Billionaire funded green group funding Dem Terry McAuliffe in VA: ‘People who don’t believe in climate change should lose their jobs’

In a Switch, Green Groups Are Outspending Their Industry Foes–And Winning –

Green group funding McAuliffe: ‘People who don’t believe in climate change should lose their jobs’


National Journal excerpt:

At the beginning of 2013, the Washington, D.C.-based League of Conservation Voters scanned all elections taking place across the country, and chose three that it believed could have a major impact on global-warming policy. It then teamed up with a relatively new group, NextGen Climate Action, founded by California billionaire Tom Steyer, an Obama donor who has led campaigns to protect his home state’s cap-and-trade law, and to urge the president to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.


In Virginia, green groups homed in on the governor’s race because the Republican candidate, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, had emerged as a leading national skeptic of the science of global warming, and of efforts to stop global warming policy.

Overall, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe has vastly outraised Cuccinelli, hauling in $26 million in contributions to the Republican’s $16 million. Energy companies and environmental groups emerged as the biggest spenders – with green groups once again outspending fossil fuels.

Although McAuliffe, a former Democratic fundaiser, is hardly known as a green champion, environmentalists are backing him in order to ensure that Cucccinelli, who came under particular fire from the environmental community after launching a two-year probe into the work of former University of Virginia climate scientist Michael Mann, would lose. After the Democratic Governors’ Association, the largest single contributor to McAuliffe’s campaign is the Virginia chapter of the League of Conservation Voters, which donated $1.6 million to the Democrat. NextGen gave $674,000. The Sierra Club kicked in $144,000.

“People who don’t believe in climate change should lose their jobs,” says Casey, the NextGen consultant.

McAuliffe was happy to ride the wave of the green groups’ support. Although he’s never been outspoken about the need for climate policy–and at times waffled on whether he backed Obama’s climate regulations—his campaign did run TV ads bashing Cuccinelli for his probe of climate scientist Mann, and appeared with Mann on the campaign trail.

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    1. Let’s just quit and go on the public dole. They might just change their minds when they have to take care of us PLUS the lazy SOBs that vote burueacratic socialist.

  1. evance

    Civic & Social Organization Professional

    There are must be something hidden behind, why is it so?

    Greed, lies, and peoples fear. People
    have been afraid of the future since life began. People have created
    fairy-tales and fantasies to make there live tolerable so they don’t
    have to deal with the reality of every day life. This is religion.

    The group that call themselves
    environmentalists and AGW have used this fear of the future to get
    people to forget that science requires that a Hypotheses like the
    Greenhouse gas effect must be demonstrated by “credible clinical
    studies”/ credible experiments, this has not been done.

    The laws of physics and thermodynamics
    which have been proved by thousands if not millions of experiments
    shows that the Greenhouse gas effect does not exist.

    Weather is showing that the
    environmental vampire /AGW’s are absolutely wrong.

  2. ‘….his campaign did run TV ads bashing Cuccinelli for his probe of climate scientist Mann, and appeared with Mann on the campaign trail.’
    Ha. So long as McAuliffe doesn’t heed Mann’s forecasts, election-related or otherwise, he’ll have a chance.

  3. Australians Find their Voice Against Junk Government CO2 ‘Science’
    Written by Dr. Judy Ryan
    My name is Judy Ryan. I am a retired epidemiologist in Canberra, Australia. I became a global warming skeptic in June 2012 during a course run at the University of the Third Age by Marjorie Curtis. Marjory is a retired geologist and encouraged our class to write letters to the media questioning the science behind Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW). She was unaware at the time of just how well that idea would resonate with me and what the result would be. Needless to say, Marjory and I have become good friends and she is the co-signer on the public letters that I write to prominent climate alarmists. (CA’s)
    Climate skepticism was regarded by many as a key factor in the result of the recent Australian elections. But our enduring goal is to defeat scientific corruption, then delay its recurrence for as long as possible. We realize that if we let this global warming scam die gracefully, its perpetrators may insidiously start on the next one.
    Marjorie and I decided to focus on the issue of possible scientific corruption in our public letters because (1) scientific discussion with CA advocates can inadvertently lend credibility to the underlying scam, (2) it is easier for the general public and the media to understand, and of much more interest to them.
    The public letter writing campaign commenced on the 13th January 2013 with the first letter to climalogist and government advisor on climate, David Karoly (The thread can be seen on my facebook page ( The campaign has continued unabated and now contains public letter threads with Tim Flannery who is not much of a correspondent ( The previous Minister forClimate Change Greg Combet Will Steffen and Leslie Hughes The letter to Will Steffen and Lesley Hughes is particularly hard hitting as it provides the recipients with the definition of fraud. .Its questions are supported in the audio from the Canberra Community forum 2013 where Will Steffen and Lesley Hughes were required to respond to the question relating to possible fraud. .
    The letter writing campaign is working well. Flannery, Karoly and Steffen are rarely seen advocating climate alarmism on the media. Others are taking their place, however, and they will soon be receiving their very own public email.
    The ongoing plan is to keep on emailing prominent CA advocates using the strategies of (1) including clear robust evidence for the null hypothesis that journalists can easily understand; (2) copying in increasingly large numbers of media outlets with each letter. The aim is not necessarily to get published in the media at this stage, but to unsettle the CA advocate so that they stop propagating propaganda and (3) educating and informing the media so that they will align with us skeptics and become interested in a possible good series of articles exposing the scam; (4) empowering others to publicly address the issue by placing the letters, and media and political email lists with instructions for easy copy and paste etc on Facebook, and Linked In with pointers in Twitter.
    Steps One and Two are fully operational. Step Three is partially accomplished. Step Four is also partially accoomplished. The letters and email lists are on Facebook, but to the best of my knowledge no one has used them for a public letter writing campaign yet. We will be absolutely delighted when that happens as we realize that the strategy works. Climate Alarmists are scared of public exposure, and so they should be.
    In closing all of the above is merely our opinion. The fact that it is supported by the evidence may be coincidental.
    Dr Judy Ryan
    Dr Marjory Curtis

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