Round Up of SuperFreakonomics Global Warming Controversy

Round Up of SuperFreakonomics Controversy

Sequel to Bestseller Freakonomics Bashes Global Warming, Drives Left Crazy

Caught in the Act: Climate Fear Promoter Joe Romm accused of ‘manufacturing a smear…spins and lies’ against ‘SuperFreakonomics’ book

Update: Romm responds to accusations

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NYT’s Paul Krugman censors comments on his global warming post: ‘Because I know it will be overwhelmed’

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Romm fallout: ‘Feeding a source a quote is a serous breach of journalistic ethics’

Flashback: Morano debates former Clinton Official Romm

Climate Depot’s ‘disinformation’ to be responsible for ‘unspeakable misery and/or violence to billions of people!’ — Declares former Clinton official Romm

Flashback 2007: Romm links bridge collapse in Minnesota to man-made global warming