Public Suffering ‘Apocalypse Fatigue’ From Climate ‘Cultists’ – EPA’s ‘symbolic’ regs: ‘There is no claim that the [EPA] regulations will affect climate change’

There is no claim that the regulations will affect climate change. If anyone bothers to run full compliance with the new regulations through one of the computer climate models, the temperature difference in the year 2100 would be perhaps .02 degrees Celsius. It would be novel if a reporter had the wit to ask the White House how much warming will be prevented in the year 2100 by the full implementation of the new EPA policy, and then sit back and enjoy the tap dancing.

Anyone who seriously thinks climate change is an imminent crisis threatening humanity will scoff at the EPA’s proposed policy, but there has been barely a peep from the climate establishment. Al Gore gave away the game when he used the term “symbolic” to describe the EPA proposal. But the environmental movement is nothing if not persistent and patient. Environmentalists surely hope that once the EPA’s authority is firmly established and the regulations are up and running, a 30 percent reduction can be ratcheted up to 50 percent, then 75 percent, and so forth, reaching 100 percent at some point—all on the authority of the EPA alone. Congress can be completely bypassed. (By the way, the natural gas sector shouldn’t celebrate that the EPA scheme will increase demand for gas-fired electricity because they will be next on the EPA chopping block.)

…The real “deniers” today are the climateers who refuse to consider that their case for catastrophe has weakened even as they promote unserious solutions that do little or nothing to stimulate the genuine energy transition they say they want. Their default position continues to be simpleminded exaggeration or distortion of every possible angle for political gain.

…The rank politicization of the issue and the relentless demonization of any critics within the scientific community are a catastrophe for science and debilitating for serious deliberation about policy. But the left is so far gone into climate madness, and the Democratic party so beholden to its green faction, that they are likely to persist in their inordinate fear of the Keystone pipeline, natural gas fracking, and the extraordinary revival of American oil production, all of which, in a relatively unmolested market, would tend to displace coal. Absent an unusual level of political resolve from Congress, the climate campaign may yet succeed in hobbling the electric power sector in America. That would be a high price to pay for indulging a fanatical movement that in every other respect must be reckoned a pernicious failure.’\



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  1. I am totally appalled that Ph.D’s. that have received my Experiment with references to many other scientific reports and experiments that shows that the greenhouse gas effect does not exist, can not understand that CO2 or any other IR absorbing gas (IRag) do not cause the atmosphere to “heat” A simple experiment that can be performed in less than 10 minute shows that the greenhouse gas effect does not exist. . Yet the Cult of AGW and the world of Luke Warm Skeptic like Dr. Judy Curry, Dr. Roy Spencer etc. will not acknowledge that they want to keep receiving government grants or the notoriety of testifying to Congress or the newspaper about a concept that does not exists. Man-made global warming is a political hoax that is making lots of people lots of money and lots of notoriety no mater which side you are on.
    While in college 50 years ago in one of the top three technical colleges in the country I learned two things- 1) A hypotheses has to be proved by many repeatable experiments to make it to the next step- a theory. This has not been done with the Hypotheses of the greenhouse gas effect. Why not??? 2) My Ph.D professor that taught Introduction to quantum physics showed that Based on the Bohr model a gas does not “heat” adjacent molecules when the molecule absorbs IR radiation. I have found a few hundred examples that verify this.
    As “heating” of CO2 in the atmospheres is a primary feature of the supposed GHGE, this alone is enough to nullify the Hypotheses. There is a very large number of true scientists and engineers that know by their training that the greenhouse gas effect does not exist. I’d estimate that there are between 1.5 and 2 million true scientists and engineer or more that doe not believe in the Hoax. The criminals that are the Cult of AGW should be charge with Crimes against humanity.

    Albert Einstein once said, “No amount of experimentation can ever
    prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” Einstein’s words
    express a foundational principle of science intoned by the logician, Karl
    Popper: Falsifiability. In order to verify a hypothesis there must be a test by
    which it can be proved false. A thousand observations may appear to verify a
    hypothesis, but one critical failure could result in its demise. The history of
    science is littered with such examples.

    Part 1


    It appears that no one has asked the very critical question-Where
    is the credible test/experiment that proves that the Greenhouse gas effect
    exists? There is another important question that has not been asked is
    “Where is the credible experiments that show that reducing the CO2 content
    in the atmosphere will cause a decrease in atmospheric temperature?

    Looking at the great quote from Albert Einstein above- If one
    experiment shows that an important part of the Hypotheses of Greenhouse gas
    effect cannot be proved or is disproved it is very likely that the Hypotheses
    is false from beginning to end.

    Here is an experiment that shows that at least 5 of the features
    of the Hypotheses are false and here is a reference to another experiment that
    shows that another feature is ass backward as presented by the CAGW

    The Greenhouse Effect Explored

    Written by Carl Brehmer | 26 May 2012

    Is “Water Vapor Feedback” Positive or Negative?

    Exploiting the medium of Youtube Carl Brehmer is drawing wider
    attention to a fascinating experiment he performed to test the climatic impacts
    of water in our atmosphere.

    Carl explains, “An essential element of the “greenhouse effect”
    hypothesis is the positive “water vapor feedback” hypothesis. That is, if
    something causes an increase in the temperature this will cause an increase in
    the evaporation of water into water vapor.”

    Another factor that even the meteorologists have not included in
    there pretend thinking is “evaporative cooling that is occurring on at
    least 99.95 % of the earth’s surface.

    The Experiment that Failed and can save the World trillions.

    Proving the “greenhouse gas effect” does not exist!

    By Berthold Klein P.E 1-15-2012 Incorporation of comments of Dr.’s
    Pierre Latour, Dr. Nasif Nahle and others.

  2. Since Obama has been in Office, he has been undermining the democratic process in the US.

    Obama should be aware there is a large number of eminent international scientists who dispute the IPCC’s mantra, based on thousands of peer reviewed studies ignored by the IPCC that indicate natural factors in climate variability are far more significant than human induced CO2.

    For this reason, if Obama were truly a wise leader, he’d be urging both sides of the climate debate to sort out this mess created by the IPCC. He certainly should not be taking sides and he certainly should be showing wise leadership on a topic that scientists really know very little about. And relying on flawed climate models is not a wise thing let alone science.

    Sadly, Obama is demonstrating ignorance of the scientific method… a method that demands skepticism. But how can anyone expect an ignorant president to appreciate that which he refuses to understand?

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