Climate Depot’s Morano receives threatening email: ‘You and your children should be burned in public’

An insight into the intellectual quality of Warmist believers

Marc Morano received the following barely literate email:

Although it is my belief that you and your children should be burned in public. Not be cause you are ” a skeptic”, I honestly believe that you know the science is true, but because you are to cowardly to engage in a real dialog. Since I already know your a coward, I expect this to be declined. I challenge you to debate me on climate change an average citizen with no connection to anyone. The last time I dealt with a door to door salesman, which is really all you’ll ever be, I sent away with his tale between his legs. If you don’t want to debate then let’s meet man to man and I’ll rip that stupid smile off your face. Again I know your cowardice runs deep, I am sure it runs in your family, so I know you won’t accept.


Full email here: 


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12 Responses

  1. These people are psychotic.I can actually see the day when they go all Islamic on us normal people.
    Perhaps then they will get the label they deserve…domestic terrorists.

  2. All it took to be executed in Pol Pot’s Cambodia was wearing eye glasses (because glasses make one look smart). The homicidal tendencies of ignorant, leftist totalitarians are clear to those who would see.

  3. I find this absolutely terrifying. These people seem to really fear for the future, yet can’t be bothered to actually study the subject or explore why catastrophe isn’t actually just around the corner. Or maybe they know that and oppression is their thing. I don’t know. I just know that if I thought we were facing extinction and someone showed me it wasn’t so, I’d not only be thrilled and relieved, I’d be excited enough to crawl right into the facts and figures to see for myself that there was no issue. I’d want to understand it, test it and know that it is true – I would not just take someone’s word for it.

    Is their solution to everything violence and oppression? Do they so enjoy living under the cloud of doom-and-gloom that they must fight the very notion of a normal world without impending calamity? It certainly sounds like it! They’ve been used and manipulated and don’t even know it, and they’ll get the blame and do the time should they actually cross the line – and still not know they’ve been used.

    Do such people ever wake up?

    Please do take care, Marc, we live in a very nasty world at the moment.

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  4. I simply cannot understand why, or how, some people are so full of ignorance and hatred. It HAS to be born of low intelligence. But I still struggle to comprehend how they even exist in their daily lives when they exhibit a complete lack of normal human mental processes.

    I suppose this is the downside of the wonder of internet communication.

    Good luck to you Marc (and the team at CFact). Thank you for all that you do.

  5. Get used to this form of bullies throwing a tantrum. Of course “cyber” bullies are phycically harmless. The real problem is that this is the tip of the iceberg; as this is the type of discourse propagated in your local middle school.

    By the time they get to college they are immune to critical thinking regarding popular beliefs. The social pressure on any one person resisting the popular political correctness is more than most can imagine.

    Teach your kids and grandkids to think independently. Give them a sounding board to vent. They just won’t be able to speak their mind in a group setting.

    When the pendulum swings the other way they will thrive. The pendulum will swing back as it always does.

    Even ‘fact checking’ is now the job of left wing sites like snopes. Fact checking used to be a personal obligation.

  6. I don’t know if anyone pointed this out before or not. If you believe our leaders really, truly believe the planet is near the tipping point, and that a few countries like China are close to dooming us all, they would actually take military action right now to stop it. They are not doing so. Therefore they do not believe the panic they successfully relay onto weak people. I am in the science of light studies. I know many PhD’s who see the beauty and perfection of the electromagnetic spectrum and are very leery of the whole climate change group. Unfortunately they see the politics have become so jaded the ability to do private research into the truth is being diminished. They used to be amused how the average person would get nearly violent defending “science” when many of them could not even name three elements on the periodic table. Do not let politicians control this discussion.

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