‘The Carbon Tax Rainmakers’ – Pay up to get the weather you want


Doing nothing would lead to the same CO2 levels only slightly sooner (two years). It is estimated that cutting US emissions in half by 2050 would impact earth temperatures less than 0.1 degrees C. These numbers are much too small to make any discernable difference in global temperature or weather (hurricanes, droughts, etc.)

A carbon tax (or fee) on energy in the US will cost about $3 trillion by 2030. It is estimated that the Citizen’s Climate Lobby carbon price rate will increase the cost of electricity about 8 cents/kWh by 2030.  Its intended purpose is to artificially kill coal and natural gas use (both 4 cents/kWh) compared to wind (8 cents/kWh) and solar (12-30 cents/kWh) and “…necessarily bankrupt fossil fuel power plants….” as stated by candidate Barak Obama in 2008. This will at least triple the cost of electricity most of which the middle class will pay after 2030 as there will no longer be any “dividend”.

Advocates of a carbon tax will argue that the US tax is only a start and the US needs to take the lead so the rest of the world will follow. It will take $44 trillion more to de-carbonize the rest of the world. And who will pay it?


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