Sen. Whitehouse says climate action need not be painful, trade your Mercedes for a Tesla


Speaking on climate change at the Munich Security Conference, Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse says that ‘mankind’ does not have to suffer in order to fight global warming.

Senator Whitehouse: “…I don’t want to leave the impression that mankind must suffer in order to make these changes. The changes in consumption can actually be enjoyable and beneficial. If you trade in your Mercedes for a Tesla, your quality of life just went up.”

Panel Discussion “Climate and Energy Security: Is the Heat Still on?”
Munich Security Conference 2016
Munich, Germany
February 13, 2016


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  1. great, and exactly where is the energy for that (expensive) Tesla supposed to come from?? I’ve testified in front of Whitehouse, and he was obviously ill-prepared to handle counter-arguments. He just regurgitates the pablum he’s fed by staffers.

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  2. Ah yes… because the amount of pollution and ecological damage done by having to build and charge Musk’s battery powered lemon is so much less than the fuel an efficient Benz internal combustion engine would use. I wasn’t aware that the good senator was so well versed in life-cycle analysis.

  3. As I’ve said for some time now, I think this proves that the old Janis Joplin song, “Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” was the perfect song for Bernie and the socialists. Looks like the dopey environazis need to trade in their S-class Mercedes for an even more expensive Tesla.

  4. “If you trade in your Mercedes for a Tesla, your quality of life just went up.”

    This is just the point. If you are rich enough to afford a Mercedes your quality of life might not change much as a result of policies to mitigate global warming. Which is why we see so many rich and famous people supporting austerity for everybody else but themselves.

  5. He would have us as a second option burn dollar bills to run a steam generator to drive a car.There is no stupid solution to expensive for the middle class. The goal is to make the middle class equal to the poorest homeless persons and be dependent on Government largess.

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