RicoGate expands: Another warmist scientist who signed letter revealed to get over $600,000 from taxpayers

Meanwhile, co-signatory  Mr Betts, from the bushwacks up in Vermont, feels that the letter did not go far enough. Well, they are a bit whacky up there!



Of course, Mr Betts has lots of good reasons for this, at the last count 606,100!

As his website states:



The most recent grant from the NSF, which remember is a Federal Agency, is this one:



The amount awarded of $606,100 appears to relate to the position as at June 2010, which would equate to an annual rate of about $120,000. Nice work if you can get it!

As he states, he has been the recipient of long term grants from the NSF for 30 years, for instance between 2000 and 2005:



He has also been funded by NASA amongst others. But interestingly he mentions the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies, George Mason University. This is none other than COLA, part of Jagadish Shukla’s IGES group.

Now who would have imagined that? It’s a small world, isn’t it.


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