’t seeing the warming that should be occurring but isn’t. Well, I’m sorry, but if deniers can’t use solar cycles to disprove the theory then warmers can’t use them to prop up the theory.

    2-Models… These are quite literally the same imbeciles that fail on 90% of 4 day weather forecasts and yet somehow we are suppose to accept their apocalyptic 10,20 and 30 year models? Rewind 10, 20 years ago and see where we should be today based on their chicken little models. Are we anywhere within a million miles of those predictions? No….

    3- Where is the empirical evidence? I mean anything? Hello….?

    And meanwhile our elected idiots continue to press on with a full embrace of the settled “science” to the detriment of our economies and living conditions across the planet. People of Earth….this is 100% BS and you are being played the fool. Its time to flush the toilet on these elected idiots and demand your politicians denounce this insanity for what it is… A HOAX!

  5. These “climate creeps” will use any excuse to push an agenda. If their information was true, and there was nothing to hide, we would all be privy to the same research and conclusions. As things stand, I think they are all frauds looking for a new way to tax us all into the poor house….and further on down the road finding away to get rid of us when we have outlived our usefulness.

  6. George Soros signed a chilling article for the NYRB (2 July 2015). He said that the US would have no recourse except to provoke WW3 if China and Russia reached an entente. That Hungarian felon (convicted of insider trading) is a sinister figure, but he seems to be persona molta grata within the inner circles of the Democratic Party.

  7. Gearing up to curb theoretical imminent catastrophic AGW while we have an ongoing seditious Muslim insurgency in the West makes as much sense as boarding up your windows to protect against a theoretical hurricane while your home is being burglarized. Leftist logic 101. If you are productive, prosperous and self-sufficient get ready for a Marxist mugging.

  8. These greedy monsters will put us all in caves with a fire and a club, while they live in their mansions, fly in their private jets and laugh at all of us. Its not their fault we are in this situation. Its the fault of everyone that voted for the Obama Regime, this field and emboldened them into moving forward with the plans for a utopia that will enslave us all. Remember its the fault of all your friends, family and neighbors that voted for the Obama Regime.

    1. Occasionally, I remind my “progressive” nephews and niece that the value of their presumptive inheritance is dwindling. I sometimes chant to them: YES WE CAN! as I take my next cruise, washing down my fried frog legs with a beaker of beer.

    2. Did you know that the personal behavior of about 1% of the U. S. population results in their CO2 footprint being 50 TIMES the actual average / person? Not surprising to anyone. But do you realize this means this small group is responsible for more than 33% of ALL (that’s right, ALL) U. S. CO2 emissions? Maybe someone could explain why all the plans being unilaterally implemented by the president will allow this small group to continue to spew CO2 unabated while financially hammering the lower income and middle classes, just for being alive?

        1. That’s just apart of it. Don’t forget the motorcades, all the police/security details/military on motorcycles/in cars/trucks, all the detours/shut down streets causing traffic jams and people to drive more than they normally would to get around the congestion.

          The whole thing is farce meant to make money…

        2. Certainly, though were it not a scam, it could be defended. I find things like film festivals and awards shows that are attended by “believers” with massive CO2 footprints even more astounding. In any event, many of the offenders (for behavior that has no impact) are large political donors yet are THE PROBLEM (by the scammers definition of a problem).

    1. Al Gore was the plaything of Armand Hammer, of all people! I remember that Gore commandeered two 747s to fly to Rio for a global warming photo-op, courtesy of the American taxpayer. One 747 was full of his bootlickers, the second full of journalists — if those two categories are not redundant.

  9. This is pure corruption and this BS is why TRUMP is doing so well at this time. If they put in the climate laws that big money political donors can not make money off or laws the candidate they contributed to voted for or wrote the law OBAMA would not be pushing so hard for a scam

  10. Under my plan energy prices will skyrocket – Obama
    Also welfare to the rest of the world. Time for some Republicans to audit the books — What a dreamer I am.

  11. Zuckerberg and Gates are the ones who started the Breakthrough Energy Coalition – why no mention of them? Remember, Gates is in on the private prison biz with George Soros (where they’re holding a lot of the illegals that come in). It’s all about the money, period. “the Breakthrough Energy Coalition explains that its goal is to cover gaps in government funding in countries by commercializing the most promising and scalable ideas to come out of public research institutions.” COMMERCIALIZING is the operative word for all of these guys.

    1. If you go the the org’s website (link provided above), you can see the entire cast of thieves who are backing this scam, including Gates and Zuckerberg.

      1. I did. It’s chilling. Gates wrote a piece there about “Investment Principles” that basically says that governments must pay to fund the research and then “entrepreneurs can invent the technologies.” Now, these technologies of course won’t be free. In fact, Gates demands a “public-private partnership between governments,research institutions and INVESTORS.” All paid for by the American taxpayer. This is freaking amazing. We are effectively a corporatocracy.

  12. Now I know what happens when the billionaires and politicians get bored.
    Give hard earned tax money to non working leeches. They in reality are the leeches for bleeding us while they play and have a good laugh on the working stiff.

  13. First they outlawed all refrigeration and AC devices using R12.
    Then they outlawed incandescent light bulbs, replacing them with poisonous and expensive CFL’s and LED’s.
    Next coal was demonized while much of the world still uses it for its energy needs.
    Coming up, they will outlaw anything burning oil, gasoline or natural gas including power plants and our home gas furnaces.
    For our future energy needs, us peons will become the slaves of the owners and distributors of inefficient and expensive solar and wind power while our coal and oil is sold to third world countries.

    1. yes and they really want us stacked and packed so they can have free rein of the land and what’s below. These demons own ‘footprint’ is much greater than any of ours. They are wasteful in their wanton BS while spending us down to disprove them.


      1. We must be stacked and packed so that the upper Midwest is returned to roaming herds of Bison.
        It’s called Environmental Justice. Or at least that’s what the lunatics call it.

  14. If anyone still doesn’t believe this whole thing is a money making scam, this proves it!
    Keep private investors completely out of our government affairs.

  15. This and always will be about money. Men are not gods. They have the audacity to think they can control the climate. The sun has a lot to do with climate… What are we going to do? Send nukes to the sun?

  16. And here we have this from a Forbes article, “The scale will grow ever grander in the coming decades if things go
    according to script. We’re dealing with $trillions and potentially drastic
    influence on practically everyone.”

    “If the economy of a region, a country, a city, etc. deteriorates, what
    happens among the poorest? Does that usually improve their prospects? No, they
    will take the hardest hit. No amount of magical climate thinking can turn this
    one upside-down.”

      1. There is a book called the Righteous Mind. The 4 out 10 voting for a third world country is a big one.

        We all care. We all have a sense of fairness. We all don’t like coercion but otherwise nothing is sacred. Everybody’s body is an amusement park. Betrayal is what we deserve until we stand up for our rights.

        In comparison to free market persuasion, bribery and coercion are pathetic cop outs but causes for alarm became public institutions of coercion and criminal enterprises one premediated crisis, reaction, and solution at a time. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t pay attention. The guards are worse than the free market inmates. The wardens are worse than the guards. People inside and outside the prison are easier to fool than convince them they have been fooled.

        Cynicism is a double edged sword. It protects free market inmates from crushing disappointment and paralyzes them from saying or doing anything constructive but if it wasn’t for defenders of original thought and original thinkers, we would still be living in caves.

        Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness means being able to question authority, presumptions, and protocols from one fresh perspective after another because models, templates,and people systems make the difference. It’s the nature of the state to grow and grow and consume the civil society’s and humanity’s nature to fight back.

        The middle finger nature of political and religious thought makes peaceful revolutions more rewarding but humor is tragedy plus time and distance. Before an idiotic fight, both sides ruthless demonize and try to demoralize one another. Only once in a great while do free market inmates officially win yet in the color and creed long run, the persistent and persuasive inmates always win.

        I don’t know the 4 out of 10 voting for a third world country but I think it starts with economics.

        Second place is the first place loser but a peek is worth ten free market estimators. Reverse auction bid results can be turned into a low bid equation with a variance that looks something like this:

        Low Bid = (95% -1% times the number of bidders) times the average bid

        Companies, individuals, and countries play free market basketball on a diving board because an individual or organization can’t maximize their profits if they hit more often than the dummy. A 5% drop in price is usually enough to jump to 15% higher overall hit rate. Government is a slam dunking monopoly that has proven to be 20% more expense than the free market. Socialism, Fascism, Marxism, Statism, etc. is four scarcity leaps backwards and corresponds with Carman’s and Kenneth’s findings.

        A Harvard Professor and previous President of IMF wrote a book called “This Time is Different” . Carman Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff studied fiscal crisis in 65 countries over 500 years. 1% GDP reduction in taxes increases private sector 3% in GDP. 1% GDP increase in Government Spending deceases private sector 1.2% GDP with a -0.2% change in GDP. Obviously a great deal of government debt can put a country at significant interest rate risk.

        If we go from a 38% tax rate to 20% tax rate with a balanced budget the private sector will grow from $11 Trillion to over $16 Trillion. Tax revenue won’t decrease 48%. Tax revenue will only decrease 24%. Half of Washington won’t have to go on a permanent vacation, only one out of four. Employment will increase 25% so displaced bureaucrats will have lots of new opportunities to contribute to society.

        If we get down to a balanced 10%, $20 Trillion – more than a 60% increase in jobs if half of Washington goes on a permanent vacation, each dollar earned buys ($0.90/$0.62) 45% more, and hard America becomes a soft warm place.

        John Nash’s beautiful mind recognized the importance of interactions in which the results of one person’s choices depend not only on his own behavior but also on the choices of another person. There is a related game called Ultimatum. You and your partner split $10. Less than $3 deals disgust and anger. The dealer has a pulpit.

        The Laffer effect is no joke. Charles Adams, an international tax attorney and historian, wrote books on taxes. Once tax rates rise above the disgust and anger point, the expected extra tax revenue never shows up. A flat tax system is part of Constitution. Everyone has to pay taxes to keep as many people’s tax rate below the disgust and anger tax rate or make sure an overwhelming majority is disgusted with high taxes.

        Carman, Kenneth, John, and yours truly believes dealers can routinely get an $8 to $10 deal by getting his or her partner work for a $3 to $5 deal. With each $3 to $5 of earned success the partner becomes a dealer that turns the $3 to $5 deal into $6 to $8 of earned success. Turning $10 into $13 is a win-win systemic solution that creates good people, great outcomes, and durable trust but when it rains, rainmakers show up and turn everything to dirt.

        There will always be zero-sum losers who just accept less than $3 deals and think the key to success is being an abusive dealer. A $7-$3 deal isn’t better than a $6-$4 deal because $7-$3 deals turn into $6-$2, $5-$1, and $4-two bit deals. Rainmakers turn everything to dirt because they feel entitled to $7up and someone else has to pay for the diet $7up.

        Obama and company’s overall 30% to 40% tax and spend policies have systemically increased the public sector by 25% and eliminated 10 million private sector jobs. Present day Switzerland, Russia, and much of Eastern Europe are 15% tax and spend countries.

        For most of our history, the state was about 10% of economy and the gold and silver backed dollar remained the same value from 1776 to 1913. The 10% public sector corresponds to a bottom 20% to top 20% ideal wealth distribution is around $3.50, $4.50, $6.25, $8.25, and $11.25.

        We went off the gold standard 40 years ago. Over that period the average overall tax rate was about 30%. Over the last 40 years relative wealth distribution went from ($2.75, $4.00, $5.25, $7.00, $9.25) to ($1.25, $2.00, $2.75, $3.50, $18.50). 30% to 40% Obama has taken us to ($1.00, $1.75, $2.50, $3.25, $16.75). If the dollar is no longer the world currency, ($0.75, $1.31, $1.87, $2.41, $12.19) but after the crash we go back to the 10% public sector and stable money supply model. ($1.92, $2.47, $3.43, $4.52, $6.17), ($2.71, $3.48, $4.84, $6.39, $8.71) and ($3.50, $4.50, $6.25, $8.25, $11.25).

        Thanks to 10% state related free market innovation, a doubling of everyone’s standard of living every decade ($7.00, $9.00, $12.50, $16.50, $22.50), ($14.00, $18.00, $25.00, $33.00, $45.00), and ($28.00,$36.00, $50.00, $66.00, $90.00).

        In summary, one state job, directly or indirectly, costs around six free market jobs. A stable money supply, small inexpensive governance, and anti-monopolistic policies creates an innovative middle class but in NBAutopia no one gets to stay on top forever. Due to the competition, everyone has to work on their game. Everything gets less and less expensive and the bottom to top wealth distribution remains ($3.50, $4.50, $6.25, $8.25, $11.25).

        One of the tri-lateral ideas is energy is money. Possibly cool if it’s on an individuals basis and be a way to encourage strong family and community values and sustainable size(s).

        Monopolies could be desolved in 10% x 7, 8%,6%,5%,4%….. 17 or more companies or be internally set up that way to minimize the downside associated with creating and maintaining a monopoly (Parkinson disease).

        Gold, silver, or standalone Bitcoins or electronic currency is another cool possibility because free market transactions could be progressively taxed at (0-5.33% locally, 0-5.33% on state basis, and 0-5.33% on a federal level up until the pivot (around the fourth wealth distribution point) and 5.33% or more out to the end of the diving board to encourage companies to stop at the pivot (around 10% market share) for theirs and everyone’s benefit. The local, state, and federal separate currency transaction tax would be 6 times the free market rate but in this example (5.33%+5.33%+32%)= 42.66% would be the max. To discourage excessive governance (tyranny), if a 16% overall taxed area trades with 12% overall taxed area, the 12% gets ((16%+12%)/2)x(16%/(16%+12%) 8% and the 16% area 6%. The electronic/energy monetary system could reward the money junkies for creating sustainability, happiness, and innovation via good governance.

        Problems are opportunities new solutions.

  17. “The existing system of basic research, clean energy investment, regulatory frameworks, and subsidies fails to sufficiently mobilize investment in truly transformative energy solutions for the future. We can’t wait for the system to change through normal cycles.”

    Yep. Oil companies have had decades of tax breaks given to them, and should have been investing in alternative energy all along.

    We can replace virtually all petrochemicals with organically grown hemp. It’s far past time to ween ourselves away from coal and toxic petrochemicals.

        1. Sure. First, they get about $2.5 billion in subsidies. $1 billion is for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, you know, that
          little thing that protects us from shortages? So, there’s about half the subsidies right there. Then, another billion goes to tax exemptions for farm fuel. The justification for that tax exemption is that fuel taxes pay for roads, and the farm equipment that benefits from the tax exemption is technically not supposed to be using the roads.

          So, that leaves roughly half a billion in subsidies. Now, you DO know, don’t you, that about 43 percent of oil and natural gas company shares are owned by mutual funds, right? Who invests in those? Only about 55 million U.S. households.

          Twenty seven percent of shares are owned by other institutional investors like pension funds and 14 percent are held in IRAs. So, basically big oil is a major funder of everyday Americans’ retirement security.

          1. As of July 2014, Oil Change International estimates the total value of U.S. subsidies to the fossil fuel industry at$37.5 billion annually, including international finance. This does not include military, health, climate, or local pollution costs. These subsidies have increased dramatically as U.S. oil and gas production has increased.

  18. “The foundation of this program must be large funding commitments for basic and applied research, and here governments play the key role.”says Bill Gates. Of course. Only “governments” don’t have money that isn’t taken from their citizens. So, in essence, it’s all on us.

  19. The US should do like Russia and ban Soros. He isn’t interested in the national good. The fact he is so heavily involved in Democrat politics should concern people.

  20. No sooner are the paid scientists found out as fraud and lies the liberals in the media are eager and waiting to defend their next lie to be announced. What does that tell you? It tells us it is not journalism or science but the ordinary politics we abhor.

  21. George Soros qualifies as the most evil man to walk the face of the earth. From his earliest days turning in his fellow Jews to the SS, almost bankrupting the UK with his messing with the pound to hosting Chelsea Clinton’s wedding – he now screws up the nations by his fraud Climate Change. Steyer is hanging with the wrong crowd – and will lay claim to the same “broad brush” of evil. Money truly is the root of all evil when it is in the hands of such as Soros and Steyer.

    1. Soros is essentially the modern day Chancellor Palpatine. Why so many yodas in this world cannot see that plainly is a mystery. It is as if he has used an evil Sith mind control maneuver on the world.

      1. Excellent analogy! Because so many in world leadership positions would rather sell their souls to the man so as to reap some of his wealth/power/approval – is why the world is on a collision course with disaster.

  22. That cold clammy sensation on your forehead is another ring of bright red paint being added to the bull’s-eye that was painted there the moment you got a job and started paying taxes.

  23. Seriously though. The cheapest and most efficient source of energy known that would actually be able to provide the energy needed, would be to use Thorium. The technology behind liquid fluoride thorium reactors is not new and is far safer than uranium based nuclear fission reactors. The fact that these global warming/climate change weenies never mention thorium tells me that they are not serious about replacing current forms of electrical generation with something viable, efficient and inexpensive. China and India are now building Thorium reactors but you never hear anything about it in the west.

    Clearly the intent here is to rape the taxpayer through carbon offset fines and taxes, underwriting of companies and investors in the ‘alternative’ energy sector, and most importantly driving up the price of traditional oil and coal, thereby enriching the investors in coal and oil. If Soros was serious about green energy why would he be buying up coal companies at pennies on the dollar?

    1. The research to create the projects is also paid for by the U.S. taxpayer and, if you read Gates’ article on investments, we may not even directly benefit from the research we pay for. It will go to entrepreneurs in countries that are most “committed.”

      1. Thanks for your reply. Sometimes i feel like a voice in the wilderness. I just read some of the other comments and many could be called hate speech, but i see nothing wrong with hating evil people and Soros is one of the most despicable people on the planet.

  24. What do you think would happen if a Republican had a primary benefactor who was an unrepentant former Nazi op who claims those days were best days of their life?

  25. Soros is filthy rich “philanthropist” complaining that taxes aren’t high enough. Why doesn’t he pay more and go one step further and simply pay for all of the “stuff” that’s needed to make his fantasy of human caused global warming go away? The reason is fairly simple. He will make serious fat stacks of cash investing in something that all of the rest of us will ultimately pay for.

  26. How predictable, Climate Hoax. 4Billion yrs of climate change (sic) have finally created a revenue streamr from lying, cheating and stealing criminals. Soros, Obama, Gore, Steyer etc.

  27. When the trash of Obama’s half of America start living their own lives like Earth is in the balance, then, and only then, will I listen to what they have to say.

    How many private jets are parked at the Paris airport?

  28. I have always found it interesting how the left does not hesitate to
    attack the Kochs (who made their billions providing jobs to the working
    class) with every sort of personal invective but remain silent
    concerning leftist billionaires like Soros and Steyer (who made their
    billions off currency manipulations and mortgage market manipulations
    that brought misery to the working class). I would think that this is a
    perfect working definition of hypocrisy.

  29. George, Tom, remember this: “You get a reputation for integrity not by one act of integrity but by acting with integrity over a long period of time particularly at those times when the other person is (people are) vulnerable and you’re in a position to take advantage of them and you don’t do it.” Sorry guys, you FAIL! Do not pass go do not collect your millions and millions in (fraud) benefit! Boils on the butt of societies around the world, I swear…

  30. What we are seeing here is the Nazi collaborator, George Soros’ money on display. George Soros, is the Hungarian Jew, who to save his own sorry backside, fed other Jews to the Nazi gas chambers and ovens. When the Russians invaded Hungary, they went in search of George Soros in order to hang him. He beat it out of the country and fled to the United States by concealing himself among Hungarian refugees during the 1957 Hungarian airlift. George Soros now seeks to destroy America from within because he detests the American Constitution, way of life and the values of personal freedom and the opportunity for success. The faster this disgusting, rotting octogenarian croaks, the better off all Americans will be.

  31. Al Gore and Obama using one bank to launch the biggest scam in history. This is yet another liberal democrat solution costing business and jobs. How is a pile of money we don’t have going to repair anything they claim needs fixed now and if it were so then why is it necessary to fudge the facts as they have already done. Liberals are nothing but liars and scam artist.

  32. Soros and Obama are Communist. They are doing everything they can to destroy governments. Communist like to create revolutions or apply Communism methods after a nation collapses.
    Reason Obama is opening our borders to very poor, and to militant Islam. Both will be great burdens on American taxpayers! Both groups will dilute American patriotism and American ethics and morals.

    1. Let’s political economic hustle or 21,

      Your team has 3 people working for the state, one guy on the dole, and 17 players in the game. Most everyone is paid $100 and gets to keep $85. Since you’re a consistent NCAA final four coach, you keep running the same play for decades and every decade the $85 buys 50% more.

      My team has 6 people working for the state, three guys on the dole, and 12 players in the game. Everyone is paid $100 but only gets to keep $60. I keep running the same play and nothing changes for decades.

      President 2 for 22 is out to overload the system by getting the state and dole number up over 12 because if something can’t continue, it won’t….

      I don’t know what Greece’s numbers are but Puerto Rico’s numbers are 6 players, 6 referees, and 9 on the dole.

      Let’s say were at 7 referees, 4 on the dole, and 10 in the game. When the dollar crashes, 7 referees, 6 on the dole, and 8 in the game.

      If we follow IMFs third world country plan after the crash, 50% cut in the state but raise taxes 50%, 4 referees, 6 in the game, 11 on the dole, and we’ll be farther in debt.

      The two main reasons Puerto Rico is in trouble is a shipping raw deal created by Washington and a $15 minimum wage.

      The geniuses are overloading the third world into the developing world and the big pile into the first world.

      The communist takeover plan has been around for a while yet people are easier to fool than convince them they have been fooled.

  33. And all you hear from the left about billionaire villains is “Koch Brothers.” The left is so corrupt and entrenched in scandal it is almost unbelievable. Most all of the media, all of Hollywood, and most all lefty politicians continue to ply the gullible and emotion driven left stooges and useful idiots with their cesspool nonsense. When you confront them with evidence, they call you ignorant and other vile monikers. What a nest of leftist filth.

  34. These people backing this is all I need to know that it is not good for America. Until EPA releases to data we should laugh at this lie like the others. It is not like the first time the EPA and our Liar and Chief have lied to us!

  35. We are all going to die, because of the climate…because of industrial emissions.
    We can fix this, by halting industry and stealing your money!
    Politicians are socialists!
    obama is an anti-American socialist politician!
    soros is a WORTHLESS pig like obama!
    steyer is a WORTHLESS progressive, socialist, that needs to SHUT THE F UP!

    1. It would take 243,000 50 megaton nuclear bombs to take a 1/2 inch of ice off the North Pole without raising or lowering the temperature.

      Yes we can create global warming
      Yes we can create global warming
      Yes we can create global warming

      You go next! Deep sigh bummer, the left hasn’t solved a problem in 100 years so I’ll go again.

      You’re a blimp like AlGore but don’t worry, the oil sands in Canada create lots of rotten egg sulfur. Stick a two inch fire hose up your butt and float yourself 18,000 feet up. Every time you open your pie hole, you cool the earth. We’ll shoot you down if you don’t shut up.

      When you run out of baking soda, sit on a smokestack until your PH gets to 8. CO2 is a lag indicator that the sun heats and cools the earth that is good for you and me just like CO2 is good for plants

      The largest oil well in Saudi Arabia is a 19 mile cube. Did all the dinosaurs go to one place to die? Oil wells in Texas that were empty a hundred years ago are filling back up. Methane vents can be found a mile or two down in the ocean, well below where
      fossils are found. New islands in the ocean and volcanoes spew methane.

      Nature doesn’t care what we do unless we drop nuclear bombs all over the place. What happen in Ukraine the other day? It looked like a tactical nuclear and more than likely Obama OK’d it.

      The ozone hole shows up where the sun doesn’t shine. Jeb has his head up Barack’s ionization zone.

      I can’t taste the difference between Wilson and Barack vegetable oil. The Federal Reserve was created on Jekyll Island and Obama is the Prince of Hyde Park. A famous Central Banker said something like “If I control the money supply, I care not for your laws”. If debt is money that can only be paid off with more debt money …. someone ends up owning everything and everybody. If you think I’m crazy, the principle is thin air, you are a useless eater, and the agenda 21 air your breath is creating global warming.

      Karl Marx was fat, lazy, and stinky bum who managed to do an unbelievable amount of harm with his extremely faulty intelligence machine. On page 64 of the Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels outlined everything.

      Welcome to Hotel Obama. No free speech and you can only travel via the Hotel shuttle. Please invite all your rich friends. All property is taken from the emigrants and anyone who complains about the service. We pay with counterfeit dollars and extra tax people who work harder to have more counterfeit dollars. If any of the other guests like your dress or suit, we all share at Hotel Obama. Next week, we are going up to your lake property but you can’t go until you are part of the collective. You are no longer the President of your company and all the machines are ours. Tomorrow morning your chain gang is farming and next week you will be doing factory work. The Lawman said “You can check in anytime you like but you can never leave”.

      God save the Queen and the central banking nobility. George Soros was eating over. A string got caught in his teeth and out popped Camilla’s prince Charles. After a useless life as her tampon, he wants come back as a virus that kills 90% of us. Naturally the CDC and the golden shower vaccinator wants to force us to take 65 shots.

      The tri-laterals are painting Obama’s hair technocratic grey. By this time next year, he’ll be fully automated. We’re scheduled to be obsolete by 2040.

      If the drapes don’t match the shag carpet, does the carpet turn technocratic grey? Hillary’s scalp is the new orange and black.

      The Bolsheviks shipped off from New York and now they’re back. The gloves haven’t come off and hopefully they never will but read or listen to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and watch the Checkist to understand why Obama and his kind are really scary.
      Putin said Global Warming is a weapon system. He wasn’t kidding.

  36. “Prosecutors ban Soros Foundation as ‘threat to Russian national security’” (rt(dot)com)
    …while our great leader is the foundation’s hand puppet…

  37. Never a wonder of those pushing this climate change b.s. Find me just one advocate of climate change ‘WHO DOES NOT STAND TO PERSONALLY BENEFIT’ from this “movement” and I might begin to take a look at it.
    So far, we have Algore, Soros , Steyer, 0bama… AL 100% invested in the outcome.

  38. Here’s what it is. We have a population problem, and it’s only gonna get worse (people can’t stop screwing). The elites see AGW policies as a way to safely cull the poor, unwashed masses (as opposed to strategic infection implementation). Make the planet colder you get less crops = starvation. AGW also serves to make them even more rich than they are now.

  39. Arch and Peabody, once great American companies, brought to their knees by this administration. Yet idiots in Ohio, KY and WV voted for Obama. There is a penalty for being stupid with your vote.

    1. The Proles are offered the choice of a Corporatist, a-hat, amnesty/proxy war loving RINO Republicrat or a Corporatist Democan while the Plutocrats who own them laugh all the way to the bank. The political status quo is killing our nation and the world.

  40. These two are all kinds of f*cked up. I wonder what exactly will be the tipping point when Americans go from talking shit to actually forcefully doing something about it? Curious to think they always try to direct our minds elsewhere while they pass bullshit bills and acts and send money to ISIS on thanksgiving eve when NO ONE is there to check up on this crap. We always learn about it after its already done. When is it enough?

  41. From the Daily Mail:

    Global warming summit will produce ‘300,000 TONS of C02’ as 50,000 people travel to Paris from across the world for two-week conference

  42. Although there may be evidence humans are in some manner affecting the earth’s climate in a very small way, ways so small the error associated with its collection puts into doubt its very existence, the fact remains that massive, rapid climate change occurred at the onset, and end of the several and very real Ice Ages that engulfed our planet. The fact there were no coal burning power plants, no hummers, no nukes, and no rain forest clear cutting, means that something other than humans cause these radical climate shifts.

  43. Nothing new here. Presidents are front men for possibly a number of extremely wealthy individuals and “elite groups”. This is why Trump scares the piss out of them. He’s his own man and would tell Soros to take a leap off of one his liver spots if he ever tried to perpetuate such a fraud as “Global warming” which is now marketed as “Climate Change” so their research and messaging is more general.

  44. Occasionally, I get these nutters at my door. So when they knock – I point to a tree in my yard:

    See that tree over there? It’s called a “Dawn Redwood.” Yea, it’s a metasequoia. Believed to be the great great grand daddy of the Giant Sequoias and California redwoods. It’s known as a living fossil, thought to be extinct until they were discovered growing in China in the 40s.

    There are fossilized remains of that tree growing in the ancient polar forests 250 million years ago from the Mesozoic era.

    So unless you can dig up a fossilized SUV or show me a cave painting of a Hummer, you better come up with an explanation of why that tree was growing 250 million years ago in forests at the poles of the earth.——————

    More than a few times I’ve sent them away scratching their heads as they walk past that pine tree. . . . .staring at living proof against their argument. . . .

    Go get one and plant it. They’re only about $30.00, fast growing and a great living argument against the nonsense that they’re teaching these people.

  45. Thats been the whole plan from the beginning. Creating a world wide monopoly on energy. “You want it, then you will pay what we require.” This whole climate scheme is nothing but horse squeeze.

  46. Just in case anyone forgot what the whole climate-change scandal is all about…
    The crooks want to run the big “Carbon Credit” exchanges (kinda like stock exchanges) and make mega-billion$ overnight by buying/selling carbon credits to their crony friends and families. This all has NOTHING to do with the environment.

                    1. IF truth is “Trolling” then you might as well as quit reading posts about your Messiah Soros and Obama.

                    2. I strongly recommend that you get some help. There are many medications
                      that can help you deal with these, let’s face it, VERY ODD behaviors
                      though you apparently don’t realize how odd the behavior is.

  47. Can someone explain to me why George Soros is walking the streets? We always see 90 year old nazi collaborators being arrested for crimes they committed in WWII but not Soros, he gets a pass?

  48. Since Mr. Putin seems to be the last real man standing with any testicles. Maybe he’ll have Soros killed. That would be a very good day for the “Planet”.

  49. These socialist anti free enterprise fascists should be ignored immediately if a Pub wins POTUS in 2016. Eliminate all these stupid EPA regs that are there just to keep our energy resources being exploited such as oil, gas, coal and safer nuclear energy which the US has for over 200-300 yrs. We can become independent , defeat OPEC and keep Iran, the Rooskies and the Chicoms from using climate against us while we still do reasonable ways to keep our air, water clean without destroying capitalism which all these Paris dumb bells want to do.

  50. It never ceases to amaze me how the republican rhetoric machine brainwashes it’s voters. Same thing happened before the civil war, rich and powerful get the poor and middle class to do their dirty work and enrich themselves in the process. Rick Santorum said it best, and I quote, “the republicans will never have the elite, smart people as it’s voters.” We no longer have a democracy, it is an oligarchy. WAKE up, people!!! Stop voting in puppets for the rich! They only care about the rich. They hope to depopulate the world to make it a better place for themselves. Monopoly’s abound, the banks and insurance companies own us. Just read about the federal reserve, which is privately owned and not part of the government and the
    quantitative easing and the story behind it. That whole mess has destroyed our dollar, not Obama. The mess we are in is on the shoulders of the republicans and democrats due to changes they ushered in during the 90’s concerning finance. The destabilization of the middle east due to the war in Iraq, which cost us trillions, is on the republicans watch. The republican rhetoric is still working and getting the very people it hurts to vote for them! I was a republican for 40 years until baby Bush. I woke up and now am an independent. Powerful, rich republicans and democrats have destroyed democracy what with the supreme court allowing corps to be considered a person and the fed paying interest to banks on the reserves virtually stopping loans for business or mortgages has put the nail in the coffin of capitalism. Both parties have americans blaming each other for being republican or democrat when clearly it is a greedy, self serving congress that has created this starting in the 90’s. Maybe they will create another civil war. Global warming is real and the fossil fuel manufacturers have created this rhetoric that it’s not real is in their best interest. They don’t want to spend the money on changing their business model. People feel safer denying it and burying their heads in the sand. We the people need to ban together to stop the onslaught of the rich buying our congress whether they are republican or democrat. We have to stop listening to their rhetoric and think for ourselves. Do our research and not let them distract us from the fact they are destroying free market capitalism. They are taking over pharmecuticals, farming, banking, fuel,media and insurance by merging. Whatever happened to monopoly control? More and more we have to work for big companies because of the impossibility of starting our own business. Here is one example; it is getting very hard to have a family pharmacy due to the merging in the industry. In my area Walgreen’s purchased a chain of family pharmacies because they were competing with them. They paid almost 1 billion dollars for the chain and shut them down. They did not even open Walgreen’s in the old stores, just closed them and sold the properties. Try to find a small pharmacy with individual service, a neighborhood bank not owned by the biggest banks, a family run hardware store,grocery store, or have television without paying $200 per month. This will eventually cause a depression. We are repeating the same mistakes that caused the great depression.

  51. Funny how these lowlifes that made their fortunes on the back of industry and commerce are now all in on a new money making scheme that will bilk the middle class or whats left of it of their hard earned money. Follow the money trail……

  52. Listen to Dick Morris’ Lunch Alert today. China emits 30% of the World CO2. They are not going to sign any agreement to reduce until 2032. In fact, they will increase their emission by more than the rest of the world decrease their emission by 2032. But Look for Obama to “Pull a Gruber” (noted Obamacare consultant), by saying that CO2 reduction by the rest of the world is necessary and it will be achieved, mostly by fooling the general population. Of course Obama is such an ideologue he probably do not want to hear the real numbers. He lies to himself, about ISIS is a JV team, the IRS and other gov’t agencies go after his rivals, set the justice dept on private citizens, Business, corporations, State and local gov’t while saying he only heard about it when the MSM told him, that the economy is doing well, that the deficit is not a problem, that he needs more Stimulus money for Infrastructure after spending $1T etc. Obama is truly an idiot.

  53. Hey let’s all fly in monstrous carbon footprint belching jets to a summit in France and talk about how everyone needs to stop producing monstrous carbon footprints or the world will end……. got hypocrisy?

  54. Soros seems to be causing major problems in the world. Something should be done about him.
    It seems that under the Obama administration some people , for example: Clinton, Soros, are untouchable.
    Obama and the entire Democratic party are corrupt and have corrupted our government.

  55. If there was ever any doubt about this whole thing being nothing but a big con run by the money boys and our socialist president it should be clear by now.
    Unless the American people dump both Democrats and Republicans while destroying everyone on K St this once great country is doomed.

  56. Soros only has five body guards, about the same as Obama. If we offer them all a booze party with entertainment do you think………ah but that’s just wishful thinking.

  57. And then there is Buffet that makes a killing with his rail company shipping oil from Canada since we will not build a pipeline. Obama is making sure that those that “support” his agenda reap the rewards but not those that area against him.

  58. I don’t know about global warming but there are a lot of ways to reduce my everyday costs. I have 24 solar panels on my roof which has reduced my $600/mo. electric bill to under $100 per month. I replaced all light bulbs with LEDs so I can leave my lights on all the time and it hardly costs me anything. I have lots of plants and trees around my yard because it looks nice and provides privacy from my neighbors. Finally, I can’t wait for an economical hydrogen car because it will cost less than $0.02 per mile to operate versus $0.08 for a typical gasoline powered car. (1 gallon hydrogen = 4.84 KWH x 1.3 compression to liquid x $0.18/KWH cost / 50 MPG fuel cell) I don’t know about you, but I like saving money while improving my standard of living at the same time.

      1. More gasoline for everybody. I use to own a 1969 428 Mustang Ram Jet. My commute to work got long and expensive so I use a more efficient vehicle during the week. The toys come out on the weekend. I am confused about some of the newer gasoline/electric hybrids cars going 0-60 in 3 seconds and getting 85 MPG. They don’t sound nearly as good as a V8 though.

  59. Follow the Lib Money to find out where the Civil Unrest, and War will start. America has had enough, and is ready to strike back at the Oligarchy tryiong to destroy her.

  60. The whole cap and trade scam was hatched with an eye to al gore and a group of coconspirators making mountains of money off of their carbon credit trading exchange.

  61. time for the violent revolution to annihilate these marxists, globalists, and elites that are the actual greedy pigs, crooks that have stolen the wealth of the middle class, and the biggest hypocrites that fly on private jets and live the high life which is more polluting than anything they blame on the rest of us. Kill these satanic puppetes before thay impoverish us.

  62. I think if one checked the investments of Al Gore (internet inventor, cell phone originator, discovered the wheel and fire) it would be clear what he was up to.

  63. George Soros, Tom Steyer are ‘investors’ in Obama’s new ‘clean’ energy research plan

    This is all anyone needs to know to know that this is a giant scam designed to put a lot of power over our lives in the hands of these few tyrants and take away what little freedom we have left.

  64. Steyer dumped about a fourth of all spending in the last Virginia gubernatorial election to install McAuliffe (Clinton crime family associate) to destroy the VA coal industry.

  65. When Barrack Obama, against the advice of our military and everyone else, lifted the Iranian Embargo and released $157 billion in assets frozen since 1979, how much of that cash was deposited in his Off-Shore bank accounts? My guess is $10 to $15 billion. Why isn’t this being investigated? This guy behaves exactly like a Third World Dictator. Why shouldn’t he be paid like one?

  66. Follow the money….look at the evil people sinking money into “Obama’s” plan
    my thought is that this is NOT “Obama’s” plan…but actually Soros’s plan …
    Obama is the puppet and Soros is his puppet master

  67. George Soros, Warren Buffett, Roger Ailes, Ted Turner. The founding fathers of 21st century America. But Tom Steyer is like that drunken houseguest, always coming back for one last hug goodbye.

      1. other than snoozing…what more do u have to contribute? chances are, nada….the cartoon posted when listed ‘best comments’…says it all and bets are you’re near the end of the line…

        1. thats nice…you are in a comment section ya idiot. There are not rules to argue or contribute. Have you always been a punk idiot, babycakes?

  68. Global warming is a huge scam designed by Wall Street giants in order to create Carbon Trading Bonds and exchanges that will create a multi billion dollar business for them and the corrupt politicians which they have in their pockets. Carbon Trading and Bonds are the ultimate goal of these crooks at taxpayers expense.

  69. This “less than honest” effort to change the manufacture of electricity and fuel for automobiles is a trillion dollar plus enterprise.

    Rules for the scam
    Complicity of the entire media
    Changing and falsifying past records
    Using “computer models” which are programmed to the desired result
    Encouraging enough reward seeking weather people
    Repetitive teaching of young people who cannot or will not seek factual truth
    Total participation of key major polititcians

    Lots of Cash….for encouragement and outright bribery
    Lastly, look at the faniciers, and the pol behind this travesty…also moniter how they live and how many large private jets are at that meeting
    Sadly, it’s all about the money and the power over others

  70. Ahhhhhh I see. Soros is calling in his mark for helping 0bama get elected. Now we know why 0bama thinks AGW is the most important thing in the world..

    Follow the money folks, follow the money.

  71. It’s hilarious how I can link my website to a total propaganda piece like this, and my ignorant readers just gulp it down, ignorantly believing it’s “fact.” Bawhahaha! My readers are fuking ignorant!

  72. We see a re-creation of the unHoly Roman Empire of Metternich, a neo-feudal aristocracy in which the barons are replaced by bureaucrats, the counts are now commissioners and the dukes are now directors. Whether its the blue bloods of the Hanoverians and Hapsburgs or the non-elected officials in the UN and EU, in either case the common citizen is a subservient serf. The banking magnates in the houses of the Medici and Fugars are now replaced by the plutocratic powers behind the throne, if not the electors, who determine who gets on the throne. And we have the Caliphate of Wahhabi oil sheiks of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan and now Turkey re-creating the empire of Suleiman the Magnificent. Sovereign constitutional republics, including America, are on the wane, betrayed by the aristocrats, plutocrats and oligarchs who refuse to share power with the rabble. These elitist have a plot to “control the means of production” as Marx would say, by controlling the means of combustion. Wealthy plutocrats and campaign donors will receive chartered Marxist monopolies, a license to sell highly taxed carbon ration slips. Government bureaucrats will mandate restrictions and rationing of carbon throughout the world to restrict and ration industrial production, electricity usage and even heating. This totalitarian ration is known as “Cap”. The well connected elite plutocrats will sell “permission slips” allowing a home or business to use more fuel if needed. But permission can only be bought if the recipient contributes to leftist political parties, is politically correct and utterly subservient to the socialist overlords. Ever notice these oligarchs never even bother to explain how a miniscule amount of gaseous plant metabolite portends such climactic catastrophe? Carbon dioxide only comprises 0.0038 of the atmosphere. And you can be sure this “environmental” agreement will be used to exacerbate and accelerate the decline if Western Civilization. The Socialist International world leaders seem intent upon the eradication and enslavement of Western, Christian, Caucasian civilization and any sovereignty for the constitutional republics of Europe and America. With the free trade advantages China enjoys from trade imbalances from the West, you can be sure businesses will be fleeing America and Europe as our Platonic enlightened Philosopher kings and their environmental white knights descend upon our evil, greedy, polluting industries forcing them to raise rates, and loose revenue and market share as they are forced to obey these environmental mandates. Domestic industries will go bankrupt, in which case the elites will buy the foreclosed factories and then lessen these Draconian environmental mandates. While domestic businesses become unprofitable and unproductive, tax revenues will also plummet. But these global elitist will lend even more trillions of dollars for our national debt, at deleterious terms, conditions and with pledges of assets to be confiscated as collateral. . Every time Congress increases the debt ceiling they force you to cosign this loan. To pay back this loan you must agree to higher taxes and less government services. And since many politicians require voting blocks of those liberals who live lucratively off the public purse and those parasites, like the Syrian refugees and illegal aliens, who will continue to receive entitlements in exchange for votes and occasional thug services. Those bourgeois productive citizens, especially the conservative, capitalist, Constitution-loving Christian Caucasians will get doubly squeezed. Our treasonous Democrats will see to it the debt level and environmental restrictions are foisted upon the Americans and Europeans, while our treasonous republicans will insure the TPP passes to give Western businesses and opportunity to flee to Asia. Only those BRICS countries led by wise, Machiavellian, nationalist patriots will thrive and survive as the liberal elite in America and Europe bring us to the brink of the Dark Ages and Darwinian extinction. And maybe that is inevitable, we have rejected our Deity in the name of Chapter X, article 124 of the Soviet Constitution regarding “separation of church and state”. We have rejected the Bible and its theory on origins despite the fact no progressive can explain how essential protein conformations come from the gametes of a parental type that did not have the assembly instructions for these vital, essential proteins. Though none can explain the infinitesimal probability of the necessary, simultaneous co-evolution of the proteins involved in a binary feedback mechanism, still our NEA progressives demand we reject the posit of a Creator. Our Brave New World hedonist and feminist have certainly succeeded in destroying the necessary communal character aspects of chastity, morality, paternal family structures. Thanks to liberalism, large families with many children are rare in the now decadent, indebted and non-fecund West. It is said we no longer have enough educated and productive children to defend and sustain our society and culture. It appears that those elitist, infallible high priests involved in that Satanic cult in which Government is God, father and husband are sowing the wind and reaping the tornado. By the time they usurp all power and control, there may not be anything left of the West worthy of controlling.

  73. WOW….just look at these comments. Does anyone stop to consider WHY Mr. Soros is buying into COAL..? We bold face DARE everyone in this comment section to stop and ask themselves how Carbon Nano-tubes can be produced from COAL..? Duh..! All future carbon nano-tube 3D printing and manufacturing will be based upon a COAL economy instead of fossil Oil..! George Soros is just trying to corner as much of the market as possible…! Heck, does anyone here stop to consider how their own HOMES will be built with 3D carbon nano-tube ‘infused” lego blocks to turn their homes into “liquid Metal” Batteries to harness all forms of Solar energy and be sold back through the power grid…? Geez…this Global warming farce is the greatest mass media deception since “weapons of mass destruction” and “We Came, We Saw, and He DIED…!!”

    Elon Musk is no dummy….that powerwall battery is gonna be used by more than a home or car…!!

    LOL….we wonder just how many people reading this article have ever gone into Battaries Plus and picked up a Lithium 12v Battery with one hand..? Just imagine the look on their face when they stop to think how COAL and 3D printing will help them make their own battery at HOME…? We wonder how mad they will be at CLIMATE Depot….!?!?


      1. “Matt”….you do know about Carbon Nano-tube research. What happens when COAL is more valuable as a manufacturing commodity than it is being burned in a coal fired furnace. How would YOU make money on the way down and on the way up….?

  74. Peabody Energy $11.36 x 1 million = 11 million 360 thousand. Arch Coal $1.22 x 553,200 = $674.904. Soros spent a total of 12 million. He is worth over 24 billion, and can probably afford to play by the investing handbook, and put little insurance against his bets. Seems like you should put your time into hating the game, and not the player.

  75. George Soros was a good Judenrat during WWII.
    He personally stole the personal belongings of fellow Jewish ghetto prisoners and helped packed them onto the trains to Auschwitz.
    Satan has a saved a seat for George all these years.
    He will serve eternity in the molten fire pits of Hell.

  76. For years, I have entertained myself by trolling the internet and getting conservatives all riled up over nonsense and propaganda. It has been fun, but honestly, it’s getting old and boring. Maybe I should shut down the Drudge Report? Your thoughts?

    1. I don’t know who you are but obviously you are delusional. My thoughts? You should check yourself into an asylum as soon as possible. You might meet Funkystein down below, he is probably already there!!!

  77. Steyr is one smart cookie. He saw that this crap was gonna fly with gov. Shrewd, very shrewd. while most of us here trying to make a buck by working, providing services, etc. Ivy league education will teach one to be a grifter of the highest order. Steyr didn’t have to manufacture any product, didn’t have to invent anything. He had just to network the right people and there he is today. WOW. That is something….

  78. Obama is the servant of Allah and God willing we will take your country from you. We will enslave your children and take for ourselves your women. We will put the men to the sword and give glory to Allah for the victory. We are flooding America as I speak. Curse be America the house of the Devil. Peace be to Allah and his ever faithful servant Mohammad.

  79. This is why the fairy tale notion that “climate change” is human-caused, has legs.

    Because big-time investors expect to cash in on a flood of government money, and they have been – and still are – financing the push to persuade governments they must “invest” or face extinction.

    It all seemed obvious years ago; but now we are gradually finding out who the actual investors are. It’s not a pretty picture. Corruption never is,

  80. Scoundrels will continue to make money off the backs of the America federal income tax payer, as long as they have someone such as Obama in the White House.

    1. Trump has ZERO chance of winning, you do realize this right? It is not going to happen. He is out of touch with reality just like his current supporters including your self. When election time comes no one will show up for him, that is how it works amnd thank goodness the system actually works to keep you crazies out.

  81. Look, Climate Change is real and we need to work together and fix it. Climate change means hotter summers and colder winters. It also means that we could have cooler summers and warmer winters. Because of the idiots who believe in the religion of free markets and capitalism we must all pay up and divide up the cost of the problem before our world is unable to support life. We should not be unwilling to give up something to solve this serious problem. Or we could just bury our heads in the sand and say that we are not willing to give up freedom for survival.

    1. There is a whole or is a hole town for sale named Sweet, South Dakota. Check it out maybe you and B. O. Plenty and his family, Soros, Algore and that Indian senator with the high cheek bones from Mass. can buy it and move there.

  82. *The answer is Jesus, I don’t know why it is so hard for people to get that. If we look to the Bible and pray about it we will understand what God is trying to tell us. I believe that Climate Change is real but not man made. I think it is real because of the hardness of mans heart towards God. God is going to burn the Earth to a cinder if we do not repent and give our hearts to Jesus. I also believe that we should kill
    ever Muslim on the planet if they do not turn to Jesus. If they want to reject Jesus then we should arrange a meeting to prove that he is real.

  83. The Earth’s average temperature has been stable for 21 years, even as CO2 has continued to climb. CO2 as “pollution” is bunk, perpetuated for the purpose of “redistributing wealth”. The CO2 level on Earth is currently 400 microatmospheres. In past time periods (e.g.- Jurassic period), sometimes thousands of years long, it has been anywhere from 6,000 to 30,000 microatmospheres. In fact, during the 4,000 YEAR long Holocene Climate Optimum, the planet was almost five (5) degrees (F) warmer than it is now! Somehow, the planet didn’t “boil over” as Al Gore (the man who travels exclusively by SUV convoy/limousine/private jet and is living alone in a 9 bedroom, 6 fireplace mansion (w/ heated outdoor pool & jacuzzi, natch) implies will happen. Now THAT’S an “inconvenient truth”……

  84. I wonder if scientists have yet explored the extent of GHG emission when a climate denier’s head explodes from the world agreeing to decrease emissions, including a commitment by the US?

  85. This latest Five-Year Plan to Stop Nature has a key component we should all understand.
    Remember the Green Economy? Obama’s “Time Machine’ Utopia of the Eloi powered by earth, wind and water. Aahhhhh….

    The Plan is that those bankrupt, money-laundering schemes will now open up offices across the Third World and YOU – the Dot.Com-9/11-Mother of All Bubbles Taxpayer – YOU are going to pay for this ‘investment.’

    Hit it, boys…1,2,3…I’ll NEVER be your Beast of Burden.

  86. Paris has been shot up twice this year by radical islamists and that doesn’t even register with these lefties!


    97% of Americans aren’t even buying what’s being shoved down their throats DAILY about this climate change BS and these lefties are burying their heads in the sand while islime is running wild in the streets killing innocents.

    They all deserve a Mussolini send off!!!

  87. Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.
    Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?
    Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?
    You and I don’t propose a federal budget. The president does.
    You and I don’t have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does.
    You and I don’t write the tax code, Congress does.
    You and I don’t set fiscal policy, Congress does.
    You and I don’t control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does..
    One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million who are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.
    The Federal Reserve Board was created by the Congress. In 1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.

    These 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you and I that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.It seems inconceivable that a nation of 300 million can not replace 545 people who stand convicted of incompetence and irresponsibility.

  88. What a bunch of dooshes. Of course, the low info lib-tard f u c k s think this is about making our world a safer cleaner place rather than the truth of politicians cooking up a ponzi scheme to take in tons of dough.

  89. Soros is a businessman screwing around as he can to make money and create a policy which helps himself.Obama simply wants to show what a powerful SOB he is and get even for slavery.

  90. Assessment of U.N. Climate Change Summit in Paris:

    Never before in the course of human history have so many corrupt Marxist Morons and Imbeciles gathered in one place to conspire to rip off all of the makers to give to the useless moochers and takers while pocketing 20 percent for themselves.

    1. It is a perfect example of what Lord Acton warned us of many years ago.

      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      Barry and his American hating Marxists want ultimate power over us.

  91. The climate con artists must obtain an agreement while barry is still in office so they can recoup their current losses in the Chicago Carbon Exchange [CCX] which had been expected to yield them over $50 billion a year by skimming off every carbon credit transaction.

  92. The CCA [Climate Con Artists] have only themselves to blame for others being skeptical as they were caught by their own e-mail communications in hiding the decline and altering data.

    They are using every Alinsky trick in to book to silence critical debate as their fake science cannot hold up to such scrutiny.

  93. So this rich guy gets in good with a buddy at the government. The rich guy sez “you make it so coal is bad and has to go, and I’ll make you rich beyond your imagination”. So the government guy pens some legislation, rounds up a bunch of useless idiots to beat it into the heads of the ignorant, and the next thing you know, the mines are deemed a hazard to human life, and shuttered. Once the industry is shut down, the rich guy goes in and buys the nasty mines for pennies, with a plan to redevelop them into flower garden Utopias for the children.

    Then shortly after, another herd of useless idiots posing as “innovators” miraculously discover a way to use coal cleanly! And the mines are reopened, of course under new ownership!

    This is the boilerplate game plan of how the livelihood of the middle class and the core of our economy is slowly being stolen away by phone and pen, just like we were told.

  94. Isn’t it illegal to make investment decisions using ” insider ” trading knowledge ? Soros and the rest of these so-called investors are using information that is available to them from obama, but not to the person on the street. Didn’t Martha Stewart go to prison for doing this ? Obama buddies up with them and spills details and then because they already know what is going to happen , they put money in it. Clearly illegal.

  95. I don’t understand why we don’t just pray to Jesus. I am reading a lot of these hateful and sinful comments here on this board. I see a whole bunch of people who are going to Hell (Forgive me Jesus) here on this board. I will admit that Obama is also on his way to Hell (Forgive me Jesus) unless he repents and finds the love of Jesus. I doubt America would be this far down the tubes if we had a woman president. I will pray for all of you people and I do believe that Jesus can heal the Earth also. He did so during the time of Noah and the world was a happier place.

      1. Yes, but Jesus is God so I think you need to rethink. Someone needs a little study time and quiet reflection on His word. The answer to everything is in His word. Peace brother.

  96. So, Soros buys some gun manufacturing companies. Now it’s coal companies.

    Hmmm. He’s not a socialist. He’s a full blown communist (and leans on the fascist modus operandi).

    1. Soros wants to be the leader of the NEW WORLD ORDER ..
      he controls
      the Media
      The Blacks (Black Lives Matter)
      the border (Open Border Society)
      The Obama Administration
      The Hillary Clinton Campaign

  97. Why would SOROS and Steyed, plus Buffet buy into coal and/or transporting coal if they think it’s such a dirty fuel?

    My belief is that they will sell coal to the Chinese to make a killing in sales.

    China gets their coal from, if I remember correctly, Wyoming.

    Is this global warming scam to boost China and give them more of our jobs while the USA goes down the tubes?

    1. Buffet owns railroads that ship a huge amount of the oil and anything that turns a profit to him is fine. He is most likely behind the effort to stop a national oil pipeline because it would take billions away from the revenues generated by his trains.

        1. Conservatives aren’t doing much to help America with their Religious litmus tests. A bit like ISIS in many of their positions. Liberals and Conservatives are doing their best to control everyone and everything that does not fit their ideals. America and our Constitution are about Individual freedom. We are a long way from that original ideal.

            1. No they don’t. BTW – this is not the Drudge Report this is The Climate Depot.
              So you claim to represent the Drudge Report and that the Drudge Report supports Donald Trump for POTUS?

              Care to give verification of your credentials to make that claim?

                1. So you have no credentials and are an admitted liar.
                  Conservatives who are admitted liars. Falling in bed with their Liberal brethren.

                  It is not a wonder why half of the USA population has no use for either party.

                  1. Only one party repeatedly expresses its love for Alinsky.

                    Why would any honest people with good debate points love Alinsky?

                    Conservative detest the dishonest tactics of Alinsky and those who use his deceptive tactics.

                    1. As if Alinsky is the only key to destruction of a country. Blinders are an awesome tool for keeping a horse from seeing all sides.

  98. If there’s any involvement by Soros then you know damn well there’s nothing “clean” about Obama’s ‘new clean energy research plan’.
    Not like there was anyway to begin with considering these clean energy companies Obama likes to infuse billions of our tax dollars into all have a tendency to go belly up a few months after taking our money.

  99. So by Soros own words, he is not responsible for what he helped the Nazis do to the Jews, because if he did not do it someone else would have. By that logic, If someone were to kill the bastard, they would not be held responsible because some else was going to do it anyway.

      1. My goodness a reply from the Great Matt Drudge himself. If I were 30 years younger, it would be my pleasure to rid the world of such an evil man as Soros.

  100. Interesting: Putin banned G. Soros and his companies from investing in the “Soviet Union-Russia”. It takes a mobster to recognize a mobster. SO, since Putin knows that Soros is a mega-crook, and that there will be no “graft” for the Russian mobsters Putin represents, he will not let Soros in!.

    So, when Obama lets Soros “in”, Obama has some sort of stake in the transaction. Chicago politics……!

      1. That, really is the question. Observations hardly ever
        result in change or action of any type. I read your report daily and I find
        that the negative articles dominate. At times I operate under the delusion that
        perhaps a thought that I share will reach someone who has the ability to apply
        that thought in some meaningful way.

  101. Lets say for a moment that the Global warming hoax is real. How is selling and buying carbon credits going to fix it. It simple is the billionaires making billions more off the scary lies they spew. Governments ponzi scheme!

  102. Soros’s involvement proof positive this is a scam and a fraud, the Russians just threw evil money changer Soros out of their country, if we had any collective brains we would do the same.

  103. THIS is the New World Order! Are you mind-numbed idiots that installed the fraud Hussein Obama happy yet? When you’re freezing in the dark because you can’t afford the tribute Giorgi Schwarz (aka George Soros) demands for energy you can all sing your praises to The One while he thumbs his nose, flips you the boney finger bird and laughs at you from his comfortable tropical retirement enclave in Hawaii.

  104. Why hasn’t George Soros been charged as a war criminal? He conspired with the Nazis during WWII to confiscate the property of Jews, steal their wealth and force the Jews of Hungary into Hitler gas chambers and ovens. Why has this thief, murderer and destroyer of European Jewry been allowed to walk this planet as a free man? Someone please tell me why!

  105. I see a lot of people reciting the 97% cook study. Please google Cook study debunked. The study was a fraud and after threat of lawsuit Cook released the names of the 20,000 research papers he claimed backed global warming.

    Upon peer review less than 1% of the papers he reviewed supported man made climate change, not the 97% lie that we see being spread to this day. Popular has some of the listed papers authors first hand response to Cooks claim on that site if you would like to see how some of these scientists reacted to Cook claiming their work supported global warming. Cook also runs a website call skeptical science and anything from that site is also garbage.

    You don’t have to buy all the scientists to spread the lie, you just have to buy one and prop him/her up as the poster child for the topic.

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  108. At least Russia had the sense to ban Soros from doing any business in Russia. He is behind all
    paid protesters and funds many evil groups. All for his gain & destruction of USA.

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