CATASTROPHIC: Obama EPA climate reg to cost West Virginia $47 BILLION, 229,000 job years


Testifying before the US Senate Environment Committee, noted economist Eugene Trisko says the government’s own economic multipliers show that EPA’s Clean Power Plan, “would lead to the cumulative loss of $47 billion of [West Virginia] economic output, $11 billion of household income, and 229,000 job years of employment by 2040.”

EUGENE TRISKO: “Applying US Department of Commerce economic multipliers specific to the West Virginia mining sector, we estimate that the EPA carbon rule, and this is just the rule that’s on the books today, would lead to the cumulative loss of $47 billion of state economic output, $11 billion of household income, and 229,000 job years of employment by 2040. A job year is one job held for one year. Even larger losses would occur if an extended Power Plan were adopted along the lines of the Paris Agreement. West Virginia state output could be reduced by a cumulative $60 billion by 2040 along with a $14 billion loss of household income. A total of 288,000 job years of employment would be loss. Clearly, West Virginia can not afford such draconian economic impacts.”

Hearing to examine the local impacts of EPA’s climate regulations
US Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety
Logan, West Virginia
October 5, 2016


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  1. such a small price to pay in contrast with the hundreds of trillions of dollars which our buddy Hansen has indicated are required to combat AGWCC-eieio, why would W-VA be worried at all since the rest of the world will be similarly plunged into the stone age together with them.

  2. The late Bob Carter used the term “Kindergarten Science” to describe the statements and opinions of most of the politicians on Climate Change and that applies in spades to the President on down including many conservative pundits who need to do more than a little reading. I tire of hearing “Climate Change is Real” as though it hasn’t been going on for the last 4-5 billion years and such a statement is on par with saying “Sunrise is Real”. It is simply ignorant and emotional twaddle and is being perpetrated by all the so-called quality journalists on NPR including the kingpin on Science Friday. Let’s hope the nation get’s someone in the Whitehouse with enough common sense and knowledge not only on how the economic world actually works but also the on the idealogical and corrupt “science” behind most of the EPA regulations and presidential decrees that are pushing not only West Virginia but the nation as a whole, down the path to economic ruin.

    1. Indeed. What’s even more interesting is how alarmists try to claim that the oceans are both increasing in temperature (purportedly due to CO2 in the atmosphere), and becoming less alkaline due to CO2 absorption. They seem to ignore the fact that increased temperature reduces water’s capacity to absorb CO2. One of those pesky rules of chemistry:

  3. They never say how much the cost is for allowing Fossil to dump their pollution for free.

    Golly gosh gee whiz, I wonder why???????????????????????????????????



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