Watch Now: Morano on Fox News rebuts study claiming ‘Unstoppable’ Antarctica melting & Sea Level Rise: ‘When current reality fails to alarm, they make a bunch of scary predictions’

Watch Here: – May 14, 2014 – Fox Business Channel – Varney & Co.

Partial Transcript:

Marc Morano: ‘This is very likely of natural origin. You have Gov. Jerry Brown worried about LAX being relocated because of this allegedly unstoppable melting.

We had similar scare stories in 1922. Similar scare stories in 2009. NYT’s Andrew Revkin is saying this is an awful misuse of the term ‘unstoppable.’

There have been peer-reviewed studies showing Antarctica as a whole is getting cooler. The eastern part of Antarctica, the largest part, has been gaining ice or stable. The land ice is very stable except for the western part of Antarctica, which is what this study looked at.

Meanwhile, Antarctic sea ice is at record expansion. Global sea ice, combining Arctic and Antarctic sea ice,  is above average. Antarctica sea ice is well above average, breaking all kinds of records.

This is models. When current reality fails to alarm, they make a bunch of scary predictions. We are talking about 1000 year time scales and beyond for this melting.’

Antarctica Background Reading:  

‘Irreversible Collapse Of Climate Alarmism’ – Antarctica & Sea Level claims – ‘Yet another non-crisis crisis’ – ‘Truth sacrificed in the name of sensationalism’ – ‘What is not clearly stated is that all glaciers, including the WAIS and those on Greenland, are constantly flowing down hill. The reason they flow is that they are constantly gaining mass from accumulated snowfall. Glaciers grow from the top and the added mass causes the ice to flow down hill… The fact of the matter is that the ice drainage rate—ice melting or breaking off into the ocean—is highly variable, as is the accumulation of new ice from precipitation. The time scales for variation can be long, longer than a human lifetime, so any snapshot at a particular instant must be taken with a grain of salt (or crystal of ice). Despite the caterwauling in the media, this is yet another non-crisis crisis. In fact, even while this new speedup in the WAIS’s march to the sea has been found, Antarctica is setting new records for surrounding sea ice for a second straight year, baffling scientists seeking to understand why this ice is expanding rather than shrinking in a supposedly warming world. How soon we forget the plight of those high-minded eco activists who got themselves stuck in the summer ice around the southernmost continent. If …

Did an ice sheet collapse 120,000 years ago pushing sea levels up to 9m higher than today? — ‘Proving that nature can outdo anything humans have done’

Did an ice sheet collapse 120,000 years ago pushing sea levels up to 9m higher than today?

Proving that nature can outdo anything humans have done, a new paper shows that sea-levels off Western Australia may have risen as high as 9 m above the current level during the last warm period over a hundred thousand years ago. The authors (O’Leary et al) conclude that seas were 3-4 m higher for most of the last warm period (known as the Eemian) but towards the end of the period a large sudden rise occurred. They suggest that an ice shelf collapsed in Antarctica  or Greenland or both, causing a 5m rise (17 feet). The point of the paper was this double spiked shape of the sea level rise during the last warm interglacial known as the Eemian. The Age interviewed O’Leary who said “he was confident that the 17-foot jump happened in less than a thousand years – how much less, he cannot be sure.” Figure 3 j Relative sea-level curve for Western Australia. Ageomorphically defined palaeoMSL datum of C2:5m 120 kyr ago (Fig. 1c) anchors a predicted relative sea-level curve at Red Bluff, which includes a GIA signal based on the test calculation (see Methods) plus the following ESL history: ESL jumps from 0 to 3.4m […]Rating: 10.0/10 (2 votes cast)

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