Breitbart Review: ‘Climate Hustle is dynamite’ – ‘The Perfect Antidote To Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth’

One of the most powerful sections of the documentary is the one where various scientists and academics who have dared speak the truth about global warming describe how they have suddenly found themselves ostracised by their peers.

Among them is Judith Curry, former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, who describes how she lost her faith in the alarmist establishment at the time of the Climategate emails, when climate scientists were caught red-handed in emails conspiring to withhold scientific information from their peers. She was subsequently branded a heretic.

Another one is Sallie Baliunas, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. She was viciously traduced and ostracised by her peers for questioning so-called “consensus” climate science. In the film she draws parallels with witchcraft trials in 13th century France where witchcraft was declared the most urgent threat to mankind of all and where anyone who dared disagree ran the risk of being declared a sorcerer and rejected – or worse – by mainstream society.

Another is Caleb Rossiter, a left-leaning statistician at American University, who spoke out against the alarmists when he discovered that their statistics were junk and that the measures being introduced to “combat” climate change were harming the world’s poorest. For his troubles, Rossiter had his fellowship at the US Institute for Policy Studies terminated.

By the end of this jaunty, likeable, fact-rich journey through the history of the “global warming” the viewer will be left in no doubt that climate change is one of the most egregious political and scientific hoaxes in history. Morano – even if he does look and dress a bit like a junior Mafiosi – makes a funny, engaging, no-nonsense presenter. The science is unimpeachable.

One of the key myths it demolishes is the one established by Al Gore in his pimped-up power point lecture, An Inconvenient Truth, where he climbs onto a scissor lift to show how dramatically – and apparently unprecedentedly – CO2 levels have risen in the late Twentieth Century with inevitably disastrous consequences for the planet.

This scaremongering claim by Gore is a perfect example of what presenter Marc Morano means by the “Climate Hustle”: just like in a card game where tricksters use sleight-of-hand, distraction techniques, and dirty tricks in order to con the mark (the mug punter) out of his money, so the alarmist establishment is withholding key details and presenting false or distorted information in order to extract vast sums from the gullible public. In this case, the details that Gore isn’t giving us are.



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  1. The refusal by alarmists to acknowledge that the Medieval Warming Period (MWP) was as warm, likely warmer than now gives away any credibility they may have had. Recognition
    of that fact hardly does not prove that co2 is not causing our current warming, so why do alarmists deny this fact when there’s overwhelming evidence showing that the MWP was a global event and likely warmer than now? It turns out that recognition of this obvious
    fact severely weakens their case. Even the man on the street will then ask the embarrassing question, “If it was warmer back then, and co2 obviously had nothing to do with that, why isn’t this current warming caused by whatever caused the last one?

    That’s an easy question to answer if the warmists had anything that looked like evidence. All they’d have to do is present their evidence. But there is NO empirical evidence that co2 has EVER (even over geologic periods) had any impact on our temperature, and
    during most of our planet’s existence, co2 level has been many TIMES higher than it is now. What’s more bizarre is that the only correlation between co2 and temperature is the reverse. Temperature variation occurs first, and LATER (much later, 800 to 2800 years later) similar variations (both up and downtrends) shows up in co2 variation. (It’s the climate cycle.) This correlation implies that the alarmists don’t even have a correlation supporting their position which might at least have made their hypothesis plausible.

    If even a fewother regions remote from Europe showed the MWP trend, there would be a
    necessity to immediately undertake a global investigation to resolve the issue. It turns out that there are hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, representing the work of individuals, researchers, and organizations from 40+ countries. Quite a few of these studies were completed before alarmists made their initial claims about anthropogenic warming. (They were ignored even back then!) There are links available to all those studies, at In addition to these studies (more than 1,000 by now), some 6,000 boreholes (so not confined to just ice cores) were dug around the globe. The boreholes show that the MWP trend was indeed global.

    As it turns out, there were several warming periods BEFORE the MWP, all of the warmer than the MWP, and each warmer than the later ones. The IPCC in past years recognized the global nature of the MWP, but has drifted away from that, now claiming that our current warming is a record for the past 800 years, and with a lower undefined probability perhaps also a record for the past 1200 years. The IPCC has provided no accompanying evidence for either claim.

    There is also other kinds of evidence supporting the global MWP . The Mendenhall
    glacier in Alaska recently receded sufficiently to expose splintered tree trunks (dated 1,000 years old) preserved in their original upright position. Receding Swiss glaciers have
    revealed 4,000 year-old trees. This of course shows that forests were present at latitudes where they can no longer grow. Antique vineyards dating back to the MWP have been exposed in Scandinavia and the Alps at latitudes where grapes cannot be grown even
    today. Warminsts attempting to brush off this evidence might as well ask spectators to believe their bogus hypothesis rather than their own lying eyes.

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