The sun has gone quiet…solar cycle 24 continues to rank as one of the weakest cycles more than a century

The sun has gone quiet…solar cycle 24 continues to rank as one of the weakest cycles more than a century

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Overview Ten days ago, the sun was quite active and peppered with several large spots. Now the sun has gone quiet and it is nearly completely blank. It appears that the solar maximum phase for solar cycle 24 may have been reached and it is not very impressive. It looks as if this solar cycle is “double-peaked” (see below) which is not all that uncommon; however, it is somewhat rare that the second peak in sunspot number during the solar max phase is larger than the first. In fact, this solar cycle continues to rank among the weakest on record which continues the recent trend for increasingly weaker cycles. The current predicted and observed size makes this the smallest sunspot cycle since Cycle 14 which had a maximum of 64.2 in February of 1906. Going back to 1755, there have been only a few solar cycles in the previous 23 that have had a lower number of sunspots during its maximum phase. For this reason, many solar researchers are calling this current solar maximum a “mini-max”. Solar cycle 24 began after an unusually deep solar minimum that lasted from 2007 to 2009. In fact, in 2008 and 2009, there were almost no sunspots, a very unusual situation during a solar minimum phase that had not happened for almost a century.


Consequences of a weak solar cycle First, the weak solar cycle has resulted in rather benign “space weather” in recent times with generally weaker-than-normal geomagnetic storms. By all Earth-based measures of geomagnetic and geoeffective solar activity, this cycle has been extremely quiet. However, there is some evidence that most large events such as strong solar flares and significant geomagnetic storms tend to occur in the declining phase of the solar cycle. In other words, there is still a chance for significant solar activity in the months and years ahead.

Second, it is pretty well understood that solar activity has a direct impact on temperatures at very high altitudes in a part of the Earth’s atmosphere called the thermosphere. This is the biggest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere which lies directly above the mesosphere and below the exosphere. Thermospheric temperatures increase with altitude due to absorption of highly energetic solar radiation and are highly dependent on solar activity.

Finally, if history is a guide, it is safe to say that weak solar activity for a prolonged period of time can have a negative impact on global temperatures in the troposphere which is the bottom-most layer of Earth’s atmosphere – and where we all live. There have been two notable historical periods with decades-long episodes of low solar activity. The first period is known as the “Maunder Minimum”, named after the solar astronomer Edward Maunder, and it lasted from around 1645 to 1715. The second one is referred to as the “Dalton Minimum”, named for the English meteorologist John Dalton, and it lasted from about 1790 to 1830. Both of these historical periods coincided with below-normal global temperatures in an era now referred to by many as the “Little Ice Age”. In addition, research studies in just the past couple of decades have found a complicated relationship between solar activity, cosmic rays, and clouds on Earth. This research suggests that in times of low solar activity where solar winds are typically weak; more cosmic rays reach the Earth’s atmosphere which, in turn, has been found to lead to an increase in certain types of clouds that can act to cool the Earth.

Outlook  The increasingly likely outcome for an historically weak solar cycle continues the recent downward trend in sunspot cycle strength that began over twenty years ago during solar cycle 22. If this trend continues for the next couple of cycles, then there would likely be more talk of another “grand minimum” for the sun. Some solar scientists are already predicting that the next solar cycle, #25, will be even weaker than this current one. However, it is just too early for high confidence in these predictions since some solar scientists believe that the best predictor of future solar cycle strength involves activity at the sun’s poles during a solar minimum and the next solar minimum is still likely several years away.



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  1. I wonder if the mainstream media will report this article.

    As we all know, Global Warming was nothing more than a confiscation of taxpayers money.

    Global Warming, Scam of the Century. Senator Inhoffe from Oklahoma wrote a book on this subject. He was absolutely correct, this is a SCAM. Designed to take our money. Al Gore should be embarrassed.

    1. I don’t think it is possible to embarrass a liberal, they will never admit they are wrong even if they are covered with a mountain of evidence and facts. Truth does not matter to them, just their agenda. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

    1. Now look at what you just did. Al Gore will now make hundreds of millions of dollars more off of that one. You had better get your statement copy righted and get some of it.

      1. Well, with all those greenhouse gases on Earth absorbing more sunlight and reflecting less back towards the sun, that would have a cooling effect on the sun, right?

        That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

          1. Did you vote for Obama twice, or do you vote 6 or 8 times like all the other democraps? That’s why dems don’t like voter photo ID’s.

        1. Perhaps the article could have mentioned that the previous many decades had much more solar activity than the historical average, and using history as a guide correlates with the slight increase in average worldwide temps during that time.

              1. Don’t worry Paul, if they set you on fire, we will put out the flames with a CO2 fire extinguisher. Wow, I knew there was a really good use for that stuff besides feeding plants.

              2. But please, don’t use fossil-fuel. And don’t forget to spent a millions of taxpayers money on constructing a device that collects and stores the emissions.

            1. You guys all sound like douchebags. I studied climate for 5 years at a university. There is a fairly well understood science behind all of this. The author did his best, but you all sound like a bunch of mercury drinking imbeciles.

              1. Right you are….political science is behind all this. Words are everything. You should have studied critical thinking. We went from global warming to climate change. Why? Politics and money.

              2. The understood science, Kev, is that if you don’t get the results from the factual data you input into a computer model, you make up your own data.

              3. tell us how global warming caused the sun to cool
                you sound more of a doosh and I ain’t impressed your failing that climate course for 5 years at the community college

              4. Look in the mirror and go back to a school that looks at science and not study grants.

                Earth’s climate is cyclic, and the warmest year in RECORDED history was about 1930.

                Our climate has cycled from hot to cold from its inception, and man had nothing to do with it.

                A prominent scientist and former
                NASA researcher has added his voice to those who challenge the “scientific
                fact” that manmade carbon emissions are causing global warming.

                Dr. Leslie Woodcock is a professor
                emeritus of chemical thermodynamics at the University of Manchester in England,
                with a Ph.D. from the University of London, and served as a senior research
                consultant at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Laboratory in Ohio.

                In an interview with Britain’s
                Yorkshire Evening Post, Woodcock declared: “The theory of ‘manmade climate
                change’ is an unsubstantiated hypothesis.

                “The theory is that CO2 emitted
                by burning fossil fuel causes ‘global warming.’ In fact, water is a much more
                powerful greenhouse gas and there is 20 times more of it in our atmosphere [than
                carbon dioxide].

                “Carbon dioxide has been made
                out to be some kind of toxic gas but the truth is it’s the gas of life. We
                breathe it out, plants breathe it in. The green lobby has created a do-good
                industry and it becomes a way of life, like a religion. I understand why people
                defend it when they have spent so long believing in it.”

                Woodcock is also a Fellow of the
                Royal Society of Chemistry, a founding editor of the journal Molecular
                Simulation, a recipient of a Max Planck Society Visiting Fellowship, and a
                former guest scientist at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and

                He went on to say: “If you talk
                to real scientists who have no political interest, they will tell you there is
                nothing in global warming. It’s an industry which creates vast amounts of money
                for some people.

                “The temperature of the earth
                has been going up and down for millions of years. If there are extremes, it’s
                nothing to do with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s not permanent and
                it’s not caused by us. Global warming is nonsense.

                “It’s become almost an
                industry, as a consequence of this professional misconduct by government
                advisers around the world.”

                But he added: “You can’t blame
                ordinary people with little or no science education for wanting to be seen to
                be good citizens who care about their grandchildren’s future and the

              5. Kev, do you have any response to the information below from josetoyou? Maybe you could call him a name like, ‘mrknowitall’, or something like that. Name-calling is a good tactic for refuting scientific observation

          1. No, it shouldn’t have mentioned that, and it didn’t. You clearly have no expertise on the subject, because you don’t agree with the concensus.
            I was just thinking about this consensus thing. When people started clapping for Stalin, before he put the bell in, do you think it was the consensus that stopping first was bad for one’s health.
            Consensus, like Ovomit, the great unifier.

          2. You make entirely too much sense to be taken seriously. If you work in any scientific field, drink the Kool-Aid or prepare to lose your job.

          1. So Dick Cheney was over at the Koch bros. place last night….Rick Santelli was there too – and they came up with this thing where they could blacken the sun to kill all the nonwhites.

        2. Sheesh! Usually it’s the liberal tools who don’t pick up on satire; that’s what makes it so easy to punk them! For those who are still confused, even if the Earth had a perfect albedo like Venus and reflected everything back, the Sun would still produce at least 34.596 x 10¹⁵ (that’s quadrillion) times more radiation than it get’s back from the Earth

        3. Nice monicker, ma’am. Years ago, I nicknamed the senior admin on a project “Auntie Armour” – we were building a device to obliterate Soviet-era T-72’s

        4. That’s exactly right! Al Gorical and Steven Hawking proved in front of an audience of 47,340 climate physicists and scientists in June, 1997, that less heat reflected back from the earth would, using the Mylinter Effect, cool the Sun.

      2. Al Gore is NUTS! Again, even his home State of Tennessee DID NOT vote for this air-head to become President. HIS OWN STATE!! The millions he has made by expounding on the false assumption of global warming SHOULD BE TAXED! Someone has to tell “Fat Albert” that he’s out of touch, out of time and hopefully, out of money! How stupid are the Democrats that support this nutcase? Unfortunately, Al’s mental capacity is thinning just like the hair on his head. Check out this headline: SUMMER 2013: 2,899 Record cold temperatures vs 667 record warm temps. Or how about this: Earth undergoing global COOLING since 2002. OR – 51% MORE ICE IN ARCTIC THAN ON THIS DATE LAST YEAR! You see, the Inconvenient Truth is that Al IS an idiot – – using short range findings to exacerbate his “intellectual prowess” when in reality HE IS NUTS! Al needs to be reminded to: “Please hold on to all railings as you walk through life, its the only grip on reality that you will ever have!”

        1. Exactly-according to the metrics laid out by the goracle and Franklin Raines(the carbon bank “manager”-and director of Freddie Mac for clinton and a black man), the goracle owes ME >$50,000, AND I WANT MY MONEY NOW!

      1. California voters passed a cap and tax scheme that is set to start kicking in. When the dimwits see their utility bills double then triple maybe it will dawn on them how dim they really are. This is going to fall hardest on the poor.

        1. The poor? They get free stuff including utilities, This will kill the middle class. Obama is okay with that though the Dems needs more poor to give things to to secure their voting block. Poverty is the new slavery and the Dems are the new slavemasters.

        2. Poor don’t pay for a thing. They just get a bump in welfare checks. Middle class will pay thru the nose until we’re all on welfare.

    2. Oh he’ll Blame all the !948 BUICKS still being on the Road….Obama’s BIG ears and Flat feet .. and the Laundry girl at the hotel who Took him out of the Closet!!!

      1. This ain’t no Joke. In the film America, Dnesh D’Sousa documents how Saul Alinsky, who wrote Rules for Radicals which is Obama’s Bible, tagged along with Frank Nitti for months to learn the mob’s tricks…

    3. Agreed. They will change from saying the earth will get warmer to all weather events will be more severe. Don’t have to be right about temperature. Whenever there is a significant weather event they will claim it has never be worse. High CO2 just amplifies what happens during weak solar activity.

    4. Al said he was going to take a space shuttle to the sun to check it out. Somebody asked him if he didn’t think it would be too hot. Al said, no problem, I’m going at night.

    5. Yeah the heat reflecting off the green-house gasses of the Earth are bombarding the sun and pushing it down where it cannot form sunspots as easily. The debate is over. Mankind is littering the galaxy with this heat, just like when we left all the space junk lying around on the surface of the moon from the Apollo missions. It’s gotta piss off God who created the moon precisely the way he wanted it to look. [yes IAM kidding]

      1. You are so amusing. There have been periods when the CO2 was much higher than now and nothing happened.

        The earth is not that fragile. Ice Ages and interglacial periods have come and gone. We seem over due for an Ice Age. It’s been calculated that the only technology which would survive the next Ice Age would be porcelain toilets.

        Since you want to stray into theology, in Genesis, God gave us humans control over the earth. I assume that means the moon, as well. Not that we have done worst than leave some footprints and a used vehicle or two.

          1. An Ice Age seems likely, because we’re at the end of an extra long interglacial period. But, will we get will there in a decade or a thousand years? Surprises may lie ahead.

            Handing all power to the government, as the Environmentalists want, solves nothing. The FEDs are such screw ups these days. They can’t even take care of a few kids. What would they do in a real, rather than an Obama caused, emergency?

            How dare you use accurate charts. How are they going to scare people to death? LOL

        1. I always stray into theology. All we know about Quantum Mechanics (Standard Model) is that it appears to have originated at a singularity. However this singularity could be a point in 10-dimensional space at the center of some 10-dimensional black hole. Nobody knows. Assuming some mythological book written 2000 years ago is true seems foolish to anyone not already brainwashed into it. Faith and brainwashing are identical things under two different names. Have I revealed too much? TMI?

          1. I thought that singularity was pretty much “settled science,” you know like climate change. It appears you just might be a “singularity denier.” To be sure though, it just could be a point in 10-dimensional space at the center of some 10-dimensional black hole. As we all know, there’s are a ton of evidence compiled here on earth of the existence of 10-dimensional space. I think I’ll stick with my mythological book filled with fact versus your comic book fiction movie.

            1. Lol. Your mythological book is a lot simpler, because it didn’t have to explain the slit experiment, entanglement, spintronics, wave-particle duality, the speed of light, the standard model, and the reason there are only 4 fundamental force fields that are all eerily similar in their inverse-squareness. Science is for those who genuinely seek truth, and mythology is for those who are satisfied merely to claim to, and brainwashed and delusional enough to believe they have some truth in their grasp, when it is merely stand pouring through a clenched fist of sand. If you open your hand and look it’s all magically GONE.

                1. Robert, so do you believe every Myth until it’s proven to be untrue? How do you know which Myths to believe without using logic and reason, both of which will rule out all religions in 2 seconds flat? The sane unbrainwashed approach is to not believe something unless it is proven true, and to not believe anything that is provably false.

    6. That is so silly. It has to do with high CO2 levels. E. Anglia said so. Has to do with the hockey puck curve and mother polar bears tossing cute polar bear cubs off ice flows. get with the program.

    7. What No One Will Tell You Is There Is Evidence That The Sun Is Rapidly Dying. Why Do You Think Governments Are Fighting To BeThe First To Colonize Mars?

    8. I’m sure he is already banging his two brain cells together in a feverish attempt to find some explanation for this phenomena which will further enrich his fat a#s!

    9. You must know it’s the earth and our AGW that effects the sun and not the other way around.
      What are you, one of those nuts that thinks with logic instead of emotion? How dare you. :>)

    10. More like, How long will it take Al Gore to take credit for slowing down “global warming”? He will claim the work they have done has finally stopped it, now all they need is billions more and of course, more control over our lives.

    1. Jason, for the past 50 years books have been written on this subject. In fact, the correlation has been known for decades. I’m assuming that you are being funny,.

    2. SSSSsssshhhh! Don’t tell the Liberals, they will have nothing left to scream and rant about! Oh wait, that still leaves killing innocent babies! No worries carry on!

    3. Yes – that is why the Koch brothers have secretly developed an extremely powerful laser that is capable of removing these ‘blemishes’ from the face of the sun.

    4. Decreased solar output can cause global cooling, but increased solar output can never ever under any circumstances be the cause for global warming. Ever. Only humans can cause global warming, and then the only solution is to tax productive people.

  2. But…but…Obama said it was established science that humans are creating global warming! Move along…just ignore this…the sun is not important.

    1. It is hard to take a politician seriously when they back such questionable science as man made global warming (climate change now to cover their rears). Unfortunately, we are stuck with Barry Soetoro Hussein Barack Baracka Obama.

  3. Alert Al Gore! Carbon emissions are surely to blame for this. The sun needs your tax dollars to reboot. Send your checks to Mr. Gore a.s.a.p. Our very lives depend on it.

      1. I can do one better.

        ‘You are a wassist if you don’t give money to save yellow sun.’ Eric Holder screamed waking up from his dream where addition of Black Panther division of IRA was being debated in DNC

  4. from =2006:

    Khabibullo Abdusamatov of the Pulkovo Astronomic Observatory in St. Petersburg said Monday that temperatures will begin falling six or seven years from now [Feb 2006], when global warming caused by increased solar activity in the 20th century reaches its peak,

  5. How can this possibly be?!? The science is settled. The Sun has nothing to do with temperature or climate on earth… Oh, I am soooooooooo confused!


  6. Man! I came here with all kinds of great comments and EVERYBODY already beat me! I can tell that Algore Bullsh*t is starting to become common knowledge.

  7. We have absolutely no idea what is “normal” solar activity if there is such a thing. To call a 100 year study of anything weather or solar related is total BS

    1. Well the studies go back hundreds of years. I learned how the lack of sun activity caused cold eras and warming periods are more rare. Those periods of cold resulted in mass extinctions and in recent times political instability and starvation. Much longer period of studies than climatologists.

  8. Flat Earthers take notice that this is proof positive that Global Warming/Dramatic Climatic Change/CAGW is real. CO2 is causing the sunspots to disappear faster than the polar ice caps.

    1. Flat earthers? They are the ones that can’t prove their theory.
      Ice caps? Hopefully you mean ice cap. One is getting larger.
      God, i hope my sarcasm detector is malfunctioning.

  9. Let me see if I understand….The Sun produces less heat….and the Earth gets cooler….Has anyone called the U.N. for confirmation? We must spend a couple of billion dollars to study this phenomenon. Call Al Gore quick, we need someone with his laser like ability to focus on this hereto Un-explainable event.

  10. See what we’ve done now? Our disregards for our atmosphere has even effected the Sun. No wonder we’re in the emergency throws of Global Warming, auh, I mean Climate Change, auh, I mean,,, auh, ,,,,,,,,,, I need some help here Uncle Al Goria. Can I get some help here Al?

  11. DOOM DOOM DOOM it’s just around the corner, DOOM I SAY!

    That was actually the output of the latest and greatest modeling program the AGW chicken little’s have spent their lives developing.

  12. We are screwed! Millions of people will perish due to the cold and starvation. The only way to counter this is to pump CO2 into the air. Reopen the coal mines and burn mega tons of coal to power this economy and it will help to keep the temperatures from plummeting.

    1. Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel, so let’s have beans at every meal.


  14. Due to Global Warming the sun is cooling! Turns out the sun objects to automobile exhaust and carbon dioxide in the ozone layer…or “Climate Change” as the wacko-environmentalist refer to it! When we tried to contact the sun…Sol was not available for comment. In other related news, California Governor Jerry “Drool-cup” Brown was urging legislators to pass a cap and trade, carbon tax on the sun until the sun started to warm back up! “I’m tellin’ ya…it worked in the dinosaur era when the sun objected to all that dino-flatulence warming the globe! I know for a fact cuz I was there! We taxed him reeeal good!” Tomorrow’s follow up article: “Is the moon way too cool to warm up to the idea of Moonal Warming…or is it just being coy!?”

  15. What a shocker, the know it alls dont know jack squat, once again, but the funding must come from somewhere so they will fabricate lies to help politicians who deliver the money

    1. Just tune in to MSNBC. If they cover this study at all, it’ll somehow be evil capitalists with their guns and flatulent cows making the sun sick.

  16. amazing! Every time the sun goes quiet, the earth cools and every time it acts up, the earth warms. Someone tell liberals who have raised our energy prices to fight man-made warming non-sense!

      1. The people that are believers in anthropogenic global warming will believe my post and just wait, the scientist will come up with some nonsensical reasoning for the cooling which is actually warming to them.

  17. Forget about how the sun effects earth’s climate…it’s all about too many Buicks, Caddies and Humvees on the road…and flatulence, don’t get me started…

  18. As one who has long been skeptical of the alarmist AGW case, I find it disturbing that with an historically weak solar cycle, temperatures have not declined. So they have plateaued. That’s great. But all other things being equal, shouldn’t temperatures have already started to decline…or not. Knowledgeable guidance would be appreciated.

    1. Wellllllll…. you have heard how they are fudging the temperature date, right? You have been paying attention to this, right? That they are cherry-picking which monitoring stations to actually monitor, and then “modelling” the data for the rest… and you know how good all their models are, right?

      So, is your assertion that temperatures have not declined actually a factual statement? ….

      1. I don’t know. The only claim made from skeptical scientists that I’m aware of is that temps have plateaued, not fallen.As an example look at the link above, which reads, “Global Temperature Standstill Lengthens…”. So I assume there isn’t strong evidence that we have entered a period of declining temps. But I could be wrong.

        My question was more directed to where we are in this declining solar cycle relative to when temps started to drop in previous cycles. Maybe we aren’t even at that point yet, but if we are, and all we’ve gotten is a cessation of the warming, I think that would be troublesome. Maybe not.

        I’m raising questions I don’t know the answer to, not making assertions. I just want to better understand the implications of solar activity to the underlying question of actual sensitivity of temperature to carbon levels. It does seem apparent that the AGW models which are now in danger of falling out of their probability cones attributed too much to carbon to the exclusion of other factors. But if solar activity is reaching historical lows and we’re still bobbing along the top end of historical temp variations ( and I know about the MWP and all that), is this something that should concern us?

    2. You need to try and keep up! It was recently announced that not only had at least one government agency been caught playing with the actual historical temp data, they had also very quietly put the real numbers back in place that in fact showed there has been cooling!

  19. This is terrible!! This may enable people to drive SUVs and use hair spray without guilt. Maybe the president needs to take executive action to make sure that people’s freedoms are not restored.

  20. Interesting how the people who have been right about this Global Warming nonsense for a decade are still ridiculed as stupid and anti Science, while all the Leftist dopes and sheep who were duped into believing this nonsense still held up as our ‘best and brightest’.

    1. Look at the fool in the White House, the liberals said that being the POTUS was a “step down” for him. If he is the best and brightest of them all, we are truly doomed.

  21. Warmers are gonna freeze. Gee… we did try to tell them this “anthropogenic global warming” poodoo was just that. POO. Liberals really are just that gullible, they believe what ever their masters tell them to.

  22. And all of the learned Climate Scientists still can’t think of a reason why 2013-2014 was one of the coldest winters on record, and why the antarctic sea ice pack is at record levels…..
    did the “heat hiding in the oceans” make more ice?

  23. And the Climate-Change Morons will assert it’s human activity that affects the Sun!
    Ha! Ha! Ha! Keep voting for Democrats, you stupid c-ck-suckers!!

  24. I’m not looking forward to this coming winter, last winter was terrible and it seems it’s going to be even worse this year. Makes you want to choke any of these liberal fools who scream about global warming. Freakin idiots.

  25. Repeat after me: Man is causing global destruction. Man is causing the earth to warm. The arctic, antacrtic and all the glaciers will melt. The oceans will rise 200 feet and flood all the continents. Mankind will die out……repeat….Man is causing global destruction. Man is causing the earth……….OH DARN! You aren’t listening to me. Who are you gonna believe, algore or…..? Looks like common sense may overtake ‘scientific concensus’ after all.

  26. Al Gore is doing the best he can to compensate for this cooling by using great amounts of energy to power his home and the jets he needs to fly his substantial ass around the world.

  27. The revelation that evil humans may not be responsible for the heating and cooling cycles of the Earth is terrible news for the human-guilt liberal Democrats. Maybe they can shift the blame to Bush or fracking.

  28. There is an easy fix for this, actually is to no longer use bullets in guns, lead, copper, or anything else. Two, We clearly need to build a large wall, like the one to stop tornados, this wall can be insulated to keep the heat in, so this devious sun can no longer screw up our computer models for global warming…………….sarc

  29. It’s truly pathetic how many millions of brain damaged, obama voting, libtard imbeciles still think atmospheric temperatures are warming. Curious to see how long they will stay in a state of denial while temperatures really start to drop.

  30. The sun affects global temperatures more than anything man can do. Global warming folks are looking even more foolish each day as they refuse to look at the true causes to changes in climate.

      1. Exactly. It is man made. Just look at how hot it is during the day and how it cools down at night. It coincides exactly with rush hour traffic. All the cars in the morning cause the temperature to rise. After they go home in afternoon the temperature cools down. We need to fix this with higher taxes and more government agencies creating more regulations…sarc.

  31. What passes for serious science, politics and economics debate these days reminds me of the discussions we had when I was in second grade. Al gore is the poster child for pseudo intellectuals.

  32. Rotten hypocrite’s like Fat Dead Ted Kennedy shoving solar and wind power into my neighborhood and he banned them near his compound!
    Hope Mary Joe is roasting him on a spit!

    1. The Feds are actually spending money to see how they can regulate cow farts and force dairy farmers to comply (milk and beef $$ will cost more).

  33. Oh my goodness, someone do something about this. Perhaps Al Gore can conjure up some spirits (Canadian Club) while he is flying from villa to villa.

  34. The progressive elite will come up with a new narrative to explain how this is caused by human behavior that must be regulated. They won’t readily give up the control they’ve grabbed based on fears of “climate change”. In fact, there’s probably a UN sub-committee working on a new theory as we speak. Something about bovine flatulence disrupting solar energy, so, therefore, meat consumption must be eliminated.

  35. Would it be safe to say we should all start burning more coal and increase the amount of whatever it is in the atmosphere that causes global warming? Heck, if Al Gore is right, we don’t need the sun to keep us warm, we can do it by ourselves.

  36. there has to be a way to blame this on human activity with the only solution is a transfer of wealth from rich countries to poor ones!

      1. I generate so much electricity with a residential photovoltaic solar system, and the power company pays so little for the excess generation (less than the cost of producing electricity with natural gas or coal), that I care not how inefficient my light bulbs are, especially in the wintertime. In fact, I prefer the nicer blackbody radiation spectrum of the incandescent bulbs.

  37. Thank God for all that Global Warming Heat hiding in the Deep Oceans! We may need it in a few years to keep us from freezing our collective arses off.

  38. This should be proof to any sane person that the sun has WAY more effect on earth’s climate than anything man could ever do (shy of lighting off every nuke in existence). When will the global warming alarmists give up??

  39. “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
    with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
    changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.“ – Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsiblity to bring that about?” – Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

    1. Mr. Strong may be on to something. Collapse civilization, ridding the planet of half its population. Works for me as I have a year round garden and slaughter animals on five acres of land with water.

  40. You can’t believe those crazy astronomers. They obviously didn’t get the memo.
    As we all know, it’s an established “fact” that 97% of scientists agree that AGW is real and happening now.
    One pesky little detail keeps getting in their way, however: Not one verifiable account of supposed “AGW” has ever been proven.
    The sun is cooling…Rubbish. That doesn’t fit the narrative so it’s obviously false.

    1. Ding dong, Da oshenz be reseedin’, mudda natcha be dansin in da flowahs, da birdz be singun, trees be treeun, it be a new worl,. obamah fix’d da worl, he reseed’d da oshenz, praiz be ta obamah, he da mahn, mahn. Weez ohz i’ all ta himz.obamah, hmmmmmm, mmmmm, hmmmmm, mmmmm uuhhh!
      Time to celebrate, have a barbecued bark samich, some weed sproutz and dried twigs, along with a mud shake, hmmmmm, hummmm! Thanks to moochelle and getting us straight on how to eat.

  41. Airline pilots were made aware of strong solar acitivity in the mid 90s. Concerns for higher latitudes and altitudes for extended periods became a concern to many that did some cursory personal flight planning. The airline managements wanted to know nothing about it for obvious reasons. Solar activity hot lines were available to those with interest in solar action and flares and the information was available to the public. Resultant warming should have come as no surprise and indeed many true meteorologists have been aware of solar influence. Its the press and lame public research that have allowed the central planners to take control of the topic.

  42. The inmates are in charge of the Asylum.
    Under NORMAL circumstances, The Climate Alarmists would be called out as the TIN FOIL HAT SOCIETY.
    Instead they try their damnedest to be IN CHARGE by fakery of proclamation.
    97% Consensus, MY BUTT. Obama’s TARP funded a FAKE consensus now that they are willing to PAY FOR PHONY RESEARCH by paying through the EPA’s MULTI-BILLION $$$$ fund. You can buy ANYTHING with that kind of cash. All the STARVING scientists have to do is WHORE their profession with LIES. It is how it was done for the past 25 years.
    AL GORE is a WHORE. He FLUNKED SCIENCE in College.

  43. Make a note of this, you heard it here first. The next thing the climate alarmists will say is, “Well, global warming was so intense that it has temporarily exhausted itself, and now we have a cooling trend.” You heard it here first.

    1. See, marxists are very easy to read. If it is an issue that will promote their brain fl_ucked agenda, they jump on it like flies on a marxist.
      Hello, hello America, you have been scammed, by obama, clintons, reid , pelosi, the main stream media, all in order for the marxists to turn the world over to the most useless, inept, incompetent u.n., it is all about the money, and the marxists’ redistribution of money, food, and water is all going to the same vile, evil, p.o.s. that created this worldwide debacle.

  44. It would be refreshing to hear global warming hysterics celebrate the luck of some weak solar cycles and spread the good news the the earth is not warming. But I won’t I hold my breath.

    It reveals that they really do root for bad news – the new apocalyptics have a lot in common with their medieval counterparts.

    Sick, really.

    1. They know it’s cooling. It’s why they’re in a rush to implement their controls, in order to take credit. If they fail to implement in time, everyone will know it’s all been a hoax.

  45. The tea party has invented ‘global warming’ to scare people and to gain new recruits. How can there be global warming if its colder this summer in America? NO SUCH THING. Also, somebody please get that dictator out of the oval office.

    1. The Tea Party? They were not around when the idea of global warming began. This is but a Socialist agenda to raise taxes in any number of ways.

      Your other two points are well taken.

    2. Ummmm…. you know the TEA Party is actually not generally comprised of people who tend to believe in anthropogenic global warming, right? And they are definitely not Obama supporters.

  46. Care to comment, Al Gore? Doesn’t the pla-yann-et have a fa-hee-fer?

    I see, and, no, you can’t f— me or the horse I rode in on. I don’t even own a horse.

  47. Sucker goes “cold” and we’ll ALL be trying to find ways to INCREASE “greenhouse gases”. Famine could quickly follow extended cold.

  48. A news reporter as a pretty young blonde woman, “What planet would you most like to visit?’

    “I would go to the Sun.”

    “But you would burn up.”

    “Silly, not if I go at night.”

  49. You can’t use Solar cycles to tax people or control their activities, so there’s remarkably little interest from the usual AGW sources in it. Go figure.

    1. The liberals have cut NASA’s budget for space exploration. However, they gave them a carrot. They WILL fund global warming prevention measures. So NASA is all about fighting global warming now.

  50. Evidence continually surfaces that exposes Global Warming for the hoax that it is, yet our liberal pundits won’t have it, because it doesn’t fit in with their depraved agenda.

  51. …um…yes, that’s Gore, G-o-r-e…yeah, I’ve been trying to get through to get reservations on that first flight to Rio tomorrow with all my embezzlings but I’m snowed in here at Jose Marti Airport in Havana and the icebreakers haven’t arrived yet to clear a water escape from Guantanamo Bay…can you help…?

  52. Finally the end to yet another hoax, its easy to dupe people who don’t have a grasp on history or do their own investigations – sheeple that would rather take the government packaged crap than true science… Al Gore should be held liable…and the rest of the scammers making a living and lining their pockets off of a bunch of bullcrud.

  53. But…but how on earth are the global warming liars, charlatans, and totalitarians going to control and extort untold $billions from the American taxpayer? All around them, there is AMPLE evidence that this is all a crock. Yet, they still push their lies. Control and endless money are very powerful. Get back to me when screeching hysterics like Al Gore and Prince Charles drastically downsize their lifestyles because of the enormous carbon footprints they create. Ten, 20, 30 times that of the average person. Yeah, we *must act NOW!”

  54. Maybe that’s why we’re experiencing much cooler temps throughout the nation! Like I’ve always said, you listening Global Warming Kooks? The Sun controls our weather, always has and always will!
    Barry’s climate agenda is bogus, it’s just another rook to confiscate more tax money! There’s no such thing as Global Warming!

  55. That can not be, what!!!, the suns warms and cools earth, but Obama said the humans are doing it with CO2 emission, remember it is a settled science statement from Obama.

  56. “It’s settled science.”
    From the President.
    Time Magazine’s,” Liar of the Year” award recipient.
    LMAO at anyone who voted for his dumb a$$.

  57. The stench of Obamunism has transcended the planet and is now affecting other parts of space; even the sun has become too lazy to get up & go to work.

  58. It is pointless to pile on the AGW crowd at this point; reason and observation has no meaning in their dogma. To cold? Global warming. Too wet? Global warming. Too many hurricanes? Global warming. Too few hurricanes? Global warming. Bad economy? Global warming. The globe hasn’t warmed in nearly 20 years? Global warming. Snowed in at the Global Warming conference? Global warming. A perrennially weak NBA Eastern Conference? Global warming.

    Ad infinitum.

  59. Excuse me, but flooding ALL & ONLY white countries with millions of foreign-race immigrants and telling everyone to “assimilate” (intermarry) to create a “blended humanity” (but ONLY in white countries) IS white genocide.
    Asia will still be full of asians,
    Africa will still be full of africans,
    Only white children will suffer from this insanity.
    Except “anti-racists” don’t call it genocide when they chase down white children and white areas; they call it “Diversity.”
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.
    “Diversity” is a codeword for white genocide.

  60. That’s why it’s no longer called global warming. It’s now referred to as climate change (or some other BS). All the supposed evidence is supposed to prove that man is responsible even though the earth is cooling, and there was a dramatic spike in temperatures during the middle ages when no one owned SUV’s or burned coal in power plants.

  61. A liberal is someone who thinks we can manipulate Earth’s temperature, but building a wall along the southern border is beyond our technological capabilities.

  62. We are currently living in the warm “Holocene” interglacial period which will likely end in 7,000-10,000 years at which time the Earth’s current ongoing Ice Age will resume.

    This interglacial pattern has been going on for quite some time (it has a periodicity of about 100,000 years).

    Extending this “warm” Holocene interglacial period will certainly be advantageous to any future human populations. Farm food production will drastically be curtailed as the glaciers begin their advance across the continents. You will not be alive to see this, of course.

      1. The short version is, in a few thousand years, mankind will be diligently searching for some way to actually cause global warming. You can’t farm or raise food (on most of the earth’s surface, anyway) during a glacial ice age.

  63. If the Earth begins to cool, do you think the environmentalists will begin calling for increased industrialization and manufacturing, in order to fight global cooling?

      1. “ever recorded”

        well, according to liberals the earth is billions of years old so the results of May is quite a small sample size

      2. Good grief!! That’s how you people roll isn’t it?! The “HOTTEST MAY EVER!” B-total-S. I would suggest NOBODY believe this load of garbage. Go to and read the National Overview for May 2014. Geez!!

    1. Nope! They’ve already gone there. In the 70’s when a new ice age was the concern, these same liberal groups said humans were the cause. All the pollution from cars, the oil industry, and coal fired power plants, were spewing particulate pollution into the atmosphere, blocking sunlight from reaching the earth.

      The solution was to tax and regulate the oil industry, some of which was done, and create an industry of renewable energies that did not spew particulates into the air. Increased taxes were needed, as well as new governmental bodies to study the problem and oversee the regulation and transformation to renewable energy. Cars, gas, oil, coal, and electricity needed to be taxed more, and the big corporations needed to be sued to own up to their responsibility for causing the whole mess in the first place.

      Sound familiar? No matter what doomsday scenario they proliferate, the largest corporations have to pay, everything they can think of needs taxed, and the oil, gas, coal, and auto industries have to pay, and the government needs to subsidize ridiculously inefficient and overpriced renewable technologies that are miles from being cost effective.

      What most people miss is that the renewable technologies are remarkably inexpensive to buy into, precisely because they’re not plausible. Once all the players are invested, (or given stock options), the government will subsidize it, creating a temporarily plausible business model. The speculated future for this newly revitalized industry will be GLORIOUS! Somehow, even though the penny stock companies aren’t even solid, they will succeed in getting the SEC to approve a IPO, (with political help), and there will be a 100,000 to 1 stock split and $46 IPO price. Each politician that had a share worth $.60, will now have 100,000 shares worth $46.

      Sound like a scam? it is! Especially when the politicos involved then sell their stock over the next couple of years, (meted out to avoid a price plunge), but will be fully divested a year before the subsidies run out. Then everybody’s retirement will contain the millions of shares of this sham company at $46, and when the subsidies run out, the business model is instantly no longer viable, and the company goes banko after having been fully pillaged. Common stock is now worthless, the politicos and business execs in on the scam are super rich, and the millions and millions of retirees absorb the entire cost through stock losses, (and the taxes they paid to fund the subsidies).

  64. Climate = THE WEATHER prevailing in an area. Google Climate Definition.
    Democrats are so stupid that they are just now figuring out that THE WEATHER CHANGES…..they still want to tax working people for it though…..

  65. Liberals cannot help themselves. Not only do they want to control everything, they THINK they can control everything. As if some more taxes are going to make the sun burn at a different temperature.

  66. Perhaps the article could have mentioned that the previous many decades had much more solar activity than the historical average, and using history as a guide correlates with the slight increase in average worldwide temps during that time?

  67. It is all about the money with the democrat’s CO2 tax, if you don’t pay it, they will make you freeze or make you hot. Only money can control the earth temperature according to them.

  68. Obama Supporters, Media, and useful idiots are all complicit in this scam.

    Anyone who believes in Gore’s Global Warming, should be forced to pay damages for being negligent.

  69. All this science, is so confusing. Can’t we go back to just blaming God for everything??

    We have much more to learn, is funny that the solar cycle stuff is new to so many, same ones who haven’t been following REAL news last decade or so.

    Those who didn’t get their news through a political strainer have known about this for a while, and have been concerned at the apathy and unwillingness of people to even TRY to understand….

    Is just easier if God were happy or sad and we just base it all on that….

  70. By the time this tool of a President finishes this term, it will be 20 years with no global warning.
    Which means we’ll have college kids graduating with no global warming during their lifetime.
    Now does anyone believe the libt@rds won’t still be preaching it?

    1. They are incapable of telling the truth, even if it benefits them.

      They have told so many lies, they are getting confused as to what the truth is.

  71. Al Gore is too busy getting ready to go to’s Dreamforce event in Oct with Hillary Clinton to brainwash all the techies who are going.

  72. We, along with many others are throwing trillions at a problem that does not exist! Absolute idiocy! “Climate” believers are really true believers and “useful idiots.”

  73. Global Warming — SOLVED!! We did it! We just changed the level of activity of the Sun!

    How, you may ask? Heisenberg, of course! When one seeks to observe, measure, something, one actually affects that thing being observed.

    All you Global Warming adherents — if you want more control over the sun, to heal the planet some more, please observe the Sun more. Stare into it. Stare long and deep.

  74. Really? Not many months ago. I mean weeks ago. We were all being warned to be watchful of SOLAR FLARES that would disrupt OUR LIVES around the Earth. When will somebody get the courage…I mean Gonads to commit AL GORE to his CARBON FOOTPRINT….Rubber Room? Some place where he can CHOKE on his own distorted, vacuum between his ears, and anus?

  75. Oh those awful humans and the stupid industrial age! Not satisfied with making the earth uninhabitable they’ve gone so far as to dim the sun! Ban fossil fuels!!

  76. Look at the position “climate change” activists and “scientists” are now in. They either have to admit that lack of solar activity cools the earth, or that rising CO2 levels might be cooling the earth. So they go with the sun for obvious reasons. But then will they be arguing that the sun can only cool the earth, not warm it and CO2 still causes global warming. It’s getting to be like an argument with a child who is a bad liar. They’ll have themselves in knots trying to explain this away.

  77. For the last couple of years, the administration & its American-enemy buddies have been hawking phony articles about how ordinary solar activity, such as sunspots & solar flares, was going to wipe us all out, when really what they were planning was an EMP (or series of them) that they were going to ~blame on~ the sun. Well, it sure looks to me like they can’t get away with such a scheme if the sun runs a quiet solar cycle or two, so they can’t hide behind it. Boo hoo hoo.

  78. I would literally bet money that you could convince the dimwits who think humans control earth’s climate, that they are also responsible for what happens on the sun. Imagine the sun begins to cool. You tell these lemmings that the reason the sun is cooling is due to all of those solar panels they’ve installed. The panels are using up all of the suns energy and draining it. Shame on sun abusers! Wasting all of that sunlight! I’m telling you, without a doubt, these sheep could be convinced of it with the right con man. Just like Al Gore and Prince Charles do to them everyday.
    “A fool and his money should have never met to begin with”- Harry Anderson

  79. .
    OMG, the Global Warming, Climate Change, I mean Climate Disruption alarmists were right.
    It’s sooo bad that our CO2 emissions have traveled 92,960,000 miles to the sun!

  80. In 1979 a study of 500 years of redwood tree rings predicted almost exactly the temperature variations between 1979 and 2014, unlike all the failed CO2 climate models. That tree ring study predicts that the earth might cool another 1C to 3C by 2045. The cooling/warming cycles of the last 165 years means we are 12 years into a 31 year cooling trend, exactly like we have been experiencing. So a Catastrophic Global Cooling (CGC) is imminent.

    The cool climate will adversely affect crop yields. However the increase in CO2 we are experiencing has increased the crops’ resistance to current cold climate. Therefore, to increase the crops’ resistance to the CGC, we need to spend billions INCREASING anthropogenic CO2 above the 3% of the CO2 we are now producing.

  81. Oh! My! What ever shall we do about this. What CAN we do about this. QUICK. Find a progressive. Ask them. Tell them it is affecting the minorities the most. They will know what to do. They ALWAYS know what to do. [sarc off]
    The ALGOR curse strikes again. He goes to a global warming pep rally in Australia. They have low temperatures there that they have not seen in over 100 years. ROTFLMFAO

  82. The sun is responsible for about 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of heat on earth. Any truly intelligent person has to realize that the sun in irrelevant in climate studies. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!! But hey, if someone gave me 100’s of millions of bucks to tell them what they wanted to hear, I just might do the same…just lie and summit invalid data. Probably not though, I am a dinosaur and still believe in scientific integrity and integrity in general. BTW, the number you see above is highly accurate. Go ahead, try to prove the sun is not responsible for heat on earth, and please…include your data for once so it can be reviewed.

  83. I’m sure glad these “scientists” have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to anything I believe in politically.

    When it comes to my cell phone, computer, GPS, satellite TV, ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons, rockets to the moon and Google Maps I am sure glad they know what they are talking about.

  84. If you, really want to understand what is transpiring on Sol, google “The Maunder Minimum”, and the truth will set you free! Yes, we are sliding headlong into a cycle of weather extremes, alas it not warming its cooling. And the progressives running the climate change side show know it! As the obama administration curtails our use of coal(it only supplies 55% of the countries energy) we will be unable to heat our homes or cook. As an aside the coal mined in America is being shipped to China; and here I was under the impression we were experiencing “GLOBAL WARMING” ? i guess China is another planet or dimension?

  85. Surely their computer models knew this cycle would occur and all future projections are correctly based on this already-anticipated cycle, so they will continue to be right on everything, as they have been all along.

  86. They can’t even predict picnic weather and they want us to go along with predictions years away? Supposed to be mostly sunny last week when it dumped 1 inch of rain in under 15 min.

  87. It is so funny that people think they can affect the climate but the sun can’t do it. You know the big nuclear furnace that heats the solar system:-)

  88. Hey, maybe it turns out that Time was right back in the 70s…
    Niven/Pournelle wrote a SciFi book – Falling Angels? – that was a near future scenario where leftists got control of the US government and enacted global warming targeted laws. As a result, greenhouse gasses were mitigated and the climate cooled, to the point that —
    **Spoiler Alert **
    **Spoiler Alert**
    Minneapolis was buried in snow year-round.

    Edit: Oh, well, fat lot of good putting all the LFs in there to hopefully warn about the spoiler did…

  89. About 12 to15 years ago a couple of Sovies solar scientists said this was going to happen and the earth would cool. As I remember they even were willing to bet a very large sum of money that the earth would cool rather than warm. No global warmist took them up on the offer.
    All the ocean currents, nina, baby ninia, hurricanes, cold winters, warm winters, high winds and so on and so on are simply a distribution of the suns energy. They are NOT the cause of any global warming or cooling, they are the result of heat being radiated out of the earths bubble and heat being radiated into the earths bubble. There are a few other mechanisms that can affect the overall quantity of heat in the bubble, but they are relative minor compared to what is radiated in and out.

  90. When they can produce a climate model that accurately predicts current trends, then we can talk.

    Everything so far has been hype, hysteria, and outrageous, unfounded speculation.

    The polar bears are dying. Coffee and chocolate are going to go extinct. AIDS is going to explode.

    They seem to believe that making wild and unsubstantiated claims about the future climate will scare us into action. NOTE To Climate Nazis: your hysterics aren’t helping your cause.

  91. Panic in the streets!!!!! We must tax every one so the sun will brighten back up. Its all that Co2 we are emitting.
    Last summer solar activity was suppose to peak at a 11 year cycle high. Instead it dropped to a 100 year low and now this summer its dropped even lower. Looks like this is the cycle that syncs with the ice ages of past. So instead of GW we are actually going into another ice age. Sorry for all you Ynakees. No coal to keep you warm .And no coal power plants to provide electricity.

    1. That has got to be the single most asinine comment, I have ever read. You really should remove your comment before your ID , is recorded on all of the idiot lists. You certainly made mine. WOW!

    2. The sun is so large that it could swallow the earth without a hiccup. Did you notice that there was 93 million miles of vacuum between the the Sun and the Earth?

      Where did you learn your science? Sesame street?

  92. There is a direct correlation with sun spots and heating/cooling of the earth. During the 1990s solar flares were numerous and huge…X class. During that time earth was warming but so was every planet in the solar system to include Pluto which was moving away from the sun. This is fact. During the lull, temperatures are dropping. The little ice age was associated with the longest period of no activity on the sun in recorded history. Fact again. To claim man made global warming is beyond arrogance and shows science doesn’t know everything and has been polluted be the cancer of political correctness. The debate is far from over

  93. I’m sure glad these “scientists” have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to anything I believe in politically.

    When it comes to my cell phone, computer, GPS, satellite TV, CAT scans, ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons, rockets to the moon and Google Maps I am sure glad they know what they are talking about..

  94. So the Sun is cooling. What an excellent reason for a new tax to fund the Democrat base.If you don’t tax things, where will all that free stuff come from ?

  95. The two pictures are a bit misleading. The sun rotates with a synodic period of 26.24 days, so the sunspots seen on July 6 have rotated out of view. The question is, how many will still be there in another 11 or 12 days when that area again comes into view.
    Sun spots have a great effect on long distance communications. When sun spot numbers are high, the layers of the ionosphere become heavely ionized which cause radio transmissions in the 2 to 30 mHz range to bounce or skip long distances. The is the phenomonum that ham radio operators use to talk with other ham radio operators around the world.

  96. The real irony here is that mankind really is unable to significantly increase the atmospheric concentration of CO2 in any real measurable way.

    To put it in perspective, the ‘global warming’ crowd that believe mankind is somehow responsible put forward that at least 80 million years ago atmospheric CO2 was probably around 1,500ppm which resulted in a lush, warmer environment that was no more than 10 degree’s Celsius warmer than now. (Which, if you’ll recall, this was during the height of speciation on Earth.) This is the AGW Global Warming crowd that put forward this number. It is important to remember other estimations of this number are -much higher-.

    What is the concentration of atmospheric CO2 today? Roughly 400ppm.

    During the glacial era a concentration of CO2 at or around 180ppm has been credited with reducing active plant life. This is also according to the Carbon Hawks themselves.

    So ask yourself this question: Are we closer to the -minimum- of CO2 required for all life on Earth to exist,
    or closer to the high range where life is absolutely known for a fact to have flourished?

    Asking questions doesn’t kill anyone. Limiting carbon emissions, which are a direct result of -necessary- power
    generation, kills hundreds of thousands of people a year.

    So who is the monster here? The ‘deniers’ or the masters of the asylum?

    When did science stop being skeptical of unproven theories?

  97. We are supposed to be in , sun cycles, a solar maximum. This cycle should play out with very strong solar energies. Instead we are seeing solar energies at an extremely low level. If this is the peak of the 11 year solar max, then we will, most certainly see solar energies, degrading much further as the solar minimum cycle plays out over the next 11 years. Study the Maunder Minimum Period for more info.

  98. Wait a minute. I thought the Sun had a feaver? Thank God it broke and things are back to normal. Im gonna go fill up my gas guzzler now.

  99. Bush’s fault and the Koch Bro’s. They sent a secret 1% built rocket, took the fuel from the sun because it was competing from Big Oil.

  100. The Left will be loathe to accept this, and will ignore it as long as it can, for several reasons. Trial lawyers can’t sue the sun; there’s no money to be made off of it. Second, it can’t be traced to anything man-made; there’s no guilt that can be applied to solar activity. And three, it’s always easier if Bush did it.

    1. Freeman Dyson, a highly regarded and talented intellect, had the gall to speak his mind:

      “I just think they don’t understand the climate,” he said of climatologists. “Their computer models are full of fudge factors.”

      “The models are extremely oversimplified,” he said. “They don’t
      represent the clouds in detail at all. They simply use a fudge factor to
      represent the clouds.”

      Of course, when he spoke these accurate words, the Religion of Climate Change promptly excommunicated him.

  101. So now it’s an Ice Age, again, tailor-made and tee’d up for someone’s political agenda. Last time it was used to put the North American Free Trade Agreement through, by scaring Americans into believing they’d all eventually have to move to Mexico, so we’d better keep ’em happy! Then Global Warming comes along, to be used as a way to scare us all into electric cars, carbon credits and crappy lightbulbs. Now another Ice Age scare. Wonder what they’ll use it for this time. One World Government? Outsource food production to the Southern Hemisphere so the Northerner’s don’t starve, to take out the last of the American farmers? One can only guess.

  102. I expect soon that the PR department of the “Climate Change” crowd will start timing their press releases according to solar activity observations. Meanwhile their “scientists” will still be tweaking their computer models while hell freezes over.

  103. Wait a minute…..They told me it was going to get warm if I didn’t stop driving my SUV and send more taxes to Washington DC.

    You mean they were lying all along?

  104. But the libertards still mewl and bleat that the Earf is getting warmer! We’re hotter, we’re colder, we’re hotter, someone make up their mind please.

    As for me, climate change DOES occur…spring to summer to fall to winter and then oddly enough, back again!

  105. “The sun has a fever…”

    “The interior of the earth is extremely hot – several million degrees…'”

    So sayeth the High Preist of GloBULL Warming, Owl Gore.

  106. When will the One World Government-UN is God crowd shift gears and demand international collective action to halt global cooling. Surely there must be a way to tax it and undermine national sovereignty in the process.

  107. Who knew? A stronger solar cycle, warmer temperatures, a weaker cycle, cooler temperatures… so you’re telling me it’s the sun that may be warming and cooling the earth? That’s ridiculous! Everyone knows it’s people changing global temperatures… I’m certain the science has been settled and everyone knows The Sky is Falling…

  108. Thank goodness for the high CO2 content. It will save us from an ice age. You are not going to hear this information from the old mainstream media. They have their heads up Obama’s a## and the only thing they can see in there is global warming.

  109. What? The sun has something to do with how warm it is on earth? Who knew? Get me AlGore on the phone so he can explain it to me. Oh yeah. He’s freezing his a** off in Australia at the moment.

  110. What this seems to mean is that a period of quiet sun related weather is likely to work against local conditions on Earth that have resulted in a warming trend, resulting in a period of cooler weather in spite of local influences that would otherwise continue a warming trend. This relief may last a few years or even for decades, but is not permanent. It essentially gives us more time to clean up our act before ultimately sun activity cycles back to a peak and compounds our local conditions rather than alleviates them. I believe we have been warming – I can see ice loss, plant and animal range migration, and storm activity that indicates that it has been warming on average for quite some time, even if you question climate studies and thermometer readings. I also think it is unreasonable to believe that with the extent of human impact on the environment (again, readily observable), that part of the climate equation is not human activity. It’s fair to debate the extent of that impact, but I don’t think its reasonable to argue that there aren’t many things we could do better, resulting in a healthier place to live.

  111. I’m sure glad these “scientists” have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to anything I believe in politically.

    When it comes to my cell phone, computer, GPS, satellite TV, CAT scans, ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons, rockets to the moon and Google Maps I am sure glad they know what they are talking about

    1. Not to mention the geothermal energy from inside the Earth. People who think the molecule thin (by comparison) film of atmosphere on the surface has any impact on global temperatures are insane. The heat radiating up thru the rocks and the sun’s rays totally determine earth temperature balance, not mankind manipulating a few molecules at the surface.

        1. If the Democrats ever decide to advance space exploration their financing method will be to just Tax Gravity, so there’s is an incentive to get off the planet to avoid said tax. But since only the Rich can afford spacecraft they will be to blame for “keeping everybody else down, on the planet”… figuratively and literally.

      1. Well, I don’t know enough about geothermal energy, but you are correct about the atmosphere.

        If the earth is modeled as a sphere 12 inches in diameter, the difference between the polar and equatorial diameters would be 1/16 of an inch, the International Space Station would fly approximately 3/8 of an inch above the sphere’s surface, and most of the earth’s atmosphere will be contained within the first 1/16-inch above the surface of the 12-inch model of the earth.

        The moon would be about 3.25 inches in diameter, orbiting 30 feet away from the earth, and the sun would be a huge 109-foot sphere, 2.2 miles away from the earth.

          1. All within about the first 10 or so miles. Quite thin. There actually is scientific research into the subject of Geothermal energy (heat) coming from the core of the earth, but I doubt any Climatologist’s computer models (let alone the CRU models) take it into account, and it could be quite significant.

  112. The chart showing the predicted number of sunspots is wrong. The original predictions are much different than what is shown on the chart. Also, the monthly predictions are changed to align with the observed number of sunspots after the events have occurred. There is a certain level of dishonesty with the predictions and how they are maintained.

    Robert Zimmerman has been tracking the predictions and the observations over at his blog Behind the Black,

    It is important to note that all of the predictions have been wrong. No one even predicted a double peak or knows why there was a double peak. What comes next is anyone’s guess but we know one thing for sure, that no one knows anything.

      1. Just like the fact that there is no evidence for an afterlife, there is no evidence for an afterstar. That is, a time that we exist and our star does not exist. However if we develop the technology to go to visit other stars in this Galaxy please disregard the previous two sentences.

    1. Your belief is highly improbable.

      We know a lot about main sequence stars like the sun. They don’t supernovae; that is common among stars with 2 to 3 times the Sun’s mass. Main sequence stars expand into red giants when they run out of fuel. That should occur in about 1 to 2 billion years.

      But, if you believe that this will occur now, why are you staying around to be burned to a crisp? Shouldn’t suicide be preferable? You can make it a more pleasant ending. I’ll tell you how. It’s the one way I’m kind to Leftists. LOL

      1. Louis, I checked you. Thanks for the correction. You are right, a star with less than 8 or 12 times the mass of our own sun (not 2 or 3 like you lied and said…LOL) will just burn out and become a White Dwarf when it dies, and then it will eventually spiral into the black hole at the center of our Galaxy. In the event that I transcend into some sort of intelligence that can be there to see that, I’m going to be singing Jesus Loves me right up until the point of the singularity. Because nothing can shake my faith.

        1. I was being excessively modest. But, my point was correct wasn’t it? A supernova is out of the question.

          The Universe still has eons ahead of it. There is no rush. No need to speed things up. Not even Global Nuclear War seems probable. Of course, we have a pesky meltdown of the US Dollar to look forward to. Meanwhile, the Chinese are trying to buy up America. That didn’t work out well when the Japanese tried that in the 90s.

          I’m a rather stubborn fellow, myself. So, no suicide for me, no matter how painful the future gets.

          1. Yes you are right, no supernova according to what we know about our star. It will fizzle, rather than explode. Not enough mass to force an explosion. But as for humanity, I believe the Yellowstone caldera blowing, or an asteroid hitting us, are getting more and more overdue by the day, to wipe us out. As for nations, yes, it’s our debt that will destroy this country just like bankruptcy ultimately brings down all empires.

            1. Our Sun will expand into a Red Giant, but we humans will be long gone by that time.

              Maybe, long before that happens, we will have escaped the Solar System, taken control of our genome and bred a super race. Saturn or Uranus won’t be consumed; we could relocate to their moons. Or maybe, our progeny will become cyborgs which, in time, will lose their organic parts. Science Fiction has explored these possibilities.

              Our Ancestors survived the last three explosions of the Yellowstone caldera. So, a new explosion would ruin the United States, but not the world. The same for most asteroids. Those are improbable events, which will forecast themselves far enough in advance to enable us to move them out of Earth’s path.

              Humanity came close to extinction when Mount Toba exploded 75 to 80 thousand years ago. Our ancestors were reduced to around 10 thousand people. I don’t see us being annihilated, now.

              Our financial crisis is not likely to destroy us either, however painful it will be. It will be a necessary correction to the excesses of our fractional reserve banking system, the Progressive’s control of American politics and the excesses of big government. America will survive, but the big cities controlled by the Liberals might go up in flames.

              The Red States will have jobs, food and fuel in the coming crisis. Soon enough, people will vote with their feet to leave the Blue States. Of course, they may try to take their failed Liberal policies to their new locations. But, with the end of Mass media, Hollywood and the Public Schools, they are unlikely to maintain their power.

  113. Sun cycle 25 will certainly be quiet, it is based on previous cycles length. Lot’s of crop failures are to be expected due to long winters, wet springs and summers. 25% of all Scots died in the 1680s from crop failure famine. We will all be wishing it warms soon.

  114. Hay Obama gore a little lesson for you the sun control the weather on earth as well as the rest of the solar system. What are you going to do fine the sun for not falling inline with your bs golbal worming global cooling climate change what ever suit the next weather condition energy scam agenda.
    If you left wing progressive Obama lap dogs get what you want we will have a dead planet. The planet goes threw cycles if it does not we all die. the earth has had thousands of ice ages and 1000 of hot ages if it didn’t not earth would be like mars. Stop trying to control every thing. Have you not noticed every thing government gets involved in goes to sh t. If all government were gone their would be no war. As soon as some arrogant power hungry fool forms a government next comes a war. Two laws No governemtns and dont mess with any one else done earth at peace.

  115. Every semester, my chemistry students ask me about “climate change” and what I think about it. My answer is that the Earth’s climate always changes. It has been changing since the Earth’s atmosphere formed billions of years ago. It will continue to change long after we are extinct as a species. There is nothing we can do about it. I hope the climate gets warmer for the next few thousand years, because the alternative is an ice age. I’d rather have an extra growing season in Canada and Russia than a two-mile thick glacier as far south as Iowa and Germany.

  116. Al Gore is a prescient genius! He did not incorporate a single green technology in the building of his huge home/office complex because he wanted it to be responsible for more global warming since he could see this coming a mile away!

  117. Well, I am sure when you bring this fact to the table in a discussion with the environmentalists, it will go over their head quite quickly and they will somehow blame humans for the solar cycle being weak. You see they never want an end to the debate. They hope this so-called crisis never ends so they can get on with their agenda of controlling humanity’s activities.

      1. Yes, the Koch brothers flew to the Sun and altered it with their cunning skill!! But it’s still Bush’s fault, and we’re all racists. 😉

  118. Oh, but Obama and his crones keep lying to us about global warming which we all know is a HOAX designed to take more money out of our pockets.

  119. You say that the Sun has gone quiet. Is that supposed to mean that the Sun affects something. Michael Mann and ALL of the (lying) researchers say that you’re wrong, because…Science!