Obama tells NPR: ‘Perfectly legitimate’ to believe I’m engaged in ‘war on coal’

Published on Dec 21, 2015

Asked by NPR’s Steve Inskeep why ‘some’ ordinary Americans believe he is changing the country in unacceptable ways, President Obama voluntarily points to America’s coal country to admit people have ‘perfectly good reasons’ to object to his policies. Then, after backtracking the blame for coals troubles to ‘cheaper’ natural gas, Obama concedes, “[I]f somebody tells you this is because of Obama’s war on coal, well, that may be an argument you may be sympathetic to, and that’s perfectly legitimate.”

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “But, that’s not to suggest that everybody who objects to my policies may– may not have perfectly good reasons for it. You know? If you’re living in a town that historically has relied on coal and you see coal jobs diminishing you’re probably gonna be more susceptible to the argument that I’ve been wiping out the economy in your area, and you know it doesn’t matter if I tell ’em actually it’s probably cause natural gas is a lot cheaper now and, so…”

STEVE INSKEEP: “Coal plants we’re already closing down.”

OBAMA: “…it doesn’t, it doesn’t pay to– to build coal plants. Uh– your– if somebody tells you this is because of Obama’s war on coal, well, that may be an argument you may be sympathetic to, and that’s perfectly legitimate.”

President Obama’s Interview With NPR’s Steve Inskeep
December 21, 2015



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    2. That’s the narcissistic megalomaniac in him–he still thinks most people just absolutely love him & will kiss his feet (and other places) at his mere presence. He’s positive if he ran again he’d win & even more positive that if he did it for real, even though it’s against the law, Americans would ignore the law like he has & insist he be allowed because he’s the messiah. He’s simply beside himself on the extremely rare occasion when Congress says NO to him, for how dare they tell the chosen one NO. Don’t they know who he is? And he firmly believes that anytime he says anything, he’s helping himself & his party.
      Just wait 11 more months. There will be a landslide of Reagan-esque proportions & he’ll throw a huge tantrum by passing 1 executive order after another untill he’s thrown out of the White House, hopefully in handcuffs where he belongs for violations the Constitution & his oath of office many times over.

  1. In my life I have never seen a US President actually fight a US industry. I’ve seen them fight against foreign industries many times, but never have I seen a President try to shut down one of our own. This is bizarre.

    This guy is the worst President ever.

    And Clinton is just like him.

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