Climatologist Dr. John Christy on Pope: ‘I’m puzzled by this encyclical…I don’t see disasters ahead…The real world simply doesn’t align with the theory’

Christy: I am one of those climatologists who builds datasets so we can measure what the climate system is doing and why. In my reading of the results, I don’t see disasters ahead – the world’s atmosphere has warmed little since satellites began estimating global temperatures and extreme events like droughts and hurricanes aren’t increasing.

The hundreds of millions of dollars spent to understand the climate system though computer modeling (on which the catastrophic claims are based) have yet to generate results that give us confidence that dangerous warming will occur.

But what has this “exploitation of the planet” wrought? Simply put – human life, in both length and quality. Carbon is the most affordable and reliable source of energy in demand today, renewables like solar and wind are neither by comparison. This is why over 85 percent of energy comes to us from carbon and why its use is growing around the world. This will not stop anytime soon.