Twenty Years Of ‘Unprecedented Melting’ Has Left Arctic Sea Ice Unchanged

Twenty Years Of Unprecedented Melting Has Left Arctic Sea Ice Unchanged

Climate experts say that the Arctic sea ice is melting down, and will be gone by 2013. The amount of sea ice in the Arctic is essentially identical to 20 years ago. Daily Arctic Sea Ice Maps BBC NEWS | Science/Nature … Continue reading →

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George Weigel: The Battle of the Blogs over papal environmentalism

The inept Vatican press operation has proven incapable of disciplining the pre-encyclical spin; and no good service was done the pope or the reception of his encyclical when the Vatican official who triggered this whole affair in the Guardian staged a climate-change conference in Rome that assiduously excluded those skeptical of the U.N.’s global-warming orthodoxies (thereby defying the pope’s expressed wish for open conversation in the Church).

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‘Pollen Tsunami’: NBC Doctor claims ‘climate change raises CO2 levels — really contributes to the pollen’

The media have repeatedly pushed the idea that medical ailments like allergies have been made worse by climate change. In 2007, the Today show claimed that climate change had somehow caused a rise in food allergies.

In 2011, Time magazine declared: “A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows a link between warming temperatures and a longer ragweed pollen season.”

In 2013, Newsweek warned its readers: “Rising temperatures are also likely to blame, causing plants like ragweed to bloom earlier this year-extending the sniffling season for the 10 to 20 percent of Americans allergic to the plant-and also possibly causing some allergenic plants to move farther north, affecting people who didn’t know they were allergic.”…

Listen: UN promotes new ‘global warming’ song: ‘It is the human rights issue of all time’

UNFCCC Newsroom presents a new entry in our special section Climate Song for Paris COP 21 which was kindly submitted by Diana Lindley. The song Love-a-lution- RIGHT NOW! was written and recorded to mark last September’s events in New York around the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit and the Global Day of Action on Climate Change when more than 300.000 people marched in the streets of Manhattan and many more people did the same in cities around the world.

Love-a-lution- RIGHT NOW!


Join this Love-a-lution
Warriors heed
The calling of your hearts
Be part of the solution
Wherever you are …
It’s the place to start
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on

Whoever you are
Young or old
Rich or poor
Male or female
Climate change affects everyone
It is the human rights issue of all time
It is the single biggest threat to human health and security
Wherever you live
No matter what country
You must assert your rights as citizens

‘Cause climate safety
Is a human right
The time has come
For the world to unite
We need to

This is a government policy issue …
The fate of ALL people is at stake!
Decisions that are being made by world leaders
Will decide the future of life on Earth.
According to the latest science,
We must ACT NOW
To begin our transition
To a 100 percent carbon-free
Clean energy economy.
To ensure our future …
We can and must
Decrease our carbon emissions
Starting NOW!
We absolutely must
STOP burning fossil fuels
In the coming decades
Humanity has fallen
Out of balance
With Natural laws…

Grandmother Turtle is
Gonna lead the way
Guide us to a better day
Her back is strong and wide enough
For everyone

Climate change is everybody’s issue.
We are facing a planetary emergency
And a rapid response is required.
International cooperation and unity
Is needed – RIGHT NOW!
It will take all of us working together
To build an economy that values and respects Life.
Take action – RIGHT NOW!
So we can begin
Worldwide efforts to restore
The natural systems
On which we depend
We have the technology and solutions!
What we really need
Right now is YOU
Whatever country you live in
Write to your …