Rush Limbaugh Touts Climate Depot on radio: ‘Our buddy Marc Morano, former ‘Our Man in Washington’ from Rush The TV Show, he’s got a website in Climate Depot where he chronicles all of the leftist propaganda’

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Rush Limbaugh touts Climate Depot: ‘Our man in Washington’, from my TV show, Marc Morano has a website called Climate Depot. The left hates it. They literally despise it’ — Limbaugh: ‘If you want to see all this, you know, our man in Washington, from my TV show, Marc Morano has a website called Climate Depot.  The left hates it.  They literally despise it.  And what Marc does is simply collect every bit of data that is available all over the world via the World Wide Web, and he links to it, and one of the latest links,, UK Telegraph, headline:  ‘Global Warming: Time to Rein Back on Doom and Gloom?  Global temperature lull raises the possibility that carbon dioxide may be less potent than has been thought in heating the planet.’