Climate Depot’s Marc Morano: ‘The GOP sweep is a victory for science. Obama’s EPA & UN agenda will now face serious setbacks’


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  1. Nice to see that this report failure of IPCC is presented along with the election, and made observable for you public. Such comments are not presented in Norwegian newspapers. Thank you.

  2. About the statement: “No matter how you slice it, the American public is not concerned or alarmed about ‘global warming’ and do not believe the government can regulate global temperatures or legislate storms.”

    Great! First Australian voters showed the world we do not have to worry about climate change by dumping its economically damaging carbon tax. Now America’s voice has also been heard, amounting to much the same thing as the Aussies. Well done, America!

    1. Way to go, Australia! And Canada dumped Kyoto.The Climategate whistle blower is the greatest unsung hero. He or she turned the course of history. Much work is to be done but the fatal blow was struck in 2009. The beast is dying.

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