The Unending Pause: IPCC Scientist Prof. Mojib Latif Now Sees Global Warming Pause Extending To 30 Years!

Via The No Tricks Zone: The Unending Pause: IPCC Scientist Prof. Mojib Latif Now Sees Global Warming Pause Extending To 30 Years!

Leading IPCC scientist Prof Mojib Latif extends the climate warming pause to 2025. Will it ever end?

From Sebastian Lüning’s and Fritz Vahrenholt’s “Die kalte Sonne” site here (translated by P Gosselin):

Not a week goes by without Mojib Latif appearing in the media. On September 29, 2014 the climate preacher appeared in α-Forum at Bavarian Radio. The pdf of the show is here. Interestingly in the interview Latif extends the warming pause to 2020 and even 2025. That’s another 11 years, which will easily take him well into retirement. Latif is a clever one. What follows is an excerpt from the interview:

BR: Curiously it is indeed despite the rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and also in the seas – we’ll talk more about this in more detail later – the global temperature has not risen lately. How does one explain this?

Latif: Well, this is really nothing unusual. That does not surprise climate scientists like me at all, as for us this is completely normal. When one takes a look at the development since 1900, that is the last 110 years, then we see that it has not always gone up. Rather it has progressed in waves. This is why it is necessary to look at long time periods. If we look at the entire time period, then it is impossible to miss seeing the rise. In 2008 in the journal “Nature” I myself predicted the pause: Back then it created a huge echo in the global media. I’m wondering why all of this seems to have been forgotten in the meantime.

BR: The reaction was also that some said that the thing with climate change indeed could not be so bad if the annual mean temperature also dropped again..

Latif: The reaction went in every direction. The reaction was, as you just formulated: ‘Everything can’t be so bad!’ But there was also great amazement that the temperature rise is not continuing even though greenhouse gases keep rising. In this study I expressly said that it does not mean that it’s all over, but that the temperature increase will rise even faster – starting in 2020, 2025.”


Latif claims that the pause “does not surprise” climate scientists like himself at all. Yet, 2025 would mean the pause lasting almost 30 years. It’s strange that not a single climate model predicted a 30-year pause. Latif is not surprised that 100% of the models will have been all wrong?


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