Climate Flip-Flop: ‘Global Warming’ Will Now Cause LESS Disease


Climate Change Experts Flip-Flop, Again: Global Warming Will Now Cause Less Disease

Oops. Which is it?

2016 Claim: ‘Warmer climate could lower dengue risk’

Mosquito borne dengue fever

2015 Claim: ‘Dengue Outbreaks Increase with Climate Change’

Dengue Outbreaks Increase with Climate Change.clipular

The mountain of failed predictions and significant flip-flops seems to be never-ending when it comes to climate change experts.

For years they predicted (i.e. carelessly speculated) that a warming climate would increase the incidence of the nasty dengue fever disease. (See: Flashback 2011: NYT : ‘In a single article, NYT blames CO2 for allergies, Lyme disease, malaria, dengue fever, extreme weather, asthma, trauma, depression, high blood pressure, & heart disease’)

But now researchers are reporting that the incidence of the disease (and Zika as well) could actually be reduced with warming climate change. (Someone had better tell the AP and Al Gore! See: Associated Press’ Seth Borenstein Links Zika outbreak to global warming – Al Gore Aproves & NYT: ‘Global Warming’ Could Be Causing Malformed Babies In Brazil)

While climate change generally poses a major threat to humanity, it also may reduce the incidence of dengue in some areas,” said Dr Harley, an epidemiology researcher at the ANU Research School of Population Health. … The findings are also relevant to other mosquito-borne viruses including Zika because the mosquitoes that carry dengue also transmit the Zika virus. … “There is significant concern in countries on the margin of the tropical areas where dengue is mainly found, that with global warming dengue and other mosquito-borne viruses such as Zika will encroach and become common,” Dr Harley said. … “Previous projections have suggested that climate change will increase transmission of mosquito-borne diseases globally. … “Our work, using a mathematical model based on Queensland conditions, suggests that dengue transmission might decrease with greater warming.”

Naturally, this is good news that all global warming alarmists should embrace, with the exception of a single caveat regarding the study that should give pause. This latest flip-flop was based on a computer model, which is quite simply, nothing but simulated research using limited empirical evidence. Previous failed-prediction and peer-reviewed articles.



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  1. “Climate change causes more/less (circle one) ____________. We need action right away!”

    You know, this got old 10+ years ago. You’d think these alarmist would give up by now. The only reason why they haven’t is that they haven’t come up with the next thing to push their ‘control agenda’ with.

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