Warmist Eco-Author Spoke To AG About Global Warming Skeptics Before Exxon Reports


A noted environmental activist met with an attorney general conducting an inquisition against ExxonMobil long before reports surfaced alleging the company hid information related to global warming, a panel at the Democratic Progressive Caucus revealed Wednesday.

Eco-author Naomi Oreskes, who authored Merchant of Doubt, a book about the history of global warming skepticism, told the panel that she “was invited about a year or so ago to New York to speak to the staff” of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, “mostly about the work we did in Merchant of Doubt – the history of misinformation and what our findings were.”

She is also a board member of the Climate Accountability Institute (CAI), a group responsible for manipulating data smearing Exxon. Oreskes told the panel she convened a few weeks ago “with some colleagues from the Union of Concerned Scientists, which also involved the staff of Attorney Generals offices from a number of states who came to listen to again factual presentations about climate science, history of climate disinformation and also a presentation by Sharon Eubanks who had led the US Department of justice prosecution of tobacco industry under the RICO statues.”

The climate science author was likely referring to the Attorneys General United for Clean Power, a group of about 17 attorneys general, as well as former Vice President Al Gore, committed to investigating Exxon and global warming skeptics for supposedly duping the public about climate change.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/06/23/famed-eco-author-spoke-to-ag-about-global-warming-skeptics-before-exxon-reports/#ixzz4CarLiSc3…

‘Is Naomi Oreskes Using the Same Merchant of Doubt Tactics She Criticizes?’ she smears fellow warmists as ‘deniers’


Oreskes attacks four world renowned climate campaigners as “deniers” … because they argue that nuclear power must play a role in decarbonizing energy production, and they don’t believe renewable energy alone will be enough to stave off serious climate change. Here’s how Oreskes uses the loaded language of denialism;

“A strange form of denial that has appeared on the landscape of late, one that says renewable sources can’t meet our energy needs.”

“We probably won’t get very far if the alternatives to fossil fuel — such as renewable energy — are disparaged by a new generation of myths. If we want to see real solutions implemented, we need to be on the lookout for this new form of denial.”

Oreskes has been roundly criticized for her ad hominem and polarizing use of “denier” semantics. (See Michael Specter’s How Not to Debate Nuclear Energy and Climate Change)

But she must also be taken to task for intellectual hypocrisy. She does just what she has made her name criticizing inMerchants of Doubt, knowingly playing fast and loose with the evidence, and selectively citing scientific experts, to support her view of “the facts” in a way that clouds public understanding of scientific evidence in order to advance a clear political agenda.…

German Magazine Süddeutsche calls Morano ‘one of the most powerful climate skeptics’


Marc Morano, one of the most powerful “climate skeptics” who openly confesses to himself to be a scientist. But: “I play a TV.”

The documentary filmmaker Robert Kenner shows in “Merchants of Doubt”, know how masterfully exploit the business of the doubt for their own purposes today the large corporations and political think tanks.…

Fmr. Harvard Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl on ‘Merchants of Doubt’: ‘Morano is an incredibly good communicator…a very likable character’

Needless to say, the climate skeptics are automatically assumed to be the fraudsters. It would be much more logical to compare the fraudsters in the magic industry to the actual fraudsters in the climate debate, namely the climate alarmists, and the movie doesn’t find it important to present any evidence that their reverse link is the better one.

Climate alarmist Ben Santer presents himself as a quiet, modest, peaceful guy who is afraid of violence etc. The movie would be much more attractive if he were allowed to show what kind of a man he actually is, e.g. quote his ClimateGate e-mail:

From: Ben Santer

Next time I see Pat Michaels at a scientific meeting, I’ll be tempted to beat the crap out of him. Very tempted.

Well, the catchy scenes haven’t been included so this supernasty, near-murderous jerk named Ben Santer was painted as another boring sheep and the viewers must have been disappointed by this segment – which was both dishonest and uninteresting.

At the end, the movie made me much less upset than I had expected. It is unquestionably a propaganda piece. But even when it gets to the schools, I have serious enough doubts about its ability to make a difference. It’s a very complex question what are the optimum characteristics of a propaganda movie to achieve a certain goal.

The character of this movie is completely different from some of the good skeptical documentaries, like The Great Global Warming Swindle (TGGWS). TGGWS was filled with historical, scientific, and political facts, popularization of mechanisms uncovered by science, and lots of other things. There is no science and no true evidence in the Merchants of Doubt. After all, Naomi Oreskes doesn’t understand any science (or anything else that matters, for that matter). It’s a propaganda movie that invites you to hate the climate skeptics as well as the tobacco industry, the free markets, and anti-communists. It doesn’t really present good evidence that these topics are related or should be related. At the end, some people (or children) may find it enough to change their mind but I do think that people who buy the message of this movie are so terribly stupid and naive that they can’t possibly influence the fate of the civilized nations.


Warmist film ‘Merchants of Doubt’ — comes back as insidious propaganda to kids in schools

The film’s backers also helped push the Los Angeles Times and a dozen other US papers[1] into banning “anti-fact” skeptic views.

Merchant of Doubt’s second target is the education system. The film comes conveniently packaged with classroom study guides for teachers and students. Green groups such as Cool Australia and Australian Youth Climate Coalition will waste no time in leveraging their influence in schools to get the film playing and streaming on the smart whiteboards.

The dark art of “Education” – teaching the kiddies to vote for big-government – Merchants of Doubt was designed from inception as part of an education package. The film’s website includes study guides for high school and college students to “develop critical thinking skills that will allow them to sort through confusing messages and distinguish between truth, propaganda, and misinformation.”

The website itself concedes that only 50% of Americans support the IPCC line that most of recent warming is human-caused. The documentary-makers blame “spin that’s masterfully orchestrated by some of the world’s largest corporations”.

Huh? This tirade about skeptic funding comes from eBay billionaires. Compared with funding to the climate industry, money going to skeptics would be lost below several decimal places.[4]…