Warmist Media Matters Misquotes Morano in Attempted Hit Piece: Claims Morano said ‘scientific journals” say global warming is not ‘real’ – Reality Check: Morano specifically was referring to the claims of man-made ‘global weirding’ of extreme weather as not being ‘real’

Media Matters writes:

After Morano rattled off his usual talking points, dismissing any trend of increasing extreme weather events, Lemon said, “We get your point. You don’t think [climate change] is real.” Morano responded, “Scientific journals don’t think it’s real.”  

Climate Depot Rebuttal: A viewing of the segment or reading the transcript clearly reveals both Morano and the CNN host Don Lemon were specficially referring to the previously mentioned “global weirding” or a “new normal” in extreme weather.

The actual transcript reads: 

MORANO: …So on every measure of extreme weather, it ain’t there. ‘Global weirding’ is nothing more than a pseudoscience expression. And in the 1970s, the global cooling scare, as popularized in the media and by many scientists, they blamed extreme weather, in fact, specifically “Newsweek,” the 1974 tornado outbreaks, on global cooling.


MORANO:  They had their own 1970s version of global weirding.

LEMON: — we get your point. You don’t think it’s real.


LEMON: Michael –

MORANO: Scientific journals don’t think it’s real.

And then later in segment:


MORANO: Extreme weather is consistent with the history of the earth. There is no trend to point to climate change. It’s not there.

Now, that’s separate from the larger question of, is climate change happening. That’s a different question. But, of course, climate change is governed by hundreds of factors


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