Climate Depot’s Morano receives threatening email: ‘You and your children should be burned in public’

An insight into the intellectual quality of Warmist believers

Marc Morano received the following barely literate email:

Although it is my belief that you and your children should be burned in public. Not be cause you are ” a skeptic”, I honestly believe that you know the science is true, but because you are to cowardly to engage in a real dialog. Since I already know your a coward, I expect this to be declined. I challenge you to debate me on climate change an average citizen with no connection to anyone. The last time I dealt with a door to door salesman, which is really all you’ll ever be, I sent away with his tale between his legs. If you don’t want to debate then let’s meet man to man and I’ll rip that stupid smile off your face. Again I know your cowardice runs deep, I am sure it runs in your family, so I know you won’t accept.


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UK Daily Mail reporter David Rose faces threats and intimidation after writing articles challenging the global warming narrative

From The UK Daily Mail – September 14, 2013:

But the article and its author  also became the object of extraordinarily vitriolic attacks from climate commentators  who refuse to accept any evidence that may unsettle  their view of the science.

A Guardian website article claimed our report was ‘delusional’ because it ignored what it called an ‘Arctic death spiral’ caused by global warming.

Beneath this, some readers who made comments had their posts removed by the site moderator, because they ‘didn’t abide by our community standards’.

But among those that still remain on the site is one which likens the work of David Rose – who is Jewish – to Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic rant Mein Kampf.

Another suggests it would be reasonable if he were to be murdered by his own children.  A comment under the name DavidFTA read: ‘In a few years, self-defence is going to be made  a valid defence for parricide [killing one’s own father], so Rose’s children will have this article to present in their defence at the trial.’

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Hate mail example that received: ‘I hope they hang you and the rest of the stooges for the fossil fuel industry’ — Hate Mail Sent to Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘Hi I