Warmist Heidi Cullen & Climate Central’s ‘Heavy Funding’ From Feds

Heidi Central’s Funding


By Paul Homewood I wondered where Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central got its funding from earlier. Remember that according to Wiki, Climate Central is a nonprofit news organization that analyzes and reports on climate science. Thanks to Jos, who points us to the relevant page on their website: http://www.climatecentral.org/what-we-do/funding We can recognise many of these as what Owen Paterson has previously referred to as the green blob. For instance, ClimateWorks, The Packard Foundation, Flora Family, Rockefeller and so on. There is evidently heavy funding as well from Federal organisations. So taxpayers are having to pay Climate Central to produce what is often grossly inaccurate and misleading propaganda, which in turn supports the Federal Government’s agenda.

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