Skeptics At Paris Conference Premier ‘Climate Hustle’ Movie – The ‘most fun a climate skeptic will have’

Naturally the film’s world premiere has gone down like a cup of cold sick with the 40,000 delegates at the COP21 climate summit in their heavily guarded green bubble just up the road by the airport at Le Bourget.

Morano is one of “the seven most insidious fossil fuel lobbyists in Paris” who have been targeted by the left-wing campaign group Avaaz with over a thousand Wanted posters put up this morning outside five star hotels in the city centre.

“These lobbyists have come to Paris to sabotage a global deal for ambitious climate action, despite over 3.6 million citizens around the world calling for 100 per cent clean energy”, an Avaaz spokesman has claimed.

This, of course, was precisely the point of an event which Morano describes as the “most fun a climate skeptic will have” and what your Breitbart correspondent would call an epic trolling exercise.

What may especially annoy the climate true believers is the fact that many of the experts featured in the film were themselves true believers once – but have since seen the light and gone over to the “dark side.”

Among these are Dr Caleb Rossiter, card carrying liberal former hippy activist who is a Climate Statistician at American University; Dr Robert Giegenback, former chair of the Earth Sciences Dept. at the University of Pennsylvania; Dr Judith Curry of Georgia Tech; and Patrick Moore, co founder of Greenpeace.

None of them remotely fits into the category of “right-wingers denying ‘the science’ because it clashes with their ideology”. They are simply honest scientists who have been persuaded to change their views on global warming by the weight of evidence.

The same applies to perhaps the most distinguished scientist in the movie, Nobel-prize-winning physicist Dr Ivar Giaever.

In the early days, Giaever endorsed the Obama presidency but says his stance on climate change – which according to Obama represents a bigger threat than terrorism – is nonsensical.