Climate activists suggest Paris Terror attack linked to ISIS-OPEC attempt to kill UN climate treaty & raise oil prices

Climate activists are suggesting a conspiratorial plot in the aftermath of the Paris terror attack.

“Could the attacks and [the UN climate summit] COP21 possibly be related?,” asked Oliver Tickell, who edits The Ecologist, in an article on November 14.

Tickell’s article asked: “Is it a coincidence that the terrorist outrage in Paris was committed weeks before [the UN’s] COP21, the biggest climate conference since 2009? Perhaps. But failure to reach a strong climate agreement now looks more probable. And that’s an outcome that would suit ISIS – which makes $500m a year from oil sales – together with other oil producers.”

Tickell asked “ISIS Inc defending its corporate interests?”

“To answer that question we should first ask, what do the attacks mean for COP21?” he continued.

“So, assuming – as seems probable at this stage – that the Paris outrage was carried out by or for ISIS, was it in any way motivated by a desire to scupper a strong climate agreement at COP21? And so maintain high demand for oil long into the future, together with a high oil price? Let’s just say that it could have been a factor, one of several, in the choice of target and of their timing.”

Tickell seems to allege that the Paris Attacks were committed by some coalition of ISIS & OPEC to derail the UN climate treaty and raise oil prices.

“And of course ISIS was not necessarily acting entirely on its own. While not alleging direct collusion between ISIS and other oil producing nations and companies, it’s not hard to see a coincidence of interests,” Tickell wrote.

Reaction from climate skeptics was swift.

“Looney green tunes at @the_ecologist. A real OMG moment here folks. Completely and utterly bonkers,” wrote Andrew Montford at the blog Bishop Hill.

Montford ridiculed Tickell’s notion “that the Paris terrorist attacks were intended to disrupt the COP21 climate talks, driving up oil prices and putting petrodollars in the pockets of ISIS. Oh yes, and western oil interests were probably in on it too.”

Montford said of Tickell’s assertions, “Blimey, he’s so bonkers.”

Tickell laments terror attacks’ impact on UN climate summit

Tickell lamented that tighter security would detract from the upcoming UN climate summit. “Undoubtedly France already had a high level of security planned for Le Bourget. But now, whatever those plans are, they will be redoubled. Expect a ring of steel and concrete to go up. Expect it to be far harder for accredited journalists, campaigners, activists, even businessmen to gain access to the conference, with stringent searches, long queues, and arbitrary refusals to people who may have travelled thousands of miles to be there. Expect leaders, politicians, negotiators present at the conference to remain more firmly ensconced in their secure surroundings at Le Bourget – instead of travelling into central Paris to enjoy the city’s many charms.”

The negotiations taking place at the conference center at Le Bourget will surely be even more isolated from Paris itself, and civil society, than they were already going to be. Le Bourget is home to one of Paris’s main international airports – perfect for VIPs to fly in and out without ever leaving the airport and conference complex,” he wrote.

The Paris terror attacks may have taken the “eyes off the climate ball,” according to Tickell. “Another outcome that will surely be felt at the highest levels in the conference itself is a loss of focus on the climate, and a refocusing among world leaders present in Paris on terrorism and security,” he added.

“The potential of important ‘big picture’ climate deals cemented between presidents and prime ministers now look less likely than before – for the simple reason that world leaders are likely to take the opportunity of COP21 to talk about more immediately pressing security matters” Tickell wrote.

“So with world leaders distracted from questions of climate, the prospects of serious inter-governmental agreement on the key issues at stake in the talks – from climate finance to the legal status of any agreement reached – have just receded,” he continued.

Tickell did allow that his theory was incorrect. “Of course, this may all be accidental. Maybe Paris was just hit because of French attacks on ISIS. And maybe the now more likely failure of COP21 to achieve its aims is mere collateral damage in the increasingly savage ‘great game’ of global power politics,” he wrote.

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    1. “speculation supported only with qualified accusations.”

      Well… that’s what Mr. Morano does. He’s a fossil prostitute. Who doesn’t know that by now?

      “The devastating civil war that began in Syria in March 2011 is the result of complex interrelated factors…. water and climatic conditions have played a direct role in the deterioration of Syria’s economic conditions.”×546.jpg

      1. Oh another moron with ridiculous charts!

        Try the truth, here is the lie that NOAA commits ….

        As you can see NASA/NOAA alters data. Try some real science, go get truth at

        Today Journals are not sources of science, they are sources of dogma and lies.

        You are a fool CB, you are certainly not an honest scientist, or even well educated. When organizations fabricate data, commit fraud by altering history, you have scientific malfeasance of the highest order. Stop being an idiot, there is no global warming, hasn’t been any for years. But there is plenty of Government and Scientific corruption, and it appears you are part of too!

        So CB, I have to ask, how corrupt are you? If you’re pushing those lying charts, you are a crook. Are you benefiting too by gaining a salary or grant from the Government? If you are, then you are a fraudster and criminal. How does it feel being a thief? Stealing money from the taxpayer, supporting gangsters, all because you are too corrupt, dishonest and too incompetent, to earn an honest living. Shame on you. Shame on you! If you have earned money in any way from the great global warming lie, you belong in prison, like any other bank robber!

          1. So let me understand, you take data from a skeptical science site, and add your own interpretation. The charts I illustrate, is from REAL data from NASA, that they published in 1999 and 2015. Illustrating that NASA is committing FRAUD. I have not done anything other than publish NASA data. While you, illustrate fallacious data with nonsensical lines.


            1. “The charts I illustrate, is from REAL data from NASA”

              That may be! The link isn’t to NASA, of course, it’s to a dishonest Climate Denier propaganda site well-known for lying about NASA’s findings, but the source data may well come from NASA!

              That data pertains to the USA.

              Did you think the USA was the same thing as the world?


          2. NOTE TO READERS: CB IS AN ECO-LEFTIST TROLL who comes to comment at all sites where free debate over the uncertainty of climate science is exchanged.

            Disregard the puerile Eco-Leftist.

      2. This chart from NOAA is based on recently adjusted ocean temperatures reading from floating buoys which has been widely criticized and debunked by the scientific community. It shows what lengths the Obama administration will go to push their socialistic agenda.

        The world has warmed 1.5 degrees C since the little ice age about 200 years ago, with most of that warming occurring without any influence from man and man made CO2.

        Since the invention of thermometers, in 1880, the global temperatures have increased by 0.8 degree C with half of that increase occurring before 1950 when man made CO2 wasn’t a problem

        According to RSS satellite data, there has been no global warming for the last 18.8 years even though CO2 has increased by 10%

        New land based temperature stations installed in 2004 through out the US have recorded a 1 degree temperature decrease over the last 10 years.

        The latest UN IPCC climate report (AR5) indicated in Chapter 2 that there was a low confidence of any correlation between man made CO2 and extreme weather like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and droughts – which all are at historic lows for both frequency and intensity.

        Climate related death have decreased by 98% from 3.4 million deaths in 1934 to 34,000 deaths last year; even though the world’s population has tripled during that time.

        So the reality is that there isn’t a link between man made CO2 and catastrophic temperature increases or extreme weather; extreme weather is not getting worst or more frequent; and climate related deaths are a fraction of what they use to be.

        The whole climate scare is, and has been, about socialism and the redistribution of wealth from the rich to poor. that is why the UN wants an annual $100 billion climate fund to be establish and paid for by the rich countries so that the UN can tell the world how to live.

        1. “This chart from NOAA is based on recently adjusted ocean temperatures reading from floating buoys which has been widely criticized and debunked by the scientific community.”

          Link to this “debunking”, please.

          If you were telling the truth, isn’t this something you should be able to do?

          “The year 2014 now ranks as the warmest on record since 1880, according to an analysis by NASA scientists.”

        2. I’ve noticed that you’ve cut-and-pasted this exact comment on a number of news pieces in the past few days. Are you paid to do so? Otherwise, why are you promoting your view as if it is propaganda?

      3. Sure, that’s it. I can verify that, because of the drought and hot weather here in Southern California, hundreds of homeless and unemployed males are strapping on explosives, carrying Bibles and Crucifixes, and heading off to the nearest concert halls and stadiums they can find. I’m scared.

  1. these idiots are as bad as the these muslim extremists,they are all for killing off the “excess” population that is “killing” the earth
    we should put them in a room all together and let them sort out their differences,problem solved

  2. The Terrorist attack in Paris just illustrates how irrelevant the COP21 actually is. The terrorists simply hate everything non-Islamic. They could give a hoot about COP21. Had ISIS been thinking about it they would have waited until the COP21 meeting and hit it also…a lot more soft targets there.

    1. To a certain extent you do make sense, but ISIS are not stupid, they are very calculating. Consider:

      By this attack one month before the Mafia Convention For Climate, the French as is there want, will now spend a huge amount of money on security. ISIS will not attack again in Paris, they will attack somewhere else, most likely another soft target like say, Italy, or Germany. That’s how they work, they spread doubt and paranoia, and the French have a history of being big on paranoia. They are very shrewd, ISIS that is. This way the West will spend themselves to destruction. Take a look how ISIS works, the odd bit of terrorism, and then massive propaganda to spike the fear in people.

      Now ISIS will get exactly what they wanted, a French reaction. They, the French, will bomb ISIS, as they have already. Turkey, who is more pro ISIS than Assad, will now fear that ISIS will collapse, and the Kurds will take over and thus increase their power. Turkey stealthily will now support ISIS. This will eventually cause massive friction between Turkey and the EU/US.

      ISIS is playing all this BRILLIANTLY. They are playing the French like a Stradivarius! And the US, UK and the rest of the EU? They are blubbering around like mindless fools.

      I hate, ISIS, they are evil. But I do admit they have been manipulating the West like geniuses. NEVER in history has a terror group manage to do so much in such a short amount of time. Obama, Cameron, Hollande are being out played every single step of the way. I have to admit, I am very impressed how ISIS is doing all this.

      If the West is really serious about stopping ISIS, there is only ONE way. Kill off their funding. Forget about Syria, Iraq, Libya etc….take out Saudi Arabia, they are funding ISIS. Then this nightmare will end. But the West will not do that!

      ISIS is not going anyway…bomb them all you like, bombing them will only make them stronger. BOMBING ISIS….IS LIKE POURING GASOLINE ON FIRE!

      France is bombing Raqqa (Syria) right now, when they should be bombing Riyadh (Saud Arabia). Trust the French to do the stupid thing….and ISIS knows this! Pure brilliance.

      1. I disagree with your tactic. It is not Saudi Arabia that is funding them…some of the Princes there send money but certainly not anywhere near the majority. ISIS wants to fight, yes, but that is their nature, so take the fight to them with a vengeance, otherwise we will sit back and be saying “thank-you sir, give me another”. No thank you, hit them continuously and hit them hard. Show them the same mercy they showed the wheel-chair table at the club. ISIS are creatures only deserving in death. Sorry, off topic.

        1. ISIS, as report by several agencies, are paying their soldiers over $1,000 (US) per month. Do the math, if they have some 20,000 soldiers (and that is a conservative number), they are expending at least $20 Million a MONTH to soldiers. Now on top of this they are selling oil on the world market. How are they getting their oil on the market? It can’t go north through Kurdish or Russian territory, it can’t go east through Iran, it can’t go south-east through Iraq, it can’t go west through Syria territory still held by Assad, so it can only go through Saudi Arabia, or Turkey. Now, although the Turks are secretly pro ISIS, they would not risk passing ISIS oil through their territory, it would mean war with Russia. That leaves Saudi Arabia. Thus Saudi Arabia are not only funding ISIS but allowing ISIS oil to go on the international market.

          Its time to end Saudi Arabia!

          1. I have on very disturbing thought:

            Saudi Arabia is already very much like ISIS. It has all the state laws that ISIS is implementing, and functions very much like a legal ISIS State.

            The big question for everyone to answer…

            If/When ISIS wins in Syria and Iraq, and declares the Islamic Caliphate in proper: What is the likely outcome that Saudi Arabia will join the Caliphate?

            I say, with utmost certainly, they will join.

            What kind of mockery will that make of the US, BRITISH and FRANCE foreign policy since 1919?
            It will mean the US, Britain and France have been played for fools for the entire 20th century and beyond.

            Remember: There is no difference between life in ISIS territory and Saudi Arabia, at least not for a Muslim. There is more here at play than just terrorism. People need to wake up!

          2. ISIS also makes a steady cash flow from a ransom racket. You should also understand Saudi Arabia does not like ISIS and has quietly joined in the fight against them, because ISIS would destroy Saudi Arabia if given the chance.

  3. Why not just cut production to raise prices? Nobody dies then and oil share prices can go up over a longer period of time and more predictably.. As for the COP21, actual scientific fact hurts it more than terrorists ever could.

  4. Worthy of a Story out of the National Midnight Star, on-sale at your grocer checkout lane..what a moron, and how disgusting to use this event to press his fantasy agenda about AGW

  5. Since the AGW crowd are the same liberal idiots who supported the Iran “agreement” that helps fund ISIS, I think it is a bit ironic, yet disingenuous, to think they would throw their ISIS buddies under the bus. Insanity knows no bounds. Everyone knows this terror event was just a Friday the 13th celebration that got out of hand.

  6. Nov 5, 2015 MELTDOWN MYTH: Antarctic ice growing is just the first ‘EVIDENCE’ global warming is ‘NOT REAL’

    Antarctica is growing not shrinking, the latest satellite records show.

    You might think this would be great news for all those scientists who have been warning us over the last few years about the impending horrors of “man-made global warming” but in fact they are not happy about it, not one bit.

    Record high temperature in 1913, and the record low in 2010×353.png

  7. AGW: “CO2 is going to kill us all! We need to do something quick! Give us your money and control over your life now before it’s too late! We will save you!” then in the next breath “we need to reduce the Earth’s population to 300 million.” (see Georgia Guidestones)

    Pretty much sums up a doomsday genocidal sociopathic death cult. Why not let Nature take its course, believers? If removing most of the population on Earth is your goal, then shouldn’t we just go ahead and spew as much CO2 into the environment as possible? Non-sequitur.

    To these sociopaths, human beings are simply parasites. Except for them, of course. They will stay and rest of us will be eliminated. While they sip on their imported fair trade soy foam double machiato latte that uses far more water than beef to produce and dream of visions of deforested soy jungles in the Amazon to feed the starving sheep.

    State financed doomsday religion.

  8. Yea they know COP21 is going to fail, like all the others before it. But this time around they can use the Paris attack as an excuse, and agree to meet again in 2016.

    Gotta keep the gravy train rolling.

    Can you blame them?

  9. Planet Earth has spent as much as 25% of its 4.5 Billion year existence with atmospheric concentrations of CO2 at levels of 4000 parts per million (ppm) or greater – an order of magnitude (10x) greater than current levels of CO2 in our atmosphere – and guess what?… the Planet survived just fine… all by itself!

    On an existential scale – Planet Earth is today experiencing near-historic low levels of CO2 in our atmosphere (400 ppm). The argument can be made that there is a greater chance of Planet Earth becoming a frozen and lifeless planet (much like Mars); simply because we are closer to a CO2 deficiency on the planet than we are to an over-abundance of CO2 – a compound that is essential for the survival of all plant-life on Earth.

    The unfortunate reality is that plant-life begins to shut-down (die) when CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere drop below 150ppm – whereas today’s commercial growing operations pump upwards of 1400ppm into their Greenhouses to facilitate optimum growing conditions. Take a walk in your favourite forest or woodland and you will at times be exposed to CO2 concentrations at levels close to 600ppm… but no worries!… you’ll be just fine. In fact, Princeton Phd Physicist, Freeman Dyson in an April 2015 interview with The Vancouver Sun explains that Planet Earth has greened-up by as much as 18% in the last 40 years “… increasing our tillable land, increasing crop yields and feeding more people…” as a direct result of increased levels of CO2 in our atmosphere. In the interview Dyson states emphatically that: “… in the aggregate, increasing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are a “net benefit” for our biosphere.”

    I find it comically ironic that an entire movement that calls itself “green” has positioned itself as the greatest demonizer of the very compound (CO2) that is responsible for “greening” our Planet in the last 2 generations.

    Carbon Dioxide also forms the very basis of the food chain in our Oceans!… CO2 is consumed by vast quantities of algae and plankton in our Oceans – these micro-organisms feed the small shrimp and krill that sustain the baitfish, who in turn are prey for the larger ocean predators. Without CO2, our Oceans would be lifeless – our Atmosphere would be toxic and the Planet would be dead!

    All life on Planet Earth originated in our Oceans – it is our Oceans that act as vast storage sinks for CO2; as they absorb CO2 during our prolonged Glacial Eras and release it back into the atmosphere following the centuries-long warming process of our interglacials.

    Al Gore has CO2’s relationship to climate exactly backwards!… CO2 does not cause warming… it follows warming!… It is a trailing indicator of “warming events” that occurred in the near past (600-1000 years past) – the reason; is that our Oceans are so vast… they literally take centuries to warm-up and it is this warming process in our Oceans that releases and emits CO2 back into our atmosphere to complete the cycle during the warmer interglacial periods like our current Holocene Epoch.

    Mankind with all of his Industry, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation and Land-Use needs is responsible for emitting somewhere close to 30 giga-tons of CO2 into our atmosphere per year worldwide. Yes!… that is 30 billion tons, but it is a mere 4% of 750 giga-ton global footprint of CO2 that is emitted into our atmosphere every year by our oceans, lakes, deltas, volcanoes, forest fires, dying vegetation, animals of all kinds and microbes.

    Why then is CO2 the source of such angst and hysteria from Academia, our technocrats and Progressives?… Answer: In today’s world of misinformation, CO2 has been tagged as the prime candidate onto which our Progressive elites can attach a brand new tax, to pay for the entitlements that 1st World Nations have promised to their constituencies. While at the same time, the UN’s IPCC has become a hypocritical NGO advocate for limiting the growth potential of most 3rd World Nations who are desperate to utilize their own carbon-based energy sources in order to develop their new and emerging economies.

    I suppose under the auspices of the United Nations IPCC and alarmists everywhere, we can expect the hype and ramped-up rhetoric to increase during the Paris COP-21 meeting – soon to be augmented by the Progressive Carbon Tax, the Fresh Water Tax, the Sunshine Tax and last but not least, the Oxygen Tax!

  10. chuckle, foolish claims on climate. Left still trying to push this scam on the under educated. Most know that man cannot change the solar system…Rather, it is all about the $$$$ & total control over all you do in life….

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