Polar Vortex In 1976/77 & 1936: ‘USA had exactly the same pattern of weather in the winter of 1976/77’

Polar Vortex In 1936


By Paul Homewood
Tabloid climatologists continue to try to blame the America’s cold winter this year on global warming, but as WUWT and Steve Goddard have pointed out, the USA had exactly the same pattern of weather in the winter of 1976/77.

And if you go back to 1936, the second coldest winter on record in the CONUS, you also find something similar.
The GISS maps below compare the winter of 1935/6 with this year.


Although 1935/6 is colder, we can see very similar patterns:

Cold weather plunging down from the Arctic over the eastern half of the country.
Much warmer conditions in the West.
Milder air than usual over Greenland.
Warm weather over most of Europe.

They did not know they had a jet stream in 1936, but it still had the same effect on weather as it does now.

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