Watch: Weather Channel Founder Slams Prince Charles & Al Gore: ‘They are dead wrong. This is science gone bad’

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  1. Let’s not forget both Charles and Al are bat shit crazy, so any utterances from either should be disregarded as pure nonsense. Mr. Coleman please…. Facts, empirical evidence, observed data mean nothing to AGW zealots. They have no intention of ever giving this folly up, simply because they are too invested in the lie. I believe the latest excuse is the oceans ate the heat. Again this can’t be proven or dis-proven, albeit highly unlikely, nevertheless the lie continues. The Syrian thing is laughable at best, it only proves the entire theory has reduced itself to blind religious belief.

  2. Like all progressive eco-alarmists, Prince Chuckie is a fellow travelling useful idiot and is a ‘serial hypocrite’ with a fleet of limos and a jet set lifestyle.

  3. This is typical of how dishonest the debate is. Coleman said ‘no significant man made warming’ not no warming, or no climate change. The contribution of human CO2 emissions to global temperature lies in the second place of decimals of a degree C. They may reinforce natural warming, or mitigate natural cooling by a few hundredths of a degree, but they are not the driving force in our climate

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    2. CO2 drives NOTHING but plant growth … not even “in the second place of decimals of a degree C” … a gas cannot keep you warm … sorry, not possible in this universe.

  4. Actually, it’s the alarmists that are inflicting “climate terror” on us via their fearmongering. It’s rather terrifying when you have people trying limit the flow of cheap energy..

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