Gore urges voters to ponder the ‘climate crisis’

 November 7, 2016

Dear xx,

Thank you for pledging to vote this election season. Your pledge shows just how committed you are to our nation and the health of our planet. We are deeply grateful.

With the stakes higher than ever, now is the time to raise your voice and ensure the next president of the United States is willing to act on climate and protect our planet’s future.

As you know, voters will be going to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, to choose our next president. This election is critical for the future of America, and thanks to dedicated citizens like you, I’m confident we can make sure our next president will know how important it is to act on climate.

The climate crisis is – and must be recognized as – a top national priority. As citizens of this great nation, we must do our part to make the urgency of this issue known when we vote on Election Day.

Again, thank you for your commitment to our planet. After the election, I hope to see your name among those who voted on Election Day.

With gratitude,
Former Vice President Al Gore

Death Wish: NYT Writer Calls for A ‘Natural Disaster’ in GOP States to ‘Unify’ After Clinton Win

New York Times Magazine writer and Yale Law School fellow Emily Bazelon called for a natural disaster in Republican states to “unify” the country if Clinton wins the election.

On Slate’s “Political Gabfest,” co-host Bazelon was asked, “What is something you would have President Clinton do to unify us?”

Bazelon responded that while she wasn’t “wishing” for a natural disaster, that one would be “helpful” for Clinton:

Well I think it would, so—and I’m not wishing this upon anyone—but it would be helpful for her to have a natural disaster to deal with in a red state where she could go and be because she would be able to be—no, seriously—I’m not saying I want it to happen, but the timing would be helpful… You just think that’s a totally bad thing to say.

Bazelon then tried to “pivot” from the conversation to a discussion about infrastructure.

Bazelon’s comments about a natural disaster were met with cheers and laughs from the audience.…

Desperate Green Activists Bribe Hillary Voters With Puppies


Green activists have come up with an ingenious solution to breathe new life into Hillary Clinton’s moribund election campaign: puppies.

NextGen Climate has scheduled puppy appearances at dozens of early voting locations in critical states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire. The organization hopes to roll out even more such events on November 8th.

“We’ve enlisted our most loyal companions to help during this historic election,” said Nick Ellis, a “National Puppy Coordinator” for NextGen Climate. “We are excited about this new approach to voter outreach.” Ellis appears in an ad for the campaign with an adorable, playful puppy, Petey.

The puppy idea arose organically during NextGen Climate’s voter registration drives. Volunteers who had puppies with them inevitably gathered more signatures than those without pooches. Deciding that this phenomenon was no accident, NextGen Climate figured that if puppies could get people to sign up to register, surely they could convince people to show up to vote, as well.

This makes sense. Anyone stupid enough to choose the next president of the USA based on the rush of oxytocin they experience on looking into the adorable eyes of a juvenile dog is 99.99 per cent likely to be a natural Hillary voter.

Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus endorses Clinton, slams Trump over climate change

She continues, “Donald Trump talks a lot about building a wall, his pervy love of Putin, and fake colleges he can bankrupt for profit. One thing he doesn’t talk much about is climate change, because he doesn’t believe in it — and because it doesn’t have a grabbable p‑‑‑y.”

Come Election Day, Louis-Dreyfus encourages young voters to “slide out of those DMs” and cast their ballots for Clinton and other “climate champions.”…

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: ‘Hillary Clinton Boards The Climate Crisis Train To Nowhere’

Furthermore, the overall increases in such things as hurricanes and tornadoes have not materialized. Drought in the western U.S. pales in comparison to the mega-droughts tree rings tell us existed in centuries past.

Lake-bottom sediments in Florida tell us that recent major hurricane activity in the Gulf of Mexico has been less frequent than in centuries past. Strong Sandy-type storms occur every year in all the major ocean basins… they just don’t happen to hit major metropolitan areas. It has now, even after Hurricane Matthew, been over 4,000 days since a major hurricane (Category 3 or stronger) has made landfall in the U.S.

Sea level rise, which was occurring long before humans could be blamed, has not accelerated and still amounts to only 1 inch every ten years. If a major hurricane is approaching with a predicted storm surge of 10-14 feet, are you really going to worry about a sea level rise of 1 inch per decade? If Hillary would have fact-checked her example of sea level rise in Norfolk, Virginia, she would have found out that the experts already know this is mostly due to the land there sinking.

To the extent that the cost of weather disasters has risen over time, that is well known to be the result of modern society building more infrastructure in areas that are prone to damage from weather—which is almost everywhere.

So, to keep the masses alarmed, politicians must claim that what is normal is actually abnormal—and getting worse. And, furthermore, that only they can fix it … and thereby save your children and grandchildren.

And it is that “fix” that really sinks any current plan politicians have to address climate change. Even the modern godfather of global warming, ex-NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies director James Hansen, has admitted that the Paris climate agreement is “a fraud really, a fake.” This is because even if the countries of the world agree to do what they promised on climate change, and that climate change is entirely our fault, and that climate change really will ultimately get bad, the promised actions will have no measurable effect on future global temperatures.…

The Real Reason Why Trump is Right and Hillary Wrong on Climate Change…


One of the reasons is religious. If you are a conservative, you are more likely to cleave to the old Christian religion. If you’re on the left, you’re more likely to believe in the new one – environmentalism or Gaia-worship.

Many facets of the new religion are merely substitutes for aspects of the old religion.

The crucifix has been replaced by the wind turbine; priests have been replaced by climate scientists; false prophets by the likes of Al Gore and Prince Charles; hair shirt penance and daily ritual by recycling; pilgrimages and purgatory by IPCC conferences; and so on.

Conservatives naturally feel towards environmentalism as they do towards Scientology or pastafarianism or Jedi: why subscribe to a silly, made-up new religion when you’ve got a much preferable one sanctified by 2000 years of history?

But even conservatives who aren’t remotely religious are instinctively sceptical of environmentalism for several other sound reasons.

One is that conservation is built into most conservatives’ DNA – indeed, it’s actually in the name of their political philosophy. Conservatism is about conserving what is best, whether it’s traditions, institutions or nature. (I go into a bit more detail about this in my speech,which you should watch because it’s very short and there’s a funny bit in the middle where I’m interrupted on the phone by the former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson).…