Climate ‘Expert’ Bill Maher Demonstrates Failed Liberal Approach to Climate Change

In the above video liberal climate “expert” Bill Maher provides an example as to what average liberals rely on for their climate change education. Average liberals don’t take the time to actually learn the science, they rely upon scientific “experts” like Bill Nye , Al Gore , Michael Mann , late night comedians like Bill Maher, and Oscar the Grouch .

Source: Climate “Expert” Bill Maher Demonstrates Failed Liberal Approach to Climate Change

Hollywood Weighs in on Climate Science: Bill Maher answers ‘Yes!’ when asked if global warming regulations would have ‘changed weather patterns’ — Rob Reiner claims there are less than 10 skeptical scientists in existence

Real Time with Bill Maher: HBO- Episode #265

Original air date: November 2, 2012

Bill Maher and his roundtable guests (which included James Balog, Matthew Segal, Margaret Hoover, Rick Lazio and Rob Reiner):

Selected excerpts: 

Margaret Hoover: If we had supported the Kyoto protocol, would Hurricane Sandy not have happened? In other words, are any of the solutions that are on the table now going to change weather patterns?

Bill Maher: Yes!

Margaret Hoover: …in the next 10 or 20 years? The UN disagrees with you. (UN Climate Summit Rejects Its Own Science – Links Typhoon Haiyan to Global Warming – UN Summit Degenerates Into Unscientific Claims to Advance Political Agenda – Climate Depot Special Report) & Climate Depot’s Morano At UN Press Conference in Warsaw Denounces Exploitation of Typhoon to ‘an unappreciative audience’: Morano ‘compared the belief that policy can change the weather to ‘medieval witchcraft’)

Bill Maher: I have actually never heard that argument, so I am no actually going to concede that is a real argument.

Margaret Hoover: Its out there. I did not make it up.

Bill Maher: Alright. I will look into it. You may be right.

Rob Reiner: How do you convince someone who believes the earth is 9000 years old? [Reality Check: Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels on Evolution, Creationism and Global Warming: ‘Guilt by Association…Let’s stop conflating the creationist hoi polloi with skeptical climate scientists’]

Bill Maher: That is the problem, it is a religion thing. Religious people are like: you know that if global warming is happening, even better, because then we will die and be with you know who. [Reality Check: Warmists are basing beliefs on faith: See: BURN IN HELL: NYT Warmist Paul Krugman to those whose ‘deny’ global warming: ‘May you be punished in the afterlife for doing so’ — Calls ‘denial’ an ‘almost inconceivable sin’ & Repent Ye Sinners to Stop Bad Weather! Wash Post features theologian Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite urging us to ‘repent’ for our ‘sin’ of causing Typhoon Haiyan due to the ‘moral evil of climate change denial’ – ‘Suffering and the sin of climate change denial’]

Rick Lazio: There are also a lot of scientist who are dismissive. I don’t necessarily agree with them.

Bill Maher: No, there are not a lot. .Rick.

Rob Reiner: When …