Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball: ‘Global warming is the greatest deception in history’

Written by Alex Newman
Climate Scare Over: Top Experts Expose Scam at Freedom Confab
PHOENIX — Call off the doomsday bunkers and carbon taxes! The “climate” scare is officially over. The time for hysteria over alleged man-made global warming and CO2 has passed…
In early December, various prestigious scientists and a wide range of experts in various disciplines converged here, in Phoenix, Arizona, to forever demolish the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) alarmism and the deadly policies the alarmism underpins. After seeing the evidence, it will be impossible for the intellectually honest to go on believing the CAGW fantasy — or “cult,” as some top scientists have referred to the alarmist movement.
The hard-hitting conference was organized by longtime liberty movement leader G. Edward Griffin and his pro-liberty organization, Freedom Force International. Under the banner of “Global Warming: an Inconvenient Lie,” Freedom Force’s 3rd Congress ran from December 2 to December 4 at The Buttes resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Attendees and speakers came from across America, Canada, and Europe to learn and participate in what organizers described as a “gathering of the world’s top experts on this subject who completely demolished the myth of anthropogenic (man-caused) global-warming.”

Also speaking at the summit was Dr. Tim Ball, a prominent climatologist and retired professor from the University of Winnipeg in Canada. He began by arguing that the man-made global-warming hysteria was actually not a hoax, technically speaking, because a hoax typically involves some humor. “This is a deception on a global scale,” Dr. Ball said, lambasting the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for what he blasted as fraud. “It is the greatest deception in history, and it affects every single thing.” Among other evidence, he showed reconstructed temperature records going back thousands of years showing that the Earth has been far warmer in the past than it is today.

Ball also discussed an ongoing $1.5 million lawsuit against him by “scientist” Michael Mann, creator of the infamous (and totally discredited) “hockey stick” graph used by climate alarmists in an effort to terrorize humanity into paying CO2 taxes and submitting to what critics call the warming “religion” or “cult.” “Mann is at Penn State; maybe he should be in the state pen,” Ball joked as he described the widely ridiculed alarmist’s abuse of the Canadian legal system to harass him. In American states, Ball said, praising the U.S. legal system, the suit would have been immediately dismissed, and he could have counter-sued. Proceedings are ongoing.

While climate science is his specialty, Dr. Ball spent time showing how the AGW scam was secondary to the pseudo-environmentalist extremists’ documented goal of reducing the number of humans on the planet. Among other evidence, Ball showed quotes from Obama’s “Science Czar” John Holdren, a former man-made global-cooling alarmist who in the 1977 book EcoScience touted forced abortions, sterilizing the public via the water supply, and creating a “planetary regime” with an armed police force to control resources and the human population. Ball also shined the light on disgraced “environmentalist” and UN bigwig Maurice Strong, who died among his ideological brethren in Communist China hiding from Western law enforcement.