Flashback 1998: Scientists Said Sun Caused Global Warming

Scientists Said Sun Caused Global Warming – 1998


By Paul Homewood


Back in 1998, the BBC reported:

Climate changes such as global warming may be due to changes in the sun rather than to the release of greenhouse gases on Earth.
Climatologists and astronomers speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Philadelphia say the present warming may be unusual – but a mini ice age could soon follow.

The sun provides all the energy that drives our climate, but it is not the constant star it might seem.
Careful studies over the last 20 years show that its overall brightness and energy output increases slightly as sunspot activity rises to the peak of its 11-year cycle.

And individual cycles can be more or less active.

The sun is currently at its most active for 300 years.

That, say scientists in Philadelphia, could be a more significant cause of global warming than the emissions of greenhouse gases that are most often blamed.
The researchers point out that much of the half-a-degree rise in global temperature over the last 120 years occurred before 1940 – earlier than the biggest rise in greenhouse gas emissions.

Ancient trees reveal most warm spells are caused by the sun

Using ancient tree rings, they show that 17 out of 19 warm spells in the last 10,000 years coincided with peaks in solar activity.

They have also studied other sun-like stars and found that they spend significant periods without sunspots at all, so perhaps cool spells should be feared more than global warming. The scientists do not pretend they can explain everything, nor do they say that attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be abandoned. But they do feel that understanding of our nearest star must be increased if the climate is to be understood.


Comment: After taking billions in grant money, scientists now know better.


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  1. It’s nothing but an elitist plan to turn ordinary working people into serfs. Leave us enough to survive but no more. Make all our earnings go into shelter, heat and clothing leaving us nothing else but grateful we have at least that. That is the grand plan. Control, strict control.

    1. Remember over half of Americans think their IQs are above average, I imagine it the same elsewhere around the globe. Nothing worse for civilization than a group of low IQ humans on a mission to save the rest of us from ourselves! Idiots!

      1. Half are above average? That means that half are below average. Isn’t that what average means? Now if you were talking about the White House……

      2. There’s the median and the average. I’m going to do some calculations on my slide rule and figure out what the intelligence problem is in the U.S.A.

        1. Ah yes, a slide rule?
          Man you are ancient! 🙂
          No doubt by your post you understand the difference between average and median. I have a suspicion that the curve is skewed the wrong way. 🙁

          1. It’s the Lake Wobegon syndrome all over the world, but especially in the United States, and extra especially in the Blue States.

  2. The Sun? How could that be possible? Do you think all these Warmer Scientists may have factored this into their models?

    There isn’t much money in claiming the Sun is responsible for our global temperature swings, is there…

      1. Oh jeez, don’t give 0bama and his alphabet soup agencies any more stupid ideas, they’re capable of coming up with those on their own.

      1. They can not predict the weather 3 weeks out, consistently give wrong predictions on hurricanes and fudge their data for political reason, why are other “scientists” freaking out that these idiots are disparaging all science with their lies?

        1. When Academia then the Media then the Democrats then the Liberals and then all the warped-in-the-head activists got behind Global Warming, I knew right then and there it was a scam.
          My problem is they have been caught cheating, fudging and manipulating the data, yet they are doubling down, something has to break soon if not Team Obama is gona destroy us financially, I mean, our electricity bills are gona go thru the frigin roof with these new EPA rules, right along with the mandated $300 – $600 a month for ObamaCare, $4 a gallon for gas, beef at $20 a lb. and taking a vacation is out of the question. And the Democrats turn South by South-West and head straight for the waterfalls.

    1. It should actually be the opposite. The moment Algore said “the science is settled” ALL research funding should have been immediately revoked.

      If we already know it all, there’s no reason to keep spending money researching it.

    2. Well if they did then how would the beauraucrats at the UN funnel massive amounts of tax dollars from our pockets and into the pockets of the globalist banking cartel?

    3. Hell, if a dabbler like me can pinpoint the major causes of climactic and atmospheric changes, any climatologist worth a damn certainly can! Unfortunately, too many climatologists and scientists in related fields are lying.

      Why are so many scientists lying? M-O-N-E-Y! You want funding? Here’s your script. Follow it!

    1. Rules, Regulations, Laws, Taxes, Fees. This is how the power people control the peons. Anybody advocating increases in any of these is trying to take your freedom away and must be fought at all times.

  3. Well I mean – yeah – that’s the sun’s function right, amongst other things but to provide warmth? Silly science. Obviously we need to regulate the sun.

  4. Well, something has caused climate changes on Mars (reduced ice caps) and Jupiter (lost one storm band, the eye is decreasing in size), and it ain’t it our SUVs and farting cows.

    1. Hey Bud, We’ve had a couple of rovers kicking up dust there for years now. Clearly we are messing up the Martian climate!

      I’m applying for a grant today to study this further. $12-15 million ought to be enough to cover my initial study.

  5. No link to a study, no scientist named, no quote give and the citations lead to other blogs that suffer the same issues.
    Just the same old crap that climate depot continually posts.

    1. “Climatologists and astronomers speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science” in 1998
      You know, it really wasn’t difficult to track down but, that’s not your forte, is it?
      Who woulda’ thought the vast, right wing conspiracy of “denialists” was actually in full bloom way back in 1998? Just when the sun went cool and the temps stubbornly refused to rise as commanded by the warmistas!
      The bastards!
      Actually doing science!
      Unheard of!

  6. You know all the smart people of the world are always screwing things up..
    Remember how at the time of Columbus they believed the earth was flat…even though the Greeks had a God Atlas holding a Globe.
    How soon they forget!

  7. If it were to be admitted that the fluctuation in the heat emitted by the sun is causing the “warming”, there would simply be some other scheme to mitigate the problem, and that scheme would be just a variation of the oppressive regulation and taxation corruption we are currently enduring. After all, Algor and his cronies have to make their millions somehow, while controlling the people. Seriously, the “Little Ice Age” would be considered a problem caused by some misdeed of mankind, as was the “year without a summer”, 1816, caused by Mt Tambora’s eruption. It’s disgusting how stupid the population is.

  8. Being that the sun is the 2nd hottest object in the solar system, this makes perfect sense.

    The hottest object is Scarlett Johanson’s butt.

  9. If CO2 is causing global warming , that could destroy the planet ….. We need to find some useful way to use CO2 and reduce it in the atmosphere ……like ……plants…… yes lets invent plants….. to thrive on CO2 and produce O2 …..just like mother nature did 700 million years ago !!!!!!

  10. Nearly one-tenth of all sunlight that the earth receives is actually reflected from the moon. Therefore, I propose we blow up the moon, which should decrease global warming by 10%. Give me a grant now, please.

  11. “Comment: After taking billions in grant money, scientists now know better.” An incorrect quote! Should have been: “scientist now know which side of the bread is buttered.” Amazingly 95% of the “scientists” who are claimed as agreeing with “global Warming” aren’t even involved in climate studies.

  12. Anybody who doesn’t believe in man-made global warming needs to be arrested and imprisoned. I suggest using the highly-competent Royal Canadian Mounted Police as the arresting team.

    1. While your comment is quite humorous, as intended, you have actually identified an initiative that has started taking shape. The Obama administration is so sold on the concept of man made global warming caused by increased CO2 levels that it has started a push to make negative comments pertaining to the cause of global warming a hate crime.

  13. What gobbledygook!!! EVERYONE knows that in the morning, the carbon something oxide levels go UP which causes the outside temperature to go up. It’s just a coincidence that the Sun comes up at the same time which makes it SEEM like it’s the Sun warming thing up. Thank GOD I have a great Liberal college education which allows me to see through all of the BS that’s out there!!!

  14. One thing I remember from all my reading about the 1930s Dust Bowl, both novels and newspaper reports – you know, with all the record high temperatures that still stand and the drought records that have never been equaled? – is how there was a general consensus that it was all caused by excess carbon dioxide from the horseless carriage and coal-fired power plants and trains and all. Yes, I distinctly remember that.

  15. Heritic..
    how dare you suggest that a STAR burning close to our planet creates heat!!!!!

    Dont you KNOW that all of the libtarts said only co2 causes warmth
    this is the FIRST time in history that the sun was blamed for causing Heat..
    dont you know that the sun doesnt cause warmth?

    just all of the Hot air out of liberals mouths heat the earth..
    God only knows how much hot air these useless people spew out on a daily basis..

  16. But we knew that… check out the correlation of sun spots with temperature. Maunder minimum correlated with the little ice age etc.

  17. Gee imagine that… The massive heat producing star that our planet revolves around is responsible for temperature changes. These scientists may be on to something here.

  18. ive been saying thsi for years and ive been asking why the astro scientists are not speaking up about whats really causing the flucuations in our weather patterns? could it be the recent flipping of the magnetic poles on the sun, soemthing that happens every 25 years give or take a couple turns around the sun? but throw hundreds of millions of dollars america needs to fix itself, to foriegn agencies that do nothing but sit ina bldg and make up science.
    you cant fix stupid, you can only vote stupid out of office.

  19. I think I remember hearing something about the sun back when I took general science in 1965. I think the sun is still there. Even the 97% of selected scientists with a leftist agenda might agree with that.

  20. The other day I asked one of my lib friends whatever happened to the ozone hole? He told me it was fixed. However, according to NASA, it’s bigger that ever. It has nothing to do with the chemistry of CFCs. It is strictly a function of temperature. And it gets bigger when it gets colder.

    1. Maybe there’s a correlation to the size of the ice cap, also much bigger? 😉
      To think the piddly amount of CFCs produced by man had anything to do with the ozone hole is pure narcissism on steroids.

      1. Absolutely! I’ve never followed the comments on this site before. It’s really refreshing to read interesting, intelligent, and clever comments as opposed to the tripe posted by liberal idiots on other sites.

  21. EVERY climate alarmist prediction has turned out to be flat wrong. Every one of them, from vanishing Polar bears, to disappearing Arctic ice, to accelerating sea level rise, to ocean “acidification”, to global warming — which stopped more than 17 years ago. All of their predictions were wrong.

    When one group is 100.0% wrong, all the time, then reasonable people will no longer believe what they say. They are lying for grant money, and the Administration is lying in order to raise “carbon” taxes.

    There is nothing happening now that is unusual, or unprecedented. That is a fact to keep in mind when these climate charlatans try to scare the citizens. Don’t be scared. They are just lying for money. For your money. They are out to steal more of it. Don’t let them! ‘Climate change’ is a false alarm.

  22. There are much better articles than this little snippet. But then again, the obvious doesn’t need all the explaining that minutia-laden AGW hypothesis does.

  23. True, the sun plays a crucial role in cooling and warming cycles. So do these: The earth’s axial wobble and its relation to the wobble in the earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun, water vapor, volcanic activity, meteor strikes, and (hopefully not) a nuclear winter or two that may be in our future. Cyanobacteria, plant life, and all other life on the planet also make significant contributions. Man’s contribution is insignificant as was demonstrated during the last 17 years in which there has been zero global warming. Had we not contributed what we did during the last 17 years, the cooling trend we are now in would have been slightly more evident.

    Don’t let the propagandists, “bought and paid for” scientists, and billionaires withholding contributions from the Democrats until a carbon tax is passed fool you. Last winter was the coldest in over a century and the ice caps at both poles are now thickening .The North Pole’s ice cap did so at record pace last winter. The Antarctic ice has been thickening for quite a while. Just ask Greenpeace. They found out the hard way at the beginning of Antarctica’s summer last year.

  24. All we need to do is redirect as many comets in the solar system as possible into the sun to cool it off. A cooler sun means a cooler earth. As absurd as this sounds, I guarantee you some pointy-headed lefty is seriously contemplating such a scheme.

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